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  1. the inversion is strong with this one, bejesus
  2. I'd be interested to know what these flaws of Karma are, not that i would ever dream of casting curses, just curious to know more about karma flaws really, i used to think letting karma deal with things was the better way, but now you talk of flaws that can and are exploited, freeing the culprit[s] of their justly deserved punishments and rebalancing things as a consequence I have seen and possibly felt karma at work and try my best [as i encourage[d] others to do also] to leave people who deserve it to the forces of karma, thus negating the need to continue dealing with these peop
  3. I think i read somewhere else on here something about all this and it was postulated that each family cursed can only be cursed in one of the ways/effects not multiple, but from what you show i see many of these things in just my small, immediate family [2 Daughters and Ex Wife] plus myself ofcourse so if this is all true then i guess you can have them all placed upon you , not just one per family line for instance, is that something you believe yourself?
  4. Totally the same for me with your first sentence Oz but the second one i see differently in such that i see many types of prisons here in the masses, some metaphorical, some invisible and many trapped by themselves also with the biggest being the captured Planet Earth There is defo much worse to come indeed and i am in urgent need of a way to save my children and ex wife who have already suffered enough torment, i'd like to do what i can to save the whole lot as they are all our family in truth [so far as i am aware] it's just they are my closest connection and first priority who i have s
  5. Easy tiger, don't go burning us all down with your presumptions, ive spent my whole life being different and seeing differently to most without ever trying to and its not as straight forward as you put it buddy, some of us are not so easy to jump in on new things, people and ideas as caution is needed, this World is full to the brim with deceit and confusion I have found taking this path/attitude has saved me a lot of wrong turns and a Lemming lifestyle
  6. could you explain why Britain at all, i have a feeling because Britain is the seat of power in all this madness and evil but that is a wild guess
  7. Wow really? I always understood through the Dan Tien explanations that it is the root of life in that everything grows from its centre [just as it becomes the childs centre too] & connects the Mother and her life creation, the child to be and now that you phrase it like that, it seems to make a lot of sense. I must admit i too kind of fell for that whole Chakra thing slightly but i have had a crazy lifelong ability to escape by not getting into things that are the wrong paths to take, cannot understand how and why i always seem to blindly but possibly subconsciously intuitively
  8. now that hit the nail right on the head there for me, it takes strength to face true reality, something most haven't got in em i'm afraid
  9. lol yeah, they always sounded semi-Jewish to me, wondered if they had see-through toilets installed in that hall
  10. I tell you what, i really need unlimited emoticon usage on this site because there are so many amazing posts and responses that are just so wise and true they make me happy in a way just seeing the thoughts of others and their true feelings matching up and also educating each other This is a fantastic site of thinkers and brave people [not all obvs] speaking their truths, it certainly makes this place a bit brighter for me and ive been angry at the World myself for some serious time now until i brought myself back out of it to get back to effectively do my bit in this existential fight we
  11. I think it all comes down to personal interpretations, personal journeys and understanding that comes from all that being unique to us all, just as we are all unique, except we are also really all just one consciousness experiencing itself as David puts it Ive had the strangest day of my life in decades today and rediscovered a big part of my true self that i lost a long long time ago after some crazy shit and major changes ive been making and i will agree this place is fucked up beyond belief, total mind fuck for all of us and i feel sorry for everyone on this Planet, poor lost messed up
  12. the knowledge imparted and the discussions would be mind blowing
  13. i'd like to spend a whole year with the man and his son too, rare finds i believe buddy
  14. You're already here, David Icke seems to be the one who has seriously laid out the timelines in his writings and video's but talking to him is most likely not an option, he's on a bigger quest to assist in the awakening and strengthening of everyone's minds and spirits i believe Shame because i'd like to do the same, communication in real time would be nice and helpful seeing as theOccult has hidden everything we need to know to make sense of this all and its historical implications/future roadmap/destiny [if you believe in destiny that is]
  15. Great points, i came from a similar time being born in 1978 but one thing you said instantly made me think, we would have to start talking to our communities seriously and i think theyd be more susceptible at that point to any collaboration and teaming up The best thing of all is to never give up no matter the odds or consequence i believe If the mind gives up, the body will automatically follow
  16. I noticed your post is from a while back, any progress buddy? You feeling any better?
  17. Beautifully put my friend and quite similar to my own thoughts, although i'd add that fear is low frequency so you must raise your mood [as shown above and in love, happiness, etc] there is too much emphasis on Low Frequencies and manipulation so i would do my best to rise above it however you can Music you love springs to mind as a powerful force to assist here imo buddy
  18. oh and there's something that may help in figuring this out using our own body's electric field in a product called a rezotone shield https://www.5gawareness.com/protection/ could be adapted if you could reverse engineer it
  19. you could try making your own solar panels with some resources/books i myself found on pdfdrive.com Hers a link https://www.pdfdrive.com/search?q=build+your+own+solar+panels&pagecount=&pubyear=&searchin=&em=&more=true I did come across something yesterday in my research that claims something about a wireless Faraday invention for free electric but i have zero idea if this is true or deceit/false hope Get to researching the net for ideas maybe or just start testing theories [safely mind] even great inventors started with nothing at one point
  20. stupidly quoted myself without realising, sorry but there's no delete post function and my head is fried today with personal shit and where my own research has currently taken me, so i apologise for littering this post Please see below for my intended response to OP
  21. My Gran [the biggest Light in my life, now passed away a few years back] used to tell me "Never let the Bastards get you down"
  22. Totally get where you are coming from, been going through a lot of this in many areas of my life with the veil being lifted so much recently exposing the hidden evil in some really surprising ways and people i always thought were pure and good souls, but as i have contemplated and wanted to share with you, you have the choice to either see it this way and destroy the good you saw in it previously, or you can hold onto your own interpretation that was good and pure [eye of the beholder] as it is our own choice if we allow ourselves to taint what it means to us
  23. I would question that entirely, if you are only looking to Music, Film and TV Stars - Maybe thats because it has moved further into everyday people and is therefore no longer seen in the public eye, notice how debaucherous Music, Media and Movies have turned over the last few decades. It has obviously been all but removed from these industries deliberately But tbh that may have been the case until this Lockdown Scamdemic because there are now many many more coming forward from all walks of life and Industry showing their beauty and strength in this regard. Everday people get way overlooke
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