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  1. Sorry to hear that. 3 of the 4 possible outcomes show how well a parachute works on Mars. In one post you showed me that you certainly are what you seem to be claiming not to be, in all honesty.
  2. Good reason to make them Global Bankers, they do not understand complex documents. It exists, you have to be able to tell the two witnesses to 'Go to hell' before you can put in an appearance. Should you make it there be sure to take notes of what the fallen angels have to say about GOD on their last day of life in this realm. Bad Satan, bad. The Pope is the guy in the 7 Churches that left his first love. Do I need to post what the 1st NT Commandment is?
  3. Where did I start to sound like I was stuttering? I don't have a month to mentor you on the Bible. Did you have some point you were trying to make other than you have never really opened the book and have channelled it instead?
  4. "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Lots of liars around that were too close for comfort, still are only now I can spot them a mile away. If I used that as incentive to start reading the Bible for myself do you think I would have gained any 'wisdom' about the book 35 years later?
  5. God isn't going to punish any Gentile that is feeding the poor on their own. The ones 'up the creek' are the ones who say they are believers yet are surrounded by hungry people they doesn't even see.
  6. Does this sound like what comes after is 'possible' in our modern world? I started of with the Lord's Prayer and just as I was about to start my plea I got a vision that I was outside my body and saw myself, from the back and above, in a kneeling position with a mist a very short distance in front of me that obscured any further view. I heard myself say "Master, I don't feel so good." A large hand came out of the mist and completely enclosed my body. This happened in a 'twinkling of an eye', I found myself enclosed in this hand and it scared me to no end because I struggled to be free o
  7. Muslims are not really a part of the global slave trade. Sex slaves are not the 'main product' of that industry. 'Orgy Island' was a blackmail scheme by which group?
  8. According to the De:4:30 prophecy the most important part is it has to be sincere. Saul's conversation would have been the start of the 'latter days' from that prophecy as what Paul wrote is helpful to Gentiles get through the time until the return' He would have read the Lord's Prayer from the Gospel of Luke (in Greek) so that is how God chose him, a Jew from the Gentile Nations to be one of the first people to take the 4 Gospels out of Judea and into the nations, like the City of Rome in , wait for it, Romans:13.
  9. Edibles made from pot are legal these days, add a couch and some music from the late 60's and early 70's and let the best parts repeat as long as you like. When that gets boring take a white page and fill it with some knowledge about some subject you know nothing about. That will require reading a lot and a broadband connection.
  10. The quest is to listen to 1,000 different men give their version of 'the Bible' and then you check out all they say with the Bible and by the end you will know what the good parts are and what the bad parts are. I've been programmed to take lies apart like any honest person does every day. Why should I not do the same thing with the Bible and the liars that say they have 'the inside scoop'?
  11. Let's start small. The RCC got the Greek NT and Hebrew OT as found in today's 1611KJV in about 300AD. As a fulfillment of the 'Little horn' verses they messed it up by the time Rome lost control of Jerusalem in about 450AD. The Latin translation tool the text out of the hands of the people and gave it to a group that was supposed to be feeding the poor and giving money to the poor. The empty place you are in should be 'busy' with the flock coming and going. A Gentile Church/Bank would have more than $75T still in circulation due to the work done in the last 150 years. Yet we are at least
  12. Based on the OP the Church was not making the girls pregnant, that would be from a society that resembled Sodom. It would have been by men that then refused to marry the child. No doubt the early Church would have treated all sorts illnesses as well as being the place people brought the dead if they were loved. In not, well there are lots of ditches and fields. Today would they have been the same as hospitals that became 'dumping grounds'? (minus the ones that preyed of some as they were used as 'human lab-rats')
  13. What about the resurrection that follows? Maybe use the front bummer to hold the scary one and the helpful one for the back bumper should the survive the 'run-down. The only ones He sends to the fiery lake are demented fallen angels, way worse than the demented men running around today. Odd that you always find them sharing the same elevators, hmmmm. Because if I am going to start reading something I read it until I understand what it is saying. I'm going to assume the preface to the Bible is Greek to you. At least I know Ge:3:15 is completed by a single person some centuries
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