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  1. Anti-Russian messages have been seeded in popular culture and 'The News' for years now. Even the last Bridget Jones movie included some jibe at Russians. And Just Like That refers to a 'Russian hooker'. Priming. Funny how news about weapons being sold to the Ukraine only become headlines after the invasion. To be honest, I can't see how this amounts to an invasion. It feels more like an internal conflict.
  2. Have to laugh when some media sources say that someone was killed by a 'prop gun'. That is not possible is it? A real gun must have been mistaken for a prop. And why the hell was he pointing and then firing it at two people who were not acting in the movie?
  3. Yes, what on earth was this? Seems inconceivable. A distraction, probably. The anti-gun lobby will make much of it though. Or is it a careful cover up? Did One of the Brothers Balders lose it and intentionally shoot to kill and then the event was covered up? Why weren't the lessons of Brandon Lee 's fate learnt?
  4. Pro animal rights, friend of Israel, pro Brexit, Catholic and against fuel poverty. We are looking for an Islamic remainer who works for an energy company and attends dog fights.
  5. What a mess. Not looking forward to the fall out of this if it turns out to be a set up. Incel terror can be ruled out right away. Wonder if the political parties have decided to take turns when it comes to martyrs that conveniently shore up their privileges. Lib Dem next, or is it only shared out between the big boys?
  6. As absurd as it is, we all know how claims of anti-semitism can stick to even the most unlikely surface, like Jeremy Corbyn.
  7. Conceeding that a double jab has died of the vid prepares the way for a push for jab 3.
  8. Bootle. It is tempting to highlight correspondences. Bootle. A place sacrificed on the altar of globo-cap. Bootle. Famous for a child murdered by children. Bootle. A white stag shot.
  9. Nudge, nudge, nudge. That is how it is going to go in the UK for now. Then a new varient to spice it up later and less nudging and more pushing. Who fookin knows? The whole thing is beyond imagination. Each nation has its own route and a new world order looks like a new world disorder. Those who promoted a pandemic that was of little threat to the majority of people were bound to get tangled up in their own netting. Come on, hit us with the big one and then we can git down to bizness.
  10. Interesting. It was 3.3 then I would be convinced
  11. This could be a case of extreme dot joining, but is it possible that the Epstein/Maxwell case is at the root of CV-19? It seems implausible. Then again during the time between Epstein being arrested in 2006 and his guilty plea a couple of years late another earth shattering event happened. And there are those links of his with the scientific community No, too unlikely. Just coincidence.
  12. Watch Guns Akimbo (filmed in 2019 and released in February a year later). Not all of it like I did, it is not that good. Just up to the bit where the main character, played by Daniel Radcliffe, describes his how he enjoys trolling the trolls. Blink and you might miss it, but one of the trolls are identified as attacking Big Pharma. The previous image was of a Confederate flag. A fleeting moment, and one that shows what we are up against - and no, I don't mean Daniel Radiffe. The link between anti-vax and the alt-right is being forged despite the history of leftist opposition. Take a look at the UK Labour Party's first manifesto from 1900, it is very short. What is the sixth point? 'No compulsory vaccination'. Now, I am not suggesting that the left is preferable to the right. No, I am just aware that there is an effort to make opponents of the vaccine appear like the ultimate villains, like those white supremacists that brought Breaking Bad to a close.
  13. Does anyone else get a feeling we are now getting the 'kiddies with covid' line more often. In the past, the children are at risk narrative has been referred to now and agian, but it all seems more concerted now.
  14. Very perceptive, enlightening and beautiful. We have much to be grateful for when we think of the bigger picture.
  15. Hello I had an e-mail from work today that echoed the breezy, eerie optimism of a 'new normal'. 'Just to remind you, face coverings must continue to be worn in all communal areas and teaching spaces, but can be removed whilst you are at your desk. Please make sure you continue to take two tests over a seven day period to ensure you are negative when coming into work and if you have not already been able to get a vaccine, please make sure that you can get one as soon as possible.' Possible for me is, like, never.
  16. Thank you, SimonTV. The Sun overplays its hand and exposes the desperation and malice of some very powerful interests. If ever I should doubt my stand against whatever the fuck is going on (CV-19, vaccines, 'green'/bio-tech agenda) I will look at this editorial to remind myself that something is up, something big and probably beyond my comprehension, but it is happening. Depopulation, money-making, whatever, it is real and represents an unprecedented attack on freedom, humanity and health.
  17. What an image. A window into hell.
  18. Perceptive post, Promtheus. Boiling frogs.
  19. Ture. The elites' interest in the classical world probably comes from their exusive education. But I cannot help thinking there is a lot more behind it. Let's face it. If slave owning Athens could also be considered the birth place of democracy, then anything goes: you will own nothing and be happy.
  20. I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps, tptb want to get to omega sharpish.
  21. Don't worry, friend. As a Brit, I would have to apologise 24/7.
  22. Good point about the possibility of an emergency government obviating the need for an election. Another way the good/bad cop could pan out is if Dishy Rishi steps up as bad cop once Boris has been deposed. I suppose that all depends on whether dishy avoids the economic fall out. Whichever way it goes, it is all a performance. We can be sure that the show will go on even if the cast change during a 'dark winter'.
  23. Possibly. What better 'victim' than a national treasure?
  24. A possible outcome of this, with reference to British politics - Boris goes 'populist plus' and dispenses with masks. Then things get 'worse' and Boris becomes a fall guy. Enter Stammer. With Green and Lib assistance, he manages to win an election fought on the topic of masks and covid. I am not saying this will happen but bear in mind these points. 1. The Tories have had a decade plus in power. The two party charade has to be maintained. 2. Stammer is the kind of opposition that the charade needs. 3. The best way to take us further along this dark road is to have an 'adult' in power after the removal of a fake populist.
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