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  1. I work in a care home and 1 of 2 that refused the jab, I will not willing have it. If in the future I lose my job over it then I'll work something out. I will fight them though if they try to force it on me while it's still in its experimental stages.
  2. As a care home worker we have to do home tests now. I don't dip in anything, I just put the number from the strip into NHS website and record a negative. My work has to have the result from NHS. I've no doubt though that numpty staff are doing the tests
  3. We sound in a similar situation. I had to have my first test last Weds. LFD negative PCR positive. Didn't get results of PCR till Thurs afternoon and the LFD Thurs morning also negative. Off paid for 10 days now with no symptoms. These tests are costing companies a lot of money, as well as paying me they're paying for my cover. Didn't want the test but wasn't going to be allowed in the building without one. I almost had the woman in tears from test & trace, she was googling the efficacy of the tests while on the phone! I was telling her about the cycle threshold being too high and that it
  4. At the care home where I work the staff all had the Oxford one and about half were ill for 1-2 days. 4 rang in sick the following morning. I don't know which the residents had but would guess the same, they seem to have been fine. My Dad aged 74 had the Oxford one 2 weeks ago and was ill, flu like for 2 days and now has a chest infection.
  5. Been using PPE throughout. I put in my notice it would cause me stress n anxiety, took back my notice day after. I'm still considering that route, I can live off the sick pay. Had both LFD and PCR today. There's a positive case in the home now so LFD will be daily
  6. I've tried saying no in the care home where I work. It's now mandatory for all. I used human rights (physical intrusion), the efficacy of the test, section 44 of the employment act and coercion as refusing a test will now mean being sent home without pay. My union (Unison) said basically I'm screwed. I have less employment rights as my 2 years aren't up for another 10 days. I'm not giving up, I'll have a copy of my contract today and will see the H&S policy. There's a member from here willing to help too but for now I will have to put up n shut up and take the tests from today 3 times a we
  7. I would have no clue how to make it go viral, I don't use Facebook etc and it would be taken down if I did. I've always passed on my knowledge to staff though for the most part it falls on deaf ears but I keep chipping away. The people we care for have mental health issues and most will have best interests in place, it will be down to their families/outside agencies to decide. I still fear for my job as have only worked for them for 22 months so they wouldn't need a reason to get rid of me anyway at the moment.
  8. Hello all, newbie member but read this site for about 15 years, after waking up. I've made myself a member in the hope that maybe I can help someone with my recent work experience about the pcr testing. I work in a care home and our home has been doing weekly pcr tests for many months, I've been the only one to refuse throughout. Last week while off work I was informed that due to many positive cases within the home testing was now mandatory. I rang my manager to confirm and he told me yes now mandatory for all staff. I reminded him that I would never be having a test and did he want me to bri
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