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  1. Razor blades in the jabs? https://bluecat.media/nanoscale-razor-blades-in-vaccine-dr-andreas-noack-europes-leading-carbon-expert/
  2. Union told me this is much harder to prove at tribunal than unfair dismissal. If anyone is under threat at work you have to gain as much evidence as possible. Have everything written down and dated, even verbal conversations. Anything to do with harassment and or intimidation too. At a tribunal they want a folder of evidence.
  3. https://www.crowdjustice.com/case/stop-coerced-vaccination/ Its been tried and thrown out. I'm still trying, I have ACAS involved now but with little knowledge and minimum support from union I don't have much hope but I won't give in until the end.
  4. @Athenry04 Been for breakfast at local, I wanted to ask the manager about jobs, he's going to see what he can do. Says he does need some staff so might not be out of work afterall. Feeling positive though the next inevitable lockdown will see them close for a while.
  5. Care home vax update. 16th Sept was meant to be last date to show proof of 1 jab & 2nd booked in. At the last minute the government brought in a self certify exemption which my company had their own version of, didn't need to put a medical condition, just sign to say you had one & continue working until mid Dec when the NHS passports come out. You would then need to have exemption verified by a medical practitioner and put onto the passport. I refused & so was given dismissal notice yesterday and will finish 9th Nov. I didn't want to sign anything so vague & without knowing the implications, no union reps available until tomorrow to ask. Soon to be jobless but still a pure blood!
  6. My home Manager, (a Nurse herself) Knows of 4 Nurse friends that left our local hospital weeks ago because of the jab.
  7. Care home update... My unpaid suspension has been lifted and can return to work today if I carry on with the testing that I refused last week, I agreed, I've already lost 4 shifts. The union sent me a clinical exemption certificate, the home won't accept it because its not from a GP and it's not following the green book for exemptions, the Union will contact them about this. Next step another grievance, maybe they'll actually arrange a meeting for this one, who knows. HR refused a grievance meeting last time. The union is following current legislation and we're in an evidence gathering situation. They're (from what I understand) forcing their hand continually and I think hoping they trip up along the way so there might be a claim for unfair dismissal. They say "Constructive dismissal is always harder to prove). I have to put together a "pack" of evidence including anything said about the vaccine from anyone, any coersion, intimidation or harassment. The union have arranged Zoom meetings weekly for care workers but they will support people in any line of work, I really do recommend joining them "The Workers of England Union". To me any help is better than no help and I'd have been hopeless on my own. I really felt tested yesterday about all of this hassle, I like my job and for 2 pins would have wrote my notice out for today but a swift word with myself and I'm OK again and ready to continue the battle. The Manager said we would be having a meeting in about 3 weeks time for my disciplinary and she'll give me notice to leave on the 11th of Nov.
  8. @zarkov To back up your post. The union will make a call to my manager asking which legislation they're following to suspend me without pay. They said they're writing up a clinical certificate for me to hand in, it could be anxiety etc. I'm to say as little as possible as its my medical records. If they want to ask the union they'll get the same response, it's private info. They asked me to keep a daily diary of anything said that could be harassment, intimidation, coersive etc relating to jab and if I can remember anything of the likes to write it down. To print off all correspondence between me and the care home. If they don't accept the clinical cert they'll put all grievances together for one hearing. To try and contact the staff member that walked out because of jab and the staff that went on the sick. Hope this helps someone.
  9. Care worker update. Manager asked me yesterday if I'd heard anymore from HR, I told her no and said I've heard nothing about a grievance meeting yet. Manager told me that HR aren't having grievance meetings about the vaccine as the grievance is against the government for implementing it. She said the only meeting for us to have now is about my end date. I asked when that was and she told me the 11th of Nov. I said I thought I had to have first vaccine by the 16th Sept? She said well I know you're not going to have it so you can work until the 11th of Nov which would be the cut off date anyway. I asked for all this in writing which she said she'd send, still waiting. I said I'd be sending another union letter (regarding vaccine, PCR, masks, lateral flow test). On my way out I was asked by Admin to do the PCR, I said no thank you. She said it's mandatory, I said no thank you and maybe the manager would show you my Union letter. Couple of hours later manager rang me to check I was refusing testing because I will be suspended without pay, I said I was refusing (no point me pissing about now, I'm all in with this shit). She said she'd have to tell HR, I said OK, whatever is said I need a copy in writing please. An hour after she rang back to say I'm suspended without pay, I asked again for this to be put in writing and she said a pack would be sent out to me. No idea what this pack is. Sent an email to union about all of it and they're ringing me today, will update post when I know more. It's what I've been expecting, so no shock.
  10. I've read this morning that Unison are now asking the government to repeal the mandatory jabs. I'm guessing their turnaround is because people will have cancelled their subs to them as I did, after giving them a mouthful on the phone.
  11. I can't afford a lawyer, it'll be a zoom meeting I think with union rep. Workers of England is at least having a go, Unison wouldn't do anything unless I was sacked!
  12. I'm going through this, my Husband not YET but we made a promise to each other that we would never give in to the jab. They'd have to pin me down to take that. The push back has to start somewhere. Good luck whichever way you go.
  13. Thanks and I agree, I've always been prepared to lose my job but just wasn't going to give in and make it easy for them.
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