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  1. All my family have had the vaccine. Last Thursday I was feeling pretty strange. Dog-tired. Total lack of energy. Stomach was also a bit wobbly. Mostly though I just felt very tired. I am now feeling more normal. Needless to say said vaccine will never come my way. I've warned people to follow my example but to no avail.
  2. Personally I think Boris is not connected to the real world. He was publically ridiculed when a chat show host phoned and persuaded him he was the president of Armenia. He should stick to teaching Latin.
  3. I think with masks it's left to the individual to react accordingly. The way I see it is my quarrel isn't with some store manager who himself (or herself) fears getting into trouble. I also have friends who run a store so would not create stress for them. My quarrel is with the big fish. Those who are pushing this agenda. For example, I noticed Alexy Navalniy's supporters in Russia are huge in number and organised. They are really getting into tactics now and using their internet resources to work out demographics. Not that I'm taking any side but just using an example. Opposition could be far more effective and also non violent. The main area is in the realm of media. I can see now a great many people are telling me they've had enough of the bullshit. I suppose suspending holidays was the biggest own goal scored so far. That has really rocked the boat.
  4. One simple method I use is a bit like what Ali did before the Foreman fight. That is block off pessimism and build up positive energy. After all, the media was going on and on about how Ali didn't stand a chance. It was said when Foreman pounded the heavy bag, Ali never stopped to look. One thing that can drag you down is the media. In my view it's saturated with negative, feeble-minded thinking by feeble-minded journalists. I don't even look at newspaper headlines. I can spend the time exercising or doing something useful. It's not possible to change how the majority think but it's possible to switch off from negativity.
  5. In my case shirt splits, pants rip, although miraculously not at the waist. Then skin turns green. A total metamorphosis takes place.
  6. I try not to be phased. Main concern for me is what possible restrictions might be imposed in order to coerce people to give way. Most people threw in the towel over enticement of holidays. That seems to have backfired on them. Funny thing is the more they bellow brimstone and smoke, the more I dig in.
  7. Being optimistic about the future isn't as important as being optimistic. You can't make decisions for other people but you can stay positive in yourself. This was what Roman Polanski tried to show in The Pianist when Nazi troops marched into Poland. The piano player attempted to survive and he did. Polanski himself overcame childhood under occupation as well as the murder of Sharon Tate by the Manson family. As stated, there have always been periods of war and instability. All that matters is to stand up for principles and to stand tall. There are still a few decent, principled people in the world. There are also many people who don't have the wherewithall to stand up for themselves but I guess we all have our flaws. In fact I recall when Ali lost his boxing title most of his friends disappeared. And eventually he forgave them.
  8. I don't attempt to reason with hysteria. Neither would I make the mistake of getting into lengthy explanations. Most people know my position and have learned to accept it. I don't make a major drama out of it and try to even make a few jokes. For me not having a vaccine makes perfect sense. Those who do will gain nothing at all, although I don't interfere. Neither do I judge.
  9. I had three of these. So far ignored. I would type a response but have no printer seeing as libraries are closed. Surprised I was contacted as I never had flu jabs and was better off long term. I suppose I ought to officially decline by this stage although not being able to contact people normally works the other way around.
  10. The Megathread seems very pessimistic again. One thing I learned was something from my former years in bodybuilding. You gain something by blocking off negativity - main reason I ditched tabloids and regular TV. I just walked out to do some shopping and guess what? Unlike last time I didn't see a solitary soul venture to the front door of their house for Boris's candle lit rememberance. I walked right up the main road and not a squeak. What does that suggest? Here's the bottom line: Why give credibility to the deeply misguided adventurists who continue to gradually alienate themselves? I say, stay positive, set an example to others and cut these politicians enough slack rope to hang themselves. It's just a question of time. It may take three months, six months or a year but I think this whole mess is going to reap a very bitter harvest. For us, the priority is to stay balanced and not get radicalised (in as much as this is possible). Instead focus on damage limitation. That is holding onto what we have while this current crisis runs its course. Why be optimistic? First of all, stability should never depend upon the mainstream and over focus in that area simply pulls us down into negativity. Also, unlike the Communists in 1917, these people in power are effectively clueless with little grasp of reality. Their actual power is also mostly based on illusion. The only way large populations can be controlled is if they swallow the idea they are powerless. Most of it is propaganda. And lastly. Some of us believe very vulnerable people probably have died from this virus. That was indeed the original message that was spelled out. In fact, one of the London protesters stated she'd had the virus herself but added she was protesting since it has since all gone too far. To repeat: Not a soul out tonight at any house doorway. And more people are telling me I was right all along. Not that being right or wrong is something to brag about.
  11. "In a mass hysteria, people of a group start to believe that they might be exposed to something dangerous, such as a virus or a poison. They believe a threat to be real because someone says so, or because it fits their experience. Due to the threatening delusion, a large group of people gets collectively very upset. In other words, a threat, whether real or imaginary [17], causes collective anxiety [18]. The group members may even start to feel sick. Group members might also get symptoms of sickness including weakness, headaches, or a choking feeling, which are propagated to other persons. When a mass hysteria causes physical symptoms, it is called mass psychogenic illness or epidemic hysteria. The symptoms are caused by the stress and anxiety people experience due to the perceived threat [19]. Mass hysteria is infectious [20] and may be a contributing and amplifying factor in real epidemics. While there is—to our knowledge—no literature on the political economy of mass hysteria, the literature on mass psychogenic illness is rich and focuses on empirical analyses of specific cases. Kerckhoff [21] analyzed the case of sickness that spread among workers of a plant due to the belief in a poisonous insect. McGrath [22], reviewing cases of mass hysteria, found that persons of low status in high stress situations after a triggering dramatic event are most responsive to mass psychogenic illness. Schmitt and Fitzgerald [23] analyzed eight cases of mass psychogenic illness among workers. They found that low income, dissatisfaction with superiors, lack of support, and unclear work assignments led to a higher average number of reported symptoms."
  12. Last night I loaded my dvd on haunted houses which had a documentary on the Salem witch trials. Not sure why Salem is so often quoted as there were witch trials all over Europe. Anyway, Salem was affected when some girls started to see visions after trying out divination with eggs. They also had fits. The rise of puritans in administrative positions soon led to random accusations of witchcraft. The sheriff tried to force confessions by strangling the accused. Trials were held and witnesses came forward to give testimony. Imagine if Salem had had the internet back in 1690? The power to amplify and spread hysteria as we see today. All over the globe. You have to ask: How can people today be so damned stupid? How in this modern age can even politicians be so ignorant as to believe in such utter nonsense? These ludicrous random tests are no different than the floating on water test. Some weeks ago my neighbour - a young girl - had allowed herself to be tested by one of those shambolic testing devices. "Witch!" cried the hysterical testers. "Thou doth verily harbour the covid cantagion. A fine be imposed upon thee if thou doth wander beyond the boundaries of thy abode." The bewildered girl shut herself away. Myself I chatted to her as normal. Weeks passed and not even a sniffle. Not from her, or anyone else. The reality appears to be some people in poor health have encountered a new strain of flu and that's one aspect. With many others it's pure hysteria, with psychosomatic symptoms. Add to that plain mediaval ignorance amongst politicians. Already the question must be asked: How can we have gone back in time to the kind of thinking that prevailed in 1690? Surely with discoveries made in psychology in the 19th century and knowledge of science passed down, this should have been exposed long ago. How odd.
  13. Later I will get into psychology. I study clinical psychology and behavioural psychology, with emphasis on neurological disorders. My theory is the Covid crisis can be summarised as a huge wave of mass hysteria provoked by an underlying cause. Deep insecurity. Unemployment, economic decline and so forth. Hysteria comes about when emotional insecurity and instincts displace logic and reason. This leads to delusion. The mind creates a different reality based on some perceived threat - witches, radiation or pandemics. This creates a plausible explanation to offload insecurity. Worse still, although the Covid virus has a biological aspect, many many cases are psychosomatic. Or psychogenic, hysterical symptoms of acute, social anxiety. I see very many people who manifest hysteria. Such people are not governed by fact, moderation or logic. They are motivated by phobia, obsession and anxiety - even panic attacks. I fear even a panic attack today (with hyperventilation and palpitations) would be diagnosed as Covid. And if you imagine psychosomatic symptoms aren't serious, well, loss of speech or Catatonia or even fits can have a psychological cause. The best source for all of this is Freud. Hysteria is evidenced by distorted associations of thought, all drawing from instincts and insecurities. It may even have been a major factor during the early Stalin era when people feared spies, enemies of the people, trotskyists and counter revolutionaries. This fear was tapped into by the NKVD (KGB) to gain control over millions of people. How do you combat mass hysteria, paranoia and delusion? Maybe publically identifying it as real is a first step. P.S The Koreans were pretty good at mind control. They used tiredness and massive programming (lectures, indoctrination) with group bonding and inclusion to gain control of cult converts. Years ago I had cause to read all I could on cults. Parents were even hiring deprogrammers to try and get kids out of cults.
  14. Your partner is an adult and, in my view, free to make her own choice. Surely, what we are fighting for is choice? What I oppose (forcefully) is the forcing of vaccines but not the choice itself. Really we must not let those who abuse authority rob us of our friends and family. Friendship should not be conditional. Family is still family. I pride myself on still having friends who have had the vaccine. They know I will not do so myself. And that's it. If they make a wrong decision, they must deal with that as adults. I see no reason also why you both can't agree to disagree. The main thing is to be true to your principles. Hope that makes sense.
  15. Sensei John Kreese's Karate School could be a good idea today. Pushups on knuckles and so forth. Recently I started to consider there often come cycles in life where a lot depends upon the need to fight back. After all, the Shaolin monks formed a closed community of temples where they cultivated peace combined with martial arts. Maybe the time is near when officials will be giving themselves the right to test us on the street or at home. Certainly looks that way. Self defence is designed for such cases. It's interesting to argue which is best. Bruce Lee swore Kung Fu was pretty effective and studied Wing Chun. Chuck Norris studied Tang Soo Do. Tyson did pretty well with boxing but there are other arts: Thai boxing, Judo, Savate, Karate and so forth.
  16. I met some of those guys. Personally met Robby Robinson in Blackpool at the Mr Britain - as a guest star. He was in Pumping Iron with Lou Ferrigno. I got curious and googled to see how Schwarzenegger feels about the Covid virus and was disappointed. He was urging people to have the vaccine. That really surprised me. Would he have felt that way decades ago if unable to train at Golds Gym? Now what is interesting is it looks as if Dorian Yates (several times Mr Olympia, from Birmingham) is slamming the Covid agenda. That guy has some influence in sports. He seems to understand the impact of closed gyms and stadiums. He was very big in bodybuilding in the 1990s. I know people who are role models have more responsibility to tread a steady path. I guess if it were me I would simply urge each individual to find out the facts and make their own personal choice. And add that liberty must never be allowed to die. Funny though how so many celebrities are being docile. People in the music industry used to be notorious for protest and defence of freedom.
  17. To add. I am trying to set a good example. I think it's true we can indeed fight back effectively by peaceful means. However, like very many of you it can make me get pretty angry. One reason why I usually avoid the media. I'm a big fan of the TV series The Incredible Hulk with Lou Ferrigno and sometimes I feel like David Banner.
  18. Protests today show increasing numbers of people are pushing back against attempts to destroy our personal liberty and free will. This shows that despite the rather pitiful subservience we've seen so far, there are still very many others who are ready to fight against fascism. I believe large protests can be a good illustration of how the land lies. However, much more is needed. Governments' main weapon has always been economic coercion. Modern societies by the 1980s evolved from Victorian sweat shop economics to a relatively prosperous set-up. Even those who were unemployed had ample social support and a free choice in what work to do. Gradually I became very aware all of this was being dismantled. Most people just stood by and shrugged off stuff like Workfare (unpaid labour). Or dubious wars undertaken without democratic process. Had people made a stand years ago, we'd not be facing the threat today of zero freedom. Back to economic coercion. In the past the deal was you got a decent wage for a regular day's work. Most people were satisfied by the trade-off. Yet, over the last few years, working rights have faded. No unions. No choice what job you take. Very little security. And now we see it get taken a few steps further. It seems now these jumped-up, self-conceited and nasty, little tin-pot dictators seek the right to "force" random vaccines on the population. To do this they are counting on fear: "You'll lose your job. You'll be banned from social interaction or public places." And who knows, maybe social and medical welfare. For now, there is a wait and see approach. Will the masses lamely just give in - as they always do? How far can they be pushed? To genuinely fight back there is a need to adapt big time and become self-sufficient. A survivor. To not sell your health and freedom for a bowel of rice. I know this is absolutely my decision and really there is no other effective way. If one accepts there is no choice but to starve when the money gets cut off, that creates serfdom. We do not want to go back to Victorian times of pre-revolutionary Tsarist Russia. Where millions toiled in ignorance and poverty. This has never been more serious. A girl told me today her decision not to take the vaccine was recorded on paper. So far, I had about four letters. I think what happens next depends upon how many people (like those protesting) are not going to play ball. The bigger the divide, the harder it will get. I respect the right of those who wish to vaccinate. I simply oppose it being forced on all of us. Using peaceful, determined opposition we can accomplish much. Support, information, legal channels and loopholes.
  19. I doubt it will kill my friends but what will kill people in the long run will be lack of an immune system. I doubt you can avoid serious epidemics by trying to negate each one that appears over time. Family who always had flu jabs got nailed in the third year. I was more or less fine. Only had bad case of gastroentiritis 4 years ago.
  20. I have had several letters from the local clinic although I haven't been to a doctor in years. I suppose I will have to inform them not to waste time with me. I ought to offer my services as a psychologist, given I specialised in hysteria.
  21. "There is hope in people, not in society, not in systems, but in you and me." Jiddu Krishnamurti
  22. There's always been crisis periods. Especially wars. We cannot prevent others from making the wrong decisions. We cannot wave a magic wand and prevent social, economic and political decline. We can, however, stand on solid principles and not budge from the moral highground. In my book that means freedom of thought and expression. Freedom of association. Freedom to protest. Freedom to express your views in the mass media or press. Freedom to make choices concerning the health of your children. For me these are personal principles. Those who oppose these views are not in my ideological camp. However, many friends don't seem to realise how important principles are. They mistakenly think it's O.K. to just go along with what others are doing. Now, Muhammad Ali became the most hated man in America when he refused to fight in Vietnam. There were people writing letters to the press stating their sons were going out to fight in Vietnam and Ali was a traitor and a coward. Three years later a whole lot changed. Millions protested. The war turned out to have been unsuccessful. Ali became one of the most admired men in America. Ali forgave those who had ditched him during the period of isolation from boxing. Truth is few people have that kind of strength.
  23. As to violence, they say Karate Kid (the 1980s original) was about Karate as an aggressive combat vs Karate as a defensive art. The character of conflict was Daniel Larusso who was being bullied at high school. So, Miyagi the Japanese Karate expert taught him defence. There was a great scene in Enter The Dragon where Bruce Lee states his style was an art of fighting without fighting. I prefer defence to offence. Offence is like imposing a view by force. Defence is resisting force by tactic or using the opponents own strength against themselves. Besides Muhammad Ali was a defensive fighter who used his wits - beat the Vietnam draft.
  24. I have a few points to make. I may be wrong, of course. It's just my current take on the situation. (1) Human beings have become "feeble minded", insecure and often paranoid. I believe the root cause of it is the Social Media and I.T. experiment. This led to a decline in skills, potential, industry and a huge decline in education as well as social activity. Therefore people are existing with no purpose or sense of adventure and risk. Little wonder what we see unfolding is widespread mental illness. (2) I believe this "dreaded virus" is real enough but vastly exaggerated. It does pose a risk to those with underlying health problems. However, drug companies and politicians have vastly exaggeraged the risks and fooled many others in government to over react. (3) We are totally justified to reject this vaccine if we choose. There is ample justification as politicians are trying to grab a share of the drug market, putting lives at risk. (4) I personally don't believe the vaccine was designed to poison us. I just think it's been rushed. I am against such products unless the risk is one similar to AIDS, which really did kill. I think excessive medications are crippling our immunity. It's no longer medication but a crutch. (5) I advise avoiding media and negative publicity that personally just winds me up. Media is just full of negative scare-mongering. I even avoid newspaper headlines. (6) For this current defeatist hysteria to abate may need time. Probably it will destabilise society so much, lessons may finally be learned. (7) Friends and family must be free to make choices you may strongly disagree with. This is about the freedom to just say "No". It's the concept of vaccine being forced that's the issue for me. My friends have accepted my view and some have changed their former position. (8) We need to avoid a whirlpool of negativity. Stop saying it's hopeless. Stop giving strength and credibility to a useless, defeatist ideology. Let it fall when people finally realise it offers nothing at all.
  25. The phrase I dislike most is one I heard many months ago in a different discussion. "God help us all!". Seems to imply a condition of being a helpless victim. At home I have a copy of The Pianist which is a Roman Polanski film about Nazi Germany occupying Poland. The pianist in the movie was Jewish. Polanski himself had been a boy in occupied Poland. To make matters worse, Polanski's partner Sharon Tate was later murdered by the Manson Cult. Polanski's film is about the struggle against occupation and how the pianist attempted to weather the storm. It shows, in my view, history always has periods where our liberty is assaulted by those who have a dark vision of the world. Always people have resisted and, fortunately, a lot of the time we win. Sadly in WW2 there were millions of victims and many of these offered no resistance. In The Pianist, the main character and his family are ordered to wear arm bands so as to be identified. Reminds me of something.
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