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  1. 3 minutes ago, Grumpy Owl said:


    There's a Texaco filling station on the Stratford Road in Sparkbrook (Birmingham) which I pass on the bus every day to and from work. I have never seen any queue there, though I did observe a couple of their pumps were coned off this evening. Couple of vehicles there just filling up as normal, but no queues blocking the road. Certainly no sign of any 'fuel crisis' there!

    I should have said that I am in Clacton on Sea

    so not perhaps the busiest place in the world

  2. 1 minute ago, whatthefoxhat said:

    I think it may perhaps come back with a new name,new set of symptoms ,a multi million pound advertising campaign and a raft of Z list celebrities promoting it

    They've still got the greek alphabet to play with and then move onto the zodiac etc

    Yeah I am looking forward to the zodiac...especially the Taurus complete bull variant

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  3. 1 hour ago, Sanityisgone said:

    So a lad around my age (26) is super ill, very weak feeling in bones and struggling to do anything. He’s tested positive from a lateral flow test, so he thinks he has “covid”. The lad is a moderate drug user, isn’t very healthy, works a lot of hours, and doesn’t get much sleep. He works in the brasserie with me. 


    I’m really baffled because I’ve been doing a bit of an experiment. Since I came to the conclusion that there is nothing to worry about, I stopped washing my hands, at all. Before covid I used to wash my hands regularly when picking up napkins and plates and getting food on me and what not.


    For the last 18 months roughly, I haven’t used soap or sanitizer to wash my hands, and I probably wash my hands with a splash of water a few times in one shift just to get any bits off. Haven’t even had so much of a headache. The only thing I do when I’ve touched something is wipe my hands on my jeans because textiles absorb a lot of bacteria well.


    Arguably I’m only 26, but I’ve been doing my absolute best to “catch” this thing. I’ve served thousands of people and tables who I have been told after have got “covid” still no scratch. Here’s what’s interesting.


    I have broad shoulders, I can admit I don’t eat well if at all really, I work 60 hours plus every week. I do try to take a multivitamin every day and probiotic and I have a counter top reverse osmosis water filter, and I only drink bottled water when I can’t use my machine. But still I’ve not been good to my body ever, and I would say I have an aching in the kidney area of my back every time I work in the pub, and towards the end of the night my legs and lower back become very weak. 

    What I’m saying is I’m probably as malnourished as most people, yet since “covid” came about I’ve not given a single flying fuck, and I’ve not been ill at all?! There’s kids in there with dry coughs and all sorts phoning in sick and what not.


    What the hell is wrong with me? Do I have a super strong immune system? Are they poisoning the water? Should we drink tap water? Is it the fact that I believe in mind over matter when it comes to getting ill? Is it because I’m awake and don’t believe a thing? Is it because I’ve stopped washing my hands so I’m strengthening my immune system? Or is it all of the above? Or is it literally true, illness is completely random and unique, can’t be tested and can’t be understood? I think so, since there’s been no such dangerous increase in deaths?



    Part of life involves being ill sometimes....different people react in different ways to that. Some make a big deal about it others just work through it. More and more now though people dont accept it as part of life especially since this whole convid thing started every little sniffle seems to bring about thoughts of imminent death

  4. 4 minutes ago, Covidiot said:


    I'm inclined to argree. They need the to be able to spread their propaganda. The internet will become more and more censored but will never go down. I'm also starting to doubt the food shortages. As a poster said earlier "bread and circuses" is the only things keeping the sheeple in line. Why would they create shortages of food risking revolt or pull the plug on the internet? It makes no sense.

    I can see there being food shortages if they can convince people to panic buy.

    I don't think they have any intention of pulling the plug on the internet though because if it does go down how will they sell the cashless society of their dreams.

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  5. I dont click on links on telegram but the gist of the story was there and it made me have wishes!

    I knew in my heart that it was unlikely

    Plus I have faith in you lots experience in knowing what to look for to discern a good source.

    I did query on the telegram group if this was just clickbait

    Thanks to all

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  6. I just read an article from a telegram group posting.

    It states the Bill Gates has been arrested by the US Military

    The article came from realrawnews.com

    I know some of you are good at sniffing out truth from lies and i would love this to be truth

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  7. 1 hour ago, dirtydog said:


    Overpopulation does need to be controlled, especially on this small island of Great Britain. Boris Johnson is doing nothing to stop that, in fact immigration under the Tories is higher than ever and has been relentlessly for over a decade. Huge illegal immigration, all approved by the entire British establishment. Even vaster legal immigration, year after year after year. Also we import the sorts of people who have big families and then pay them benefits to breed them. It's a funny kind of population control. 

    Overpopulation could be an illusion.

    Official estimates range from 80% to 98% of the land has not been built on...roads/pavements count as being built on....gardens parks and the like count as unbuilt on.So there is probably a little bit of space left before the 'no vacancies' signs go up

  8. 5 minutes ago, Captainlove said:

    The elites dont care a monkeys about protests. There were the coal miners,they still closed the pits. There was the poll tax,still brought in a tax under a different name. The many protests against wars,made no difference they still went to war.

    The miners did fight though and they are not forgotten by many of us.

    They lost because the government and the media closed ranks and made them villains

    This time around we might be spread over a wider area but we are bound by a common loyalty to a cause and that could be our advantage. 

    I went to a stand in the park and there wasnt many of us but we were all very different in every way possible.

    I am sure it is a big worry to them that they do not have an easily defined target


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  9. 19 minutes ago, ally_uk said:

    Time to get organised lads and come together we need to arrange a meeting point and supplies. 


    Somebody should really create a separate thread for this ASAP because soon they will kill the Internet. 



    It could be a good idea....but I do remember a lot of your other posts which makes me a wee bit cynical

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  10. 3 minutes ago, Macnamara said:


    working class people are our best bet at this point


    too many middle class people have their heads up their own arses. A little success can really go to someones head and they start thinking they are smarter than they actually are

    My Dad never tired of telling 'middle class' people that they still worked and were thus working class people

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