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  1. Yes, true. The Covid fascists have an Achilles heel. They are not logical or coherent since their motivation is base instinct. They just keep following an agenda that's anti-humanity and founded on paranoid delusion around disease. This is Freudian psychology - where we learn how base emotions control irrational behaviour. People need to be taught in simple terms that their masks and vaccines won't change a thing. This is quite true. And for sure, people are starting to see something is wrong (and complain). One powerful response is to use information based on fact and logic. As opposed to the fear, doom and delusion pumped out by the media. Can't be drowned out by the assertions of the hysterical media.
  2. Putin appeared to hint all of this was meant to provoke an incident that could be used to axe the Russian pipeline, supported by Germany. Make Russia seem to be a threat. Putin seemed not to worried. That is, NATO would struggle to outgun Russia on its own territory. This may well be true. Russia has masses of strike power from Kaliningrad alone. What was intended was mainly to bait the Russians and have an excuse to pull the oil line. I imagine they would only ram or damage a vessel if all warnings were ignored.
  3. This is something I noticed about fascism. Myself, I'm not the cleanest of people and, unlike the majority, don't care if a dog jumps up for a fuss. I always found that people who demand clinical cleanliness from others tend to not relate to animals, or are judgemental. There is something about this Covid ideology that's plain alien to my nature. This ideology promotes the view people should not mix or freely spend time together. You will notice this. There are activists who are doing their utmost to keep us apart, through use of the internet, used for distance schooling and shopping. The hope is now to eliminate supermarkets and promote delivered orders from warehouses. You will notice the facemasks and vaccines aren't nearly enough for these people, which is why, so far, those who swallowed the vaccine propaganda gained nothing. Nothing at all! The Covid fascists, in fact, don't think logically since their motivation is instinctive, based on fear, division, negativity and judgement of others, (as being diseased, unclean and uncontrolled). And this is the chink in the armour of this fascist ideology. More and more, people are telling me they complied with demands made upon them earlier on, yet no change has come about. Now, they are starting to have major doubts. To defeat the Covid fascism agenda, it's important to pump out lots of information. It would also help to question the way internet is being used by these people to erode skills, education and jobs. Remember, Facebook, Youtube and Google "censor" free information. Why support them where alternatives can be created? And that means maybe going out and meeting others as people did in the good old days. Also making mail-list groups so as not to have information taken off. We need to identify Covid Fascism for what it is and help others to wake up and smell the coffee.
  4. I was typing this outside after shopping and found I'd been sitting on an ant's nest. Had to brush them all off. One night I was outside typing and felt something on my leg. I looked down and saw a rat so jumped upright. Another night a fox approached and sat next to me.
  5. Putin's well past his sell by date now but initially he's done a good job rebuilding the Russian Federation. Economy lags China, of course, but oil and gas sales have enabled military investment. Despite being surrounded by many hostile neighbours Russia could defend itself if a war came about. Normal Russians however are paying the price of this new war, at the coat of a one party state and corruption. In fact they're in the same boat as we are where democracy pretty much died out.
  6. Well, Russian historians tend to blame a lot of this on Stalin. It's said Stalin repressed racial and cultural identity to make one whole USSR. However, the Estonians, Georgians, Bulgarians and Ukrainians all had a culture and language. When the USSR fell, there was a huge rise in nationalism. Somehow it grew. So now Ukraine is divided between ethnic Russians and Ukrainians. I was never sure why Russia was blamed per se since Lenin was Armenian/Jewish and Stalin Georgian. Brezhnev was Ukrainian. Today people want to find an identity and flag while some short-sighted politicians hope to destabilise a volatile situation. The seeds were set decades ago, of course. As to Stalin, I came to see he was nowhere near as bad as history portrayed him. He was a very typical revolutionary of the era, brought into a war zone for most of his life. When he died, Krushchev attacked Stalinism mostly to remove the old figures who were in Stalin's circle. Yet Krushchev a decade before was giving pro Stalin speeches and part of the inner circle. I doubt Stalin would have placed missiles in Cuba as he was really pretty cautious.
  7. Gorbachev already warned of the possibility of a war. He was still General Secretary of the USSR when I started to learn Russian in 1989. Having read a lot of Soviet history, the Crimea problem was created when Krushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine. The eventual placing of short range ICBMs in Cuba, together with the overall crisis, led to Krushchev's forced retirement. Brezhnev then took over. Given Krushchev was very rash and impulsive. I read NATO is planning to confront Russia in the Black Sea close to Crimea. That is, move a lot of naval forces to the area. Probably they imagine the Russian military won't react but my guess is that is a miscalculation. The main problem today is the U.S. really lacks the kind of intelligence and in-depth knowledge that existed in the Reagan era. Possibly Russia is judged on its conventional military that is restricted by budget and economy. However, I think the hypersonic missile capability has changed everything. Should actual war develop, the hypersonic missiles can avoid anti ballistic defences, placed in Europe. Use of subs that slip by radar can use the seas as a launching platform. Russia has an advantage of high technology developed on a low budget. Other countries don't need hypersonic missiles as there's no threat of a missile shield. Russia needs them to bypass any shield so the missiles can go into space and re-enter.
  8. Hmmmm, beware of ditching shops for online food sales. That will create even more reliance on the internet. I tend to blame the Gates internet experiment as the cause of closed shops, closed offices, closed businesses and dumbed down education. Internet was great when it started but now used as social control too much. Next step will be online store deliveries of food and resulting unemployment.
  9. The news I got today is that plucky Mrs C (who refused the vaccine) has defeated the "deadly virus". She got diagnosed with it some days ago and almost immediately her co-workers were saying, "Look what happened to her!" Well, yes, she was diagnosed and - by her account - easily recovered. This is a woman with diabetese and very poor health but she laughed off her "killer virus" encounter. Now, the staff are in awe. They genuinely were hoodwinked into the belief the Covid virus spells assured death. And now they witnessed a gutsy, oldish employee shrug it all off as no big a deal. Of course, whatever the virus is, it can affect some people harder just as tree pollen does. However, many deaths must surely be connected to panic and extreme psychosomatic symptoms, spread by fear. This virus is not a sure gate to death, by any stretch of the imagination. Many many cases I view as psychosomatic, fear induced, hysterical reaction, just as we saw in Sri Lanka back in 2007. Or in Europe around the 16th century. Sure, part of it lies in a virus unfamiliar to us but compare the real death stats with heart disease and strokes. So to repeat: No vaccine for me. Not now. Not ever.
  10. Is bacteria and illness bad? Ever seen Fantastic Voyage? Great 1969 movie that shows how the body functions and defends itself from invaders. We associate bacteria and illness with just negativity but, overall, we gradually evolve adapted defence mechanisms. The pro mask fraternity don't understand this. I find mask wearing was a symptom of hypochondria that goes back centuries. I view it as a delusional phenomenon associated with psychotic conditions, historically that is. What interests me is the cause. What triggered people in power to react with hysteria to new strains of virus? How on earth does "social distancing" magically rid us from illness? What are the long term repercussions in terms of evolution? Adaptability and survival? I am happy to get any virus that comes my way and fight it off. The fact hardly any do is down to social distancing. That could spell longer term problems.
  11. Some old friends of mine claim to have had this virus. From their account, they had a decent dose of whatever it was. However, bacteria is bound to evolve as centuries pass by. My friends likewise did not die. So, many protesters think there is a virus but consider there's a vast over-reaction. Others consider the whole thing a con. I now see numbers of protesters increasing. Many had the vaccine but are now getting doubts and grudgingly considering they were misled. I'm no longer a minority.
  12. None of it any good for me. I went to study Russian at uni in 1989. These days I use it for psychology research of my own. Ironically any trip to Russia would be impossible due to visa cost and vaccine. At least so far as the grant goes, it was a waste of taxpayers money. Neither would I like modern Russia where they now drink beer and wear masks.
  13. Also I suppose the Russian subs on the UK coast would have angered NATO. These have been very aggressive over the months. Given Russia is at a huge disadvantage geographically, the subs offer an avenue to strike anywhere. Hypersonic missiles also eliminate the defence shield strategy because it's so difficult to shoot them down. Looking from the point of being surrounded by Poland, Ukraine, Baltic bases, Russia will feel far safer with hypersonic strike capacity.
  14. For me, the main argument in defence of Russia is Crimea's ethnic Russian population. Ukraine only has ethnic Russians in the mining East, and these were treated pretty badly. That's because anti Russian sentiment spread after the fall of the USSR. Russia was blamed for the Stalin work camps and deportations. Most of all, the reality of economic growth under Communism lead many ex block countries to blame Russia and Stalin. Yet, Gorbachev reformed the USSR and sought democracy with global integration. All of that turned very sour with the end result of Putinism going back to isolation and repression. The bottom line now is this is very much a war. Russia has subs all over the British coast and has moved into the Middle East. Meantime, attempts continue to weaken Putin's grip and arm Ukraine, as well as encourage more rift. The question is the same as Gorbachev stated. One incident could spark a real war with only losers. I think Kennedy and Krushchev were a lot smarter and respectful to each other than leaders today. More aware through Afghanistan and Vietnam of the risks.
  15. Russia should have been integrated after the reunification of Germany and not isolated. The thought was Russia would decline into insignificance so NATO could occupy Crimea as a naval base. That hasn't happened. The fact is the U.S. has also declined, so essentially neither Putin or Biden lead superpowers any more. In my view Russia is kind of weak economically and politically. The U.S is weak culturally and in education. Yet the U.S. still aspires to topple China and Russia as it sees itself still as a superpower state. Meantime, Russia reformed its once degraded military and is determined to regain at least some of its former status. The Crimea is now its main naval base and that was secured by the approval of ethnic Russians who live there. From their view, being governed by the EU isn't what they would want at this time. Bottom line is Russia can defend Crimea and would act if it felt overy threatened by other countries in the Black Sea. Whether Boris understands that reality is anyone's guess. The alternative is to try and build a stable post Soviet Europe with Russia included and hopefully democratic over time.
  16. I wondered today if the bottom line in all of this is Mother Nature herself. This new flu virus has exposed feeble mindedness and poor health in an overpopulated globe. It exposed how essentially stupid civilizations became. More so, those in power who make the most absurd decisions. If hospitals can't cope with an epidemic that would indicate an overall status of poor health linked to inactivity, smoking and junk food. That is, hospitals are straining to treat clogged arteries and diabetese as well as stress related illness. That started the panic, I think. I doubt people in the 1940s would have been remotely alarmed by a flu virus as compared to air raids and rationing. As a bit of a Darwinist, I tend to think Nature selects the fittest and discards the weakest but here we need to be careful. A disabled person can be more suited to survival on account of strong mental qualities or adaptability. Whereas a blond haired Adonis may well drop down dead over time through blind adherence to authority. And non exposure to bacteria. I think people who somehow feel they can cheat evolution and never get ill, over time will die through the common cold. That depends upon how long they continue to not engage with the natural environment - that is mechanised to kill off those of us who have no adaptation.
  17. The only reason to prolong such a lockdown would be environmental. That is, some severe climate change. Logically though it would make more sense to be open rather than creating fake lockdowns. Other than climate, I see no advantage to a lockdown as the economy will erode. Which equates to a weak military in the face of China rising as a superpower. As stated, I tend not to embrace conspiracy theories. These have been going since the Christians were blamed for the great fire of Rome. The concept is always that of a secret group that gains control by some co-ordinated plot. In this case, anything is possible but, beyond some global warming disaster looming, I see no gain from lockdowns, but rather total decline of infrastructure. My good guess is, yes, flu will kill millions. Just normal flu that is. People have no immunity as they try to outsmart Darwinism by hiding from bacteria. What I see unfold is mass stupidity against a background of the king and his invisible suit syndrome. Bogus, mediocre scientists appear to have created this current mess on the basis of panic, over reaction and social delusion. Sadly politicians lapped it all up and the masses blindly followed to jump over a cliff. Saw some very old friends on Sunday who had Covid. They were apparently pretty unwell for 3 weeks and no taste. Hearing their story, I guess there is a virus out there that hits some harder than others. However, my friends recovered and are now fine.
  18. I would definitely side with Russia here. Krushchev gave Crimea to Ukraine in the 1960s but the decision was not popular. Therefore, Krushchev became the only Soviet leader to be deposed and removed from office - apart from Gorbachev. Given Krushchev never imagined the USSR would fragment, making a gift of Crimea wasn't an issue then. And although the taking of Crimea by force strained international law, promises made to Gorbachev over NATO expansion had likewise been clearly broken. We should recall Germany was reunified under the assurance NATO wouldn't expand Eastward. And lastly, Crimeans are mostly ethnic Russians and speak Russian. Far as I'm aware they supported integration with the RF.
  19. Hard to believe what I read. A British warship tries to sale through a course that passes a few miles from Crimea. This in order to take a particular side in the dispute between Russia and Ukraine. Crimea was a huge naval base of the Soviet Union but was contested when the USSR collapsed. Given Ukraine drifted from Moscow's sphere of influence, together with Poland, Baltic States and much of Eastern Europe, it was hoped in the U.S. NATO would eventually gain control of Crimea. As we know, Crimea was integrated into the Russian Federation some years ago, after a spat with Ukraine. Neither the E.U or U.S. accepted Crimea as part of the R.F. so the recent naval confrontation took place amongst a pretty tense area of sea. Russia sent about 20 aircraft into the skies and claimed to have fired warning shots in front of the British warship. This rift between Moscow and Ukraine appears to be a ticking time-bomb. Add that to a huge rift between Russia and the E.U. I get the impression Boris Johnson was used as a patsy to "test the waters". Very dangerous, however. Once someone loses their nerve, you get real clashes with possible casualties.
  20. I still tend not to view this as a conspiracy. To me it's more like the European Witch hysteria, where certain parties exploit the fear of the masses for gain. For example, refusing tourists who had Sputnik rules out Indians, Chinese and Turks, amongst others. We know Sputnik is better than Astra Zeneca to date but governments have the objective to sell medications. So they refuse Sputnik to protect their market - and could care less about blood clots. Likewise they can stop transit from non EU countries. Clearly, Russia and China may blacklist opposing vaccines too. So people like me who studied Russian seemingly wasted their time.The crucial thing is all of this totally discredits the vaccine as a risky, economic farce. It's rushed, dangerous, unproven and unscientific as a marketed product. Knowing what I know, I'd not touch it with a ten foot barge pole.
  21. Lorna, this is what I suggest. Contact the admin of YouTube or Google and inform them of your intention to publicise the fact they are censoring freedom of speech, expression and the right to disagree where vital issues of health are concerned. By "publicise" I mean making friends, family, social groups aware of the censorship issue. Given these platforms already censored David Icke, I tend to stick to my old line of zero tolerance by consumers. Anti vaxers very much differ and some aren't generally anti vax in cases where said vaccine has been subjected to prolonged testing. We have a right to our particular view and the option to blacklist social media sites that block free expression. Not sure what percentage anti vaxers are globally but I figure there are enough of us to give out negative feedback. Personally I tend to exploit division. There are video channels on Yandex.com and I've seen David Ickes videos there. Funny thing is the Navalniy videos and forums are all censored but anti vax discussion is allowed, even if Sputnik gets criticized. Google likewise is suffering control in China and Russia as they no longer have a monopoly. A dose of their own disdain for free opinion. People should not use these media channels and seek alternatives.
  22. To add, I think the time to get serious about vaccine passports is now. Myself, as I get older, don't feel overly bothered over not being able to travel. However, in my early 30s, I travelled a lot. Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. It is amazing to think in the future, politicians feel emboldened to tell us we can't leave our borders unless we risk vaccines that offer no legal compensation, should children wind up with something akin to thalidomide: "Many children in the 1960's, like the kindergartner pictured above, were born with phocomelia as a side effect of the drug thalidomide, resulting in the shortening or absence of limbs." And having been in countries where travel abroad was restricted decades ago, I can say that to sit back passively will result in the train passing by. That is, the last step from democracy to dictatorship is now in the balance unless people get off their proverbial backsides and stand up.
  23. This was my main argument to support my never taking part in this vaccine program. It's a subtle point you need to look at very logically to grasp. If this vaccine program was designed to save lives, why should issues around the country of origen, or economic block matter? China, Russia, India. Much as I would refuse the Sputnik vaccine same as all the rest, it appears thus far to have yielded less side effects than AstraZeneca. The latter has left several people I know unwell for weeks, and many more clotting victims that may have been hushed. Yet, the EU is demanding "select" vaccines for use essentially as a "passport". I quote: "The European Medicines Agency (EMA), which is the agency of the European Union responsible for the evaluation and supervision of medicinal products, has approved only four Coronavirus vaccines so far, which are: Comirnaty (BioNTech, Pfizer) COVID-19 Vaccine Moderna Vaxzevria (previously COVID-19 Vaccine AstraZeneca) COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen (Johnson & Johnson)" Two points: Many Russians I talked to rejected Sputnik because they tell me they consider any rushed vaccine too risky. I respond basically I would not want any rushed vaccine wherever it was produced. The bottom line is they were all rushed, at great risk to ourselves, because, pharmaceutical companies wanted to make billions from sales. Putin was the first to try and capitalise so Sputnik was rushed out. Other countries then felt the squeeze so rushed forward a vaccine of their own - to hell with any side effects that may over time create serious health issues for millions of people. Consider the following E.U. quote: “They say, Sputnik V is good, but Putin doesn’t care to use it as a cure for the Russian people – he offers it to the world as another hybrid weapon to divide and rule. This is neither new, nor good for mankind,” ???????????? I am no fan of Putin. Yet, does anyone seriously believe Sputnik was created as an international, divisive weapon and not intended as a genuine vaccine? Let's put it this way: If anyone is foolish enough to allow governments to dictate what medication they take, what does it matter what the ethnic origen of a vaccine is? What does it matter which company makes millions of dollars in sales of a toxic substance? Are these people supposedly claiming to save lives or not? What us their motivation, restriction of travel to and from borders, or revenue from rushed pharmaceutical products? Conclusion: I imagine I will look back in 5 years as relieved not to have been taken in by this vaccine-passport farce.
  24. Tetra G - welcome to the 25 per cent. Who knows maybe the figure is greater. I was told today one anti-vax friend is off work and presumably caught Covid. The hint was I would be next. Thus far, I haven't heard the other side of the story. This friend has had heart ops and suffers diabetese. She was therefore at risk but she decided by herself not to have the vaccine. I will try to find out more. Chances are she caught a basic cold bug and will be back at work soon.
  25. I believe there's a good chance the global population won't just be reduced by 20 years, but may practically go back to pre-history as the decades pass. Very much as if H.G.Wells got his science fiction right. I somehow find modern civilization and populations to lack the raw, survival instincts required to survive as a species on this planet. This may sound cruel and even judgemental but, every day, I see people around who are in pretty horrendous physical shape, as well as feeble-minded. By "feeble-minded" I mean lacking the kind of intelligence and aggression nature demands of all of us. This is shown by fear-avoidance, hyperchondria, social delusion and hysteria. Put simply, a social mental health breakdown, coupled with lack of challenge and will to fight and earn the asset of life. Just as H.G.Wells warned decades ago in his fiction. What's interesting is to take a look at wildlife in general. At my local park, geese and ducks are positively thriving and somehow you can sense they "feel" some change is ahead. People sit and walk by masked up in fear, apprehensive, physically falling well short of the health and strength nature intended us to possess. A very far cry from the mentally and physically tough populations that survived hunger, air-raids and WW2. Internet is very much to blame but I think cable TV and mass automation of lifestyle started the ball rolling. Poor diet, fast food, inertia - and now hours spent each day on the dreaded Facebook (which makes sure nobody ever posts material that disagrees with State propaganda). Personally, I wonder why these State regulated mouthpieces are patronised - I hate to encourage media that censors and bans "dissent". A lot of people here so many times raised the question as to how come we witnessed such a pathetic level of compliance as the masses risk their life and health over a rushed, and possibly dangerous vaccine. Well, there you have it - H.G.Wells saw it coming. Harsh as it may sound Mother Nature through Darwinism stamps out weakness and selects strength. Otherwise, no species on this planet would survive. I remain convinced within the space of possibly 20 years, most human beings will have no immunity or resistance to viruses that may accelerate the more immunity falls. Is there any hope? For some of us, yes. That depends upon strict non compliance, determination to be like pioneers and facing life head on.
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