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  1. Then volcanoes explode no more, the 40,000 miles of oceanic rifts stop expanding . . . .
  2. FM radio signals travel in a straight line, from the highest point in Hawaii you should be able to pick LA stations as well as NY stations.
  3. There were a pair of brothers from the US that were also suspects. There were also part of 'Pizzagate' if I'm not mistaken. Jeckle Island is also one of the better known hangouts.
  4. As I mentioned, grief does fade with time. Guilt, on the other hand, increases with time. Grief would be a 24/7 thingy, while guilt would be a lie told to support you were not guilty of the crime. Looking at child beauty contest be the best way of keeping that list of victims as short as possible. I'm going to guess that nobody has watched the vids about 'tourist orphanages in Cambodia' being about buying a child to torture to death rather than it is an adoption with a university education down the road.
  5. I tend to see him as a 'false Christian' based on the series on YouTube about the 30-Years war. The financing for those wars against the RCC were funded by the Dutch Slave Trade. I tend to think the RCC was the more moderate of the two sides. That is this bit: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_Luther In 1501, at age 17, he entered the University of Erfurt, which he later described as a beerhouse and whorehouse.[18] He was made to wake at four every morning for what has been described as "a day of rote learning and often wearying spiritual exercises."[18] He received his master's degree in 1505.[19] The Norman conquest is when those traditions began. For France, the defeat came when the Queen said the surfs 'could eat cake'. Belgium was a 'gift' for not exterminating the Royals.
  6. There is a graph of 'snowball earth' that goes back about 1BY. It might be that earth had to have a certain 'weight' to attract 'ice' and hold it after it became gas. Mars and the moon are too light, Anyway there are a few tomes starting about 700MYA that ice covered the planet. A raging forest-fire can be smothered by snow wild rains do not put it out. By the end of the 2nd time, most of the water we now have would have been on earth, and earth that is 50% of the current Dia and the same water we now have. Using the right numbers, you have the depth of the ice. Ice has an R-Value of 1 per ft of ice. It would have acted like a blanket over the magma. A pressure cooker operates the same way, heat builds up until it cracks the crust and the ice. The tops of mountains would be where the first 'beaches' would be found. The Rockies on the east side was the crack, the pacific rift started there 200MYA and moved to where it is now in that 200MY . . . This one will hit close to home: The English Chanel is a rift so the UK and Ireland are 'being dragged out to sea' and will eventually be rolled under France and Belgium and the 'cliffs' will be ah high as the west coast of Chile as it is today. I can those having a reality base rather than something is trues because an animation exists, . . not everybody likes that approach.
  7. I'm pretty happy with what this version promotes. It still needs to have the water flowing off the land part updated using 21st century physics. Neal Adams - Science: 01 - Conspiracy: Earth is Growing!
  8. Russia could let off one of their 'doomsday torpedoes' blow in the North Sea and have it wipe out all the cities important to NATO within a single hour. Call it a hidden fault slipping, there would be nobody left to say anything different. YoutTube has some decent vids to what that can actually do.
  9. Natural grief should begin to diminish in about 30 days. Two years later you will still get a lump in your throat when the 'name comes up. What changes is the amount of time you are experiencing grief. As you 'move on' you deal with other things that 'life' throws your way. Since I have seen Richard Hall's version, I do not think I am stretching things when I generalize and promote that 'child beauty contests' tend to attract the most vile of people. How many of the abducted children that were sent as 'cargo to Orgy Island' ever left the island alive? None or a very few handful. Jimmy Saville would have been a frequent visitor to that island, and bringing many big wigs from the EU with him for the visit.
  10. In Daniel, fallen angels are ones that are able to recite, 'dark sentences'. To do that, you have to have been created by God at the beginning of day1 of creation. Using the counting from the old earth theory, day1 started 40BYA and ended 4BYA. Their learning period ended in 4005BC, when Adam and Eve were exiled from the garden.
  11. The only angel around these days is the 'angel of death', the string of hooks he drags along until it finds a wagging jaw to close, at some point between conception and 120 years of age.
  12. The 'sons of God' in Ge:6 are the same as 'the ungodly entities' that are in Jude:1 . Their mission as stated in Re:12 is the extermination of all 5 fingered people. At the time of the flood, Noah and his wife and 3 sons were the last 5 fingered people alive. The 3 wives of the sons were 5 fingered people who were exterminated during the exodus wars. That was when the law changed from the Re:21 set (covers immortals) to the 10 Commandants, that was the set of Laws David was under when he killed the last king of the giants.
  13. The flaw in this vid is the subducted magma doesn't sink, it hugs the bottom of the crust until it meets the outflow from the Atlantic Rift under the Great Lakes and then both flows descend.
  14. Another reason for the thread was to see it boycotted to all the adult scientists posting here that are actually little children in real life.
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