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  1. I (like so many) have been wondering why governments around the world are talking up 5G infrastructure as if it's crucial for our future economic progression. While we as the consumers look on in confusion as to how this can be a watermark moment in our technical evolution, with the high price for a 5G phone, and the strange videos of people being standing under a 5G enabled lamppost to download music video really really fast, on their way to work, and pausing by a lamppost a few meters from the train station, may sound vaguely interesting for a young person, it all doesn't make much sense why governments are talking up this technology. And to make things worse, the governments are rolling it out on residential streets without consultation. no real study has been done on the health effects, but what we do know, is that it uses the same frequency range as a microwave oven. A few days ago I saw a news clip about 5G. It was in this clip that the penny dropped for me. In the clip they mentioned how 5G is the platform to be used for face recognition cameras for the masses. By simply connecting a camera with a 5G transmitter, the camera will connect and act as a 5G node (switch) and because facial recognition requires considerable bandwidth and time is important factor when identifying someone, then it's fair to say that the 5G is actually really a surveillance technology. Along with a universal vaccine card (more compact than a passport) that people will have to carry with them, it looks to me like, there is a massive co-ordinated move by western governments to create a heavy surveillance web in our cities, and beyond. You comments are welcome
  2. I believe in this theory. I went through a very distressing period in my late 20's. Soon after i developed an intolerance to wheat. I had to change my whole diet. To this day I believe it was the constant distress, that found a weak spot in my body. And, later in life, again I suffered a lot of distress and stress, and again I developed health problems. It was this second instance that forced me onto a journey of personal research and discovery. Although after all my learning, I feel I am still at the foot of a very big mountain, that I know I will never reach the peak, I can say with certainty that through my meditation endeavors, I believe there is also energies around us that are having an effect on our health. For example, I believe we create conscious energy from our emotions and words. This energy settles into our body, in various areas. This energy can be low vibration, and low vibration attracts infections, fungous, bacteria (because these life forms are low vibration), and negative effects on our organs. But here is the real kicker that not many people are aware of. Each cell in your body holds water, you blood uses water, water is everywhere in your body and makes up a large percentage overall of your body. What if I told you that water has it's own memory, and also has it's own ability to be charged with energy. What if I told you that words you speak have energy, and this energy is being transferred into the water in your body. The water molecule has an energy field, that means it can transfer of exchange energy vibration with water molecules next to or close by. water is constantly flowing through your body, so when you speak, the words you use have different vibrational energy. These energies raise or lower the vibration (overall) in the entire body of water in your body, and so does emotions. So how can I offer you a way to experience this theory? I will show you an exercise I will now show you a simple exercise that should have an instant effect on your physical body. Repeat these statements at least 5 times. Before you finish you will start to yawn. Continue doing this and you will feel thirsty and your lips will feel dry. Why is this happening? It's simple. You are raising the vibration of the water (your water body) and as the vibration rises your body can heal more easily. If your body's vibration is too low in vibration, then you will yawn, feel thirst (if continue) and if you continue long enough, you may start to sneeze. If you sneeze then this is a good sign your body's vibration is high enough and the sneezing is caused by your immune system kicking in. So below is the simple exercise to demonstrate the effects of words on your [email protected] Repeat the following 3 linesas much and as often as you like. 1) I feel blissful loving gratitude for all the gifts and blessings god has given me. (now think of loved ones in this life and in spirit and say the following) 2) I love you all for all the kindness and gifts you have given me. 3) I humbly thank you all for everything you have given me. Repeat for at least 5 times, and note the changes. What you have just experienced is the power words have on your health. So be careful what you say. If you catch yourself swearing and curing, then try and stop, and say these 3 sentences to counter-act the low vibration. I may talk more about this subject in a future post. Let me know if it's worth my time. And thanks to Grumpy Owl for this interesting post.
  3. I read somewhere that distilled water sucks minerals out of your body. I don't know if this is true, but to err on the side of caution i would add a few drops of ionic trace minerals.
  4. Hi, I think you are perfectly normal. Our world is not normal any more. it's changed, just as you described. We now seem to be in a new paradigm. You are not a loser, you are not alone. You are trying to to keep up with the dark and gloomy changes happening around us. Firstly I would check on your phone the WIFI feature, do a scan to see how many WIFI routers are being picked up by your phone. there are 2G and 5G on most routers. Also you might have a router on the other side of your wall if your room is next to a neighbors house/flat. The only way to know how bad it is is to buy an acoustameter. A rectangle device that is very good at showing you how many volts per square meter is in any one spot. It cost a couple of hundred, but its worth it. I have one, and I am very happy to have this device. Also you can buy EMF paint and paint your room. Again its expensive, but at least you can rest with much less EMF pollution. what ever you do, keep up with your exercises. letting yourself go will not help. it will be an extra weight. If you can, try walking and talking with someone. It always lifts me up a level. Also here are 2 tips that I use. visualize the home you are living in. from you room, visualize the white light travelling from your room out the opposite end of the house, or building. And as the light travels through the property, visualize that the light is push out dark Smokey bad negative energy, as the Smokey energy leaves your house make it combust, and burn away. keep replaying this in your mind. this will clear out the negative energy. do it to yourself as well. i do it my home and I notice i become more motivated. it could be someone else living in the house is depressed, or even a neighbour, and their energy field is effecting you. Just keep cleansing the house, and yourself, you bed, your clothes, and try pouring a bowel of warm salty water over your head during a shower, and if you can, have a bath with Epsom salts. the salt is excellent at clearing out negative energies. And remember to keep your body in good shape. this is important as it gives you something positive to fall back on when you have negative thoughts. I also take a 1 inch slice of pineapple daily when I'm down. it has powerful properties, and is excellent at getting you to feel more strong.
  5. Hi. I recommend you take chlorella. It takes out heavy metals, and you will know if you have some heavy metals, because your #2 will come out like a shot gun. That is your big clue. A lot of people who get migraines take chlorella. It seems to work, and recommended it to my brother in law, who used to get severe migraines. Gone now. As for brand recommendations, I think most brands are pretty good quality.
  6. Hi, I was just listening to an e-book called Exploring vibrational medicine, by Richard Gerber (he is a medical doctor who is also into vibrational healing). In the book he gives a brief background on the different kinds of healing techniques, and he mentioned flower essences. I never heard of this. Any way, i found this to be the most fascinating. To cut a long story short, Edward Bach pioneered flower essence therapy (google it) and it's primarily used for emotional therapy. For a tip of my own. I once saw a chart on someone's wall about fruits and what they are good for. Pineapple is good for mental stamina, when studying, you feel less mental fatigued if you eat a 1 inch slice of unprocessed pineapple, so I did that, when i was studying, and I was amazed how well it works, but something also happened. At the time i was down in the dumps, and after i started eating the pineapple, i noticed i was feeling much stronger, and resilient. just thought it might help. check out the flower essence therapy too,
  7. Interesting. I have a similar theory. Mine is more on the spiritual side. i believe that conscious emotion creates energy, and if you are experiencing 1 or more of the following emotions extreme shock, trauma, anger, frustration, tension, stress, and if you use low vibration words or thoughts at the time of experiencing this emotion, you can create in yourself and others sharing your tirade a build up of a field of energy. this energy lingers in areas of the body where the emotion is felt physcially. i.e. abdomen are where you feel butterflies and trauma, shock of less etc... this energy lingers there, and blocks not only the meridian flows of life force energy, but also stops the life force energy from permeating your physical body in that area, allowing a higher chance of disease to manifest. I have several systems that i use to change this situation. its totally free. if you are interested then message me.
  8. I know this theory has been considered many times, but look at the timing of the latest mutation. Just before Brexit, just as a sinister vaccine that alters your RNA is being roiled out. I'm not so sure China is behind this. If the US elections can be so easily rigged, then in stands to reason that these same people are doing other things too. They obviously have a massive network, not only in the US, but around the world. If anyone can do this, it is them, the deep state, illuminate, what ever their name may be. The trouble is these people run the MSM, and it's this system that makes out anyone who is brave enough to put on record their theory, they immediately get labelled as another person who is losing their marbles and is a conspiracy theorist I look at the figures in Africa, a place where like any place, has large concentrations of people, and a very poor health system, and the figures are extremely low. That doesn't make sense at all. These poorer countries should be ravaged. Look at India. Barely a drop in the ocean of cases, with a country of extremely poor hygiene, extreme poverty, over crowded cities, and yet they are beating the west with one hand tied behind their back. To me, it can only mean one thing. This is a highly sophisticated and orchestrated attack on the western democracies. Yhe question in my mind is who? I don't believe it's Russia, or China. I believe it's the world secret government, the elite hidden hand of several thousand people at the top, behind the scenes, trying to bankrupt the western democracies. They are trying to trigger a world wide depression, and unless the UK government takes this conspiracy seriously I believe the UK will continue with other mysteriously timed mutations. Your thoughts, and please no snide remarks, I am making fair observations.
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