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  1. Have you heard of GeoEngineering? I can attest to that being the likely delivery method and on Christmas Day i went out to help my Dughter install her Camera into her Car only to turn around and see a lower than usual flight of one of these spraying Planes Now the weird thing [as i am used to seeing this happening and am very much informed by Dane Wiggington and his team] was that the spray coming out of the pnozzle spread differently than i have ever seen, it looked more liek a collection of smoke rings than a steady stream i am used to seeing. This whoel t
  2. Was it Day of the Triffids or War of the Worlds that saw the aliens taken down by a flu bug? I know Covid cannot infect Humans, or Monkey Livers unless they were poisoned first, but maybe, just maybe, it could work on those Eddie Izzards.
  3. Honestly, not got a fucking clue mate, we can theorize the shit out of it, but if they are here or coming well we need to do something don't we. All we have so far is what if's and guesses and possibly the information we can gain from David Icke's books and interviews as in They don't like Sun, live off fear, etc. If they exist, and ain't just a tool of the deceiver's to trick us into believing something that injects fear and doubt into us, as i have heard of a possible plan to stage a false Hostile Alien Attack, then we need to consider a great deal of things like what
  4. I am far from a Doubting Thomas, but i find it hard to believe that you could be so sure of this that you'd make the statement kninjahman "We are trapped in - with an ice wall encircling us, a firmament above us and hell beneath us - anyone who says anything contrary to this is lying to you or misinformed." What proof do you have to back up your irrefutable claims? Please don't think i am being a dick or trying to make you look stupid, i am interested in what everyone knows about these things, also just as equally willing to share my thoughts, feelings and knowledge with any and al
  5. Dismiss nothing until you can prove it and even then you could be wrong, keep an open mind i say.
  6. Sad but true, fear, doubt, lack of knowledge and ignorance does that to so many. I feel for those unable to free themselves or even see what is truly happening here and has done for so long. Come on, David Icke has been telling us, showing evidence of and painting the picture of all this having started and never ceasing over the last 2000 years and if that stretches the imagination a little too much, lets not forget the sacrifices and warnings of very rare and wonderful people like JFK
  7. I reckon his face would crumble, pasty faced little gimp he is and i'd pay to see you twat him one for sure lmao Melinda looks more of a Man than he does, especially with that Desperate Dan chin she has.
  8. David Icke seems to have maintained that we can all get through this as loving, caring, wise individuals, that can chose to come together when needed and maintain our own Sovereignty and immense power without compromising our own positions or bowing to others. While that may not be an option for some who feel they haven't got the strength, which is more than understandable considering the impact this is having on the already sensitive minds of the people in general, it still remains that we can and should stand together to beat this and regain a peaceful World that was stolen from
  9. I kind of agree there to be honest Joebman and have had some thoughts along this line myself, but at the moment i am holding back from joining up to anything like it as there are alternatives to consider, just as much as wondering if this is yet another scam to deceitfully gain our consent. I must say, on the surface and in John Smith's video's and documentation, it does look to be on the right side of this situation we are all in, but in doing a great deal of research into it, i have come across some information that i am a little wary of. It is said to be based on Feudal Law
  10. Hey the opportunity to emphasize was there and i took it lol I call a spade a spade and a piece of shit whatever i like
  11. HistoryIsComplex Using their game of Inversion, what is a Window if not the ability to look inside or out, to get a view of something and in the case of PC's, we all know what that is. How about Intel inside, always stickered all over the bloody machines as far back as i can remember. I think its a given now that many people are aware of this Inversion game being ever present within these Globalist, Elite and so called Celebrity circles, but there's probably many many others we are yet to add to that list
  12. As you stated in the OP... I must admit I haven't researched much about Bill Gates, his life or his "agenda". I only know that he is one of the world's richest people, and that conspiracy researchers/theorists don't like him because he has a plan to "vaccinate the world's population" and that these vaccines will allegedly contain microchips "to control people" ....I must say that you have only scratched the surface of what he is being hated/blamed for in what is very limited knowledge of his pursuits, achievements, etc that gave rise to his infamy and current status and to fo
  13. This kind of false news masquerading as "Just delivering the Truth", has been going on forever, but has indeed increased it's output immensely in the past couple of years and most definitely this last Scamdemic Year. I say this, because in some form or other, it's allways been there throughout the ages, trying to change public opinion as if we are all braindead morons, or too asleep due to their constant attempts at poisoning our body's & minds along with their collaborators in Medicine and Food Production. Yet, the same has, and still is, just as applicable as always... you ca
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