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  1. But YOU people are making the trouble. This is fucking ridiculous.
  2. You are repeating gossip. The steps taken to limit the spread of covid-19 are fairly effective in limiting the spread of influenza. I am just amazed that you think healthcare workers are not aware of the differences between flu and covid-19, because that is your implication.
  3. Yep. Hate the things. Short bursts when coming into contact - at the shops, on buses, trains. That works, not for extended wear. God I couldn't do a shift at the hospital wearing one!
  4. Well yes. That is a ridiculous and unfeasible expense. It's ok for selective localised outbreaks, but for a pandemic it won't work unless you spend enormous amounts to create safe environments for dressing/undressing/disposal. Thanks for your detailed response.
  5. Needlessly confrontational nonsense. The virus is not floating around like a free-radical. It invariably bonds to something and in terms of airborne particles, usually a fine droplet of mucus or saliva. THAT is what the mask stops and that is how it is effective. Yeah, except it can get on your respirator and then your hands when you take it off. The small masks work to a reasonable level of effectiveness. The objective is to bring down the R number not stop it entirely.
  6. Supply and demand. Plus, that is a once wear apparel and the chance of infection is high during removal, unless done in a controlled environment. They aren't very practical for extended use.
  7. Nope, I was talking about masks. Most of the derailing is coming from idiotic comments like yours and my stubbornness in wanting to reply. Try getting back to masks.
  8. I don't disagree with any of that. I've seen too many mask wearers wearing blue masks caked in a thousand times worn shite.
  9. Warning: All potential members MUST agree with the consensus. If you don't, you get the cold shoulder from "team knowledge". Funny how all the troll comments are coming from those addressing me, yet, here you are........
  10. The ones I am talking about concerning the actual thread subject. Try it. Area 51 and Groupthingy 77. I applied via Shills-r-us,com I accept your challenge and demand you tell me what you are here for! I just popped back to report a mimic and say hello. Great claim. I cannot admit something when it seems the opposite is true, however unlike you I am open to persuasion.
  11. What exactly is your fear here? It's almost as though your puny responses are trying to stop me posting becase you don't like being questioned. Shut me up with argument. If you have to target me personally, try and imagine how much of the tiniest rat's bottom I could give about your opinions.
  12. Listen. It concerned you enough for you to post your article about the mask effectiveness. But when I post MY article showing the microbe size and the way the mask IS effective you avoid it. It is exactly what I expect, confirmation bias and the never ending evasion of anything that doesn't fit. Mask work with large viruses, not so much with tiny microbes. It is a non argument. Still hate the things.
  13. No, just getting lots of responses - good to talk huh? How about you respond to the content and not the user? Sheesh, are you people afraid to get your claims challenged? Why??
  14. Hmmm, That's with quite a few userids - all banned. I think they tolerate me for a short while. But enough about me, just stick to the debate and behave yourself. Ad hominems and targeting users is not allowed.
  15. Yeah how about that. Maybe Lewis Hamilton was lying. Maybe I am. Maybe I don't know people who work at my local hospital and can tell the difference. I respect your choice on the matter and sincerely hope it goes away, preferably before any of you get it
  16. You didn't respond to my post before about the virus size and mask efficacy.
  17. Thank god they don't do that here. Much.
  18. Not made from concern, just debating stuff for the hell of it. I'm pleased in your confidence in not being infected and hope that you never catch this "whatever" thing. I know people who have and they don't share your confidence. It wasn't the flu. Hey, how come you avoided my response? Did you even read that article, or is it just ones that work for your claims?
  19. Thank you for your very concise and informed ad hominem response. It seems that you are afraid to have your beliefs questioned. I am here because somebody had the audacity to use my former screen name and I got the hump. I've seen all your behaviour before too. You fail to address the content and target the poster. That is something that those who oppose your views do not do.
  20. 3p per post. Maybe you need to join the debate and quit bitching?
  21. Yeah, sound reasonable. However, we aren't talking about sub-microbial infections here. The sars-2 virus is quite a large microbe. SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by the numbers (nih.gov) Works as designed.
  22. Yes. I am 77th brigade and employed by shill.com. You are one of the smartest people I have come across and it's no surprise you can see through the bullshit. Well done, the game is up and I concede. Perhaps if you spent enough time researching things that contradict your opinions you would be in the lofty position that most research undergraduates find themselves in. Look at it all data properly and not just the confirmation bias shite.
  23. Great observation, So conversely the ones not wearing them are all super informed, rebellious non-compliant world saving heroes.
  24. Send him a note, don't mess about with evil stuff otherwise he'll go straight to hell. Or alternatively get some sort of grasp on his reality poking fun at it all.
  25. Good reply. The link can certainly be attributed to the wearing of masks, but so can the laziness associated with not cleaning them properly and/or using the same one over and over. Plus the more plausible directive is to wear them in close proximity enclosed spaces. The ones who wear them everywhere are taking it too far and any directive to do so should ensure clean masks are used each time. I hate the damn things.
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