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  1. 9 days of protests by the Danish people has forced the Danish Government to abandon its desire to implement a shocking new permanent epidemic law. The law would have allowed the Government to: 1- Forcefully examine, hospitalize, treat and place in isolation anyone suspected of having a disease such as Covid-19. 2- Define groups of people who would be mandatory vaccinated. 3- Use the police to detain anyone who refused vaccinations and subject them to coercion measures to correct their thinking. It shows the dangerous mindset of those implementing the Covid script but also what can be achieved by people sticking together and saying NO! https://odysee.com/$/embed/victoire-danemark/adba6c32dd5fc42698f3d3fbb06cca5a934dcb68?r=21K9B1LaHV5tBTVVN9hY2rsh1WD9VgWf
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