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  1. I have a feeling that once their target of vaccination numbers has been achieved the next phase will involve people that have previously worked in the shadows taking control of the narrative and wiping the likes of Johnson Witty Gates etc from the board. The falsehoods of Covid19 are so obvious and people are so easily led that control from one global authority that promises justice will be welcomed even if that justice still contains many of the restrictions that have already been imposed just until the damage the vaccines will cause can be countered. If I had a TV i
  2. Just a thought on te deagel website forecasts If the aim is to get 75%b-80% vaccinated the remaining population would fit their figures If realistically they can only get 20% - 25% vaccinated then the figures would still work It just depends on if their vaccine is a killer or a saver Going by the people i work with the vast majority feel desperate to get vaxxed So maybe they want a world of independent thinkers more than we beieve
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