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  1. The flaw in this vid is the subducted magma doesn't sink, it hugs the bottom of the crust until it meets the outflow from the Atlantic Rift under the Great Lakes and then both flows descend.
  2. Another reason for the thread was to see it boycotted to all the adult scientists posting here that are actually little children in real life.
  3. We did end up with 'silicone' so the $5T was well spent. Somebody gave NASA a copy of the Book of Enoch. They will be making animation for decades based on Enoch's travels with Angels.
  4. That would be 'false Christians' that are doing that. By 'that' I mean not speaking out against the entities that own the 'black market'. All the icons and hep aids are a product of the false Church. It is for 'merchants' so it isn't going anywhere and Christian are not the root cause of any of the corruption. If it says it is worth $600B then it is probably double that. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=black market black market Refers to a illegal market; that is, a market in illegal (such as drugs or prostitution) or unregulated (such as cigarettes or prescription drugs) goods and services such that the buyer and seller are both violating the laws of the jurisdiction in which the trade happens. People who do talk about the Bible in a rational manner are labelled 'heretics' as fast as possible, by the same ones pointing out there is a corrupt Clergy.
  5. When a large group explain the Bible they mess it up. As you pointed out a few people talking about the text will come up with the real version. That is not welcomed when it is functioning as a business as well as a control device. When all flesh is saved that control goes out the window. When there is only two possible groups for all of Adam and Eve's children the threat of eternal damnation vanishes.
  6. Two people reading the Bible and talking about is . The version you mention is a business that brings in a few $billion so you are right, they are not out to help people understand God. That is saved for the endless books being written that explains what the Bible is saying. If the sheeple never catch on then puts then in the flock group rather than giving them an important task, like being a shepherd. The Church is not gathered until the two witness have done their thing and then are raised from the grave. False version of the Bible tend to eliminate that part as it always messes up a false doctrine.
  7. You may have missed the view that 'this cup' means Jesus was going to die that was for a reason that had nothing to do with any of Adam and Eve;s children. His death was completion of the bruise to the heel from Ge:3:15. Isa:53 has a bruise that is referencing that same verse. It is the ones who deny that who are the ones spreading a false doctrine.
  8. If the scarring on Mars and the Earth is electrical are there any marks on the moon (4k vid if possible) that match what are 'watershed marks' on earth or like the Grand Canyon
  9. So just ignore the tidal lock if you deem it to be unimportant?
  10. Like a map of the age of the oceanic crust. This is from about 1950. Modern theories all ignore it and cling to the Pangaea theory.
  11. Maybe you should start a personality test thread, and then take a few and post the results here. Do the 'honest' one first.
  12. I already posted the vid about the crack on Mars.
  13. 35 vids about nothing but megaliths, show me one that fits your 'huge city' theme. there isn't one so time for you to be put into the garbage can as far was what you actually know.
  14. What huge cities? 35 vids at this link, not one huge city. Maybe you are looking for Atlantis, start in the Atlantic and sail into the Med Sea during any major ice-age.
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