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  1. I work for Target retail in the US. Yesterday, through yet another asinine mandate, it has been made clear that whoever of us wants to keep our j.o.b.s must now wear a "Compliance Bracelet" throughout each shift. These disposable polyester wristbands are printed each day by HR with our name and employee information; they are in bright colors (different each day) like neon yellow or pink, etc. The only reasoning any corporate big-wig has given for this B.S. is that they are to remind us when to take our breaks and lunches. "Breaks and lunches"(?). Of all the decades both this company and basically the whole retail industry in general has been operating, it's pretty well understood that work breaks are taken every two hours or so. Now suddenly, hospital-style wristbands are required ("scrunchy face")? I smell a rat. This had been kind of a fun job, and I like most of my colleagues. But in just a few months, a previously pleasant work environment has rapidly degenerated to a type of human factory farm; in which we are expected to be muzzled and tagged like livestock.
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