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  1. An new monetary system has been talked about for years, but recently due to the confiscation by the US of Russia's foreign reserves, there has been alarm and new urgency to establish a new world monetary order. The new world monetary order means that countries will no longer worry about upsetting the elites in Washington, or even bothered to repay their debts, as detrimental effect on their swift controlled credit rating will not effect them in the the new world economic banking system. The world is afraid of the abuse of power by the US, the EU, the U.k., and Japan for confiscating the foreign reserves of Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and now Russia. That is why there could be a strong argument for the US to weaken President Putin's hold on power. This proxy war in Ukraine may have many desired outcomes by the Americans, but one thing is for sure, the US currency as the the worlds premium foreign reserve currency cannot be trusted to hold this position, and therefor it is inevitable that several countries will have no choice but to develop a congruent economic banking system to supersede the now untrustworthy and treacherous US dollar backed SWIF system. The question is not if, but when. And what will be the consequences? A lot of countries will no longer have to bow down to the US. This means their new world order will not be global. It will only be tied to countries that cannot find a way to escape the current financial system. So in the near future there will be likely two reserve currencies, two spheres of influence. The western [email protected] club, with their rigged United Nations, and their corrupt buddies in Nato, their stealing of other countries foreign reserves, sanctions, wars etc.. and the the South Global sphere ( a collective of countries) that will go their own way. The fallout will probably be tit for tat sanctions, and confiscation and bullying, but this will only alienate the western countries further. The trust can never be repaired. Stealing foreign reserves currencies can never be forgotten. It's like your bank taking your money because you didn't agree with some powerful people, who were trying to take over your company. What would you think then? What would other company owners think, if a new monetary system came along, that they could trade with instead?
  2. Maria Zakharova recalled that recently, three American publications simultaneously speculated about how, when and why the Russians will drop the bomb. See article: US Media Priming Public for Massive False Flag (Nuke)
  3. Like the forums on here, where reptilian forum is no more, so too are many videos on youtube regarding interviews and research into reptilians. Many videos have been taken down. Why? who knows, but it's true, it's a fact. Including the videos and articles on some substance. And I am very very surprised that icke forums have virtually no energy into this subject any more.
  4. I think there were videos on the subject, articles. Now they are all gone. Does anyone out there remember what this material is called? it's made into jewellery, mainly necklaces that you wear. It apparently causes reactions from reptilians, and possibly reptilian hybrids. That's al l remember. It's more for a friend of mine, who asked me recently. If you are uneasy about posting a reply, then please message me privately. Regards MatixMan
  5. Yesterday the US house of representatives backed the lend/lease act to give Biden more authority send military aid to Ukraine. The democrats are racing against time, as they are expected to lose control of the house of representatives, and the republican will further gain control of the senate. My question is, why are the deep state throwing everything at Putin? It's like a fight to the death. Your thoughts
  6. There are exceptions. So why? Because if you allow yourself to be brainwashed by a MSM corporation, i.e. read a newspaper, watch any TV News, then you are complicit in allowing yourself to be seduced by a slick journalist in a sharp suit, or a pretty face in an expensive and formal dress, talking with authority, or talking with conviction, with a sense of normality, as if it is naturally the truth because they are journalist, then you have no objective thoughts of your own, no critical thinking of your own. You are being lazy, you have no interest in finding the truth, you are allowing other people to project images into your mind, to get you emotionally invested. If you are allowing this, then chances are, you will never be successful, because if you are that easily brainwashed, then there's no way you can overcome your emotional blocks, your fears, to go for something in life. There are exceptions, but many successful people who reiterate the MSM narrative are either bribed, blackmailed, in fear of being ruined, or lose sponsorship, or have an monetary interest in the outcome of a MSM narrative, or just like attention. The rest of you are easily brainwashed. Have you ever met a business person who isn't critically thinking about everything? analysing, assessing, filtering? I do not mean to offend or inflame anyone. I am making an important and reasonable observation. We can fight back against the MSM, by stating the obvious in your posts, your vlogs, blogs, tweets, etc.. call the MSM out. By playing them at their own game. People wake up and pay attention when you make them aware and self conscious of a valid point, such as the one I'm making. That's how the MSM media manipulate us. Lets manipulate ourselves and others against blindly following the MSM. Do you see where I'm taking this? Your thoughts.
  7. “I've searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees.” —Gilbert K. Chesterton
  8. As mentioned in the guardian the interest paid each month on national debt is £8.7 billion. There are 32.5 million people working in the U.K. Many of those are working part time. A rough calculation comes to just over £267 per month in national debt interest burden for each U.K. worker. This is proof that many of the U.K. government policies are shambolic. I think one of the problems, is when a new policy is introduced that benefits millions of people, it is hard to backtrack by a future government without losing potentially millions of votes. I thought it was interesting and shocking to show how badly the U.K. is run, and how this democracy doesn't think about tomorrow. It only thinks about how they look today. And this is why this democracy will someday be China's small poodle.
  9. She is recommending finding an alternative to paypal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPlrMy0Hm1c&t=129s
  10. Do you want a war? I don't. Lets live in peace shall we.
  11. I lived in NZ. What can I say, that I know, that might contribute. When they had the mosque massacre in Christchurch, someone I know (who is not a conspiracy theorist type of guy) surprised me during a conversation that he thinks (and I emphasise this to the 5 eyes, okay? that was is his opinion) in his opinion, something didn't add up about that incident. He claims the armed defenders squad (nz swat team) it was like they were already and prepped, and arrived extremely quickly. He went on to say they they then passed laws to confiscate semi automatic weapons. I think 100,000 of them were confiscated. He was super upset about that, and (like I said) he is not someone who engages in conspiracies, and that was the end of that thread of conversation with him. At the time it was in the news that the global elite were buying up boltholes in NZ. Having lived there, I was thinking to myself, ok, that's a great coincidence. Some very high ranking deep state players now have homes there. Another thing that irks me, is how western governments seem to do counter intuitive things to make life tougher for the citizens, such as the UK government concreting up the only two viable gas bore holes in the UK, so too NZ does similar things. Such as encouraging elements in their visa program to target rich people. The result is a huge influx of wealthy people immigrating to NZ. This has made the housing market red, no white hot for decades. A no frill homes in Auckland can easily cost over a million. That's crazy expensive. That's around £500,000. Mad isn't it. Another thing the government did, and both the main parties voted on it, was they allowed just two companies to buy and ended up controlling over 95% of the retail food sector, and they government has to approve supermarket chains setting up in NZ. I think Aldi (a budget supermarket) who is already gaining ground in Australia, has expressed interest in opening stores in NZ, but they have yet to be approved by the government. And so the food, the real estate, and rent, everything is sky high, and it's just a few things done wrong by the government that causes this economic pain for New Zealanders. And New Zealanders are like Canadians (until recently, go Canadians) in that they are polite and they don't make too much noise about anything. So in my opinion the pattern seems to be replicated in all western countries. The governments create policies that will ensure the citizens are struggling to pay the bills. I believe the global elite recruit and use the politicians to pass legislation that will cause inflation, larges increases in the cost of living, for the average citizen is or near to being on their knees financially. And not just western countries either. It's happening all around the world, where the only winners are the rich elite, political enriched elite, and corporations. It's all a sham. Governments are the elite's enforcers. That's all they are, wolves in sheep's clothing.
  12. https://shipandbunker.com/news/apac/367447-container-shortage-brings-delays-to-singapore
  13. CPP or CGG? CGG is the term for the deep state, Illuminate, shadow government. It stands for Corporate Global Government. There is speculation that many ships in Singapore are anchored empty in the harbour. There is also concern that this is a tactic used by the CGG to cause hyperinflation. The next phase of their evil masterplan to enslave humanity, by making it too unaffordable for most to spend any meaningful time to protest or cause disruption. One of their tactics is to take out of circulation shipping containers. This massive shortage has caused massive delays in major ports around the world. A simple but effective tactic that will have a knock-on effect, resulting in hyperinflation.
  14. In the west, why is there just two main political parties in US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK? If they really are embracing non Binary inclusion then shouldn't there be more political parties that are on equal footing, like multiple genders? Why are they maintaining two main parties like two genders? Isn't it time that our democracies became more inclusive of other parties like they want us to be more inclusive of non binaries and LGBT community? Why are we just given two main options, two parties that swap every few years. Isn't it time to be more inclusive of other parties and give them a voice in the running of our democracies? Do you see where I'm going with this? Maybe it's time we got the mirror out.
  15. Hello Netizens. I woke up today (on my day off) and thought hmm may be I should impart some interesting and potentially valuable knowledge. Do you have a bad temper? or do you know someone who does? Well, I have potentially great news for you, or them. 1st a brief background about my issue with temper. I was not always a bad tempered person. It started to get worse in my teens. I found I easily flew of the handle if someone cut me off in traffic. Okay that's enough background info. Moving on. One day I mentioned to someone I was going to the dentist. This good Samaritan told me about a product that she insist I take before and for several weeks after I visited the dentist. She explained that fragments of amalgam will inevitably be ingested as you swallow during the filling replacement, and you need to detox your body of this, and this product does a good job at binding with heavy metals. It made sense so yeah okay I thought that's sensible, so I bought this readily available product, and started to take it daily, that's when I noticed several things change. 1st when I went to the toilet my waste would almost explode out of my rear end (sorry about that, but I mentioned it because it's a clue this stuff is working). Then, over a few weeks a minor stutter that I developed started to go away, and went away completely, never to return to this day. But the most amazing thing was my propensity to fly off the handle (my trademark bad temper) also disappeared. I became a different person. I became much calmer and tolerant of idiots and fools, I guess back to my normal original baseline personality. I recently went to the dentist, and within a few weeks my old demon temper came back, albeit briefly as I then realised, and promptly took the product again. And again my fierce tempered disappeared almost immediately. Okay, here is the name of the product. It's called Chlorella. It's a very common product. If you google What is chlorella it will say: Chlorella is a type of freshwater seaweed (green algae). It contains protein, iron, vitamins B and C, and other antioxidants. It may contain substances that fight bacteria, fungi, tumours, and viruses. So what do I believe is going on? I believe that this single cell algae is able to bind with heavy metals, such as mercury in your brain and your body expels it, hence why the body gets rid of it as fast as possible. That is the sign you have it in your body. I believe most of us in the west, and beyond have a worse attitude than our normal baseline, we maybe more confrontational, maybe more temperamental, and more importantly lowered immune system, and shorter attention span. Another peculiar thing I noticed was, I started to pay attention to meanings of words that I never bothered to lookup in the dictionary. Hmm this is cool (I thought) so that's my offering for you all for now. I hope it helps someone out there, in a frustrating world, where relationships are strained, life is stressful, and so much drama in people's lives.... P.S. I also suspect my personality became less addictive to alcohol, and nicotine. I can't be sure, but to anyone o you reading, there is no harm in trying it out. I also want to add something to my message. God is here, with you right now. Trust me. Take care. Matrixman (A massive believer in God but also the Matrix)
  16. It seems like these agencies have been fed a bunch of lies about you and take you as some kind of international bond villain/master mind that they need to spend millions to track your every move. I have a hunch it's someone very high in the upper echelons who is feeding false narrative to the spy agencies, and they are blindly following this BS about you, so this person or their organisation can keeps tabs on you for free at the taxpayers expense. Something about you has triggered this. But what I don't know. Something about you has peeked someone's interest in the upper echelons. I have no idea who these people are, and why they seem to have unlimited resources and budget, but I do know that they will encroach on your life if they see an opportunity. My deepest sympathies for what you are going through.
  17. Just stay with me for a minute. You look at influencers of the internet age. 1st the newspapers, and MSM channels came online to try and hold onto their readers, until they figured out how to create an internet income stream. They are the internet influencers of the 90's and the first decade of the 200's. At that time Hollywood was still pretty much offline, and still having influence in the cinemas and through DVD's. The Hollywood tv and movie actors, tv hosts, some radio programs hosts, musicians, sports stars have been the biggest influencers for decades (unchallenged until the age of the internet). When the internet came along, search engines wielded enormous influence, but didn't capitalise on the potential until Google (with it's advanced search algorithms changed the game). Before that the newspapers started to come online along with MSM tv stations, through the 90's to the mid 2000s had a good run, but as we moved into the age of social media platforms and personal video streaming another shift came, and the influencers were people that came from anywhere, even some people who never acted, never put out a song, even people with no talent at all became huge stars online, and some of whom subsequently became bigger influencers than the biggest Hollywood stars of today. This created a problem for the puppeteers owners) of Hollywood and the MSM, newspapers who until recently had centralised control of these industries. They still control the politicians and other influential figures, but then as influencers became more independent, the puppeteers wanted to find a way to regain control of their lost grasp on societies. I believe their system was to use political correctness by using their MSM media platforms and MSM TV to push that agenda. They know that politicians are absolutely at the mercy of MSM, and thus will adapt to what ever agenda the MSM media pushes onto the public. I believe these overlords also wanted to divisive social engineering to divide us into several more manageable groups. Starting at universities by sponsoring universities they gave caveats pushing their liberal left agendas to influence younger generations, preparing them to be liberal minded or make them feel ostracised at an age where having friends and a social life is most important. They then moved onto schools, with younger generations, trying to introduce into education curriculum divisive ideologies to make children feel guilty about historical periods by making them feel in some way associated to the ethnic groups who carried out these injustices. This in itself should be seen as a criminal agenda to mass influence young children to mess with their minds and confuse them, cause them to overthink, to feel bad and to feel responsible, causing in untold millions of children damaging thoughts, possibly lowering self esteem, and creating a more negative self image. But astonishingly, in this day and age, it is being rolled out in schools in America. As hard to believe as it is, it gets worse, as now Hollywood is making a comeback on the fairly new online entertainment streaming industry. Hollywood and online streaming companies are churning out weird content, overly pc, liberal left woke content. This again is saturating that industry so much, that there is virtually no new content without it, therefor young people cannot avoid this content if they want to watch anything at all. So they go to school and are brainwashed, they come home, and watch any entertainment online and it's all woke. Also social media companies is being heavily influenced by these elites to censor anyone who speaks against the narrative, the agenda these people are peddling. Where is this heading? It's the same group of people regaining their global monopoly of influence. Hollywood is really old school influencers, who have lost a lot of ground to online stars. But the global elite have now regained censorship of the online influencers and are pushing hard their agendas on young people to ensure future generations will grow up with some liberal left influences they picked up from school, universities and online entertainment. This will keep the future generations inline as they are being trained to be weary of and adapt to new woke, and political correct trends. It's fascinating to see how people of the day, even older generations tow the line in order to fit into society. Just look at each generation. Look how men had outlandish handle bar moustaches in the late 1900's, then in the 30's to 50's men wore hats, and in the seventies even men in their 50's had side burns, and young people in the 60's grew long hair and became hippies, as it was a socially accepted way to be cool and fit in. Now it's socially cool to dye your hair blue, self hate for being white, and being liberal, and left. These are the new cold social norms of today the global elite want the young people to look to, but it's a hard sell. More and more young people are questioning the narrative, are making up their own minds. They sense that they are being manipulated, because it doesn't feel like a fun harmless appearance trend, it's becoming to restrictive in the way they can behave, and there is no fun side to these social trends, it's all doom and gloom, boring, restrictive, especially at an age where a young person wants to choose their trend, the trends are being demonised, and sexual trends are being promoted. that's not much fund to the majority who are heterosexual, so it's a turn off. In my view it causes more harm than good, as young people associate oppressive mandates by a certain section of society pushed on the rest of us. That causes deep resentment, and divisiveness. Parents have the ultimate influence and their word will prevail on their children behind close doors. Overall it's a giant mess. Western governments seem to almost promote society to normalise broken families with advantageous opportunities for those who separate, such as a council flat in the U.K. that you can buy at 50% discount after 5 years occupation. How's that for an incentive? And pitch that against a young women having to take out a giant student loan to better herself, then the government has offered a no-brainer to many women. Have a baby, go to the council, and tell them you are homeless, and by law they have to provide you with safe and warm accommodation. At the same time men are demonised and marginalised by the government system almost to support the social perverse system. Again if you follow the money it will paint the picture. How do you follow the money? Easy, look where influencers make their money. Politicians make their money from side hustles, foundations that they can funnel money, lobbyists, promises of speech circuits, and plum jobs when they leave politics etc.. they are influencers of society because they vote for legislation. The global elite have their tentacles into each are of our system. Social media influencers have to tow the line or risk losing their income streams (that's following the money) actors, musicians, hosts, sports stars all are under contract by companies controlled by the global elite, that's following the money. It's all down to money, and in politics it's also down to power, and prestige. So we are being hit from every angle. From the government where even the police are being used to kick down your door if you say something wrong online, and politicians are passing hate laws and giving police more powers to change from being traditional crime fighters, to becoming thought police to support the new agendas that are being broadcasted to the public. They don't want other foreign countries to gain to much ground, so they keep Hollywood like another horse in the stable. Hollywood also has huge control over the cinemas, where there is still a huge global demand, and where they can buy into popular franchises. Silicon valley buys up new start-up apps and websites that are becoming popular, resulting in a few giants monopolising the internet, just as the MSM is owned by a few companies. I believe the Bilderberg and Davos, and such like meetings are where horse trading is done by the global elite to make offers to political influencers of politics, and other global organisations that the global elite want to push a certain narrative, I imagine many promises are made there. So what is the future of Hollywood? I think why Hollywood is still so relevant is simply because of the old mass manipulation psychology trick i.e. when almost everyone is acting in a similar manner, and their values and opinions are almost identical. This is an extremely powerful way to influence people. A human being has a natural proclivity to seek out what the majority of people are of the same or similar mindset, and naturally see that as most likely to be the most sensible judgment. Like MSM people used to think because it's on the news it must be true, it must be right, it must be moral, it must be acceptable by society, they too see large groups of people all behaving virtually the same way, therefor... So even though Hollywood, and sports elites seems to be on a self destructive path, they have no choice. It's tow the line, or you're out of the club, or worse, you could be setup. It's no wonder so many of these once esteemed actors and sports stars are oddly turning on the majority of their audience. It can only mean one thing. Who pays them is who really matters. The fans don't matter as much as the money coming in, it's that simple. The perverse films is not their choice, the perverse divisive destructive radical groups are not what a sports stars will go out of their way to ruin their career to support, it's what the global elite want as they are the money men. So to me the question about Hollywood is important, and it is a symptom of a bigger disease. I think this disease is really something more primitive. It's a human propensity, to rule, to gain power. Most of us don't see this, because most of us don't taste power and wealth. Once you get a taste it plays on your mind. You might be wealthy, but you want more, it's human propensity to go further, to taste more, to prove to yourself, it becomes a game as you gain wealth, you can take more gambles as you can afford to lose, it's like a drug, call it ambition, its desire to be centre of attention to be very important, this is like a drug that plays on powerful people's minds. They cannot stop, because there is nothing they found more fun, more alluring. Yeah many people can buy a ranch, buy an island, a private jet, live a playboy lifestyle a hundred lifetimes over, but that is not what drove them to get there, and certainly doesn't pacify their propensities just because they got to another level. Like when you play a game, you want to get to the next level to prove you can do it, it's the same with rich and powerful people, they live to play, and the global elite are at the top level in the game of life.
  18. I (like so many) have been wondering why governments around the world are talking up 5G infrastructure as if it's crucial for our future economic progression. While we as the consumers look on in confusion as to how this can be a watermark moment in our technical evolution, with the high price for a 5G phone, and the strange videos of people being standing under a 5G enabled lamppost to download music video really really fast, on their way to work, and pausing by a lamppost a few meters from the train station, may sound vaguely interesting for a young person, it all doesn't make much sense why governments are talking up this technology. And to make things worse, the governments are rolling it out on residential streets without consultation. no real study has been done on the health effects, but what we do know, is that it uses the same frequency range as a microwave oven. A few days ago I saw a news clip about 5G. It was in this clip that the penny dropped for me. In the clip they mentioned how 5G is the platform to be used for face recognition cameras for the masses. By simply connecting a camera with a 5G transmitter, the camera will connect and act as a 5G node (switch) and because facial recognition requires considerable bandwidth and time is important factor when identifying someone, then it's fair to say that the 5G is actually really a surveillance technology. Along with a universal vaccine card (more compact than a passport) that people will have to carry with them, it looks to me like, there is a massive co-ordinated move by western governments to create a heavy surveillance web in our cities, and beyond. You comments are welcome
  19. I believe in this theory. I went through a very distressing period in my late 20's. Soon after i developed an intolerance to wheat. I had to change my whole diet. To this day I believe it was the constant distress, that found a weak spot in my body. And, later in life, again I suffered a lot of distress and stress, and again I developed health problems. It was this second instance that forced me onto a journey of personal research and discovery. Although after all my learning, I feel I am still at the foot of a very big mountain, that I know I will never reach the peak, I can say with certainty that through my meditation endeavors, I believe there is also energies around us that are having an effect on our health. For example, I believe we create conscious energy from our emotions and words. This energy settles into our body, in various areas. This energy can be low vibration, and low vibration attracts infections, fungous, bacteria (because these life forms are low vibration), and negative effects on our organs. But here is the real kicker that not many people are aware of. Each cell in your body holds water, you blood uses water, water is everywhere in your body and makes up a large percentage overall of your body. What if I told you that water has it's own memory, and also has it's own ability to be charged with energy. What if I told you that words you speak have energy, and this energy is being transferred into the water in your body. The water molecule has an energy field, that means it can transfer of exchange energy vibration with water molecules next to or close by. water is constantly flowing through your body, so when you speak, the words you use have different vibrational energy. These energies raise or lower the vibration (overall) in the entire body of water in your body, and so does emotions. So how can I offer you a way to experience this theory? I will show you an exercise I will now show you a simple exercise that should have an instant effect on your physical body. Repeat these statements at least 5 times. Before you finish you will start to yawn. Continue doing this and you will feel thirsty and your lips will feel dry. Why is this happening? It's simple. You are raising the vibration of the water (your water body) and as the vibration rises your body can heal more easily. If your body's vibration is too low in vibration, then you will yawn, feel thirst (if continue) and if you continue long enough, you may start to sneeze. If you sneeze then this is a good sign your body's vibration is high enough and the sneezing is caused by your immune system kicking in. So below is the simple exercise to demonstrate the effects of words on your [email protected] Repeat the following 3 linesas much and as often as you like. 1) I feel blissful loving gratitude for all the gifts and blessings god has given me. (now think of loved ones in this life and in spirit and say the following) 2) I love you all for all the kindness and gifts you have given me. 3) I humbly thank you all for everything you have given me. Repeat for at least 5 times, and note the changes. What you have just experienced is the power words have on your health. So be careful what you say. If you catch yourself swearing and curing, then try and stop, and say these 3 sentences to counter-act the low vibration. I may talk more about this subject in a future post. Let me know if it's worth my time. And thanks to Grumpy Owl for this interesting post.
  20. I read somewhere that distilled water sucks minerals out of your body. I don't know if this is true, but to err on the side of caution i would add a few drops of ionic trace minerals.
  21. Hi, I think you are perfectly normal. Our world is not normal any more. it's changed, just as you described. We now seem to be in a new paradigm. You are not a loser, you are not alone. You are trying to to keep up with the dark and gloomy changes happening around us. Firstly I would check on your phone the WIFI feature, do a scan to see how many WIFI routers are being picked up by your phone. there are 2G and 5G on most routers. Also you might have a router on the other side of your wall if your room is next to a neighbors house/flat. The only way to know how bad it is is to buy an acoustameter. A rectangle device that is very good at showing you how many volts per square meter is in any one spot. It cost a couple of hundred, but its worth it. I have one, and I am very happy to have this device. Also you can buy EMF paint and paint your room. Again its expensive, but at least you can rest with much less EMF pollution. what ever you do, keep up with your exercises. letting yourself go will not help. it will be an extra weight. If you can, try walking and talking with someone. It always lifts me up a level. Also here are 2 tips that I use. visualize the home you are living in. from you room, visualize the white light travelling from your room out the opposite end of the house, or building. And as the light travels through the property, visualize that the light is push out dark Smokey bad negative energy, as the Smokey energy leaves your house make it combust, and burn away. keep replaying this in your mind. this will clear out the negative energy. do it to yourself as well. i do it my home and I notice i become more motivated. it could be someone else living in the house is depressed, or even a neighbour, and their energy field is effecting you. Just keep cleansing the house, and yourself, you bed, your clothes, and try pouring a bowel of warm salty water over your head during a shower, and if you can, have a bath with Epsom salts. the salt is excellent at clearing out negative energies. And remember to keep your body in good shape. this is important as it gives you something positive to fall back on when you have negative thoughts. I also take a 1 inch slice of pineapple daily when I'm down. it has powerful properties, and is excellent at getting you to feel more strong.
  22. Hi. I recommend you take chlorella. It takes out heavy metals, and you will know if you have some heavy metals, because your #2 will come out like a shot gun. That is your big clue. A lot of people who get migraines take chlorella. It seems to work, and recommended it to my brother in law, who used to get severe migraines. Gone now. As for brand recommendations, I think most brands are pretty good quality.
  23. Hi, I was just listening to an e-book called Exploring vibrational medicine, by Richard Gerber (he is a medical doctor who is also into vibrational healing). In the book he gives a brief background on the different kinds of healing techniques, and he mentioned flower essences. I never heard of this. Any way, i found this to be the most fascinating. To cut a long story short, Edward Bach pioneered flower essence therapy (google it) and it's primarily used for emotional therapy. For a tip of my own. I once saw a chart on someone's wall about fruits and what they are good for. Pineapple is good for mental stamina, when studying, you feel less mental fatigued if you eat a 1 inch slice of unprocessed pineapple, so I did that, when i was studying, and I was amazed how well it works, but something also happened. At the time i was down in the dumps, and after i started eating the pineapple, i noticed i was feeling much stronger, and resilient. just thought it might help. check out the flower essence therapy too,
  24. Interesting. I have a similar theory. Mine is more on the spiritual side. i believe that conscious emotion creates energy, and if you are experiencing 1 or more of the following emotions extreme shock, trauma, anger, frustration, tension, stress, and if you use low vibration words or thoughts at the time of experiencing this emotion, you can create in yourself and others sharing your tirade a build up of a field of energy. this energy lingers in areas of the body where the emotion is felt physcially. i.e. abdomen are where you feel butterflies and trauma, shock of less etc... this energy lingers there, and blocks not only the meridian flows of life force energy, but also stops the life force energy from permeating your physical body in that area, allowing a higher chance of disease to manifest. I have several systems that i use to change this situation. its totally free. if you are interested then message me.
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