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  1. Also I should add many thousands of people are protesting, forming groups or handing out leaflets. I've never been a great believer in the effectiveness of protests but, for sure, they are doing something. That's the main thing. Those who follow the official line aren't all hopeless cases. Many may have grown up more trusting than you or me. Only a percentage are what you might call "lost causes". Mostly jobsworths and the intellectually bereft.
  2. I'm not saying we should be optimistic for those who already proved they have about as much backbone as the proverbial jellyfish. Or optimistic over useless politicians. What's important is to be optimistic for yourself and the values we know to be worth fighting for. Essential liberties people died for in WW2 are under attack and what matters is to stand on the principles they fought for. These liberties are fundamental to civilization and part of an individual's highest moral value. Today I had a brief chat to an old friend I have always admired. She's female, married, lovely natured and has two kids. She works hard in a normal job. Well, when she was only about 13 she lost her mother to cancer. Her father had been a drunk and wife beater, so early life meant brief stays in a womens refuge. At 13, my friend went into State care and tells me she was supported and helped while there. Now I am delighted to see how happy she is. That is, still with her pic of her mother (clearly attractive) and a steady family and job. Anyway today I was telling her that, no, I won't be having the vaccine. She asked me why and I said I'm just not afraid of the virus and have no worries. She then seemed puzzled and asked what would happen to me if I got the virus and died. I then told her I had already experienced death by drowning as a child but someone had pulled me out just in time. I added that if I did get a bad virus at some point in my life, I dare say I would recover. This friend I have isn't at all weak. She's a real fighter in her own way. She just watches the news after work and believes the official line. She's no axe to grind over my views but for now just finds it strange.
  3. I am with the peaceful approach. I only believe in violence as self defence.
  4. Patience with friends required. Remember that propaganda can be highly influential. Given so many millions of people believe in official spin, there is huge peer pressure to just accept so many people can't be wrong. My friend phoned me last night and needed someone to talk to. She's had her vaccination but her son has decided not to. She's got a job and I guess she's under more pressure than I am. The friendship is still fine. Bottom line is for me it's just easier. I've always been a degenerate and distrusting of authority. Not very employable. And far less to lose. As I say, it's still relatively early days. What's important is not to get drawn into wrangles and think long and hard about the ways and means to counter all this fear and propaganda thrown at us. We can't just change or stop what's taking place but it's important to stay strong and uncompromising. We are not facing the type of organised war machine the Poles had to contend with in 1939. Nor Nazi tanks rolling into Russia. It's a good idea to stand firm and not get diverted by ideas we are all helpless.
  5. I love this quote. "Defeat does not exist in this dojo does it?" " Fear does not exist in this dojo does it? " He's teaching the concept of not being sidelined by negativity. Not allowing fear to get control. Friends are afraid but for each person to control fear can be learned. Losing a struggle may be a hard blow to absorb but if you don't lose to fear you still win. People everywhere are afraid -they need this guy to pep them up.
  6. She's still my friend. Friendship is sincere when its unconditional. Some are not as strong as others and may lash out. Besides I give as good as I get.
  7. "It's hard to be optimistic when you see such levels of ignorance and apathy. I'm even apathetic to a lot of it by my own standards just watching these idiots. How can it not drag people down..." My best friend was shocked by the fact I described a relative as "thick as two short planks." It wasn't meant to be cruel but the truth is, in my book, blindly doing what you are told is stupidity - when it applies to your own health. Yes, so many people are stupid. It's one thing to make a personal decision over your health but it's plain stupid to walk around in an abandoned field with a stupid muzzle on. Really, not much that can be done in such cases. The family member I referred to as "thick" earned the term by her response to the European clotting concern. "I don't care, I would go and have the vaccine again tomorrow!" she said. I call it Stockholm Syndrome. People too afraid to make a stand try to fool themselves it's all for their own good. Pointless getting into wrangles.
  8. Just got this mail from a woman: "I was on a march this week and spoke to a deeply unpleasant man who said I was a danger to other people if I didn't muzzle myself and have the experimental jab." She says she's very involved with groups of people just like you and me. Myself, I'm not the protest and march type but take my hat off to those who do. Sometimes I think protests require huge amounts of effort but cause most inconvenience to those who aren't actually making the laws. I'd like to see more organization the way political parties are organized. Such as advice offered on legal issues or employment complications. And methods to become more independent. At the nonent by the way I'm in the doghouse. Friends want me to have the vaccine so they can feel more secure but it's not working. Two people hung up on me today.
  9. "It was one of the most obvious pieces of fakery around this whole thing - even the camera angles leading up to it. " Most people tell me the Apollo Mission was faked. Not true. The science was pretty solid and engineered by elite German rocket specialists. This is my gripe: Where do you stop? Were the huge protests in Madrid, Holland and Prague simply orchestrated by actors? Or are real people actually starting to attempt to do what students were doing over the Vietnam War? There's a fundamental and prickly question I had to ask myself? Is the conspiracy argument often unintentionally programming us to throw in the towel. Everywhere, I hear "We're all in this together!" from those who follow the official hype, or I hear, " It's a new world order! " from others who oppose the actual hype. In the latter case, as if it's all a lost cause and we're all effectively sunk." This situation is indeed a serious threat to liberty and civilization but here's better news: (1) More people tell me they no longer believe the official line. (2) Division and rift now evident in the EU due to suspicions of vaccine side effects. (4) Opposition growing same as with Vietnam. Let's give time to time. Mistakes are already being made and changing the overall outlook, gradually.
  10. "You just have to look at Russia or ANY country to see that no matter what the common thread, they will NEVER work together." Russia is the perfect historical example. Hitler invaded the USSR and caught Stalin off guard. The initial losses to the USSR were devastating as German troops pushed deep into Soviet territory. Stalin then pulled himself together. The pushback against Nazi Germany was one of total war. The whole struggle was based on ferocious and unwavering resistance. There were even young women who flew plywood planes in the night and attacked German planes. Even given Stalin was a pretty dark dictator I think to defeat Nazi Germany, such a leader was crucial to defeating fascism. Imagine if Boris Johnson had been in the same position? Or most modern politicians. Consider the cost of our freedom exacted millions of lives, Europeans, Slavs, Jews, Britons and French Resistance. Worth considering how they would have felt to see us casually accept the kind of vision now being pushed forward. Not all of us, of course. A lot of people are waking up.
  11. Anyone feel the same way? I notice that often the tone of discussion on this Covid Crisis sometimes gets pessimistic. Almost as if, we are all doomed. Protest is futile. It's a New World Order. I then think to myself if Fidel Castro had felt the same way, there never would have been a change in the political situation. One example is, for instance, when Trumps supporters literally forced their way into The White House, you would hear people cry it was all staged by the FBI. Or it was a trap to lure people into a scenario where they could be buried where they fell. Rather than the most obvious and simplest explanation: People got so damned furious they successfully made their point. Personally I get frustrated hearing the line this is all "part of the plan" as if we no longer have a choice and can't get out there and make things happen. And here I don't mean violence. I mean organization, information and support to those who are now under pressure. And a recognition we are not all inevitably doomed. More to the point we are in a major crisis point but, hey, some of us are fighting back, refusing forced vaccines, handing out leaflets and standing on principles. I read the other day hundreds of people publically burned their facemasks. And now Spain has just suspended the vaccine - at least till they look at the facts. We are not doomed to a dark and hopeless New World Order. We just tend to reap what we sow. Think defeat and you end up with defeat. Fight for change and that change may come. How many optimists out there?
  12. Tried a Google search - something like "anti covid vaccine forums". Most results were showing ant Covid vax groups as misguided and very little arguments against. Now everybody please pay attention. The same search on yandex.com shows a good deal of negative opinion on Covid vaccines. Including side effects. Of course, Russia uses propaganda and censorship too. I'm just showing here that we're not getting balanced media reporting but clear censorship. Yandex includes negative feedback for reasons of marketing the Sputnik vaccine. And Google probably lists bad results for Sputnik. All irresponsible.
  13. I have a brilliant book by Valentin Falin - former Soviet ambassador of East Germany. He explains about forced labour. In capitalist countries the motivation to work has always been motivated by fear of unemployment or homelessness. Under Stalin in the USSR the motivation was State induced fear, by targeting output in factories and arresting those accused of sabotage. Factories that didn't produce x number of rifles were accused of sabotage. Hence the gulags. Not sure about Covid but my good guess is the internet has destroyed so many jobs, this has disabled the system of economic coercion. There is no fully functional system any more. No simple way to induce people to work as so many jobs have been eliminated by the internet. Added to that populations are deep down very fearful and insecure as human beings have no purpose. It's wrongly assumed the internet is better than the creative mind and that we can sit back as pushbutton peasants. Robbed of higher education and skills as well as jobs that gave us purpose. The fight back starts by just saying "No". It need not be violent. It means taking a good look at the internet and its impact on the economy and education. It may even mean making choices as to whether the internet is worth all of the State control and mass social hysteria (with psychosomatic delusion in many cases). I started my disconnection years ago by dumping television. It was full of negativity and lies about Iraq. The internet I use a little bit, especially for education, music and media. However, I despise Google and Facebook for censorship. I find yandex dot com is a far more liberal search engine outside of internal Russian politics. My feeling is we are now in this mess due to the internet. And every time you buy on Ebay part of the revenue goes to a big American bank account in London. Whereas before you would use Exchange And Mart or happily go to boot sales or markets, or shops. Economically we are being bled like Cuba in 1960. As to Amazon it uses slave labour apparently. Glad to see, however, people seeing the light over Facebook. Here's an experiment. Try typing into Google some negative question about Covid vaccines or anti vax groups or sites. Should be clear most of it is filtered and subject to censorship.
  14. One more comment. Very often life is reduced to very basic rules of natural selection. I have an interesting dvd documentary about how animals survive in the wild. Big cats, bears, wolves. The leopard is probably the most aggressive cat and grizzley the most dangerous bear. So, the point is sometimes civilization in our tribal communities (cities) breaks down. In such a case life is reduced to a fight. You can no longer get by being understanding or reasonable. This will be taken as weakness. For example, soon we may casually enter a supermarket and someone will demand to test you. Trying to be reasonable in such a situation sets us up as a victim. I think too much has changed the last year to assume the law offers protection. Same thing happened on HMS Titanic. You're in the freezing Atlantic and the lights have all gone out. People are screaming. In the movie, Jack Dawson and a mob of poor working classes batter the gates down and break out of the lower decks (steerage). It became just a struggle to survive. Factors you need are intelligence, aggression, organization and a bit of street-wise awareness. This is not a time for either being understanding or being defeatist. Basic law of evolution is the strongest survives. Applies to all of us. What bothers me is when people state it's hopeless and we're all doomed and protesters will be shot. Not the language of those who seek to come out on top.
  15. Had cause today to give a relative a straight talking to. Do we know what Stockholm Syndrome is? Similar to this is a kind of delusion where the individual is afraid to challenge what's wrong. So, to justify not making that stand, the individual seeks to make excuses for those in the wrong, even supporting their conduct. So, those of us who protest, I was told, are criminals. So, I laid it on the line. Made it clear what I thought of people who are too weak to defend either themselves or others. There are those who really believe in fascim and others who are simply too lacking in backbone to face reality. So, they make excuses for abuse to justify to themselves their lack of basic guts to stand up. And that's what I said. I say it quite often now. In fact, I told one female cashier in a supermarket I thought the constant loudspeaker broadcasts were pretty pathetic. The messages go on and on about "all being in this together". For some reason, the woman seemed taken aback. I probably appeared a bit bottled up. Some people I know are genuinely scared and often hyperchondriacs. That I understand. However, not standing up for basic personal freedoms and making excuses - that irritates me. I must say my comments touched a nerve or two.
  16. I'm a man of few words in such cases. A polite and firm No. And same applies to tests.
  17. Requires investigation. Could be gold can be put into a more secure bank and insured. For me the problem is the average bank is a sitting duck for identity related complications, fraud or political extremism. In fact one of my banks refused to re-issue my bank card under the pretext of lack of identity. And they refuse to try and confirm via other banks or bills and so forth. Fortunately there's only 400 pounds in the account. They demand a passport and that will soon also require a vaccine.
  18. Look at Cuba in 1962. Castro took power. Many European countries are now similar to Cuba before the uprising. The cause was basically inequality and economic. Castro and his supporters were not gunned down and such is not the way unrest winds up. Then there was the Bay Of Pigs. Castro's main problem was threat of invasion by America and that was when Kruschev got involved. Castro played a clever hand and made his uprising a red one. Divided two global powers to secure his own regime. So, Soviet medium range ballistic missiles were shipped to Cuba. These could reach California in three minutes. Just one historical incident. It's certainly possible some countries will risk civil war. Or changes in political structure through opportunist politicians.
  19. Don't use your name and address. Golden rule. Pardon the pun. I could buy Russian gold coinage but could be risky. Roman is a great way to go but a bit of study involved. I do have Roman silver. One of Commodus. You need to not exist and that means shaking off digital shackles. Maybe bank accounts are just conditional credit not your own security.
  20. Two Roman gold coins. You need to know a lot more to buy these. Always valuable.
  21. This is a solid gold imperial coin of Catherine of Russia. Not that I own it. Different though.
  22. Most people here won't feel my immediate foreboding. Most people here have a passport already so have time to wait and see. I myself have no passport as it was stolen in the post years ago. Hypothetically, this is what could happen. (1)All passports issued soon may demand a vaccination paper. (2) More banks may standardise passports for identity reasons. Now, whether banks at such a point would reimburse savings I cannot say. My guess is it's more a running together of knee-jerk reactions than a collective plot. Maybe someone knows how to approach my plan to buy gold coinage. Do you tell the bank your concerns or just withdraw and buy in stages? Presumably you can vault and insure gold. No need to dig holes in the garden.
  23. Property investment is also better than money sitting in a bank. If, however, you want savings as such, gold offers some security. The main point is I just feel we are rapidly moving towards a virtual slave labour economy where we can be controlled by the following mechanisms: Digitalised identity and passport all tied in with citizen rights. These latter being a farce. Capital we own controlled by the State via banks. Rights to social aid governed by digital identity. Tracking via the internet and prolonged lockdowns. Time has come to hit back hard. Make it very clear State control of private capital and economic blackmail is not an option. That is what it amounts to and no need to kid yourself. No vaccines may soon mean no access to cash savings. If such is not the case it's time we were given some concrete information.
  24. Started a program not for the faint of heart. Designed to sustain intense physical effort, with the benefit of major cardiovascular development. Indeed last night I was watching Ali vs Foreman in Zaire. Physically those guys were way beyond average.
  25. I fancy dated gold sovereigns. My plan may be to bank the gold under some kind of legal contract. To protect from political extremism linked to vaccines. With insurance to that effect. i don't want to take these measures but feel money is no longer safe in banks. Random quote: "The last time I called to unblock my card, my WHOLE ACCOUNT was blocked because the person I was speaking to decided that I wasn't the actual account holder." What's happening is banks are gradually creating more digitalised demands for identity. They often refuse to phone even another bank for confirmation. I think soon it will be no vaccine = no passport = no identity. Don't need that stress. We need to stay aware of how vaccines may freeze account access. It may or may not happen but it's a concern.
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