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  1. I've had 3 letters from NHS Ipsos Mori in 2 weeks asking to take part in a COVID 19 study. Absolutely disgusting harrasment, trying to get the numbers up.
  2. What you could do as a last resort is score a few marks in the mask with a Stanley blade. That's what I did when had a temp job last xmas, only did one shift but was better than nothing.
  3. I had the same one too, i think i have gotten off lightly 3 texts and 2 letters so far.
  4. Fuck you BBC with your pathetic reporting today, Fuck You seeing your misery and condescending attitude, fuck you . keep your friends close and enemies closer only reason i watch it. Sanctimonious cunts ... Fuck You
  5. I am used to it in the last 6 years or so. I guess once i started to open my mind and perspective on so many things that aren't the main stream narrative I have been meet with the same response.
  6. Same here i am the only one out of 6 not to have the vaccine, i talked my Mom out of it only for her to phone up to get the same day that kent or south African variant came out. I posted the Dr Mike Yeadon video to a group my brothers and sister was on, meet with complete silence. My sister video called a couple of months ago after she had her first jab and asked if i had mine then said o i forgot your anti vax with a massive grin on her face complete retard these people are. Despite my parents having both jabs as soon as theres any announcements on the news they go into full retard mode aswell. Dont bring the virus home and kill us nonsense, fully brainwashed.
  7. I remember seeing that. Hopefully something like that could become an option. I have seen people say whats going on doesnt make sense but then hanging on every word of these press conferences and changing their plans of what there were going to do even for the smallest things like meeting up in outdoor gardens etc.
  8. In that case disrupting the broadcasting of the live press conference through interference. Not sure if that is possible and would take real expertise aswell. What you said is right BC, but come a year or 2 years and things are the same or worse it might take drastic action.
  9. Like many people I feel appauled at what is going on and where it is leading us. Feeling helpless as this deception carries on, our knowledge and words useless against a wall of propaganda. We must take action to stop this and i have an ideal that everyone can do. First thing is to disrupt the live press conferences by phone calls before they happen maybe there is a danger in the room or the building. I believe this is one of the most important actions to take and easiest as anyone can do it. It sounds extreme to do but we are in extreme times.
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