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  1. I notice some people are getting nervous about the propaganda intimating that people who have had the gene engineering will turn against those who have not.

    They might well harbour resentful feelings about the unjabbed but they have no possible way of knowing who has or who hasnt had the magical elixir.

    If it comes to it I will walk around rubbing my arm as if it has a tender spot ;) 

    Does anyone know which is the right arm to rub

  2. 2 hours ago, Captainlove said:

    Its a trial drug until 2023 on a emergency use, so cant be mandatory until fully licenced.

    I wouldnt doubt the possibility that they will change that as soon as they think they can get away with it

  3. 16 minutes ago, Malbec said:

    Eventually received a response from my MP when I raised conflict of interest in MHRA approving a vaccine after receiving 980k in funding from B&M Gates (who fund the very same so called vaccine)..... as you can see it does not address the issue raised whatsoever! I’ve responded suggesting a meeting... 






    Not certain but you might have missed redacting your name in the second paragraph

  4. A thought popped into my head that the 'vaccine' could be a test to find compatible hosts for a large number of alien entities that need a vehicle to inhabit this plane{t}

    It could be another avenue to explore or just a crazy thought.



  5. 34 minutes ago, Jade said:

    Hey guys! Would you be concerned if you're registered on the electoral roll - can they get my information from there? Are they likely to do so? I don't want to give them my information but I'm not sure on my rights..

    Sorry I dont know about that myself.Someone will be sure to know though

    I am not on the electoral register that's another thing that comes regularily with the threat of a fine. If it was of any benefit to me they surely wouldnt feel a need for threats!

  6. I dont know what to believe regarding the numbers that will take the vax

    The circle of people that I know seem to be all for it which suggests it is going to be a high percentage

    But the constant flow of messages by text and in the post urging me to book an appointment would suggest otherwise

  7. I have a feeling that once their target of vaccination numbers has been achieved the next phase will involve people that have previously worked in the shadows taking control of the narrative and wiping the likes of Johnson Witty Gates etc from the board. 


    The falsehoods of Covid19 are so obvious and people are so easily led that control from one global authority that promises justice will be welcomed even if that justice still contains many of the restrictions that have already been imposed just until the damage the vaccines will cause can be countered.


    If I had a TV i would be starting to watch for little nudges filtering into the news that all is not right with the current leadership and more coming to peoples attention readying them for full exposure.


    Its just a feeling though

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  8. Just a thought on te deagel website forecasts

    If the aim is to get 75%b-80% vaccinated the remaining population would fit their figures

    If realistically they can only get 20% - 25% vaccinated then the figures would still work

    It just depends on if their vaccine is a killer or a saver

    Going by the people i work with the vast majority feel desperate to get vaxxed

    So maybe they want a world of independent thinkers more than we beieve

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  9. Mostly i keep my thoughts to myself

    Coming here I see more msm things than i do in my daily life.

    I work in a care home so I have weekly tests and i have never tested myself mostly just testing the tap water and none of the tests have come back positive (I have been wishing for a positive so that i could tell people)

    I like pretty much every one that i work with but i do despair at their lack of critical thinking though i do understand how they absorb everything they are told by the BBC

    They all seem to be in a state of fear and longing to get jabbed

    All but two of our residents have had their first jab and from my own observation at least 4 out of the 30 have had a reaction that would worry me a lot. The rest of the staff cannot seem to link the reaction to the vaccine though and the ones that were on shift when the doctor arrived and also had theirs all suffered from chills aches and lethargy afterwards.

    It seems it was very much jab and go...no checking if there were possible reasons that might be something to advise to reconsider.

    Nothing that I have seen since it all started has given me any thoughts other than it is all a scam.



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