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  1. It has always been this way, the scamdemic just made it more obvious
  2. was for me too, but its ok now
  3. Is there a thread/topic or whatever where I can learn what this actually is and is capable of. Or maybe even a brand name so i can go trawl the internet.
  4. Pretty much as we all suspected but most likely to be filed as no further action recquired.
  5. My 'other' would be in connection with making the covert one world government out into the open. The infrastructure and treaties have been in place for a very long time. Discrediting national governments would facilitate their removal and put an end to the inconvenience of elections and referenda that can all go wrong. Thanks for thinking out the options for the questionaire Eve.
  6. They like me much more..... 12 texts...i cant add up the emails as they get deleted...i cant add the letters as they went in the bin. The texts seem to be their favourite way though ;)
  7. It used to be connected to there being hard work ahead as in roll up your sleeves and get stuck in. A good cue to find a reason to be somewhere else ;)
  8. I had a look on youtube to see if emergency alerts can be disabled and there are some videos on it going back 7 years
  9. From a young age I always believed I would be here in the end times and that I would survive them. I am so grateful that I was brought up to never trust authority whether it was instruments of government or newspapers, it was impressed on me that they only know what you tell them about yourself. You can live within the system but not be a part of it. At 63 i am quite proud that i have managed to avoid the tax man yet still own property and have no further need to work. When I saw an advert with babies on roller skates way back when I knew for sure that using that technology they could make peo
  10. On the same wavelength as you with this
  11. I notice some people are getting nervous about the propaganda intimating that people who have had the gene engineering will turn against those who have not. They might well harbour resentful feelings about the unjabbed but they have no possible way of knowing who has or who hasnt had the magical elixir. If it comes to it I will walk around rubbing my arm as if it has a tender spot ;) Does anyone know which is the right arm to rub
  12. I wouldnt doubt the possibility that they will change that as soon as they think they can get away with it
  13. Not certain but you might have missed redacting your name in the second paragraph
  14. A thought popped into my head that the 'vaccine' could be a test to find compatible hosts for a large number of alien entities that need a vehicle to inhabit this plane{t} It could be another avenue to explore or just a crazy thought.
  15. Also on ukcolumn.org their own website
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