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  1. I for one will not be having this vaccine for reasons I repeat in public, when asked. I get an awful lot of people respond that they want to go on holidays, so have no choice. I very calmly just point out appeasement is pretty much a blind alley. A person without backbone or principle becomes merely a victim. I doubt the people who fought Nazism in 1939 worried over missed holidays. The bottom line is I made my choice. I wonder though how many people will be in my camp ultimately. To make a principled decision means to take that path no matter what, and to prepare to go it alone if you have to. Besides, should people be isolated from civic rights on the basis of a vaccine makes you wonder what the vaccine has in it. I guess I'm not overly worried. I have in the past learned to get by on my own, which means not depending upon a system. The main disadvantage most people have is for years they've been programmed to "depend" upon systems, schools, employment, reputation. It's pumped out via the phoney "likes culture" on American internet where we're supposed to court favour and play to the gallery. Yet the truth is the system delivers very little and is a busted flush. It mostly offers negativity, defeat and feeble-mindedness. Personally, the less I depend upon it the better. At a guess, people in my group will probably be around 20 per cent of the population. I expect more restrictions to creep in by stealth but as I so often repeat - it just pushes me even further away from any vaccine. The truth is these days people start to put me on a pedastal as many regret having complied. You get this feeling they wish they could make a stand but feel they cannot. Yet, they can and should.
  2. Agreed. One of the best sites I used was called Ancient Classical History around 2005. Really nice, interesting people. Used to love Ebay before it got problematic. Later on, I found Zoho that used to let you make a totally free website. I had mine fully listed on Google but finally Zoho has started charging. My site is a dead duck finally. Plus, the small I.T. libraries are gone due to all this masks nonsense.
  3. Russia is by far not a free country these days. I tend to blame the EU and US more than Putin, however. Russia is surrounded by unsympathetic neighbours so has regressed. No political parties. Yandex tends to censor rival, political candidates or often religion. However, I tend to find a lot of information on Yandex is open to access. Especially clinical. They won't simply deny all the problems connected to failed vaccines in the past. On social media here, there was just a drive to censor all criticism and push, push the vaccine. Facebook for example. With Yandex you may possibly get specific negative feedback to vaccines but not the Sputnik. Due to marketing. Yandex is great for downloading music. However, the Russian website builders I found to be expensive, regulated and dody. So I recommend Wordpress.
  4. On typing "Covid vaccine injuries", Google performed a bit better. There were at least some reports of injury, which would suggest not all information is being sidestreamed. Yandex in turn provided: "501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show These numbers reflect the latest data available as of Jan. 29 from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. Of the 501 reported deaths, 453 were from the U.S. The average age of those who died was 77, the youngest was 23."
  5. Yandex has been of huge help to me in bypassing censorship and getting much better information. It incorporated all Google data as well as what Google removes. it's a big network so there's a yandex.com that is fully in English. Yandex.ru will work on English lang searches. I repeat, my suspicion is Google is filtering out even expert criticism of the Covid vaccine - which, if true, makes it not credible. Despite lots of repression and lack of democracy in Russia, certain constitutional rights to access information so far appear intact. Many Russians declined the vaccine and attempts to force it, to date have failed. Put simply, to be a Jehovas Witness in Russia can be problematic. To be a Navalniy supporter is even more risky. To be anti vax is not a major issue. I tried another dual search "anti covid vaccine". On Google, there was hardly any debate reflected and most of the content criticizes those who argue of the dangers. That just appears a major issue. Are we getting propaganda or a variety of opinion? On Yandex, I soon found lots of well-written articles warning about this vaccine. The freedom of information Google is deleting? I quote from Yandex: "I know that the researchers will be looking very, very, closely at the novel safety issues that could emerge. If they are not, they damned well should be. However, the timelines here are very short. It normally takes many years to create safe and effective vaccines. Here is it happening in, effectively, weeks." Malcolm Kendrick,
  6. I found some sort of a block on links to Ickes videos but you can do this. Copy and paste this into yandex.com дэвид айк о коронавирусе The page will display David's videos. P.S. Typing it into Google was not as good. Дэвид Айк is Icke's name in Russian. I recall the days of sanity when he was openly chatting live with Wogan in two shows.
  7. I had a theory the other day and decided to test it. Of course, we all know what happened to David Icke. Youtube account blocked. Totally absurd, of course, because David has the same fundamental right to an opinion as anyone. As do we all. So, the test: I was getting the impression Google is removing opinions of those who disagree with the Covid and vaccine agenda. To test it, I ran the same searches back to back, Yandex and Google. I always use Yandex to access information Google doesn't supply. Yandex has been going for decades and I used it for years. It absorbed Googles search material totally apart from that on Yandex. If you know Russian, you use Yandex.ru and if you don't know Russian, no problem. Use www.yandex.com Through others search engines, I accessed testimony from medical facilities that reported autism cases related to vaccine - which is now being denied. I had these files well before Covid started. This was a recognised reality by highly qualified neurologists. OK, here's the test: I typed "Covid fake virus" into Google first. This represents a crude kind of search Joe Average would type. Result? Pretty much no opinion that would express doubt over the official line. Seemed to me we are being fed fake data that suggests nobody has any doubts over the media line. My comment b------s! On Yandex dot com, well, basically lots of posts and views that express the view of Covid as a con. You see, Russian authorities are happy to censor Navalniy supporters but this is all power, party political conflict. Apart from that negative, Yandex is far more impartial a search engine than Google. It's media allows debate. Google, Facebook and Youtube do not.
  8. "The next scene shows Joline and David in Mejico. They have both taken on some work as field pickers to earn a little cash. Something the writers did get right was Collins sharing with David, and a campesino, that she had been astounded by her newfound experience of “work” as a duality of mind and body. For anyone with Asperger Syndrome, practical application of thought-processes would not be second nature. Motor impairement may be very subtle or quite severe. Moreover, Joline suffers some injury to her hands. The campesino suggests she should pay a visit to la bruja – a local healer in the Mexican, pueblo community. David is reluctant to go but his friend insists. The visit to la bruja, in my view, is maybe the best part of the episode. An old lady conducts an open healing ceremony, where the locals throw pesos into her basket. A patient is called forwards and requested to lie on a blanket. La bruja examines his torso and proclaims: “Algo esta creciendo en su estomago. Es fuerte. Yo soy mas fuerte.” Meantime Joline excitedly informs David they are about to witness psychic surgery, citing some anthropological details. All the local campesinos gasp in awe when la bruja seems to extract a malignant growth from the patient’s chest but Joline recognises the whole act is a fraud. To the astonishment of all present, she steps forward to expose the charade. Kneeling on the rug, she offers a basic explanation of tumours and medical anatomy to the onlookers. La bruja calls her unwelcome guest “gringa” and slaps her face. I thought this scene was cleverly staged. Lack of social awareness and tact would be typical of someone who suffers Asperger Syndrome. Most people sense when they need to show discretion, or even humour ignorance. Joline merely follows her intellectual interpretation of events at the healing surgery and brings misfortune upon herself. Banner attempts to explain the teenage girl doesn’t understand the customs of different cultures but is dragged away by some campesinos. Joline herself is manhandled and taken inside la bruja’s small caravan. “Mi casa es su casa, nina”, hisses the old, gypsy woman. As David is chained up, the old woman waves various rattles made of animal skulls at her captive, inside the caravan. Her screams, of course, cause David to struggle and shout, leading to his metamorphosis into The Hulk. Many of us will recall those familiar scenes of Bill Bixby’s shirt tearing apart and, in this case, the caravan is turned upside down. They both flee and the local people finally turn away from la bruja. Still at the camp in Mejico, David notices how Joline speaks Spanish quite fluently and comes to the conclusion she also knows French, German and Italian. He likewise points out she has knowledge of anatomy and anthropology, is in the elite chess category and tends to hum Mozart, as opposed to popular music. Joline is put on the defensive by the probing questions but decides to finally share her story. “It’s about being different”, she explains. At four years of age, Collins was taken by her mother to The Kirkland Institute and left there. She was not like other children and, no matter how she tried, couldn’t be normal and make her mother happy. At the institute, Collins had thrived on the praise she received for her giftedness and had worked harder than all the others. Now she felt her mother would understand her better and no longer reject her. David agrees to help reunite mother and daughter. David and Joline drive from Mejico to Los Angeles. A local resident informs them Collins’s mother had recently been evicted from a flat and was staying at The Ward Hotel. This turns out to be a run-down guest house in an urban part of L.A. When Mrs Collins is finally traced to her room, she turns out to be quite cold and unwelcoming. At the sight of her daughter Joline, Mrs Collins becomes defensive and upset, refusing to acknowledge her daughter. “Get her out of here!”, she yells. As Joline tries to explain why she needed to see her mother, she receives a slap across her face. Her mother storms out of the room and justifies her position on the grounds she has an abnormal daughter, who needs to return to the institution. Despite the fact, Brainchild was scripted as just another episode of The Incredible Hulk television series, this scene very much hit a nerve. So often, people are unaware how cruel any form of High Functioning Autism can be. Personally, I have witnessed fragmented families and isolated siblings. I was involved in one fatal suicide case, given I was once the best friend of someone who opted one day to bleed to death alone. This came after years of psychiatric consultations and State invalidity support of the patient. Neither of us at that time knew anything about Asperger or autism but a friendship was built upon shared experiences of suffering. I now feel quite sure that, although we both suffered a similar experience, our diagnostic profiles were quite different. Whereas my own performance at school was totally in accord with the outline of struggle applied to the Asperger children, my friend had actually shown extreme giftedness at school, especially in maths. He was able to study successfully in class, whereas I had struggled with a total blockade to any personally communicated information. Only my reading was strong at that time – again typical of Asperger children. However, as an adult, my friend was even less socially adapted than myself. His motor movements were very awkward. Parts of his overall psychological development were very unequal. Childishness combined with very high intellect and little social adaptation. As in my own case, he had a normal, well adapted sibling. I have a personal theory about autism, which I discovered when reading Nichola Tesla, the Serbian electrical inventor. My theory holds that almost the same linear curve of giftedness applies to the idiot and the obviously gifted child. A child of very high intelligence can suffer autism due to psychological isolation from immediate family, school and society. This is what we encounter in the case of Joline Collins. No contact, or resonance with the surrounding environment, disrupts normal human development. This creates isolation. On the other hand, the idiot, as opposed to the gifted, is initially too slow or impeded in the processing of information. This likewise creates a rift in the area of family bonding and social integration. Isolation becomes established. Autistic symptoms, therefore, consolidate. And yet…… According to Tesla, the condition of isolation from other human beings, in the psychological sphere, provides a catalyst for giftedness, genius and compensation. Given the case that the idiot and the gifted child begin life on a very unequal footing, both inevitably tread a path of isolation and tribulation. The phases of their respective developmental curves may at times be 360 degrees in opposition but, somewhere along the course of time, the curves may reach the same peak and resonance. For example, the idiot would register a strong, negative curve of intellectual development up to some unknown point in time when, possibly, an alternative mechanism for processing information develops inwardly. At such a point, the curve will alter course to a less negative, average value till it finally “catches up” the standard of normality. In many cases, and in the abstract sphere, this curve may finally reach higher positive values than normal. On the downside, delays in many other areas, especially emotional, continue to create problems. As to the gifted individual, the initial developmental curve would be abnormally in the positive ascent from early childhood so far as the cognitive area is concerned. This creates an imbalance between that particular curve and the other, pertaining to social development. Intellectual processing becomes dominant and substitutes instinctive learning. As the gap widens, psychological stresses and deficits increase, causing a negative dip in overall development. I have noted many case-files where fairly severe cases of autism are associated with intellectual parents. The conclusion of the episode. On being rejected by her mother, Joline climbs onto the balcony of the hotel with the intention of jumping to her death. The police arrive, together with doctors from the Kirkland Institute. Mrs Collins meantime is seated on a bus, unaware her daughter is about to jump. David runs after the bus and is chased by armed police, as the suspected kidnapper. The stress of the ongoing crisis brings about a metamorphosis and, once again, David turns into The Hulk. This time he chases the bus yet again, causes it to stop, rips off the door and carries Mrs Collins to the roof top, where Joline is threatening to jump. Mother and daughter realise they really do need each other and the crisis abates. This is a beautiful ending to the story, however, experience suggests such happy endings seldom materialise. Here, it would be possible to start a whole new blog theme on how autism issues divide families. In many cases, even an individual with a high- functioning, autistic condition may represent either a burden, or object of disappointment within a family unit. Such children appear selfish, uncaring, rebellious and stupid to all concerned. Some develop antisocial traits and confusion over morality. Cases of abuse in many cases have always been common. I should stress something.else too, that is crucial: Possibly very few high-functioning autistic children learn to develop alternative mechanisms to process information, in such a way as a process of development takes place. 98 per cent of human beings evolved to depend upon group-based information processing, via instincts, bonding, relationships and personal interaction. I have often pointed out that the essence of Asperger’s neurosis entails the total breakdown of this mechanism. The individual affected by Asperger’s must evolve alternative neurological pathways yet, as Asperger himself stated, most never do.The majority may be doomed to eek out a living on low-paid, temporary employment and suffer very low self-esteem. Does Joline Collins have Asperger Disorder? As Joline is represented in the episode, she shows fairly normal social interaction with regard to facial expression, eye-contact and vocal intonation. Someone with Asperger Disorder would be far more awkward and robotic. Likewise, Collins shows no motor impairement or clumsiness. Of course, all of this can be attributed to acting. Few actors, or actresses, are taught how to depict someone who has this kind of neurological deviation. With regard to poor social awareness and lack of instinctive processing, the producers got this right, since Joline assumed she could express her thoughts, without any tact. We are told Collins, from about age four, started to perform abnormally well in education. This was never the case with Asperger’s patients. The Asperger children could not be taught in a conventional classroom environment. However, as has been explained, many gifted children suffer severe developmental impairment due to excessive intelligence and Asperger carefully explained how this was a specific type of autism, distinct in his view from Kanner Autism. My view here is that, for the most part, the core aspect of Asperger Disorder consists of learning disability from an early age, while at the same time, there is a potential for giftedness, if teaching systems are radically adapted. By the same token, Joline clearly suffers a very similar type of high-functioning autism and classification has always been complex. Neither can we ever hope to box diagnosis of this condition into a simple list of ticks and crosses. "
  9. Copied from my blog. This blog post takes us back in time and shows how psychological disorders may be presented in the media. BRAINCHILD: The Incredible Hulk season 2 Part one "I decided to do a lighter feature on the topic of autism, as it was approached in the media by Kenneth Johnson, more specifically in the 1970s television series The Incredible Hulk. The episode in particular we will look at was called “Brain Child”. Kenneth Johnson had always been involved in the action-adventure-fantasy aspect of television production and was connected to other hugely popular shows, such as The Six Million Dollar Man and Bionic Woman. We might ask the question, why did the issue of autism arise, more than once, in The Incredible Hulk? Who can say? The actor and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, who played The Hulk, certainly experienced a traumatic childhood as a result of being diagnosed too belatedly for deafness. This led to learning disability and social isolation. All in all, we have as many as three storylines in The Hulk that address autism. This term “autism”, of course, has various aspects. In psychology it denotes either intellectual, cognitive delay, or uneven development of various processing functions. It can likewise be a symptom of depression or a by-product of disassociation of the psyche. The first episode to draw attention to autism was titled “Ricky”. Ricky Detter has a mental age of a 10 year old and is the adult brother of a successful racing-car driver. This storyline focuses on one brother’s difficulties over caring for his special needs sibling. Another episode called “The Confession” features a very stereotyped Asperger character called Harold Milburn. Asperger Syndrome is never referred to in any way but what’s interesting is Harold very much represents a diagnosis that wasn’t due to be publicized for another 8 years. Harold works in I.T. by himself, has no girlfriend, is ignored by others and has a flat personality. To try and get himself noticed, Harold contacts The National Register and claims he is the man who changes into The Hulk. As evidence, he produces a ripped shirt. As the story progresses, the fact people finally ridicule his claim, drives him to threaten to jump off a high-rise building. The third storyline “Brainchild” also focuses on autism but especially in the way it is perceived to relate to giftedness. Joline Collins is a highly gifted, teenage girl whose mother abandoned her at an early age. Joline was placed in the custody of The Kirkland Institute, where an experiment was initiated. She is subjected to intensive educational therapy in music, mathematics, biology, languages and other subjects. She becomes a “classified project”. We could be excused for thinking that Collins isn’t autistic at all but, as the episode unfolds, there are references to Joline’s limited social interaction and the rift with her mother. The episode “Brainchild” is fascinating as an example of the way popular opinion perceives autism, or giftedness. A great deal of fact is distorted – due to stereotyping – so we shall address some of these details in this feature. However, as a whole, this episode tells a moving story and is really worth watching. Especially from the perspective of nostalgia. At the beginning of the episode, we can see it was produced by Kenneth Johnson and written by Nicholas Corea. Joline is shown in a class playing classical piano at virtuoso level, after which a psychologist in a white coat invites her to solve a complex, mathematical equation on the blackboard. The staff at the Kirkland Institute are delighted by the results of their project but Collins communicates her desire to find her mother. Collins only has one actual friend – a computer referred to as Max. Unknown to the psychologists at Kirkland, she rewired Max in such a way as to give him a “personality”. She uses her connection with this computer to escape from the institution, with the aim of finding her mother. After escaping from the institution, Collins meets Dr. David Banner, where the first slip of the script becomes evident. She offers to fix his car. Most high-functioning autistic people tend to be quite limited in the area of mechanical work or manual skills. The second point to draw attention to is that Robin Dearden (who plays Collins) acts the role with no deficits in mimicry or vocal intonation. Motor movements and overall interaction of the character are all quite normal. Despite that, Collins is represented in this episode as mostly “gifted” and we have to just accept it is simply the way the script developed. David Banner agrees to give the young girl a lift if she can repair his car. This she accomplishes, and the two of them drive off. Meantime The Kirkland Institute staff notify the police that their patient has been kidnapped. "
  10. There's a price to pay for not being conditioned. The oldest term in psychology is "degenerate". Someone who grows up against the current. These are society's rejects and tend to fill psychiatric hospitals or prisons, but the intellectually developed "degenerates" sometimes become the John Lennon's of the world. My friends - much as I care what happens to them - don't have this capacity. They were trained from the cradle to seek approval and be motivated by popularity. The absurd mask-wearing we see everywhere is the result of decades of social control. Worse today due to Social Media and the "likes" culture where mass approval over-rides basic reason and logic. This is really just like H.G. Wells Moorlocks and Eloi, where the Eloi represent a generation that lost all the instincts of aggression and struggle to survive. Maybe people will regret their decision to be so easily led as the situation develops. I can sense even now how friends tend to admire my stance but daren't openly state it. Maybe they know too I had nothing to lose.
  11. Saw another friend today. She was nice to me, in fact. Admitted she herself, and many people she knows, have felt unwell and had issues. I tend to be less reactionary to these accounts than many others. One thing I learned during 8 years close bond with a German shepherd is that friendship shouldn't be conditional. My dog loved me regardless of my numerous defects and weaknesses. So, what I say is that I disagree with the vaccine - period - but my friends are much more conditioned than I am. They can't escape the condition of believing so many people can't be wrong. Also their life moves too fast to question their decisions.
  12. Had I never made a mistake in my life maybe I could judge her. I suspect now she's feeling a bit scared and confused.
  13. Just this moment my friend called. She says she'd not been in touch due to tiredness and not feeling well. She sounded like finally she's understanding why I was against the whole thing. I felt very sorry for her. Probably I need to stop saying, "told you so" and keep the good friendship we have. She probably feels bad enough and apparently concerned over the fatigue.
  14. The sheer stupidity of the biology community is on a par with what I met in neurology. Basic theory has long made it clear people don't react to chemicals the same way. For example, for me tree pollen used to be dangerous but to most people it doesn't register. Any drug, therefore, can react in various ways and to push an unknown vaccine on the public is to me misguided and reckless. Sure, it may well affect people mentally. It could affect the somatovegetative nervous system and cause toxins to affect the brain. It could possibly pass on all sorts of hidden problems to children. The people who claimed this vaccine is safe were the same people who claimed the Russian vax had been rushed through. Then, worried about the pharmaceutical commercial implications, they rushed ahead to secure a notch. Sorry, but by no stretch of the imagination do I call that "scientific". As stated, my deep distrust stems from what I witnessed in the past and diagnostic blunders most people prefer to blot out. So far I had no vaccine and remain healthy with a fairly strong immune system. No psychological issues beyond what's normal for me. Many friends however have felt not themselves.
  15. I was shocked to see cheerleaders with them on. I got the feeling that some time in the future, a more advanced society will look back at such scenes with shock. In my research I found that the use of facemasks goes way back in history and was related by psychologists to psychosis or delusion. This is not a new thing. Factor X is merely the huge amplification of a neurosis offered by global internet. I recall just a few years ago Michael Jackson was laughed at over his idea to avoid bacteria. Now, we see people have been programmed to view Michael's choice as rational. The man died young, talented, frail and alone.
  16. I tend to have very heightened senses to change. I'm also hypersensitive to electricity and can actually get a small shock from just 9 volts. Any change tends to register with me, so I will add this: My best friend - female and similar age - suddenly stopped phoning and texting. She had her last vaccine about a month ago. We never fell out over it. It's rarely mentioned in conversation. It just seems strange she would suddenly not contact me but possibly its to do with her family issues. Other people I've known in a shop somehow act colder towards me. Always very worried about the virus scare and tend to ask me if I'm not afraid I could die of the virus. When one of them asked if it was fair of me to expect medical care if I caught the virus, I replied I expect nothing. Another friend I was working with found someone else to help out, which surprised me. I was around when nobody else was at the time of the lockdown. You could see pretty much all my friends have vanished. In such cases, I use the extra time to do other things. Has the injection altered personalities? It's possible. Time will tell. Some people appear not to have changed while others have. Of course, biological factors will alter personality traits. Glands such as the thyroid or adrenal glands can be influential. Toxins can build up in the nervous system.
  17. Looks as if I was proved right. Many times I publically stated you can't reason with hysteria. Millions of people thought they could still travel and take holidays if they complied. They are being disappointed. The weak link in the vaccine fraternity is such people are not motivated by logic, but by hysteria and delusion. So they trip themselves up by exposing themselves as chaotic and prone to going around in circles. How long will it take till the penny drops? I think in time tough questions will emerge and I hope that at the end of it, social media will be viewed in the same way nicotine was in the 1970s. By that I mean, social media made society dumbed-down, inactive, dependent and wrapped in a cocoon. All the closed pubs, banks, offices, libraries and even shops appears to have made society insecure. So insecure, that a global wave of psychosomatic, paranoid, hysterical delusion created a fake religion. Gradually even former believers are questioning if the King really does wear an invisible suit. Called in my old library today. A female with all the signs of clinical hysteria asked me to fill in a form to enter. I declined and then found out one staff member had left her employment. Who could have predicted a flu virus would leave some jobless?
  18. By lifestyle, I mean sedate life, repetition, social media, virtual games, lack of actual contact and excessive noise. Deteriorating physical health with junk food, lack of exercise and especially lack of challenge and adrenaline. Without addressing these root causes, serious mental and physical health deterioration will most surely worsen.
  19. I try not to debate with these people since my view is still we have an onset of mass hysteria and hyperchondria. I continue to exist it's caused by lifestyle. Technically we always referred to it as "feeble mindedness", where there are symptoms of deep anxiety that have to be accommodated by various measures. These are supposed to reduce risk. Recently I read a specialist from the USSR who pointed out hysteria could be diagnosed when the groups of patients discuss their fears quite calmly and robotically. Normally if a person is afraid, you detect vocal differences and physical signs of stress. Yet, with hysteria, the actual emotional symptoms don't match the pronounced sense of danger. Another test I do is to record any message that's broadcasted in a store, and I study the vocals, as well as the content. I find repetition of "fear words", such as "safe", "reassure", "safety", "concerns", "exits", yet the positive enforced words are virtually lacking. The vocals are, as said, at odds with the mood, which is matter of fact. A trained psychiatrist ought to know this is text book hysteria but it bothers me it's not been noticed. I don't reason with hysteria but prefer to point it out directly.
  20. Looks as if Lukashenko is in the spotlight. Personally, I guess he asked for it. Pretty much hijacking a civilian aircraft to make an arrest. The irony is Putin is now supporting him. It would be nice to look at all of this as good guys and bad guys, but they are all now simply bad guys. Putin appears to have become a remote dictator but doesn't hide it. The EU claims to be different but their leaders wouldn't know what democracy and liberty mean by a long stretch. If I see anything positive for the future I would say it would mean a total end to fake representation of masses of people by self motivated monopolist groups. They appear to be irrelevant dinosaurs - the lot of them. This Covid crisis has done a wonderful job of exposing the attitude of politicians that looks upon populations as servants and serfs. I think back in the Raegan Gorbachev era, politics was a genuine building block in social structure but those days are gone.
  21. Turns out Russia isn't making their vaccine obligatory. The speech was by Medvedev but the overall decision went against his views.
  22. My philosophy always was to prepare for the worst case scenario. The worst thing is to not be prepared when your personal freedom is attacked. Arrest and isolation of those who oppose all this vaccine nonsense remains a "possibility". In the case of Russia, lots of people are feeling alienated from the government and don't trust the vaccine. It's a classic example of why a State should never be allowed in any way to "rule" a people. The people must be involved in all decisions that affect war, peace, health and industry. That's the minimum base of democracy.The current culture of careerist leeches and smug oligarchs in political office has led to this crisis.
  23. Yes, just heard that Medvedev is finalising a legal rule to allow forced vaccines, in the interest of the State. That is obviously a fundamental shift. It's unlikely that would happen here but I suppose some E.U. countries could follow Russia. This crisis so far has plenty of copycat elements. Not yet sure whether Russia's plan will simply link employment to the vaccine or use that kind of coercion. At the moment I'm in contact with a Russian female from Irkuts who's anti-vax so will ask her. So far my opposition to this has been academic and based on principle. Should there be an attempt to force vaccine, my opposition would become far more militant. And to be honest I always base my groundwork on a worst case scenario. What happened in Poland in 1939 could certainly happen again. Many people were left taken by surprise when it happened.
  24. Worth adding the Torah is most certainly derived from earlier Sumerian scripts. The Sumerians were polytheistic. My own view is the idea of one God was simply an easier way Moses employed to hand over the 10 commandments. Even today monotheism continues in Islam, Jewish Orthodoxy and even Jehovas Witnesses. Despite that prior to the arrival of the Hebrews, the Canaanites inhabited the region of Israel although these were a semitic people who were polytheistic. These intermarried with Hebrews. The Jewish culture is probably mixed and seems to have Sumerian roots. Modern Palestinians arrived far later on. This took place after the war with Rome left the Jewish tribes scattered. Modern Palestinian migrated and occupied the currently disputed Holy Land. Accurately, the real Palestinians were the semitic Canaanites and existed around the time of Ramases The Great.
  25. What I've been noticing a lot is that the majority of the population source information from various websites, but not printed books. I specifically noticed copied and pasted pages online where information was just duplicated. My theory is this: There are two groups affected by mass hysteria: Group 1: Those who are terrified by germs and the concept of "a virus". This primary group unknowingly is affected by delusion in a similar way to hysteria. The masks and various rules and measures are supposed to ward off the feared danger. Cause? The internet. Nobody thought how global internet might feed off our own cerebral potential and weaken our thought processes. (Group 2): Those who share the same anxiety as group 1 but the danger in this case is based around the overall alarmist situation created by group 1. Group 1 fears the virus. Group 2 fears the supposed antidote to the virus. This also leads to delusional association. Plots of Free Masons, covens, globalists or racial, genetic manipulators. Cause? The internet. Group 3 is the healthy one. Group 3 is made up of people who are very concerned over what's taking place but their judgements are based on their own analysis of information, or past experience of history. I've encountered conspiracy thinking that runs so deep, actual real events are viewed simply as staged dramas. Was Hitler really Nibor - a shape-changing, intergalactic psychopath?
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