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  1. I should have said that I am in Clacton on Sea so not perhaps the busiest place in the world
  2. Drove past Tesco petrol station no diesel and no queue for petrol Petrol station near the end of my road (Esso) was closed yesterday but open today with a queue of 2 cars outside which is busier than they normally are but nothing too shocking
  3. It might help if there was a £30 minimum spend on fuel for cars to break the cycle of morons topping up every day when they dont really need the petrol
  4. Yeah I am looking forward to the zodiac...especially the Taurus complete bull variant
  5. I dont know but I suspect that all the rules for child vaccines are pro vax That is if the parents say no the child can say yes and the childs choice is accepted If the parents say yes and the child says no the parents choice is accepted
  6. I am guessing you mean that your MP's summer break is over so everyone elses will be too
  7. Part of life involves being ill sometimes....different people react in different ways to that. Some make a big deal about it others just work through it. More and more now though people dont accept it as part of life especially since this whole convid thing started every little sniffle seems to bring about thoughts of imminent death
  8. When I had to do weekly tests I always just ran the swab under tap water, I was always hoping for a positive so i could tell fellow workers, but the closest I came was one inconclusive all the rest were negative.
  9. Hi Does anyone remember which model Nokia phone was it that had really good speakers. Pre smart phone that is. As I remember they all had removable batteries too.
  10. Can I make a polite request to Macnamara and Liberty to perhaps create a thread for this discussion so that we dont get this thread locked again
  11. I can see there being food shortages if they can convince people to panic buy. I don't think they have any intention of pulling the plug on the internet though because if it does go down how will they sell the cashless society of their dreams.
  12. The real nuts have made a DNA altering medication whilst at the same time labelling 90% of DNA as junk DNA because they dont know what it does
  13. I dont click on links on telegram but the gist of the story was there and it made me have wishes! I knew in my heart that it was unlikely Plus I have faith in you lots experience in knowing what to look for to discern a good source. I did query on the telegram group if this was just clickbait Thanks to all
  14. I just read an article from a telegram group posting. It states the Bill Gates has been arrested by the US Military The article came from realrawnews.com I know some of you are good at sniffing out truth from lies and i would love this to be truth
  15. Overpopulation could be an illusion. Official estimates range from 80% to 98% of the land has not been built on...roads/pavements count as being built on....gardens parks and the like count as unbuilt on.So there is probably a little bit of space left before the 'no vacancies' signs go up
  16. The miners did fight though and they are not forgotten by many of us. They lost because the government and the media closed ranks and made them villains This time around we might be spread over a wider area but we are bound by a common loyalty to a cause and that could be our advantage. I went to a stand in the park and there wasnt many of us but we were all very different in every way possible. I am sure it is a big worry to them that they do not have an easily defined target
  17. Are there any streams showing the size of the crowd?
  18. Thank you very much Vinny
  19. A few days back someone posted a bar chart with ONS figures for annual deaths in a randomised format. Is there any chance that someone can remind me which page this was on? Thanks
  20. Sovereignty, Lawful, De Jure, can this be done in the UK
  21. It could be a good idea....but I do remember a lot of your other posts which makes me a wee bit cynical
  22. My Dad never tired of telling 'middle class' people that they still worked and were thus working class people
  23. Possibly the ripping it off could be the second part I interpret as justice served ;)
  24. @EnigmaticWorld I didn't quote you to criticise in any way. I just believe that expressing our individuality is important but not exclusive to aligning with with a group for protection of self and the beliefs of the group
  25. I identify myself. I live and operate in a society but I don't consider myself as part of it. The so called leaders of society like us to believe they have infallible technology that they can use to control us, that they have even greater tech that they haven't revealed yet. I do marvel at how well some of it works and then smile when it doesn't. At the moment our attention is being focused on what will happen when while nothing seems to be actually happening. Will July see supposed freedoms being granted Will late autumn be the start of massive deaths amongst the vaxxed? Use your own eyes and see what is real when you can. Listen to your heart and don't hate people because they believe differently to yourself. Whatever anyones spiritual beliefs are about what happens when we pass on for now we are here and have to be and do the best we can
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