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  1. Agreed, good information there too, appreciate it.
  2. Not sure how legitimate it is but greed is a very coercive tool.
  3. Interesting points and thankyou for sharing, I think it helps when we share our points of view with eachother like we do whether or not we're right or wrong or agree or disagree. I really do hope people can realise these conflicts of interest. I think the benefit of the video discussing Vitamin D in parliament is for those who need to see something come from the people they're willing to believe. The government guidelines seem to be sticking with the 10mcg/400iu dosage which may be a bit too conservative to offer therapeutic benefit, all therapies and treatments are very much influenced by individual need, lifestyle, condition of health and other environmental factors. Vitamin D has been with us for a very long time, is incredibly native to our bodies, has broad spectrum anti-viral, anti-inflammatory plus immuno-regulatory effects and as a side effect comes with far less risk. Obviously there's good reasons why our bodies manufacture it naturally from sun exposure or utilise it from the diet or supplementation in the absence of sunlight. It shouldn't be considered as a silver bullet but surely a useful tool among many other alternatives that can be combined or used alone as a preventative and therapeutic measure. It is however looking like one of the much better cheaply available and easily accessible options than the cards we're being presented with. Hopefully politicians and health professionals will work with the public to serve eachothers interest. Though whether or not that approach is reliable is questionable since they work to guidelines that rule out advising treatment recommendations outside of their policies or risk being sacked or struck off. This isn't necessarily a bad thing for professional and patient protection except when people aren't aware of what is available to them and in the event beaurocracy harms those it is supposed to serve. It doesn't however stop anyone from making their own inquiries to learn for themselves what is more or less preferable. Nor does it stop anyone from seeking out healthcare providers offering services which fit more in line with their preferred methods of treatment and care. There's another recent interview on YouTube from a Dr John Campbell with MP David Davis on Vitamin D. His personal approach is a more scientifically conventional one which could be more appealing to those who like to learn within those boundaries and if not insightful nonetheless. MP David Davies is someone I'm not as familiar with. He appears to have some equally decent insight on the subject alongside relevant qualifications. Dr Campbell's audience is more of a conventional status quo audience from what I've gathered looking at the commentary in most of the videos. Just a heads up if anyone goes to exchange ideas, the majority seem to sway more to the side of raising a pitchfork if they see what they appear to believe is a tin foil hatter on the horizon :D Vitamin D with Dr David Davis MP
  4. Ahh well at least it's being given more than 10 seconds of consideration. Not a victory but small step in the right direction. Keep fighting the good fight folks. Vit K2 is good to be given in combination with D3 or foods that contain K2 to direct the calcium into the right places. The other Vitamins and Minerals Dr. Dolores Cahill and other health professionals around the world have suggested and treat their patients successfully with would be useful too.
  5. We're told we're at war with a virus when what we see is a war with eachother. ''It has been said that I have two alternatives, either go to jail or go to the army. But I would like to say that there is another alternative and that alternative is justice. And if justice prevails I will neither go to the army nor will I go to jail.'' - Muhammud Ali. ''With the world so set on tearing itself apart, it doesn't seem like such a bad thing to me to wanna put a little bit of it back together.'' - Desmond Doss. ''Vaccination is a barbarous practice, and it is one of the most fatal of all the delusions current in our time, not to be found even among the so-called savage races of the world. Its supporters are not content with its adoption by those who have no objection to it, but seek to impose it with the aid of penal laws and rigorous punishments on all people alike.'' - A Guide to Health (1921) Chapter VI P106 - Mahatma Ghandi. Obviously I'm aware of my own bias and I'm not saying I'm right or wrong anymore than anyone else. I'm also aware of hypocrisy in some of the backgrounds of the people I've quoted, we're all hypocrites mate and we've all been guilty of not practicing what we preach, it's the human condition. I'd like to keep it focused on the central point I'm trying to get across which is, I'm just saying people shouldn't be persecuted, coerced or villified for their choice. Of course there's more to it than just a vaccination, money has changed hands, corruption runs amok, contracts have been made, freedoms are being restricted, livlihoods destroyed and information is being censored. Everybody is being pushed into using their personal devices like a damned ankle tag for criminals. Either all these guys I quoted and anyone who thinks like them in principle are a bunch of asshole's that deserve locking up again or they might have had something to say about peace that was worth hearing.
  6. Be careful what you say mate, if anyone catches you with regular coffee on your hands they'll send you straight round to Starbucks for treason. I heard Percy got a job as a barrister there after he resigned from The Green Mile. (That film is tragic as hell for everyone even Percy the poor bastard. The good guys end up acting like the bad guys. Watch Life of Brian instead :D)
  7. Might have to ctrl and + to zoom for this one. First article, enjoy :P
  8. I think the world freedom alliance over at https://worldfreedomalliance.org/ had some ideas about their own air travel service and working with governments on travel policies. I Can't find the post I heard about it from although I did a search and found their other website called https://www.freedomairway.com
  9. Embed Code <iframe title="vimeo-player" src="https://player.vimeo.com/video/500874293" width="640" height="360" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Link https://player.vimeo.com/video/500874293
  10. Sorry to hear that Frank. Try get some fresh air, take in some nature, eat well, give yourself some space and try not to overstimulate yourself with tech or negativity. Make some time with your close one's, don't beat yourself up and and keep your chin up mate. I like a bit of Bob Marley to get me back on track, some the older stuff is good for the soul.
  11. This Morning did a real number on Lord Sumption there. Unsure if they're supposed to be impartial, I don't watch the programme. Looked a little one sided with 5 on 1 and no balance for an opposing view from those whose life has been negatively affected by lockdowns. Do they have value or a voice worth hearing? Of course they used a man with pre-existing asthma who had been affected by the virus to promote what appeared to be a one sided narrative. I hope he makes a full recovery and is given full advice on the accessible treatments any individual can use at home to support their immune system, regulate their inflammatory response and improve anti-viral immunity. I still side with Lord Sumption on the issue that measures should be voluntary and it should be up to the individual to decide what level of risk they are at, willing to take or what duty of care they have to their family, friend, neighbor or fellow man and woman.
  12. Good point, and something to consider no doubt.
  13. Apologies for what seems like me going off topic and in another direction. It's relative to our dysfunction just further downstream in it's effect.
  14. Yeah exactly, waste not want not. I was just reading and thinking about symbiosis and bioaccumulation the other evening and it just seems unusual how much we re-purpose ourselves almost as if we're something that exists outside of nature although everything that surrounds us suggests otherwise. Even a dog knows where to take a dump. Humans, we create little poo poo prisons and then have debates about who gets to share them, then get offended when being confronted with the truth that we would not hold hands with someone we don't feel comfortable with to share a bush to poo poo behind unless it was forced upon us. I understand for some it comes from a genuine emotional need to validate their self-identity and feel accepted but we often ignore the other aspects of ourselves and how in certain unnatural environments that ignorance facilitates abuse.
  15. Anyone see the DM article about Lord Sumption's comment to a cancer sufferer pertaining to the value of an individuals life on BBC's The Big Question? DM doth love to stick the dagger in peoples minds and hearts to twist me thinks and feels. :D Naughty rag to say the least. :D https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9156849/Lord-Sumption-tells-Stage-4-cancer-sufferer-life-valuable-others.html Seemed to me more like a throwaway comment on his behalf which the lady who responded to him Deborah James reconciled quite rightly. Now if one was to go away and look at all the other videos and conversations Lord Sumption has shared on coronavirus and lockdowns, they paint a very different picture of the man the DM would like to portray him as. Here's one just for example.
  16. I really miss the vibes of the old school stuff. Soulfully uplifting and soothingly down to earth at the same time.
  17. Quality over quantity with this small sip of awakened skinny latte elecspresso. A celestial rush straight off an album called Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
  18. Going a bit off topic but as far as farmland goes I have a hunch what we call human waste isn't waste at all and that it's maybe better to get that shit into the ground so the environmental organisms can take it up to pass on information about our biological activity. Maybe to produce organic byproducts that might be more beneficial to us depending on our relationship with the environment. I know it's already done in some ways now but it doesn't appear to come without problems. Like having to artificially render it viable to use as fertiliser due to contamination with pharma meds, heavy metals and pollutants. I wonder how that artificially affects the interpretation of us in the organisms that use it in agriculture.
  19. Could be the case mate. Looking a bit further ahead Bill's spoken in 2018 already about his dislike for unregulated cryptocurrencies, stating something along the lines of Bitcoin being a greater fool theory investment and that value should be proportionate to productive input. If I understood that correctly it sounds relative to his companies patent on the system that rewards human activity with crypto, everyone knows the number.
  20. Mate, Nockzonks' Nequay Library video is comedy gold. You know that guy who did the Fonejacker programme? Well, if the Fonejacker got Filmjacked this is what it would look like. https://youtu.be/5V_Rz910s_Y
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