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  1. Once more to interject: One gripe I have with the conspiracy outlook is it tends to spread doom and gloom. You see, if you take the view of the inevitable New World Order and inadvertently heap praise upon the bungling incompetents we have for politicians, we then wind up as toothless tigers. Boris Johnson (who's supposed to have helped stage an invincible plot to create a world order) was recently ridiculed in a staged prank, by a Russian comic. Such people are "educated idiots" who it was hoped would learn something through a public school education. Well, at least Boris gleaned some Latin.... I recently visited forums on the face of it much more upbeat than this one. People there determined to fight for their liberty, ready to go out and make change happen. I noticed in the past the New World Order line is promoted every time a major destabilisation occurs. It happened in Iraq but eventually America fell from grace and is now less likely to rule a unilateral world order. I'm saying there's a real danger of giving these incompetent politicians far more credit than they deserve. I doubt they could organize a booze up in a proverbial brewery, let alone a NWO. Watch the resistance this Summer. It's only just starting.
  2. It doesn't really matter. We are a very diverse group. We can't afford to be choosey. This is a conspiracy theory site and I'm not really a conspiracy theorist. However, I'm anti vax so use the site. I don't worry too much about our differences in interpretation. Given I study Psychology and Neurology, it just seems pretty clear to me there are two causes: (1) The internet. (2) Mass, social hysteria. Does Angela Merkel really believe in the virus as deadly? I think so, yes. Recently, I looked up Mikhael Gorbachev's views on the virus. A retured President. The originator of Perestroika and Glasnost states he endorses strict quarantine. Why? Part of the conspiracy? Hardly likely. Like Merkel he just believes in the invisible suit. Amazingly too, Arnold Schwarzenegger saying we should trust the experts. 30 years ago he would have smashed down the gym doors to work out. Even Madonna is convinced. There is huge power in group suggestion. Just look at all those hysterical women screaming and fainting at former Beatles concerts. Why? Due to mass, cult suggestion. And that's what Covid is. A mix of incompetent politicians, lower tier scientists, social insecurity over job losses and damage caused by the internet. The fact the internet has become a crutch instead of a tool. Below: All these women want what their friends want just because it's what the collective group accepted.
  3. Just to add there is no chance to win a war against Russia. Without mutually assured destruction. Hypersonic missiles can elude Poland's missile shield and carry multiple warheads. Putin was pretty astute to develop less costly defences and compensate for geographical and conventional weaknesses. His mistake though may be to have jailed Navalniy. This will anger thousands of Russians. As to conspiracy, I recommend reading on the witch hysteria that swept Europe. This too could have been interpreted as a plot to reduce the population too - but was never suggested at the time. We now know it was mass hysteria. Prior to that was the werewolves mass delusion. So today instead of being accused of being a werewolf, we are carriers of a deadly plague. Yet, we carry no symptoms and the proposed vaccine still makes people carriers. And unaffected children who suffer the mildest symptoms are likewise thought to be at risk. As to the tests, it's just the old float or sink test. Not an ounce of logic or reason in any of it. Very basic Freudian mass hysteria amongst an uneducated elite who can't tell an electron from a chromosone.
  4. One failing in a conspiracy theory is perhaps "the unexpected". An actual war is looming in the Ukraine. This war has been going on for quite some time. It was assumed Russia would fragment as a country but gradually it rebuilt its military infrastructure. Crimea is of the utmost importance to Russia militarily. Ukraine is being pushed into creating a conflict. Of course, as Gorbachev repeatedly warned the world is in real danger of a full blown war. The communication lines are neither all that good. Nobody can predict if such a war could happen by mistake or miscalculation. Such circumstances are beyond control.
  5. I will say this: If you don't want the vaccine, say no. If you do, it's OK by me but only if it's your free choice. As Mr Miyagee stated in the Karate Kid. "Daniel San, walk middle of road, no squashed grape. Walk to the left of road Plop! Veer to the right, plop, grape squashed. Either Karate do, yes, or Karate do no. Karate do maybe, plop! Therefore: Not having the vaccine means, no. And yes, is simple yes. I see so many people I know and they had no idea what saying no means. Possibly it could mean no benefits or employment. Having been in a similar situation, it's fair to say the truth is you can still survive. Principle is extremely important and I feel sorry for those who have none at all. What sort of world will children inherit if we are weak enough to be told we must be prodded like cattle or face exclusion. Who wants to participate in such a society?
  6. Many ways to test this theory. Such as checking the political backgrounds of global heads of State, from Argentina to Holland. Would they all agree to a conspiracy? Above all, data taken from young mothers. We would need very high percentages of failed births. This would not take long to put together. To be honest I find it stretches things a bit to accept not a single politician wouldn't say, "Sorry, but I can't agree to culling the population in my country." And not a single whistle blower? I mean, over Iraq one scientist we presume was assasinated. And back then there was major friction between The EU and US over ethical considerations. Here, though, there is no friction. The theory holds that every single government agreed to a depopulation plan. Even considering in some states Boris Johnson is about as popular as a boil on an elephant's backside. Guess we'll have to wait and see if population does fall. Side effects more likely, I think. Of course, nobody knows for sure.
  7. To add, it seems like a planned conspiracy because heads of State blindly follow the "advice of the experts". What does Boris Johnson know about biology, for heaven's sake? His degree was Classics and Latin. Such people may easily be fooled into blindly following the most unscientific advice. Such as the absurd idea we can hide from bacteria altogether and come out healthier in the long term. I really think the tale of the king in his invisible suit of clothes applies here more than at any time in history. It looks like a conspiracy because heads of state seek to show how clever they are following "the advice of experts." Not one dares to state the obvious, that people who wear facemasks will die an early death like Michael Jackson. Nobody wants to say the king really is naked.
  8. Fortunately, I specialise in psychology and neurology. Specifically in the area of schizophrenic, schizoid and hysteria-based neurological disorders. I read the best German sources on this subject over some years. I can pretty much recognise hysteria in people and see it staring me in the face every day. I'm amazed hardly any other psychologists seem unaware of this. Hysterical thought processes discard logic and rely upon basic instincts. They filter out contrasting, factual information and make use of random associations. The fear is transmitted in waves from person to person, community to community, country to country. Plus, we now have the internet. The 16th century witch delusion lacked this means to spread more fear and delusion. You can see hysteria take shape even prior to Covid. The Russian menace, for example. Logical question: Why do these Russian hackers or poisoners all seem to be from Russia, but not Ukraine, Belarus, Latvia or Lithuania? My point? These other territories have thousands of ethnic Russians and yet, not a single hacker, spy or poisoner is said to be connected to other territories. Here's why: Association based on hysteria filters out logic and insists, hacking=menace=Russia. As a literal, packaged conception. And then, Covid. As stated, I believe the virus is factual but possibly 70 per cent of reported cases are psychosomatic. Just like migraine. So often I hear the familiar, "Covid's no joke, my mate's just had it." Later, I find the person referred to (like so many) is a hyperchondriac. Everywhere you see them, stepping back, spraying their hands, recoiling and driving their own vehicle muzzled. Here, we are talking psychological disorder, reactive, delusional, psychogenic symptoms. A massive, global mental breakdown. And, of course, there are those willing to exploit the fear to sell vaccines or take away democratic freedoms. It amazes me that with such in depth studies into mass hysteria, mostly of German origen, hardly any so-called psychologists have spoken publically. I suspect most have been trained in company management and not clinical psychology.
  9. I still have as close a friendship with a woman I've known some years. She had the vaccine as she has underlying health problems. Her son is anti vax and she knows I am. It hasn't altered our friendship at all. In other cases friction broke out. A major family rift I believe now permanent. However, the vaccine issue was only one factor amongs others. For the most part friends who simply don't see the dangers involved are still good to me and tolerant. So, I try to be tolerant too. There's a teaching in Zen: If a person makes a mistake in life and wakes up to meet a new day, the sun still shines on him and water doesn't turn to mud when he tries to drink. So, who are we to severe our frienship altogether? Maybe many vaxers will have regrets and join in protest.
  10. Those of older age will recall The Tomorrow People. If you never saw it type, "tomorrow people living skins" into YouTube. However, don't be tempted to buy a jump suit.
  11. Has anyone here (of my age) ever seen The Tomorrow People? The original series? I was thinking the other day, this Covid fascism is very like the episode Living Skins. In that episode people were encouraged to buy so-called "bubble skin jump suits". It was a huge fashion craze but behind it was a plot to absorb and take over "the saps" (homo sapiens). Once you put on the bubble skin jump suit, it becomes part of your skin and takes over your personality. Somewhat like the Covid vaccine with its chimpanzee DNA. The Tomorrow People were a group of kids who represented the new Homo Superior. They were telepathic and could "jaunt" with their special belts (as in Star Trek). They were protecting the earth from hostile aliens like The Thargons and Sarsons. In Living Skins, the idea was once enough people had started to be taken over by the bubble skins, the actual ball-boys would come to take over the earth. These were represented as extra large baloons. Now, pay attention. Here is the irony: The Tomorrow People defeated the bubble skin conspiracy by discovering the common cold caused the skins to drop off and shrivel. They sprayed the cold virus into space where it entered the atmosphere and wiped out the bubble skins. So.... Anti vaxers = homo superior Vaxers = homo sapiens The vaccine = the bubble skin jump suits Bill Gates and co = the ball boys.
  12. Ironically, the only depopulation conspiracy I could view as logical would be the most extreme variant. Such as sublimal messaging which we know does work. This is data that only the subconscious can read but not the senses. Theoretically it could work if used by one country. Mass suggestion. However, a huge handshaken meeting of governments I personally view as pretty improbable.
  13. I have to disagree. I always regarded conspiracy theories with skepticism. Here's why in this case: Every single government would have to be persuaded to go along with a plan to depopulate their territories. Now, the fact the Slavic and Russian populations span into serious decline after the fall of the USSR was of major concern to Putin. Putinism made every effort to restore the armed forces and increase living standards. It's most definitely not typical of Putin to be persuaded to lower the population even more. In fact, we're more than ever at the edge of WW3 due to the conflict with NATO. Add to that the Sputnik vaccine is likewise a point of economic competition. Here there is no co-operation whatsoever. We can look at many other countries from Japan to Chile. All of them would have had to miraculously agree to a secret plot and be convinced it was a viable alternative. Personally I very much doubt it Especially in light of the fact State security has been infiltrated by hackers - huge data bases in the USA accessed. If such a plot existed, there would be dissidents, assasinations and whisteblowers. So, what is it? My good guess is the biological virus exists but has been gradually exaggerated through mass hysteria and social delusion. It started off as "a problem" but is now a global religion. It's the classic fairy tale of the king's invisible suit. How clever people think they are when claiming only they can distinguish the genius of a suit that makes a man only seem naked. Likewise I don't believe Merkel struts about in her muzzle because she wants to fool the German voters into population control. She actually believes in the Covid religion. This is all pretty much identical to the mass hysteria over witchcraft that swept Europe. Right down to the bogus tests, social ignorance and manipulation by profiteers. Sure, drug corporations are milking the fear to make profit. And that is criminally immoral as well as downright dangerous. Specifically why they can collectively stuff their experimental vaccine in the most appropriate place.
  14. I was chatting today to some so-called anti vaxers. It became very clear those I chatted to would cave in under the slightest pressure. One of them explained he was an anti vaxer till the time came when he'd be forced to have it. At that point I clarified that when I say I'm not having a vaccine, I mean exactly that. The response I got was that I would have to give way if faced with social exclusion. Really? I won't go into details but I was pretty much on my own in Russia travelling when the country was in chaos. I met a couple of American marines doing the same thing - looking for food and coping. We were in it for the experience and challenge. There was prostitution, money laundering, maffia and guns. I was stopped at gun point a few times as well. I guess it taught me to be street wise and adapt. After todays conversation one thing became abundantly clear. There is no point at all relying on others who say they "won't have this" and "will refuse such and such". First sign of a threat and I dare say they'll cave in like a roof with wood rot. Regarding foreign nationals I'm more persuaded many of those will help make up a larger number of anti vaxers. However, the percentage overall could be low. So, I'm no longer relying on others to be in my position. However, I won't let that affect me. Added to that I bear no ill will and no plans to severe friendships. Just the bottom line is these people are all in all weak and seem to have no principles or beliefs to fall back on. It's very like the peasants in 20th century Tsarist Russia who ignored the revolutionary students. There was no way to get through to them.
  15. I confess along these lines I ended up asking myself a similar question. It boils down to far less debate and a lot more activity. Here, I don't mean violent. I mean organisation between those who all agree governments are elected in the role to serve, not dictate what drugs people should be forced to take. Organization between people who aspire to the basic idea of democracy and liberty and accountability in politics. Without such organization then the future for younger people will be bleak. It's not all bad so far. Many thousands of people are awake to the current attacks on basic civil rights. Some organization is taking shape. Protesting groups appear to be a varied bunch. There are right and left wing protesters, liberals and, closer to home, conspiracy theorists. Even Trump supporters. Cannot stress and emphasise enough that just posting comments on news updates (to do with the virus), isn't going to change much. It may even backfire by creating pessimism and negativity. I recall fight promoter Don King many years ago stated how important it is to be in a large group and belong to an organization. King made that statement with regard to black people and civil rights protests. So to add to the thread I'd say, yes, there needs to be a down-to-earth approach to this issue. Also there's a need to be aware how extremists can hijack these fears to gain power and then - as always happens- betray those who were duped into backing them. We need groups not leaders because democracy is a collective approach. Not the best, but far better than the third world dictatorship we see unfolding in former semi democratic states.
  16. Sure. Indicates a problem. Isn't it the case the educational system declined? Locally I struggle to get any person to debate beyond the realms of Facebook and what we had for dinner. Music is out. You get strange looks if you try to chat about rock or blues. It's not very nice to say but most people just seem to exist. No interest in music, philosophy, arts or awareness of science. This I guess is down to emphasis on work and money. Coupled with educational cuts. Therefore to blame people personally I find a bit harsh as there are environmental factors. Added to that they've been denied direct information. I know lots of quite nice people who trusted in the official line but clearly lack the attributes needed to make their own choice. I mean, back in the sixties none of this would have washed. Students themselves were quite free-thinking and anti establishment. Nothing I can do about it. What I hear most is the line "I'll wait and see how others get along," not realising side effects can begin after birth of children. Mostly immigrants seem to be more skeptical but local people remain clueless and weak-willed.
  17. Maybe you could look at the philosphy of Jiddu Krishnamurti. Nobody can control history. You can control yourself and develop yourself but ultimately you cannot change how other people choose to live. The goal is freedom in yourself above all other things. Sure we can design a better collective way to live but this is seldom easy. There's always been wars and revolutions because most people live by instinct and greed. Maybe we will evolve over time to a higher level. Who can say?
  18. My other controversial point is that the conspiracy view can inadvertently create an image of passive resignation. Personally I do not see this as a conspiracy. What happens I think is governments and populations simply spread fear and hysteria via the internet and copy policy. Each time one government raises the stakes, others copy. Yet it looks as if they are all forming a unified plot to reshape the globe. And yet, the facts show Russia and the USA are now very close to conflict and Russia pouring troops and tanks to Ukraine's borders. So certainly no cooperation between governments. Rather than a well-planned conspiracy the global powers are very much divided. And may even see huge social uprisings within the next six months.
  19. Peeked at the Megathread today. What a depressing experience that was. Sure, every so often someone will share useful facts and reports. However, so many of the posts seem to project a "we're doomed" scenario. This was why years ago I ditched watching TV. The danger is you can create an image of a threat over and above it's actual, factual reality. In that way, projecting the idea we are all helpless victims. To that I will answer that, in my view you become what you think. I've never more recently viewed myself as a helpless victim. In fact I take some pride in the fact while 80 per cent of people are scared stiff of this virus risk, I have no fear of it whatsoever. Let's recall too, those who manipulate others by fear can themselves be manipulated too. That is, hysteria can be a two edged sword. To assume the people now in power somehow have the deck totally stacked in their favour I see as a misrepresentation.
  20. Sadly, the truth is the overwhelming majority of people today seem to have no conception of principle. That is, how to stand up for a cause. There are many reasons for this but mostly it's socially based. It does annoy me when you get these floppy people who brag they'll never have the vaccine and then cave in later on. In fact someone who made that statement three weeks ago caved in today. Does that make him an enemy? Well, really, I don't approve but it's his body and his life. Yes, it makes my position more of a minority (by far) but the same thing (and worse) happened to Muhammad Ali. I recall reading even the ultra religious black muslims advised Ali to do his tour in Vietnam. They all caved. He didn't. He was arrested on the spot when refusing induction. When most of his friends fled I guess Ali understood they just weren't made of the same stuff. Yet it didn't rock his inner strength. To people who take this vaccine I will say openly: (1) It has commercial motivation. This can be proven by simply requesting the Sputnik vaccine instead. Or the fact that, even if Putin's vaccine is better, that doesn't carry any weight. Hence - it's about profit. (2) No vaccine will react the same way in an individual. (3)I have medical documents that testify vaccines caused mental retardation in a few cases. These I came across 3 years ago. I could go on. People must decide but I have no time to run their lives.
  21. I repeat the issue for me isn't that a vaccine was being offered. The issue is it's being forced by blackmail, censorship of the media, intimidation, propaganda and witch-hunt syndrome. Then there is the question of scientific etiquette. Surely no two people will simply react to a drug the same way? That's not biology. Bruce Lee actually died due to acute reaction to a headache pill. For many, it was a safe remedy but for Bruce it proved fatal. So for the lady who lives next door it's very probable the vaccine has wrecked her health. The sad thing is it wasn't totally her choice. She just assumed the majority view is the correct view. And the reason people who hear these stories will scoff is called by Freud ambivalence. Yes, they have doubts but the desire to maintain a safe and secure conception of reality creates delusion.
  22. Heard today my brother's neighbour suffered a stroke 3 weeks after receiving her vaccine. Although nobody can prove a connection, the woman herself blames the vaccine. One other neighbour - a Jehova's witness - was shocked and "possibly" more likely not to vaccinate. There is more: On sharing this news today, one lady in a shop got upset with me and stormed off. "I'm sick of this conspiracy crap!" she yelled. What should be our attitude to those who follow official guidelines, often in the hope of future holidays? I think maybe the majority of us make mistakes. The psychology term here is "ambivalence" and was used to describe the schizophrenic thought process. This is where desire is split into two opposing opposites. The first desire may be to not have the vaccine. The second desire is to have the vaccine - the motive being this is justified by the ability to live a normal life. To justify this motive, the person reacts strongly against contrasting evidence. Put in simple terms self delusion. To refuse the vaccine requires acceptance of the fact we live in an unethical and corrupt society. That in turn requires resistance. It is much easier to delude yourself you actually want the vaccine. That nobody is forcing it. Everbody is having it. And yet, we know the truth is the ability to have any freedom at all depends upon set conditions. Governments claim they have the right to decide risk factors regarding medication and vaccines. Neither are these people scientifically literate. My own attitude is I feel sorry for the lady who suffered a stroke. If it was indeed connected. Now she has deep regrets yet there was nothing anyone could do.
  23. It hasn't made any difference. My best friend is female with OCD and she's been so scared she just followed what advice she was told. Added to that she's classed as a risk group and relies upon doctors and hospitals. It hasn't affected our friendship at all. I also accept her right to decide what's right for her. I recall when Muhammad Ali refused to go to Vietnam he said the decision was right for him. Given his circumstances and beliefs. Likewise my decision is also right for me. I expect friends to accept that and so they have.
  24. I suspect a different brand of coffee someone gave me. Seemed to act like laxatives. Possibly just too harsh a coffee. Or could be something else. Stopped using that coffee and back to the milder jars.
  25. My body been fighting something. Waves of fatigue and a touch of joint pain. Last night a sudden rash on my wrist. Could be anything. I've never washed my hands before food as most people do. Could be something I ate. Could be from family who had the vaccine. Dare say I will bounce back.
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