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  1. known of this for some years now and it is refreshing to see it still being spread around We truly need to get this important knowledge out to all Men and Women of this World, including our little Men & Women, who apparently, we should not call our children [another mind fuck, trip up] something i need to learn more about I believe those who free themselves, should help others free themselves too, this is what is happening and we should all add to that upon freeing ourselves
  2. ...hance this Thread to discuss important parts of this preparation, self-preservation and coming together to share knowledge
  3. I must also note that whilst i am under no illusion about the evil that people can and may do in desperation, etc, that i will always hold onto the view and hope that the wider populations around the World will stand together more than attack each other. Some may think this naive but i do not. I see ever day much more than a great awakening, i see a lot of beautiful things and also refuse to be made to fear the power of these 1% and friends who have no chance and are far reaching fuck ups who stupidly think theyve already got us when that is far from the truth, this is going to end
  4. Sorry it's taken so long to get back to you, i have suffered a great setback as my PC has been down since i wrote this Thread. Bloody Microsoft messed up my machine and it has been hell trying to fix it without enouigh money to spare, broken HDD, Windows Updates unremovable andscrewing up my system multiple times. Anyway, to get back on point, i am well aware of the desperation of others and i truly hope we do not have to fight them too, understanding is fine to a certain extent but i would hope that you can have family close by or with you to help protect you and yours, as i hope
  5. Has anyone created a thread that we can all add our personal efforts to thwart, resist, continue living the best we can, with solutions we use that we are willing to share with others to help empower them if they cannot find it within themselves [helping hand, sharing idea's], because if not, i'd icke to propose such a thread [pun intended]. It has been on my mind for a while now and as i have made a massive effort in my own life and immediate family to shift away as much as possible from the overly negative to the resoundingly positive. While i have read through many o
  6. I'm sorry Defbalt but I think it is you who are talking nonsense For a start, if they weren't scared of us then they would have had no need for all the deceit to entrap and enslave humanity like it has had to just to get this far in it's plans, taking millenia I might add Hence and because, the truth is that each of us holds the power, not them and giving it away to others or even looking to others to save you when you should be saving yourself is exactly why so many are jn this mess and believing this rubbish and basically giving up, those that cannot help themselves a
  7. It can be bloody hard to understand [not stand under lol] for us Brits too sometimes
  8. After a great deal of research into Common Law recently myself [after dropping it over 15yrs ago when my now ex-Wife refused to accept what i saw] it was kind of re-invigorated by a Man called John Smith and many others at commonlawcourt.com, sometime in early 2017 if i remember right. Other interesting pieces i gleaned are: - It was written to be un-amendable and unable to be removed ever, except in the case of our Country being defeated in War - Despite the deceitful Government and past King's & Queen's [some of them anyway] nobody can disolve it, the Queen i
  9. Agreed brother, true hero's and the ultimate sacrifice that we can never let be in vain after they helped show us the way
  10. Johnb How dare you even insinuate and thus insult the intelligence, bravery, honesty, hardwork, self-sacrifice and personal view points of the falsely titled Conspiracy Field that you refer to, which is directed at us here and anywhere else holding firmly on our views [not someone else's] you clearly state but try to damage limitate with "I just get a little worried" yet are very descriptive and seemingly of that very belief you ascribe to said group, how thinly veiled and on here, how obvious an attack to wind us up... it won't work you are the blind one who ca
  11. On the subject of these manipulations of Human Beings, is there any evidence pointing towards Cannabis use as a dampening/blocking effect? Just curious about altered states of the mind interfering with the influence of this evil and if anyone has any evidence of this or other substance being effective at blocking or on the opposite end of the scale, being heightening
  12. Have you heard of GeoEngineering? I can attest to that being the likely delivery method and on Christmas Day i went out to help my Dughter install her Camera into her Car only to turn around and see a lower than usual flight of one of these spraying Planes Now the weird thing [as i am used to seeing this happening and am very much informed by Dane Wiggington and his team] was that the spray coming out of the pnozzle spread differently than i have ever seen, it looked more liek a collection of smoke rings than a steady stream i am used to seeing. This whoel t
  13. Was it Day of the Triffids or War of the Worlds that saw the aliens taken down by a flu bug? I know Covid cannot infect Humans, or Monkey Livers unless they were poisoned first, but maybe, just maybe, it could work on those Eddie Izzards.
  14. Honestly, not got a fucking clue mate, we can theorize the shit out of it, but if they are here or coming well we need to do something don't we. All we have so far is what if's and guesses and possibly the information we can gain from David Icke's books and interviews as in They don't like Sun, live off fear, etc. If they exist, and ain't just a tool of the deceiver's to trick us into believing something that injects fear and doubt into us, as i have heard of a possible plan to stage a false Hostile Alien Attack, then we need to consider a great deal of things like what
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