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  1. I saw an old episode of Rising Damp where Phil and Alan did have a large flag of Mao in their bedsit.
  2. om "Imagine: John Lennon" soundtrack) You say you want a revolution Well you know We all want to change the world You tell me that it's evolution Well you know We all want to change the world But when you talk about destruction Don't you know you can count me out Don't you know it's gonna be alright Alright Alright You say you got a real solution Well you know We'd all love to see the plan You ask me for a contribution Well you know We're doing what we can But when you want money for people with minds that hate All I can tell you is brother you have to wait Don't you know it's gonna be alright Alright Alright You say you'll change the constitution Well you know We all want to change your head You tell me it's the institution Well you know You better free your mind instead But if you go carrying pictures of Chairman Mao You ain't going to make it with anyone anyhow Don't you know know it's gonna be alright Alright Alright
  3. In fact, Russian nationalism dominated the USSR. All Stalin's doctors were checked for Russian nationality in his final days after his stroke. There was a new wave of persecutions about to come about called the Doctors Plot. However, Stalin died and Krushchev made a grab for power, displacing Beria of the KGB. To be honest I think any connection of the Covid crisis to race (be it black, white, Asian or Jewish) is as bad as Covid fascism itself. Not about liberty or social justice. The sad reality is the masses seek change, put their faith in some group or other, then wind up with something even worse. And Stalin effectively distorted the communist ideals of the first revolutionaries.
  4. Here's a snag I referred to weeks ago. When King Of The Hill was screened, they decided to use Dale Gribble as a way to portray typical conspiracy theorists. The gag was that Dale was super paranoid and highly complex in his theories, yet he couldn't see the most obvious things. That is, his wife Nancy was having an affair with his neighbour John Redcorn but Dale bought their cover story - it was just headache massage treatment. Joseph was not really Dale's son and was half American Indian. Dale never figured that out. The whole block knew, however. The irony is it's so often a true portrayal. So often, conspiracy theory just bypasses the simpler explanations and puts it down to some shadowy, global plot. Classic example: UFO abductions. I have had these experiences just like in the Bud Hopkins and Whitley Streiber books. It's mostly sleep paralysis but the UFO investigators often push a contact agenda and develop hypnosis sessions. How come 90 per cent of abductees are Americans? Are the aliens only fluent in English? I saw one guy interviewed who slept with homemade puppets of greys he'd made. He rolled up his trouser leg and showed off the small scar as proof positive that the greys had abducted him the night before. I get the same marks a lot on my leg and gnats appear to be the cause. Yet, with conspiracy these more obvious explanations are passed by. I think Covid really is just a symptom of global insecurity. People all over the world are insecure and very affected by the internet and its destruction of social interaction. Sure, governments are exploiting the crisis to erode our freedoms but I'm highly skeptical of a contrived plot. To me, the most obvious cause is the effect internet has had psychologically on people who rely on it way too much. The idea the global population of Jewish people somehow planted a few virus strains in China is classic Dale Gribble. Or the dreaded New World Order that still hasn't had success, depite decades of plotting. I mean, the Millenia Bug was supposed to have brought the New World Order in, yet 20 odd years later the plot has thickened. They didn't get it right. They never do.
  5. A few people in Russia had fun pointing out mathematician Grigory Perelman turned down a million dollars out of principle. He's a brilliant Jewish mathematician who solved the poinsdon conjecture. He was objecting to lack of principles in the maths community so just told them where to stick the million dollars. This was a man who lived on 100 dollars a month in Russia. It blew the stereotype that Jewish people are greedy and so forth. Not only was Perelman the smartest mathematician on the globe, but modest to a fault. And it took about 20 world experts in maths to collectively struggle to confirm Perelman had solved the conjecture. Reminded me of Jesse Owen at the Berlin Olympics and Hitler's fury that a black American whupped the best German runners.
  6. The ideology that Covid is a Jewish conspiracy appears to me flawed logic in its extreme format. In fact, the concept human beings are somehow morally inferior on the basis of race is 360 degrees out of synch with values of liberty and equality. It is on that basis as bad as the Covid agenda. And here is the catch 22. Sincere socialists who sought to create a free society in 1917 finally ended up with Stalin, gulags and Red Terror. Hopefully Covid extremism won't lead to anti semitism and racism as the proposed solution to injustice. Hopefully most protesters just seek the promotion of peace and reason over scapegoating.
  7. Funny how Peter Parker has that hair parting and very dressed up by todays standards.
  8. Stan Lee was a genius in some ways. Jewish of course. His idea was to create super heroes we could relate to. Peter Parker was perfect. Stan Lee was also greatly liked and had a way of reaching kids with his comics. I recall reading my first Marvel comic at school, which had Spider Man, The Hulk and The Fantastic Four. All around, Jewish people are highly creative in society but are envied a lot. Likewise the Weiders brought Schwarzenegger over from Austria, bankrolled his bodybuilding career and made bodybuilding a known sport.
  9. It's a harsh pill to swallow but a lot of anti semitism is rooted in envy. I.Q. tests tend to show Jewish people are more intelligent than even South East Asians. Grigory Perelman - the maths genius who later "turned down" a million dollar award ceremony and cash, is of Jewish ancestry. Putin likewise converted a trashed military into one with hypersonic missiles. Joe Weider - put bodybuilding on the map as a respected sport. Roman Polanski - a great director. Einstein - a physics genius. Stan Lee (my favourite) gave us Spider Man and The Hulk. If you're smart and creative, you tend to move up the ladder. Simple genetics.
  10. I must admit to being concerned over a recent political trend to remove responsibility from Germany over what happened in WW2. I'm not denying Germany was pushed towards extremism after WW1. However, once Hitler rose to power we eventually witnessed military incursions and overall crimes against humanity. What happens now is that the E.U. appears to be excusing Germany's behaviour and there are false views of history being promoted. Why this matters so much is that Germany is now stifling anti Covid protests and expressing horror over German protesters comparing today's fascism with that of 1939. Recently, in fact, David Icke himself called todays policies "fascism" so on that we agree. Sure, The Red Terror was bad. Not long ago I saw a factually based film that revealed how some Siberian Gulag prisoners escaped and walked to India. However, Stalinism has been mostly condemned by modern Russians. We know it was a failed experiment. The problem seems to be now that Germany is being encouraged to absolve itself from crimes committed in Poland and the USSR and against Jews, Slavs, even Jehova's witnesses and autistic people. Funny how a few years ago, Merkel had her nose rubbed in the defeat of Nazism at the Moscow victory parades she used to (reluctantly) attend. Now, you have Poland claiming the USSR started WW2, when in fact the Bolsheviks only sought class war, not nationalist. Hitler invaded Poland. The Nazis forced people to wear arm-bands, just as the E.U. is doing today. We are being categorised not on basis of race but on genetic manipulation and State vaccines. Let me say, yesterday I was prevented from entering a library as I refused to be tested (by one of those bogus dime a dozen Ebay kits - the ones that tell you you carry a plague. Are the new denizens of the ghetto the unvaccinated. And I close this comment with harsh words: The E U. in my view is fake on the basis it conned us with promises of respect for human rights and liberty. Instead, it allows Merkel to strut the international stage and deny decent Germans the right to protest. How the so-called Social Charter squares up with curfews and forced vaccines is lost on me. Does anybody have a take on that!
  11. Not really an argument based on logic. The "somebody out there" group usually are I.T. users with no book derived knowledge. To try and explain why the Covid delusion is taking place on basis of race just isn't rational. It's about seeking to blame some group as scapegoats in order to avoid standing up to those in government who are responsible. Bill Gates as it happens is of Scottish descent. I could think of dozens of Covid extremists behind all of this who aren't Jewish. It's not a racially inspired plot but a global phenomenon and if people don't confront their own leaders nothing will change. That includes the Bill Gates ideology and actual less depence on the internet. As to Communism it isn't favoured by most Russians today but I think it became radicalised under Stalin.
  12. Can you name any Jewish Bolsheviks apart from Trotsky? Lenin was of mixed race. Stalin, as said, was Georgian. I didn't state in any of my posts that Communism was a Jewish ideology. I said it was Greek. The Spartans created the first militarised, socialist community. As to WW2 it's been stated before that the USSR started the war but this shows how modern commentators tend not to read real books. The communists only promoted civil wars between workers and the bourgeoisie. So war with Germany wasn't planned - the idea being to prompt a communist uprising in Germany and Europe. However, Hitler attacked the USSR by surprise. You don't differentiate between the competing forms of Communism in the USSR. Stalin's version wasn't really the kind of structure that was envisioned in 1917. Likewise Stalin removed most Jews from the echelons of power. Such as Trotsky.
  13. Likewise it was Lycurgus who founded the first communist society in ancient Greece So the Marxists would have been inspired ideologically the same way the Greek ideal of Democracy inspired the U.S. constitution. Much of Nazi racial policy was pioneered by Ernst Kretchmer who later joined the S.S The racial experiments resulted in many children being confined in mental hospitals in Norway.
  14. I read the original memoirs of Kruschev who was pretty much down-to-earth. He describes great piles of human hair found when the Soviets entered the Nazi camps. Communism was not invented by Jewish theologians. It was part of the Spartan government system around 400 BC. They had no coinage and life was militarised. So Communism is Greek, as is Democracy, invented by Athens. Lenin was only a tiny bit Jewish and Armenian. Very mixed race. Stalin was Georgian. Brezhnev Ukranian. The terror and purges were mostly inspired by Stalin and Lavrenty Beria - head of the KGB. Likewise it's agreed the type of Communism in the USSR had its roots in Tsarist autocracy. Although Stalinism was pretty dire it was rejected by Krushchev at the 20th Party Conference.
  15. Nice to see the use of comparisons to Nazi Germany is starting to hit a raw nerve. Especially the comparisons to the arm bands Jews were asked to wear in occupied Poland. Roman Polanski addressed this not too long ago. The fact such a comparison hurts to the quick is a sign truth is a powerful tool. Absolutely, the Covid ideology and its consequences relate to the Nazi values many millions gave their lives to oppose. Let's be clear that these people seek restriction of free movement and forced vaccination by threat of loss of citizen rights. Likewise genetic manipulation, just 20 years ago, was a concept most people equated with the worst kind of fascism. It's encouraging to see more and more resistance is snowballing. I recently met a Russian woman on a psychology forum and we now correspond. She asked me what I thought about the vaccine and we both see eye to eye. As the saying goes, for evil to triumph all good men need to do is nothing. If someone were to ask my view on Nazi ideology and the current, ugly wave of fascism sweeping the (once)civilised world, I would openly draw that parallel. If it offends, great! I see no harm in drumming in that message since so many Germans were conned into acceptance of National Socialism in 1939. And Polish Jews had to walk on the roads, bow to German officers and wear star of David arm bands. Just as is idealised today by modern fascists.
  16. Temper started to simmer today. Popped into the library and some fear-stricken woman asked me to allow a test. I replied absolutely not. Then I added, it would be nice to know how long they plan to keep all this hysterical nonsense going. The woman looked stunned. The question is whether banks will start to block entry without such tests, which in all cases I plan not to allow. At times I think my patience really does have limits and at some point that limit will be reached.
  17. Don't think IQ can measure intelligence but,yes, I would say global internet reduced intelligence worldwide. People reference stuff now but think less. Education and science likewise has declined. Same as psysical decline due to reliance on cars and pushbuttons. No physical or mental stimulation reaps a bitter harvest.
  18. Amusing that the bionic sound effects and slow motion footage are thrown in when Steve Austin just ducks out of the way! There's a scene where Austin is drugged with a mind control drug but it goes into his bionic leg and has no effect. Handy for Covid jabs. We should reissue the six million dillar man action toy as a Covid buster.
  19. Here is the scene where Steve Austin takes on Piere and some other bruisers. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GRoljaoTeDY
  20. Noticed it ages ago. Lack of mental challenge and reliance on Facebook and so forth. As well as games and junk food.
  21. She may be Norman Bate's real mother! She's got about as much chance pronging me as a one legged man winning an ass kicking competition. She should consider a role in The Adams Family.
  22. Steve Austin - a man barely alive. We can rebuild him. We have the technology to make the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before Better, stronger, faster. Would Oscar Goldman send Steve out on a mission to halt the vaccine? Probably. I noticed Lee Majors grew a moustache later in the series but didn't think it suited him. Best episode was Dr Wells Is Missing in which Steve fights Piere, an expert in the French art of Savate.
  23. I think the mask wearing is genuinely pathetic, to put it bluntly. In the Brezhnev era there was a period where dissidents were put into psychiatric hospitals as schizophrenic - that is for believing in capitalism. Yet, this mask delusion is seriously bordering on mass mental illness. If you look at it in pure logical terms it's beyond absurd. Don't these people realise that illness and recovery is part of evolution? I always relate the same message to people who wear masks. In time, millions will die due to a degenerative immune system. I even joke in bad taste and point out Michael Jackson died early, talented but frail.
  24. Here's a pic of Gilyarovskiy who was a brilliant psychologist and expert on delusional thought processes.
  25. I've been chancing upon useful information during my research into Schizophrenia, which I started some years ago. Over more recent time I developed the very credible theory that the current social crisis connects to known facts about social mass delusion. My current source is B.А. Гиляровский, (V Gilyarovskiy) who mentions facemasks as a symptom of psychological disorder. As here, where King Ludwig is referred to: "Those who sought an audience with him on reception were required to wear masks. " To simplify, illnesses such as Schizophrenia are distinct in diagnosis but the symptoms come from somewhere. That is, they are a human phenomenon. When delusional symptoms affect people in high social positions, there is far less resistance by normal people to the particular paranoid delusion. The masses accept it must be real. Here is the lesson of the King and his invisible suit which we can compare with Boris Johnson's testimony. Most people will scoff and state Covid is genuinely killing thousands of people but few psychologists today were taught correctly about psychosomatic symptomology. Psychological hysteria can cause severe respiratory symptoms. My estimation is possibly 75 per cent of global cases of Covid are mass hysteria with psychosomatic symptoms. People such as Angela Merkel really do not differ from King Ludwig. "In the sense of the impact on behaviour there are cases in which insane thoughts and desires arising from mad fantasies are more or less fully carried out in life, without meeting resistance due to the exceptional position of the patient. In this regard, the history of the disease of the Bavarian king Ludwig, which took place from the very degenerative family of Vittelsbach deserves attention. For a number of years, he suffered from schizophrenia with a large number of delusional ideas of greatness and persecution, which did not interfere with him for a while on the throne. Delusional paranoia and fear of people led to the fact that he spent whole months alone or at least not seeing a single person. Food came to him on the table, which with the help of a special mechanism was extended from under the floor. Those who sought an audience with him on reception were required to wear masks. "
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