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  1. Well Fluke, that was no fluke at all, you have perfectly just described exactly how they do it to a T, hmm i always wondered what i was missing from that hidsing in plain sight stuff, its not like they wanted to hang themselves out to dry is it, but i knew something was importnat about it and i think thats it, so cheers pal, here's to US ALL making THEM pay now for daring to mess with US in the first place
  2. No thats where i see this differently, first nobody would "happily" kill themselves if you kill yourself then everything does not turn out ok at all, i learnt that at a very young age when my Uncle commited suicide, all it does is add to the pain & suffering of those you leave behind and condemns your eternal soul to purgatory, even though purgatory is only temporary, thats more suffering that begot more suffering, what a waste of time that really would be, nevermind how making that same constant choice everytime, can easily mean you never break out of the cycle of pain, misery and su
  3. I think we all already know the answer but its buried deep down inside, what many think are tiring cliches and metaphor's are actually the divine signs brother, heavenly guide posts that can only be seen by those awake enough, even if we all have it inside each and every one of us... blindness leads us all down a false path, none of us escape that and must learn to overcome it and/or help others to overcome it as through true selfless actions we can restore each other and finally get back our true selves and reach our full potential, all of us, THE ONE TRUE CONSCIOUSNESS reformed and fully man
  4. well said brother "and the Truth shall set you ALL free" we all need to learn the truth and then speak it without fear to reach everyone and save us ALL from this insanity, id rather have my senistive feelings hurt by being told the truth[s] that i cannot see for myself, than never be exposed to it and have the potential to be truly free of this misery never manifest Lost forever doesnt sound nice does it
  5. sounds like 20ft isnt big enough for an Ark
  6. seen it all brother, i really have, its shocking, but im seeing miracles happen all around me right now, things have changed brother, the difficulties people like me and you once had where our truths fell on deaf ears, are now not falling on deaf ears any longer [just like the Star of David "Icke" learnt, but never gave up hope, now he's freeing more people than ever before] go out into the World and test it for yourself as we all have this power in us and i am here to help everyone else awaken to this truth so we can [as David Icke says] all become one again and restore the Unity, we are all
  7. we get there in the end though with assistance from our fellow man, just like you came and assisted us Darian ;)
  8. ah thanks DarianF, thats good to know, i will bookmark that now i know its there, too many videos to go trawling through on so many sites
  9. its even in plain sight on Pootube ffs
  10. I have only just come across this video on The Chartist Movement site i recently found and the video seems to be years old but wow does it give all the info on 5G its fuckin scary and highly relevant right now, so im gonna post the link here for it Its an interview with Barry Trower and he has an awful lot to say that needs to be heard Julian Rose interviews Barry Trower. This interview highlights a greater urgency and seriousness to the situation that might previously have been misunderstood: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLVIbPtNrVo
  11. I wondered that too, i come back to show others as they are really good and are gone, why?
  12. I am working my arse off and trying to do my bit to help my family and everyone else i can reach but things are strange and difficult even with people they shouldnt be, so i wanted to create this post to share with you some of the Common Law Document Templates that really will stop everyone from the above elements of this Eugenicist attack Please forgive if they have already been brought up, not enough people in the UK seemed to beileve in the Common Law any longer but that has and is changing at a fast pace and even just reading these Letters is educating enough, so i will attach them he
  13. nothings been easy in this life buddy, but im still standing and fighting the best i can, its more that i felt insulted as if he was tarring me with the same brush as the masses when i have lived my life wide awake, unusual but this World is right now isnt it
  14. unfortunately, with mine being the final two additions, they are right at the end on page 7
  15. Just added some books via my Dropbox on Survival if anyone is interested, it can be found over in our Book section here on the Forum, quick link below also
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