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  1. I wonder what was being posted just before all this Pinkiebee stuff started. Something was likely an important read.
  2. Could and may two of their favourite words
  3. Yeah Covid is the new 'poor me' exaggeration People were a bit bunged up and they would say 'I have the flu' People had a sore throat and it was tonsilitis If your going to be ill you need to big it up so why not an imaginary killer disease
  4. So it seems I am a boomer. I always wondered who they meant by that term. Personally I prefer to judge individuals rather than clump people into groups. I guess that it is a useful way for you to divide the worthy from the unworthy. It would be nice if you could reconsider your feelings as maybe they have been manipulated from outside of yourself as part of some sinister plot to help create division amongst us. Those that would lead us fear unity. I often like your posts here and will continue to do so but knowing now what you think of me I wouldnt want to be anywhere near you on the frontline in a battle.
  5. Perhaps I had better upload my picture then, after all I wouldnt want them to be confused in anyway as to who I am.
  6. @Human10 I am glad that you took my comment in the right way I was quite worried that it might sound offensive. I did do quite a bit of imagining!
  7. I am amazed that someone could search Amazon for such a title
  8. Probably the hidden powers behind this are getting ready to throw the likes of Johnson, Trudeau, Arden et al under the bus. So they now need to reposition the MSM into being seen as the heroes who exposed the scam so that they will be trusted by the general population when it is time to move onto the next big thing whatever that is
  9. JABBED? Arsenals Aubameyang plus two other Gabon players missing the next game in the AFCON with heart problems
  10. To help people visualise 150,000 perhaps they should cover some of the London demonstrations in more depth
  11. Back in the day they could have had smokers pubs and non smoker pubs Neither would have excluded anyone but it wasnt allowed to happen If there were pubs now for the unjabbed the other sort would definitely be exclusively for the jabbed
  12. I would have adopted that cute puppy
  13. Ones that I looked at in what i call affordable range would be next to useless against riot gear. Even small ones are quite bulky so it isnt likely that anyone could get close enough to a politician to do anything spectacular either. Maybe telephone masts could be vulnerable though.
  14. The quickly following call for new laws to ban crossbows kind of made me really want to buy one
  15. Some are better at it than others and some seem to work in tag teams
  16. @skitzorat That 'leaked plan' could be it
  17. Not based on in depth scientific study just my own gut feeling I have always been anti-vax. I like this forum obviously because people who have done research come here and confirm my bias. 2020 was always going to have a higher than usual death rate partly because of the denial of medical services for part of it and the midazolam murders. I think according to the ONS it is about +1 per thousand people. If I was to guess how this years figures will look I would go for a slight decrease. I could be wrong but the deaths from the jabs arent as common as I expected they would be, though the number of bad reactions would suggest that could quickly change. However the polarisation of the argument around pro vax versus anti vax in the media shouts at me as their often used 'phoney bone of contention' (a term Richard D Hall often used to use)
  18. I thought he said EVERYONE eligible would have their booster by the end of the year That they would do a million booster shots every day By my maths thats 18 million shots at the rate of nearly 700 per minute if they are working 24 hours a day. 18 million seems to be a bit short of the numbers claimed to have had their two jabs. I dont mind admitting that I stand to be corrected on my maths.
  19. Pretty much do nothing that is recommended just the things I like Egg bacon mushrooms and a fried slice for breakfast dont usually feel hungry again until the evening when it will be some kind of meat with potatoes and veg. A few beers of an evening and smoke as many fags as I can. First sign of a sniffle vit C vit D codliver oil and zinc seems to do the trick. Am I super healthy ...no....am I happy yes very
  20. Beating the censors after the online safety bill becomes law 'Not to be deleted about...... Covid Vaccines' To date in the UK Covid Vaccines have not caused 1768 deaths and have not caused 125000 adverse reactions.
  21. Thanks for that Eve. If government can deny services to a person based on judgements of behaviours it would logically follow that those denied services should not have to contribute towards those services. I would personally quite look forward to them clarifying their position as to which services are going to be denied and to who to assess which taxes will have to be paid and by who.
  22. Here on the Essex coast we apparently have an outbreak of Bird Flu. Having been led to believe that the vaxxed will all have compromised immune systems I wonder if there will be a cross species breakthrough and an abundance of seaside properties on the market in the near future.
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