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  1. Good point, and something to consider no doubt.
  2. Apologies for what seems like me going off topic and in another direction. It's relative to our dysfunction just further downstream in it's effect.
  3. Yeah exactly, waste not want not. I was just reading and thinking about symbiosis and bioaccumulation the other evening and it just seems unusual how much we re-purpose ourselves almost as if we're something that exists outside of nature although everything that surrounds us suggests otherwise. Even a dog knows where to take a dump. Humans, we create little poo poo prisons and then have debates about who gets to share them, then get offended when being confronted with the truth that we would not hold hands with someone we don't feel comfortable with to share a bush to poo poo behind unles
  4. Anyone see the DM article about Lord Sumption's comment to a cancer sufferer pertaining to the value of an individuals life on BBC's The Big Question? DM doth love to stick the dagger in peoples minds and hearts to twist me thinks and feels. :D Naughty rag to say the least. :D https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9156849/Lord-Sumption-tells-Stage-4-cancer-sufferer-life-valuable-others.html Seemed to me more like a throwaway comment on his behalf which the lady who responded to him Deborah James reconciled quite rightly. Now if one was to go away and look at all the other videos a
  5. I really miss the vibes of the old school stuff. Soulfully uplifting and soothingly down to earth at the same time.
  6. Quality over quantity with this small sip of awakened skinny latte elecspresso. A celestial rush straight off an album called Hurry Up, We're Dreaming.
  7. Going a bit off topic but as far as farmland goes I have a hunch what we call human waste isn't waste at all and that it's maybe better to get that shit into the ground so the environmental organisms can take it up to pass on information about our biological activity. Maybe to produce organic byproducts that might be more beneficial to us depending on our relationship with the environment. I know it's already done in some ways now but it doesn't appear to come without problems. Like having to artificially render it viable to use as fertiliser due to contamination with pharma meds, heavy metals
  8. Could be the case mate. Looking a bit further ahead Bill's spoken in 2018 already about his dislike for unregulated cryptocurrencies, stating something along the lines of Bitcoin being a greater fool theory investment and that value should be proportionate to productive input. If I understood that correctly it sounds relative to his companies patent on the system that rewards human activity with crypto, everyone knows the number.
  9. Mate, Nockzonks' Nequay Library video is comedy gold. You know that guy who did the Fonejacker programme? Well, if the Fonejacker got Filmjacked this is what it would look like. https://youtu.be/5V_Rz910s_Y
  10. Follow the money and consider the consequences in the past, present and future.
  11. Occasional toilet roll shortage, it's been rough trying to sustain my arsehole on the cardboard but luckily it's about 3 ply worth after being delayered and that gets me through 3 dumps a month. I hold onto everything I've got in case someone comes to take my shit. You know how these people think, if there's a TP shortage they'll expect a shit shortage is coming and will need to stock up just in case. I know Mr Gates has already been eyeing up some machines to recycle human caca (true story). Doubt the material investors will get paid for their time and labour though. Truth be told my lov
  12. It's crazy stuff, sounds incredibly risky too.
  13. We'll have to find out how the vaccinated respond to the virus when they encounter it if there's any reports that crop up. Hopefully the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) risk is low or won't exist.
  14. Conjecture on my part but the science says mRNA is delivered using a trojan horse mechanism to deliver RNA to the cells. Sounds like a war, looks like a war, smells like bullshit and in a computer we call that malware. Maybe it is about a virus, who knows. EDIT: Not a virologist, not a scientist, just reading about the lipid nanoparticles as way of mRNA delivery and a sceincemag article from last year titled 'Suspicions grow that nanoparticles in Pfizer's Covid-19 vaccine trigger rare allergic reactions.'
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