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  1. You do realise that Google has a backdoor to your phone anyway if it's an android? Several of their services require permissions to view your content.... Besides: with quantum computing and 5g the security on a phone can be brute forced rather quickly, on the fly anyway.
  2. How to stop it? Live an upright life, marry an upright partner and spread upright values and behaviours in your community. Lead by example. Peace.
  3. You seem to have a misconception about God. He is the Creator and as such He does as He wills. Who are you or I to question? Do you know what is in the hearts and minds of individuals better than God? It is He who judges them. He is the one who knows the count of the leaves on the trees.... He is the one who knows the count of the grains of sand on the beach - what do you or I know? If God wills to destroy a people: who are you or I to argue? We know nothing. He knows everything, and being the Creator, Designer, Maker, Sustainer of everything He is free to do as He wills. People think God is bad or evil - it couldn't be further from the truth - He has given you food to eat: all the varieties and flavours for you to enjoy - little does man give thanks. He has given you everything that you love or enjoy - and He commands in return only that you obey Him and not follow the devil or bow down to idols made of stone whom have no power - it your lack of understanding that is not serving you well here - you are arrogant and ungrateful without warrant. God Created you with and everybody else with the freedom to choose how to live your life - truth stands clear from falsehood - He has simply hidden Himself for the purposes of the test - and yet the short sighted see this as reason to dare to slander Him. Amazing - you quite literally owe Him your life and you choose instead to compare Him to the devil. Interesting. With friends like these... hey? Peace. So yeah.... God is the one whom commands you to live an upright, righteous life - He forbids evil and promotes all things good - He is testing you, He has no imaginable image (while we are in this test) and the devil is there to trick and deceive you. You owe God thanks for quite literally EVERYTHING - little does man reflect or give thanks - in fact man is so arrogant, considering most of us get out lived by simple trees, and we certainly didn't design or create this universe and all the perfect cycles and systems and laws within it. God Willing I've given you a fresh perspective to look at this from - and far as Jesus is concerned He is a mighty messenger and prophet by God's permission. Peace. Edit - I recommend a video called "What is the purpose of life?" - by Khalid Yasin - watch it without pre-judging with an open-mind and let me know what you think, personally I think it's an excellent lecture.
  4. Love how you slag off the only religion in the world which teaches the freeing of slaves.... Furthermore promoting that Jesus is the only one who could perceive God when Jesus himself speaks highly of the one being sent after him, i.e Muhammad who confirmed him and speaks highly of him. Even coming with a divinely protected scripture and all. However you are correct on your point about beards - God judged by the heart and deeds not by the appearance. I think you'll find that the beard thing is promoted in the Haddith literature and not in the Quran though - in fact the Quran has a rather negative view of Haddith literature. Peace!
  5. Nope nope and nope. Yehweh is not God's name - God's name was caused to become lost to the people of Israel because of there sins, they do not know the name of God, they only conjecture. Satan is a being created by God. God is ONE, He is Unique and He is the Creator of all things. He Created Good and Evil to test the human being. Satan used to be high ranking - however, he believed his God-Given abilities were enough that he could be God when in reality only God can be God - to anyone else power corrupts. There has been prophets and messengers send to every people on this earth to confirm this, however there has also been enemys of those prophets and messengers who use fancy sayings in order to deceive. God is incomparably greater than anyone and anything and He alone is worthy of worship - we were created to worship Him and that is the basis of this test - He has warned us to not follow the devil for the devil is an open enemy to mankind. Peace! Edit: You will notice in the bible ONE LINE is never translated, it is left untranslated. It's what Jesus (peace be upon him) says while on the cross... ELLAH, ELLAH.... Hebrew and Arabic are a tad different - but hebrew is actually aramaic just in a special form. In Arabic God is called "Allah" which translates to "The God". However it also makes clear that "to Allah belong the Most Beautiful names" some of these are: 1) Allah 2) The Merciful 3) The Oft-Forgiving 4) The Sustainer 5) The Guardian 6) The Light 7) The All-Seeing 8) The All-Hearing 9) The All-Knowing 10) The Omnipotent 11) The Omnipresent 12) The One (uniquely) etc. There is a misconception that there are 99 names of Allah - in truth there are over 250 mentioned in the Quran alone. Hope this helped. Peace! Edit 2 - Further example of bible/quran... Jesus greeted his followers with the phrase: "peace be with you". This in hebrew is: SHALOM ALAIKOM In Arabic it is how Muslims greet each other: SALAAM ALAIKUM. It means "peace be with you"
  6. Something is not right with Tesco.... the one near me has recently installed one hell of a CCTV upgrade and is now sporting cameras with big monitors marked in black and yellow warning tape down each and every ilse. - I'm 99% certain all this CCTV and social distancing is to train the A.I to know people even when they are wearing masks. The tech has got to a level that most people wouldn't believe. Example: nano technology exists. With that being said..... just gonna throw this one out there and hope nobody uses this information irresponsibly and idk breaks the 5g network towers..... Did you know: if you take apart a microwave, attach a can antenna to the main component and aim it at an electrical device: it breaks it beyond repair in less than 2 seconds. How fascinating ;)
  7. OP asked: Can we goto heaven if suicide? My answer: It is up to Almighty God Alone to judge who goes to heaven and who doesn't. That being said there is a clear command in the Quran: Do not use your own hand to cause your own destruction. So, suicide is a violation. However, the same scripture teaches that you are not allowed to eat pork, BUT if you are driven to because you are literally starving and there is nothing else to eat then there is no sin upon you. Thus: try your hardest to not break the rules set by God Almighty - but remember that it is He who is judging you and He is Most Merciful, Oft-Forgiving and to Him belong the Most Beautiful names. Hope this helped.
  8. They've been actively out knocking on doors in my hometown - I've managed to avoid them completely but I've seen agents in high vis Census jackets going round knocking on doors. As for how to avoid them: play ignorant - dispose of the letters, don't answer the door. I'm not sure of any legal remedy though, sorry.
  9. Thanks! Ohhhh just in case anybody is interested: all the different forms of crosses, if laid over a clockface, gives the same patterns I spoke of earlier, 3, 6, 9. Plus.... there's more: 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45, reduced to 9 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 = 35, reduced to 8 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 = 25, reduced to 7 4 + 5 + 6 = 15, reduced to 6 5 = 5 Interesting enit?
  10. Much more: x 8 keeps the same pattern as x 1 except a one is added in front of the number and 1 is taken away from the total whole number (1142856) Very cool number indeed. The left side increases while the right side decreases.
  11. Somehow The Creator God is 1 and 9 - for He is the first and the last, the nearest and the furthest. I wish I had a better understanding of numbers as it genuinely fascinating. Thanks to the posters who have put info into this thread. You've made some really interesting observations I just wish I knew what to do with them lol. I find myself writing out numbers and sequences into squares and spirals and I come up with repeating patterns that literally loop until infinite - but I don't know what it means or what do with the information. Peace.
  12. Very true in deed - and that's what I plan on doing in my spare time - that's why I'm throwing out ideas and trying to get some from others and some feedback :)
  13. That's true but mankind has advanced to the point where we use electric for everyday things - which is a burden because it costs us money and we are at the mercy of the energy companies. I'm all for living a simple life running a small farm, I think it would do man a lot of good to get back in touch with nature like that - but at the same time advances in technology are awesome! - It is much quicker to type a document and e-mail it than it is to hand write hundreds of letters and send them out with couriers for example. I see no reason to repress ourselves back to pre-electric times, which would be pre-ancient Egypt as they certainly had electric as evidenced by the gold plating found on items in Tutanckhamams tomb which is only possible with electro-plating which requires electricity.
  14. All very true but you know as well I do I'm talking about electricity - unless you are contemplating making batteries out of humans like in the Matrix ;) EDIT - IMHO I keep getting the idea that lambs blood could be used to make batteries though - I don't even know if this is feasible but ideas pop into my mind every now and then.
  15. I have never been - anything you hear is simply hear-say until you go there for yourself to verify ;)
  16. I consider myself as simply somebody who investigates and analysis facts for myself. I am a free thinker and truth seeker. Even if my best friend is disputing with somebody - I will not blindly defend my friend, I will defend whoever I believe to be right. Peace.
  17. I have no idea what "the special frequency" is but I remember seeing a documentary which explained that Crop Circles are formed from this, the researchers noticed the same patterns that could be found in certain crop circles were ones which you could make with grains of sand on a vibrating plate. - Might be of some help to someone, I think 121 was the frequency in the film.
  18. I would also like to say: I think hackers are going to play a huge role in securing our freedoms for the future - and hence why they are getting scooped up and paid off so handsomely at the moment. Hackers are the ones who will have real power in a world which is moving ever more digital. EDIT - you are correct about the elite controlling both parties, I wrote about this years ago in a book which got me banned from blackhat websites - imagine getting banned from blackhat websites for sharing my own content - I called that book "the blackhat puppetshow effect" and it taught a method of highly dubious but effective digital/social media marketing.... it's the exact strategy the elite use to rule the world. Modern day Pharoahs with their Priests and their Magicians - nothings changed. Magic is illusion and deception, shills and all that. The key to escaping this tyranny is to simply think for yourself and hold yourself accountable.
  19. That's messed up but I see no reason why it wouldn't be true - what an amazingly strong method of control - the only way to overcome it would be for an individual to expose it at high risk of being killed themselves - BUT I think this is why Jesus went through the struggles that he did and taught forgiveness. He was fully willing to sacrifice his life. Blackmail is one of the best methods of controlling someone - the only way out is to expose yourself and suffer the consequences or to gain counter-blackmail material over your blackmailer. Indeed there are some evil people in the world - but remember: the scripture says: "do not say that those who died in the cause of The God are dead for they are living but you perceive it not". We have incentive to do good - even to lay down our lives - and that incentive is the hear-after. We are living through the exam of the human being, we MUST choose good, the next life goes on forever and it's better to be in the garden than in the fire (which lies beneath this creation in wait for the evil doers).
  20. Oh they definitely want control of it - I genuinely believe that's why they are teaching all about it everywhere you look, but I don't think it will survive long into the future - I have the maddest feeling that the plan of the elite is to destroy the current internet and bring about a brand new internet based on KIM DOTCOMS design, at the same time banning (or making it impossible for crypto to work) on their system while bringing in a ONE crypto which is owned by powers that be - essentially killing two birds with one stone. It just seems like the logical thing to do if I were them. Peace. (Kim Dotcom said he was working on a new version of the internet that runs off everyones connected devices - he was in the making of this years ago but everything went silent about the technology a long time back also - fortunately for me things like this stick in my mind, if you didn't know Kim Dotcom is the guy who brought us the MEGA upload system) Edit - What I'm saying is crypto prices won't fall at all - one day they will simply be GONE, everything lost, just like everything currently hosted on the internet - the big companies will have to develop new systems for the new systems. Insiders will be given this knowledge ahead of time to prepare them. My gut tells me I'm calling this one correctly but only time will tell.
  21. Personally I feel they will all crash one day - my gut tells me that the banks will use blockchain for their new digital currency but it will be THEIR digital currency - when this happens they will want to crash all the other ones somehow. It looks like they are allowing these technologies at the moment because they need the research to create their own one - but why would they allow things which take away their power and control? They will allow it for a time but then they'll be looking to take it out of the game. Furthermore - they are not currently currencies, they are stocks. Just my 2 cents for what it's worth. Peace. EDIT - Plus500 has already banned crypto trading on their platform - I got an email from them a month or so ago. Also - crypto's have been sold under false pretences, the masses seem to believe they are anonymous, when in fact they are the complete opposite of that - they leave a very exact trail that can't be modified or deleted, they are in fact the perfect tool for tracking and tracing.
  22. I literally can't get this out of my mind - please excuse me for not posting pictures (if somebody could post some I'd be grateful). So..... The "useless" grinder.... anyone seen that? It's a device that spins in a perfect circle and moves a bar horizontally and another bar vertically. Then there's the old shake to charge torches that work by having a coil of copper (I believe) and a rod of iron or zinc? going through the middle - you shake it, it makes enough electric to charge a light. Combining the two with magnets - I'm sure you could use the magnets to move the horizontal and vertical bars on the "useless" grinder so that it spins the top in a perfect circle by itself - apply the torch technology to the spinning circle part and hey presto free electric. Would this work?? I'm not an expert it's just an idea that popped into my head. Thanks, peace.
  23. Like Esau (Jesus) said to his followers: "if you think I'm of the devil then do not worry, for a house divided amongst itself can not stand"
  24. Furthermore: If you IGNORE the numbers 12, 3, 6 and 9 but add the numbers in between them and either side of them you get the same pattern.... 1+2 = 3 2+4 = 6 4+5 = 9 5+7 = 12 (3) 7+8 = 15 (6) 8+10 = 18 (9) 10+11 = 21 (3) 11+13 = 24 (6) 13+14 = 27 (9) 14+16 = 30 (3) 16+17 = 33 (6) 17+19 = 36 (9) etc. Come on one of you geniuses has got to help me out with this....
  25. She's spot on with the invisible enemies - the so called "elite" who are in fact the "lowest of the low" have been using this tactic. BUT... We have remedy. The divinely protected revelation teaches us: 1) Whomever follows Guidance from The God when it comes to them will have nothing to fear, neither will they grieve. 2) The God divided us into nations and tribes so that we can get to know each other, not so that we despise each other. and 3) They planned and plotted but The God also planned and He is the best of planners. Peace.
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