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  1. Bahahah 10/10 comedy gold! No idea who those people are but I'm starting to see an Excretion Rebellion thread in the making here.
  2. Tbh he was probably just hungover from all the fun they've been having. There's an original in the article: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/11/jilted-johnson-biden-in-beeline-for-macron-and-symonds-at-g7
  3. Hi mate, yes. It's a French homing gull, Macron tried to warn him about it, something to do with the G7 gull & bones ritual.
  4. Not really sure what's going on here but I get the impression my presence is disruptive or unwelcomed so I'll take me leave. Appreciate the help and advice and still support the community and David Icke's work. I'll probably visit as a guest but won't post. No hard feelings and thank again all. Take care.
  5. Hehe people are like that, I find health is a very individual thing. But yeah if someone finds something that confirms their own belief they'll deny most of the things that contradict their own bias even going as far as rejecting their own contradictory experience.
  6. Absolutely, all valid points and appreciate the insight. Good stuff!
  7. Some reasonable pointers there, appreciate the info.
  8. No problem man, just do your own thing, you might be alright just using platforms that are freely available and fit within your own ethical standards or view of what is good for you. There's no rush grow, the journey is the best part. World's is crazy right now, could definitely use some stability.
  9. I hope you aren't angry with me fellas. We're supposed to be a community here. I could be wrong, you could be completely right but we're on the same team at the end of the day. I'm cool with you.
  10. Love a bit of George Carlin :D Oh you like germs do you? (Disclaimer don't fuggin do this lol.)
  11. I think since the pitchforks are out we have to infight to the death. I don't think I should let you escape from my reality. You will be healthier or I will pelt you with vitamins and healthy advice until you die of really old age! :D JK I can agree it's being used as the pre-text to usher in the Global Reset.
  12. What happens to Facere is he mentions someone has the Rona. :D
  13. I'm not saying everyone with some underlying illness will or won't get it. Nor am I saying people without an underlying illness can't get it. I'm just describing the experiences and some of the commonalities between those who I know who have fallen ill. I also stated I know more people who haven't got it than have got it at the moment. My main advice was to take precautions (use the supplements known to disrupt viral replication and regulate inflammatory responses) and have a healthy lifestyle if you wanted to lol nobody is forcing you to be healthier :D
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