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  1. I liked Columbo in "Now You See Him" about the stage magician who was an ex Nazi. Also good was 'How To Dial A Murder". Speaking of Columbo there is something very odd about why people are so panicked over this virus business. Makes me wonder about sublimal messages that featured in a Columbo murder case. Very fast data insertions are placed in media footage so it's only read by the subconscious. Anyone could use this to panic masses of victims. For example, one government or agency. I removed mass media years ago after lies over Iraq and WMD. I had enough of blatant propaganda. None of this Covid nonsense bothered me but most people are as terrified as they are incapable of questioning. I find that very strange. Hard to believe they are prepared to give up their own lives for a Holy Grail of promised freedom they will never get. Strikes me as psychological Stockholm Syndrome.
  2. Mr Benn will be back soon as he gets drawn into a protest.
  3. I upset a few people today. Truth is I was acting like an idiot as one of the girls is sensitive and very fearful of the virus thing. I was talking about blood clots and it rattled her. She has panic attacks so I was not being sensible. I don't tend to relate to how scared people are as none of it ever worried me.
  4. Maybe I should leave them my bank customer service number, pretend it's my own and let them try getting through to that. That would occupy them for a few hours.
  5. Mr Benn will be back soon as he gets into the swing of protests and opposes the errant safety marshalls.
  6. Are they serious? If I wrote my essay they would need treatment for shock.
  7. I really took it to extremes. All I watch are: The Six Milliion Dollar Man. The Bionic Woman. Dallas. Rising Damp Are You Being Served. Columbo Kung Fu (the series) Some 1980s horrors such as Nightmare on Elm Street Still nuts on Legs And Co too. The present is too negative.
  8. It would be fun to continue the story perhaps. In the 1970s Mr Benn was a clown, astronaut, wizard.... but he's never been an anti vaccine protester. You know, I recall coming home from school and I seem to recall Mr Benn was shown pretty early in the day. These days I'm very much living in my past, listening to groups like Gino Soccio and last night watching The Tomorrow People. I think Mr Benn should take on the scaremongers and control freaks so that Festive Road can return to normality.
  9. Here is Mr Benn for all who care to remember.
  10. Only members who watched TV in the 1970s will get the humour here. The rest of you can look up Mr Benn on Google. I thought I would add a new story adventure.
  11. It was a sunny day at 52 Festive Road and Mr Benn was busy taking care of the garden. Children outside were busy playing and the odd shopper was passing by. "I wonder if it will rain today?", thought Mr Benn to himself. "Perhaps there will be time to visit the costume shop before it does?", he mused. Mr Benn, with no further hesitation, took his umbrella and set out on his way. He opened the gate of number 52 Festive Road and set out on his way to his favourite costume shop. The shop where he so often had adventures. The rain held out and the sun peeked through a grey cloud. Mr Benn arrived at the shop and opened the door. Lots of costumes lined the shop racks and this time Mr Benn noticed something strange. Next to the pirate costume was an odd looking surgical mask, but black all over. "I wonder what that is?", thought Mr Benn to himself. "Maybe I should try it on?" DING! As if by magic the shopkeeper appeared. "What would you like to try on today?, he asked, looking at Mr Benn helpfully. "Well, this looks interesting!", replied Mr Benn. "Should I try it on?" The shopkeeper gestured to the changing room. The room where adventures always happen. Once in the fitting room, Mr Benn put on the strange mask. "How stuffy and uncomfortable it feels!", he exclaimed. Then, with no further thought Mr Benn went through the special door. He was ready for a new adventure. As soon as he walked through the door, Mr Benn was greeted by the most astonishing scene. Lots of people were walking in the street and each and every one of them all had similar masks to himself. Even children were diaguised in similar masks but nobody seemed to be having a good time. "They all look so glum and serious!", exclaimed Mr Benn. "Whatever can be the matter", he wondered out loud. Nearby some children were playing with a strange box that lit up when they tapped on its buttons. Mr Benn decided to approach and inquire why all the people in the street were so gloomy and in disguise. "They are afraid they might catch a virus!", the children responded. "Everybody has to wear a mask in case they get a bad cold", they added. Mr Benn was quite taken aback. He had never been on an adventure quite as unusual as this. "Why don't the townspeople just go and buy some Beechams Powders from the chemist?", inquired Mr Benn. However, as he glanced at the chemist shop across the street he noticed something quite odd. A large sign was pinned on the shop door which read, "KEEP OUT! Go home if you feel unwell!" And inside a chair had been propped against the door to discourage shoppers from entering. To be continued.
  12. Got 5 letters so far. All discarded. Amazes me how decades of misdiagnosis and blunders is suddenly supposed to not matter.
  13. These protests are having an impact. This is why I always stressed it's essential not to powerise governments by suggesting we're doomed to this age-old "New World Order" which pops up at every crisis point in history. During the wars with Iraq or Yugoslavia for example. These people who protested ranged from middle class parents, the bourgeousie or building site workers. Lots of people who "get" something is very wrong at present. Here's what's causing alarm: Children being scarred psychologically and taught to avoid other people. Victimisation of people as "carriers" and jobs being lost accordingly. People fined and confined in an open prison. A trend to do away with society and force us to depend upon the internet, not as a tool but as a tracking mechanism. And fake science is destroying our immunity - turning us into weaklings as we hide from nature behind stupid masks. Totally ridiculous. Seems Boris and others are feeling the strain now. Of course, this is a global attack on populations and mostly all countries being brainwashed. Behind it mass psychosis and hyperchondria coupled with delusion.
  14. Had to laugh at official comments that referred to the London protesters as "conspiracy theorists". In actual fact, protesters appear to be quite hetereogenous, made up of greens, liberals, some politicians perhaps. Surely a terrific bit of anti propaganda would be to find out how many of those protesters really do kick the bucket a week later. This is what is being claimed. My guess is none of them will fall ill on account of being in contact. This could be put to the test. There's a real need now to put these claims under hard scrutiny. It has been noted the media has given little coverage to those who protested. The term "minority" was used. A small group of conspiracy theorists apparently. 10,000 or more? What will follow? I think attempts will be made to ban protests. That is clearly on the cards given the ideals of democracy and serving the electorate has been abandoned by those in power - who show contempt for liberty. However, history shows one reality. Where protests are banned and repression used, reaction becomes extreme and revolutionary. Just as in 1917. I am hoping we can save the vestiges of democracy and accountability peacefully. It is, in fact, possible to push for change this way. However, extreme social division on a global scale is becoming a real risk.
  15. There was one book on the Moonies that engrossed me. A really exciting true story about a student who met the Moonies on uni campus in California. He was invited to a special camp where brainwashing was used by heavy indoctrination, role-play and "love bombing". This latter involved the recruit being told how wonderful he, or she, was. Nobody was ever left alone. I myself met the Moonies in Russia around 1992. They were very persistant. In the 1970s parents were hiring deprogrammers to snatch their kids out of the cult. Members were told beforehand the deprogrammers were satanic and must be resisted. Parents would pay hundreds of dollars for deprogrammers to break the cult spell. In the book case it was successful. The ex cult member had lost a lot of weight and had only slept 4 hours a night in the group.
  16. To address the question: How to react? Well, today, I let someone have it! Quite polite of course. A female I've known a few years who works in a shop. I told her why I had no inclination to risk my health on some experimental vaccination. When I express these reasons the main impression is that of total confidence and lack of fear. This is quite evident. Do you know if a rattle snake bites you, the first golden rule is to relax, stay calm and still. Mostly rattle snake bites aren't fatal but they can be if you panic. I'm quite sure Covid is not at all a threat to my health. It may be so to the elderly but, in such a case, efforts should have been directed to safeguard them - not healthy schoolchildren. So, simple direct information. Friends have made their decision but I'm not their keeper.
  17. One reason I oppose the vaccine is due to my experiences of falling levels around psychology as a science. So many mistakes and hundreds of wrongly diagnosed people. No admission either - just blame the pioneers of a functional diagnosis. Almost all my research is derived from the USSR and Germany. The standard then was so much higher than in the UK and USA. Far more grounded in real science. Myself I spent a lost childhood never having been diagnosed and totally unemployable. For years. What does that say for the current system as it stood for decades? So, by the same token, I do not trust the current crop of biologists who seem to lack basic, background knowledge. I suspect so much research is based on the now too familiar I.T. dependent, business funded establishment. I hope no doctor ever makes the mistake to "recommend" a vaccine in the supposed interests of my health. I already spent 5 years researching psychology and neurology in order to put together systematic information that might help others. The irony is that should never have been necessary. Likewise I repeat I remain baffled psychiatrists haven't stated what's so obvious. Covid is 75 per cent mass hysteria. The people you see walking a dog in a deserted field with a mask on are most definitely suffering from hysteria, OCD, anxiety and very often psychosomatic symptoms. And those are very real to the sufferer. Sure, the symptoms can be recognised but the overall cause is uncertain. In the past, serious social hysteria was linked to some environmental factor. Plus the biological aspect of this crisis is not so familiar to me. I guess bacteria tends to evolve and not be static and people are very much over-reacting. They appear to fear reality more than anything concrete.
  18. I also had these letters but simply haven't bothered to respond. If I did respond, some overworked receptionist would get an explanation that may well leave her lost for words. I specialise in such clinical aspects of psychology such as Hysteria, Catatonia and Paranoia. I am able to notice it in peoples behaviour and am very surprised other psychologists seem to not be clued up on this area. In fact, the psychology sites I visit seem geared to issues such as relationships but no scientific data. Anyway, I would not spend too much time trying to explain my position to a G.P. surgery. The bottom line is what we see unfold today seems to work like a Korean religious cult. It relies upon fear, hyperchondria, indoctrination by media, underlying insecurity and mass influence. How could so many people be wrong? It must be as dangerous as they say? For this reason my advice always is not to try to argue someone to see this situation more rationally. Likewise blaming friends and family is not the best way to combat hysteria. I myself was in a cult during the 1980s and totally closed to rational argument. To have attacked my mistaken views back then would have entrenched the views even more. We need confident, concise, positive information and definitely not division. We need to state in clear terms: The virus is by no means fatal. It is vastly exaggerated. The vaccines cannot change your loss of freedom. So far most people who vaccinated are still restricted. Symptoms from a vaccine don't just appear straight away as people imagine. I have authentic medical documents that state types of autism have been connected to vaccines. Written by recognised doctors from the USSR and written in the 1980s. No government has any right whatsoever to force vaccines. By that I mean using employment or freedom of movement as blackmail. If this does happen it will cause many of us to react more forcefully. My grandparents fought in WW2 to prevent such aspects of fascism. Indeed last night I was watching The Great Escape again and was struck by how determined people were to resist. A far tougher generation.
  19. There are those who would love to break up our friendships and families to create a less united society. I try to not get drawn into any major arguments. I think time will sway many people to rethink decisions they made.
  20. Chatted with the library staff today - all women. They were shocked I am not having any vaccine. It ended up with my voicing my skepticism and pointing out Iraq's so called WMD years ago was hysterical propaganda. I was surprised the women can't see how easily they've discarded critical thinking. I asked one of them how come over the months she changed from skepticism to full blown acceptance of the media. This she denied. However, on stating she just wanted to return to a normal life at any cost, that gave the game away. People here are making possibly the same mistake German people made decades ago under National Socialism and Hitler. This vaccine is not optional as the Governments claim. It aims to drive people who dissent from employment, travel and finally actual citizen rights. By no means do I advocate blaming people like these women. The truth is they just don't see the implications. I save my energy instead to oppose the doctrine and instigators behind this attack on free society. I can't decide for others but openly make it very clear to them what it all means.
  21. I am not so struck on Putin. I always considered Gorbachev sincere and prepared to create a just, socialist democracy. However, he was unable to reform the system at the time. The USA was delighted to have the chance to expand NATO and ally with Europe when the USSR fell. This gave rise to Putinism. Putin did a great job rebuilding the country but he's not developed the economy anything like China has done. Also democracy and liberty declined in Russia and America and the E.U. If they backed off Russia's borders there would be at least a chance of Russia integrating in western markets. I see no harm in Russian people living in a prosperous, integrated global economy.
  22. The basic background. Nikita Kruschev gave away Crimea to Ukraine in the 1960s. He had no way of knowing the USSR would break up. Crimea became crucial to Moscow's defence but the tendency for Ukraine to join NATO was coming to a head. Putin decided to take control of Crimea - he was actually supported by Gorbachev in word. Given Crimea is occupied by ethnic Russians the Crimeans didn't object. The two motives in Crimea were to protect ethnic Russians and also the military implications. I have studied in Russia. I dislike the way it is turning away from democracy but for that I blame the USA. Gorbachev was assured there would be no NATO bases on his borders if the USSR allowed reunification of Germany. This was then brushed aside. The plan was to gain naval bases in Crimea and push Russia out. However, so far Putin has been several steps ahead and rebuilt Russia's defence and strike capacity. In conventional warfare Russia is not a great power but its hypersonic missiles and subs have made military conflict very risky. Gorbache has warned war could happen very easily if nerves get jarred. Assuming there really was a plot to reduce population, war with Russia would go a whole lot further than facemasks and vaccines.
  23. Most of my friends had the vaccine. They are aware of my views on the matter. The other day one woman asked me a favour. Frankly, I'm not going to tell her to take a hike and that the friendship is over. Going back to a terrific old film with Tom Hanks - Forest Gump, there was a scene where Jenny (his hippy first love) was protesting against Vietnam with lots of students and flower people. Forest (as an ex combat veteran) ends up caught up in the protest too. I guess that happened a lot. Those who supported the war later changed course. I'm no saint. It also bothered me that my friends don't see how dangerous it is to give way to forced out policies. However, they don't see it. Moreover, ditching friends isn't going to change anything. I will have to wait.
  24. To add, I don't think this vaccine is instant death. I opt out of it for very rational reasons. Simple logic suggests no resort to vaccine or social isolation can replace natural immunity and Darwin's evolution. No other species on the planet ever evolved and adapted by running and hiding. And vaccines can never replace our natural defences. My guess is the vaccine masses will just get weaker and weaker immunity as time goes on. It will be curious to see how many get hammered by common colds next Winter. It's hard to believe supposedly educated people could have resorted to such ludicrous policy. Instead of just helping those genuinely at risk.
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