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  1. Follow the money and consider the consequences in the past, present and future.
  2. Occasional toilet roll shortage, it's been rough trying to sustain my arsehole on the cardboard but luckily it's about 3 ply worth after being delayered and that gets me through 3 dumps a month. I hold onto everything I've got in case someone comes to take my shit. You know how these people think, if there's a TP shortage they'll expect a shit shortage is coming and will need to stock up just in case. I know Mr Gates has already been eyeing up some machines to recycle human caca (true story). Doubt the material investors will get paid for their time and labour though. Truth be told my love for the rastafari keeps growing, they've set a good example of the value of food security when communities need it.
  3. It's crazy stuff, sounds incredibly risky too.
  4. We'll have to find out how the vaccinated respond to the virus when they encounter it if there's any reports that crop up. Hopefully the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) risk is low or won't exist.
  5. Conjecture on my part but the science says mRNA is delivered using a trojan horse mechanism to deliver RNA to the cells. Sounds like a war, looks like a war, smells like bullshit and in a computer we call that malware. Maybe it is about a virus, who knows. EDIT: Not a virologist, not a scientist, just reading about the lipid nanoparticles as way of mRNA delivery and a sceincemag article from last year titled 'Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions.'
  6. A piece of awakened cheddar, matured for just over a year and grilled nicely over a crisp slice of 4 by 4 toast. Allergy Warning: Produced in a factory that handles cheese. Always consult your DJ if you are unsure about any of the ingredients.
  7. Cheers buddy :) love and appreciate everyone in the community for what they share, or even just coming to explore something different and see what it's all about. Rooting for the world right now and hoping for best outcome for everyone. Have a good one!
  8. Felt like getting a community thread going for music. Originally thought of heading towards a 432hz theme but after listening to the track I wanted to kick start it off with I don't think it's actually in 432hz :D Nonetheless I liked the uploaders intention, liked the comments under the video and the lyrics seem really well placed here. Where ever it goes or doesn't is up to you. Whatever happens, always make time for your families, friends, neighbors and each other. Don't forget to make time for yourselves too, have good meals and take a break from the tech, it's addictive af. Take some nature in, even if you feel like you can't be bothered and make it a habit so long as it's still allowed. Make time for peace of mind away from the digital dopamine dealer. Stay refreshed and keep well.
  9. and sleep lol, I need more of that after writing this :D
  10. I don't have any specific advice but I do have some experience with participating in a variety of dietary groups I can talk about. At the moment I need to eat more animal proteins and fats to feel balanced though this isn't the case for everyone. I used to eat a standard junk diet and had a typical junk lifestyle during my invincibility years. Matured and moved on to experimenting with my body to let it teach me what I need. Observed many dietary groups and followed the stories of individuals who recovered from chronic illnesses in these groups. It's through their sickness that they were able to discern what brought them health. In all groups there was a hierarchy of success with those who saw the most benefit at the top, the middle people who saw some success and the lower ends who saw little to no success. There's a variety of reasons some do better than others most commonly depending on their commitment or just that the particular way of eating is not good for the individual. Skepticism in all the groups understandably came from those who were unsuccessful or those who where firm believers of science and made it their job to deny the experience of others. They would often reduce the value of others success as anecdotal, pseudoscience or coincidental. I valued the negative experiences of group members as much as the positives since it showed me one size doesn't fit all for a variety of reasons. The more scientifically orientated would often point out potential hazards which they may have perceived as supporting their bias but I saw as beneficial for balance and guidance. There was also the few charlatans that liked to appear to sell or promote something expensive. Sometimes the products themselves weren't too bad but there's always someone around trying to hustle and understandably they need to eat too. It is what it is. The general consensus in all dietary groups appeared to be that whole foods are best whether the diet was meat, omnivorous or plant based. Processed or refined foods in general are much less beneficial unless there's a particular nutrient micro or macro required from them to be used in a supplemental fashion. Most commonly when there is an acute need or an acute deficiency. (Common sense I know but this appeared to be true universally throughout all dietary groups.) Cutting away addictions and not overstimulating the nervous system played a key role in assisting recovery or maintaining health. Visible health conditions were often the most compelling since any outsider can physically view improvement. Internal conditions might be best measured by feelings, in terms of satiation, mood, energy and lightness or heaviness, always navigating towards achieving balance in the middle. Other that all I can say is I support the advice everyone else has given here, and that whatever works should be fun, simple, practical and sustainable for the individual however that looks at any given time. Other holistic pillars for success include mindset, focus, activity and overall stress reduction. Exercise in nature when you can and with a partner or a friend where possible, unless you need some solitude. Only compete with your self, support others with their personal goals and be gentle.
  11. When I was cutting out coffee once I tried roasted dandelion root (dandelion coffee). Potentially a good alternative if someone is looking to ween off and want's to simulate a roast flavour without the stimulating effects on the nervous system. It could be more expensive in some cases. It may also have other supportive properties in detoxification and gastrointestinal issues. May not be suitable for people with allergies to plants related to dandelions and may have interactions with some pharmaceutical medications. This is just a brief summary to cover the bases. I didn't have any negative experience with it at the time although I don't suffer from allergies or use any pharmaceutical medications. It's worth noting allergy, intolerance and drug interactions also exist with coffee. I use Rhodiola Rosea root infrequently when I'm in need of an energy or mood boost although it's always worth investigating things so an individual can weigh up the risk benefits and avoid harm. It's important to find a reputable brand too since there's some products that are ineffective and don't contain what they should. I also find the right dose for myself by splitting the dose into smaller fractions and seeing how it affects me personally. I found I do well on much less than the recommended dose, around 1/4- 1/3 of what is suggested. I use a standarised 1% salidroside extract but have no experience to compare whether or not a more natural blend would be better. Would always suggest doing research if it interests you, starting small with dosing and wouldn't recommend stacking Rhodiola Rosea with other stimulants.
  12. I kinda agree with this, which is why I don't like writing sometimes lol it's more of a creative expression thing for me which I think I do with good intention. I like the idea that we're here because we're trying to look out for each other in different ways.
  13. Hi Mark, thanks for sharing, could you recommend any decent sources for more information on this process and also examples of how and where this has been used successfully to defend one's self. I'm a little bit unsure about it since it involves some kind of submission which I don't understand.
  14. Also whether or not David is right or wrong in his opinion is not a problem to me. We're all right and wrong in some things. I have faith in the truth whoever it comes from.
  15. I posted some info relating to the virus being isolated in a post Is This The Choice We Face? in the spirituality section. I hadn't come to some definitive answer although I have had a relative pass away from it and I hear a lot of people saying they had it and saying they've never felt so ill. A couple I know have gotten it now, the husband is quite symptomatic, the wife not so much. For reasons like that I sway towards it existing although not being much of a threat at the moment to most people. I heard the comedian John Bishop and his wife got it too, which must have took some humility to admit since he'd posted his wine testing skit online. I don't know all the answers or have all the solutions but I've posted links in the same thread I mentioned showing doctors using alternative treatments for the virus for those who get it and may want to consider it. I think it's better to err on the side of caution, to look at both sides and to figure out which may be the safer or more conservative option with much less risk. For me it's obvious. I worry about the vaccines because of the other opinions of professionals speaking out and also the opinions of people who have been harmed by them in the past too. Listen to both sides. Not to mention the other factors such as deferred responsibility from those who follow the orders, all the way through the chain with immunity right at the top. It's Milgram Shock Experiment type psychology this search for videos of it or read about it if you want to know how it works before we go on carrying out somebody elses will. We need to understand the psychological pressures being applied to our minds and how they're used to influence thought and action. This is a more modern version but this is the position of the doctors, nurses or anyone else the machine roles out to inject people with the vaccine. I see this below and I think of the whole pandemic - purity vs impure=vaccinated/unvaccinated/ confession= freedom passes/stickers. read it for yourselves and apply the knowledge to our experience of this pandemic or at least the experience of those being manipulated by it. https://culteducation.com/brainwashing/26424-thought-reform-and-the-psychology-of-totalism.html I also have concerns with the vaccine due to the information in these links below. Read the articles fully, to the end. Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb? https://sciencewithdrdoug.com/2020/08/01/is-a-coronavirus-vaccine-a-ticking-time-bomb/ Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA? https://sciencewithdrdoug.com/2020/11/27/will-an-rna-vaccine-permanently-alter-my-dna/ The vaccinated may think they're safe because the majority don't drop dead from it but these could be the unknowable risks, how can we take these risks when there's alternatives that are far safer and conservative, why is the choice not being offered? Anyway that's all I got for now, make of it what you will but I'm telling you the way out of this is to facilitate the path to freedom ourselves by paving the way. To create things which can wake people up and to facilitate the choices for people to leave their position. If there's no safety net people can't leave. I don't know what the safety nets look like other than to say they have to allow people to make the choice more easily. The thing I'm most concerned with is making monsters out of each other, I don't want us to do that. I don't want to be a monster to someone else or for them to be a monster to me.
  16. Hi everyone! Any thoughts on this? If you're interested read through it all Is a Coronavirus Vaccine a Ticking Time Bomb? https://sciencewithdrdoug.com/2020/08/01/is-a-coronavirus-vaccine-a-ticking-time-bomb/ Will an RNA Vaccine Permanently Alter My DNA? https://sciencewithdrdoug.com/2020/11/27/will-an-rna-vaccine-permanently-alter-my-dna/
  17. I interpret that as part of a process in dissolving the ego. A defense mechanism to re-enforce some sense of egoic identity. Seems like a natural response to relate oneself to that image whilst in a state of elevation. Works both ways too, like when a person relates themself to worthlessness in depression and when they look in a mirror they see something worthless in themself.
  18. Does anyone know why David went from believing he was Jesus to not believing in Jesus and Christianity or if there's anything to listen to where he describes that transition of thought in his experience? I know some people find that stage in his life a little wacky or funny if they're viewing it superficially, but I reckon that's likely a really common experience for people going through spiritual development.
  19. Won't make it with the same internal values most of us share. Have to start giving without the expectation of receiving back. Take what you need and give the rest. Once people start placing faith in each other instead of something external to symbolise value, they become powerful. Until then we're all under the influence of values that exist outside ourselves. Some people will just take but the only currency left to exchange is to give from within. Basically realise there is no value outside ourselves except whatever we project onto the world or agree to give power or meaning to. Money never made itself or had much use beside going on a bonfire, making paper planes or playing a game of heads or tails. The source and faith of it's value came from within. Some say seeing is believing, I say believe first to see. Take care of each others basic needs, take care of the sick, strengthen the weak and the rest will take care of itself. Don't build anything so big that it becomes desirable unless everyone is capable of handling their desires. Once that ego decides it wants it for itself, it only takes one to sway a part of the group and convince them it's worth taking for themselves. But the group that takes then has to deal with policing their own amorality and so they can't even trust each other any more. Happens with or without money. People can prep and stock all they want, if they don't have faith in each other everything runs out eventually and those that want will come to take. People get desperate when they don't work together.....at it's worst, cannibalism. At it's best co-operation. You may have guns or weapons to defend yourself and your family but once you kill someone who is also desperate that changes you inside. It feels like the right thing to do at the time but presuming you aren't a psychopath it'll damage your heart and your mind. You've chosen to make monsters out of each other on both sides. Just stick to the golden rule in every situation and every disagreement, treat others as you would have them treat you and no matter if you're strong or weak you'll be strengthened and taken care through the bond of each other. Literally just serve yourselves as if you are kings and queens and that's what you will be to each other. Think about. We go up to a random dog or cat and get comfort from stroking it, we even let it lick us after they lick their ass and everything but we're repulsed by the thought of embracing a stranger who has the capacity to co-operate, offer loyalty, love, care, provide, defend, secure, play, laugh, cry....everything a human needs. Why do we treat animals this way? because they don't really act with ulterior motives. If you give yourself freely, without strings everybodys motive is each other. We have it in us, we just seriously undervalue each other because some people want to play the king but pay somebody else to pat the servant lol pretty sad really. If we step back we're responsible for each other anyway just indirectly through using money so we don't have much of a relationship with each other. I know it sounds unrealistic, maybe naive but if someone told you once upon a time a group of people decided to place value in some shiny stones called gold and they exchanged them in the faith that it's value could be shared all the way around the world, who would have believed it?
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