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  1. An new monetary system has been talked about for years, but recently due to the confiscation by the US of Russia's foreign reserves, there has been alarm and new urgency to establish a new world monetary order. The new world monetary order means that countries will no longer worry about upsetting the elites in Washington, or even bothered to repay their debts, as detrimental effect on their swift controlled credit rating will not effect them in the the new world economic banking system. The world is afraid of the abuse of power by the US, the EU, the U.k., and Japan for confiscating the foreign reserves of Iraq, Iran, Venezuela, Afghanistan, and now Russia. That is why there could be a strong argument for the US to weaken President Putin's hold on power. This proxy war in Ukraine may have many desired outcomes by the Americans, but one thing is for sure, the US currency as the the worlds premium foreign reserve currency cannot be trusted to hold this position, and therefor it is inevitable that several countries will have no choice but to develop a congruent economic banking system to supersede the now untrustworthy and treacherous US dollar backed SWIF system. The question is not if, but when. And what will be the consequences? A lot of countries will no longer have to bow down to the US. This means their new world order will not be global. It will only be tied to countries that cannot find a way to escape the current financial system. So in the near future there will be likely two reserve currencies, two spheres of influence. The western [email protected] club, with their rigged United Nations, and their corrupt buddies in Nato, their stealing of other countries foreign reserves, sanctions, wars etc.. and the the South Global sphere ( a collective of countries) that will go their own way. The fallout will probably be tit for tat sanctions, and confiscation and bullying, but this will only alienate the western countries further. The trust can never be repaired. Stealing foreign reserves currencies can never be forgotten. It's like your bank taking your money because you didn't agree with some powerful people, who were trying to take over your company. What would you think then? What would other company owners think, if a new monetary system came along, that they could trade with instead?
  2. Maria Zakharova recalled that recently, three American publications simultaneously speculated about how, when and why the Russians will drop the bomb. See article: US Media Priming Public for Massive False Flag (Nuke)
  3. Like the forums on here, where reptilian forum is no more, so too are many videos on youtube regarding interviews and research into reptilians. Many videos have been taken down. Why? who knows, but it's true, it's a fact. Including the videos and articles on some substance. And I am very very surprised that icke forums have virtually no energy into this subject any more.
  4. I think there were videos on the subject, articles. Now they are all gone. Does anyone out there remember what this material is called? it's made into jewellery, mainly necklaces that you wear. It apparently causes reactions from reptilians, and possibly reptilian hybrids. That's al l remember. It's more for a friend of mine, who asked me recently. If you are uneasy about posting a reply, then please message me privately. Regards MatixMan
  5. Yesterday the US house of representatives backed the lend/lease act to give Biden more authority send military aid to Ukraine. The democrats are racing against time, as they are expected to lose control of the house of representatives, and the republican will further gain control of the senate. My question is, why are the deep state throwing everything at Putin? It's like a fight to the death. Your thoughts
  6. There are exceptions. So why? Because if you allow yourself to be brainwashed by a MSM corporation, i.e. read a newspaper, watch any TV News, then you are complicit in allowing yourself to be seduced by a slick journalist in a sharp suit, or a pretty face in an expensive and formal dress, talking with authority, or talking with conviction, with a sense of normality, as if it is naturally the truth because they are journalist, then you have no objective thoughts of your own, no critical thinking of your own. You are being lazy, you have no interest in finding the truth, you are allowing other people to project images into your mind, to get you emotionally invested. If you are allowing this, then chances are, you will never be successful, because if you are that easily brainwashed, then there's no way you can overcome your emotional blocks, your fears, to go for something in life. There are exceptions, but many successful people who reiterate the MSM narrative are either bribed, blackmailed, in fear of being ruined, or lose sponsorship, or have an monetary interest in the outcome of a MSM narrative, or just like attention. The rest of you are easily brainwashed. Have you ever met a business person who isn't critically thinking about everything? analysing, assessing, filtering? I do not mean to offend or inflame anyone. I am making an important and reasonable observation. We can fight back against the MSM, by stating the obvious in your posts, your vlogs, blogs, tweets, etc.. call the MSM out. By playing them at their own game. People wake up and pay attention when you make them aware and self conscious of a valid point, such as the one I'm making. That's how the MSM media manipulate us. Lets manipulate ourselves and others against blindly following the MSM. Do you see where I'm taking this? Your thoughts.
  7. “I've searched all the parks in all the cities and found no statues of committees.” —Gilbert K. Chesterton
  8. As mentioned in the guardian the interest paid each month on national debt is £8.7 billion. There are 32.5 million people working in the U.K. Many of those are working part time. A rough calculation comes to just over £267 per month in national debt interest burden for each U.K. worker. This is proof that many of the U.K. government policies are shambolic. I think one of the problems, is when a new policy is introduced that benefits millions of people, it is hard to backtrack by a future government without losing potentially millions of votes. I thought it was interesting and shocking to show how badly the U.K. is run, and how this democracy doesn't think about tomorrow. It only thinks about how they look today. And this is why this democracy will someday be China's small poodle.
  9. She is recommending finding an alternative to paypal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LPlrMy0Hm1c&t=129s
  10. Do you want a war? I don't. Lets live in peace shall we.
  11. I lived in NZ. What can I say, that I know, that might contribute. When they had the mosque massacre in Christchurch, someone I know (who is not a conspiracy theorist type of guy) surprised me during a conversation that he thinks (and I emphasise this to the 5 eyes, okay? that was is his opinion) in his opinion, something didn't add up about that incident. He claims the armed defenders squad (nz swat team) it was like they were already and prepped, and arrived extremely quickly. He went on to say they they then passed laws to confiscate semi automatic weapons. I think 100,000 of them were confiscated. He was super upset about that, and (like I said) he is not someone who engages in conspiracies, and that was the end of that thread of conversation with him. At the time it was in the news that the global elite were buying up boltholes in NZ. Having lived there, I was thinking to myself, ok, that's a great coincidence. Some very high ranking deep state players now have homes there. Another thing that irks me, is how western governments seem to do counter intuitive things to make life tougher for the citizens, such as the UK government concreting up the only two viable gas bore holes in the UK, so too NZ does similar things. Such as encouraging elements in their visa program to target rich people. The result is a huge influx of wealthy people immigrating to NZ. This has made the housing market red, no white hot for decades. A no frill homes in Auckland can easily cost over a million. That's crazy expensive. That's around £500,000. Mad isn't it. Another thing the government did, and both the main parties voted on it, was they allowed just two companies to buy and ended up controlling over 95% of the retail food sector, and they government has to approve supermarket chains setting up in NZ. I think Aldi (a budget supermarket) who is already gaining ground in Australia, has expressed interest in opening stores in NZ, but they have yet to be approved by the government. And so the food, the real estate, and rent, everything is sky high, and it's just a few things done wrong by the government that causes this economic pain for New Zealanders. And New Zealanders are like Canadians (until recently, go Canadians) in that they are polite and they don't make too much noise about anything. So in my opinion the pattern seems to be replicated in all western countries. The governments create policies that will ensure the citizens are struggling to pay the bills. I believe the global elite recruit and use the politicians to pass legislation that will cause inflation, larges increases in the cost of living, for the average citizen is or near to being on their knees financially. And not just western countries either. It's happening all around the world, where the only winners are the rich elite, political enriched elite, and corporations. It's all a sham. Governments are the elite's enforcers. That's all they are, wolves in sheep's clothing.
  12. https://shipandbunker.com/news/apac/367447-container-shortage-brings-delays-to-singapore
  13. CPP or CGG? CGG is the term for the deep state, Illuminate, shadow government. It stands for Corporate Global Government. There is speculation that many ships in Singapore are anchored empty in the harbour. There is also concern that this is a tactic used by the CGG to cause hyperinflation. The next phase of their evil masterplan to enslave humanity, by making it too unaffordable for most to spend any meaningful time to protest or cause disruption. One of their tactics is to take out of circulation shipping containers. This massive shortage has caused massive delays in major ports around the world. A simple but effective tactic that will have a knock-on effect, resulting in hyperinflation.
  14. In the west, why is there just two main political parties in US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK? If they really are embracing non Binary inclusion then shouldn't there be more political parties that are on equal footing, like multiple genders? Why are they maintaining two main parties like two genders? Isn't it time that our democracies became more inclusive of other parties like they want us to be more inclusive of non binaries and LGBT community? Why are we just given two main options, two parties that swap every few years. Isn't it time to be more inclusive of other parties and give them a voice in the running of our democracies? Do you see where I'm going with this? Maybe it's time we got the mirror out.
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