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  1. Could be a step in the right direction. I hope for the best.
  2. Either that or it was pure coincidence, either way war isn't the answer for anyone, nor is slavery.
  3. LoL didn't even notice that and it had to be a white dummy too :D I suppose they're trying to suggest we should hate all Chinese people when we know many of them feel like us.
  4. I wish we had the roots for a community like this to grow here. Bring people back together again and restore our lives. I'm not expecting some imaginary image of a perfectly blissful life without ups and downs but I know people would have way more satisifaction from life and more time to enjoy living for eachother.
  5. lol. I just hope the mockery gets taken in the right context as being opposed to this bullshit. What these people are doing is disgusting.
  6. I believe this man and the Rastafarians too, they're smart enough to know the need for food security and self sufficiency. How many are willing to sacrifice the superficial shit we don't need though when their self-identity is attached to it like a ball and chain.
  7. No likes left but funny :D. These songs wouldn't be made if they could just stop themselves from making choices that end up with the people they're supposed to serve getting shit on.
  8. It's a difficult situation to come to an understanding when people are opposed to eachother. I'm a huge supporter of freedom and have never wished anyone to be coerced or forcefully injected with something they don't want or threatened them with removing their freedoms if they don't comply. Others have taken it upon themselves to behave like this towards their own people instead of being open to discussion and finding an acceptable middle ground to reconcile their differences with eachother. Since I know how ignorant I've been in the past when faced with truth and towards other people's concerns I can understand other people's ignorance towards mine which makes it hard for me to condemn them since usually we don't realise what we do without the vision of hindsight that often comes with great regret. I'm still ignorant now, just not quite as much when it comes to listening to peoples personal concerns or their fears directly whether or not someone else is telling me I shouldn't listen to them. If their concerns are with me, I can assure them I'm not going to force them to do anything they don't want to do and comfort them to say I'm not their enemy and the last thing I would want is for them to fear me. It's a very difficult situation and all I can do is believe more and more people are opening up.
  9. Just to add a point of balance, there may be vulnerable people about. The vaccine isn't necessarily going to stop them from getting or spreading the virus. If the great reopening is going ahead, vulnerable people should be supported and asked if they can be assisted with chores or shopping. They should also be made aware of being able to further protect themselves using Vitamin C, D and Zinc to enhance their immunity and lower inflammation. These are precautions that come with considerably less risk and good benefits. It's not unreasonable to assume we have a duty of care to one another especially if people are serious about taking self-responsibility. The last thing a compassionate self-responsible society would want to do is make their own people fearful. People need to know they're safe, supported and cared for. And most importantly they should know what they can do to help themselves and that there are people who will help them with what they need. This along with a healthy diet, low stress, some light exercise and good sleep will be beneficial for everyone. I wish the small business owners a successful re-opening and more than anything I hope nobody will come to any harm. It's important to be receptive if any issues arise and respond appropriately to protect one another.
  10. Their narratives are ridiculous and beyond a joke. It'd be funny in normal times but they're quite sick. There's no conspiracy in the fact they're trialing vaccines that have been rushed through development in a year when the process ordinarily takes 10 years. That they're using new technologies in the vaccines that they have no long term data on. That the general public is mostly unaware they're participating in what is essentially an experiment, whilst being persuaded to use post marketing surveillance to gather the data they don't have on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines; Due to the short time they have been rushed out in. All this is evident in their own literature on the government sites, the governments own actions and words during their public announcements and gets repeated in their own words by the doctors who support the rolling out of the vaccines themselves.
  11. Agree with you there man and appreciate the information. Seems to be a recurring pattern with that rag even with the Rona virus. Using the stories that fit their persuasive narrative and ignoring stories of people who've been harmed by vaccines or dying of other treatable diseases due to lock downs. Stories where people's lives have been devastated by circumstances that they don't really want anyone to think about. It's absolutely insane how even just discussing vaccines people have gotten to the point where all someone has to say is 'anti-vax' and it immediately ends further self-inquiry or debate on the subject. Willful ignorance. I don't get my news from that rag but I do view it occasionally to get an idea of what public are being fed. I think a lot of people, but not all, take their news on face value and accept it as their own opinion.
  12. Speaking of erosion of civil liberties I've noticed the Daily Mail publishing a lot of articles over the years that seem to be directed at persuading the general public to request for Human Rights to be removed. They appear to use examples of the worst people who get protected by Human Rights to provoke a reaction from the public. I don't necessarily condone the actions of criminals that are protected by them and I have a lot of sympathy for the victims of the crimes. What I worry about is how removal of certain basic human rights might impact innocent people who are wrongly convicted or how changes in those laws might result in abuse of innocent citizens who would under the right circumstances be protected by them. It's rough territory.
  13. This guy performed and modernised his own version of what's said to be the oldest known recorded song in history called Hurrian Hymn No 6. It's meant to be a hymn written for a Goddess called Nikka, the wife of Yarikh, a moon God. IDK anything about the religion they're associated with, came across the song earlier this year and thought it sounded like an interesting interpretation. It's cool but has a kind of sad vibe to it. The song popped into my head again and I wasn't really paying attention to the details before but the whole No 6 thing reminded me of the Rona Rule of 6 stuff. Maybe you guys know a thing or two about the mythology behind this song? He also made this video that reminded me of us lot when I saw the thumbnail. Had to watch of out of duty to our clan :D It turned out to be a pretty interesting one too. He had an issue with some noise interference and ended up locating the source using his guitar and amp as a faulty shielding on a transformer box on his street. Don't think he's a tin foil hatter or entertains conspiracy theories, his personality comes off as more of an educated normie type but still interesting viewing.
  14. I'm with you on this one andy1033. I've been using the computer more and more since the lockdowns, tech can be really consuming. It doesn't help that a lot of it is designed to be addictive or create emotional dependency. Digital opium for the masses.
  15. Enjoyed the synthesis of spoken word, written word and visual animation on this one. Originally a spoken word poem by a rapper named Sean Michael Daley whose stage name is Slug.
  16. I was tempted to paraphrase a comment from a thread I came across that contained a Zen story with the quote 'Is that so?' :D I'll expand though for clarification. My intention sometimes is to use sources that even an outsider would consider as valid to connect the dots and construct their own opinion of what risks they are willing to take with their own bodies. If they can't be led to drink truth from the trough, surely they would listen to the words coming out of the horses own mouth? As always I'm thankful for the heads up and am aware plausible deniability is there.
  17. That could very well be the case, it certainly seems to be presented that way, though I feel it could also possibly be a genuine testament of the woman's personal belief in a time of uncertainty.
  18. Some people may suffer no harmful consequences from it or at least appear not to in the short term. The concerns arise from the potential unintended consequences of approving the emergency use of mRNA or other relatively new vaccines. In using technology that has been rushed through in 1 year a process that normally takes 10 years to gain conclusive data for safety and efficacy. One of the unintended consequences is death along with a variety of new side-effects they of course cannot predict. The global population are practically being asked to participate as experimental subjects to gather the rest of the 9 year data with little to no informed consent of these facts. Which in my view is why they keep trying to push post marketing surveillance technologies without really informing people what they are or why they are being implemented. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/951189/COVID-19_vaccine_surveillance_strategy.pdf
  19. It's difficult to understand how someone could continue to align their belief in the pro-vaccine narrative instead of inquiring whether or not there are any alternative existing methods of preventing and treating the virus. Methods that have been used successfully by some health care practitioners already, though not spoken about widely. She explained: ‘We are not blaming any pharmaceutical company. My husband loved what he did. He worked in hospitals for 36-and-a-half years. He believed in vaccines. I’m sure he would take that vaccine again, and he’d want the public to take it.' ‘But when someone gets symptoms two-and-a-half hours after a vaccine, that’s a reaction. What else could have happened?' ‘We would like the public to know what happened to Tim, so he didn’t die in vain. Severe reactions are rare. In reality, Covid is a much more deadly force than reactions from the potential vaccine itself.’ Rochelle added: ‘The message is, be safe, take the vaccine — but the officials need to do more research. We need to know the cause. The vaccines need to be as safe as possible. Every life matters.’ It wouldn't really matter whether they blamed any pharma company anyhow since they've granted themselves legal indemnity in contrast to the other professionals speaking out against it who have been willing to put their job and lives on the line for what they believe to be true...
  20. Hi TheAwakened, just stumbled across your thread and wanted to pass on a message of support for your initiative, to wish you well on your journey of self discovery and to say good luck!
  21. Beckhams Leisure Centre will do buy one get one free at the critical sphincter clinic just in case the first result was negative
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