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  1. Personally I dislike violence and conflict. I try to rely on being street-wise, which led me to be wary of these vaccines, in the first place. It simply doesn't add up. The amount of fear generated doesn't tally with the reality of the threat - this is not leprosy or a cancer. I don't rule out that some countries might force these vaccines. There has been pressure in Russia to demand vaccines for everybody. Here, in the UK, I think choking off of citizen rights will be the approach (by stealth). The point of my post I guess is the simple fact there have always been wars, famines, plagues and occupations. In Chile there were disappearances under Pinochet. We always become victims if we become passive, afraid, negative and unprepared. Those, for that matter, who were forced onto trains in Poland in 1939 were totally caught off guard. How many died? Here, what I refer to is any direct threat to life and liberty. Being prepared to adapt to social isolation. In some countries, possibly attempts to quarantine non vaccinated people. In the USSR under Brezhnev some dissidents were confined in asylums and drugged as schizophrenics. You can become apathetic and assume things won't revert to WW2, but sadly that kind of stability is proven by history to be short lived. Any half-decent boxing, martial arts program will increase fitness, positive attitude and self-esteem. I'm not suggesting we can be as Chuck Norris and kick ass, as the bad guys attempt forced pronging. I guess it's about learning not to think like a victim or be a victim.
  2. It's about conditioning. Not years doing grades. You take what's necessary. In case of standard karate, I'd back a decent boxer, due to the actual contact and conditioning. Having said that some Shaolin monks did serious conditioning to rival any marines program. Practically boxing and judo would go well together but conditioning is always a plus. Many martial arts are more sport orientated but do increase fitness.
  3. So far I kept this quiet but have been training for some time since the lockdowns started. The idea is simple and basic: Things could escalate in a number of ways, from crime waves to attempts at forced isolation. Part of the reason this mess started is we have an apathetic and often physically under par population. A submissive, subdued population is a sure invitation to the wolves. There are many non lethal ways to defend your life and person. It's also an obligation. I always figured the shrewdest self defence is to run faster and harder than your attacker (or attackers). It simply puts a distance between yourself and any threat. First step then is physical fitness and mobility. Martial arts teaches strong- mindedness which is even more important. Not to be afraid or negative. So, take your pic. Karate Boxing Kung Fu Judo - Ju Jitsu Thai Boxing Jeet Kune Do The Shaolin monks lived under various threats but trained in effective defence. They were very peaceful but very well trained.
  4. I was looking at caravans, and nice ones at that. Seen some for 6,000 although it's important not to buy into trouble. I'd like to live by the sea as I spent part of my childhood in Towyn in a caravan. However, more lockdowns create problems and scores of caravan owners lost a lot of money. That is, sites closed. So, you need a spot of land and legal clearance. I know some who bought luxury camper vans and plan to sell up. A camper van is probably a better option.
  5. There's a huge part of the population that simply lost the instinct to survive and fight. Much as I dislike fighting, this is part of nature (as you will see in any wildlife documentary). I have never understood the"I have no choice" argument because, to my mind, health is the most valuable thing you possess. Surely, the stakes are obvious and facts plain to see. We have a supposed "killer virus" that often we don't even know we've got, but have to be told we have it!!! We have a vaccine that (unlike the virus) has left people unwell for weeks. More people who took the vaccine have died from the virus the vaccine is supposed to prevent. Now, those who took this vaccine calmly tell me to not get too close as the vaccine apparently doesn't stop the virus. Who in their right mind would risk life and limb on that kind of record? The homelessness fear is really conditioning. In the Great Depression workers basically built sheds and pulled together. I would rather build a wooden hut in the Norwegian style or a house boat. The alternative of working under condition of experimental vaccines is a no go. It just isn't worth it.
  6. Thoughts of Lenin and the communist revolution perhaps? We are back in pre 1917 with a very oppressed working class who, instead of being sent to trench warfare, are now being economically forced into vaccine programs. Same old story, same old song. It took major hunger and loss of life till the masses finally revolted in 1917. That ended trench warfare and established an initial communist society in Poland, Hungary, Bulgaria and half of Europe. We know it all went wrong later with gulags and even famine. Still, the point is the working classes are once more being reduced to a peasantry (harsh term) since the welfare state, trade unions and security have been allowed to disappear. To add to that we now see forced vaccines. My response to that personally is it's an insult and an attack on working classes. I say that because it threatens freedom of travel and employment. For me it's easy to point blank not comply. I also know it's the right path and would hate to sleep at night knowing my life could be shortened at some point. Nobody knows yet what side effects may emerge. Sure, you can take the vaccine and hope for the best but that won't win respect. Proof of that is those who complied face more vaccines and more restrictions. And what will happen when real flu comes in deep Winter? Surprisingly, it seems I am not such a minority. I meet people daily who point blank refuse forced vaccines.
  7. You leave out some apparently contrasting factors that applied, say, three years ago. Most countries have battled to increase populations in order to boost economic growth. If a change in policy took place, it had to have been recent. New Labour was obsessed by immigration and the idea of falling population. We saw a massive influx from Calais as you recall. I recall Labour leaders stating we need more and more migrants and so forth. If a sudden turn-around took place, the only possible motive would be global warming. This is indeed becoming an issue but the blame for that lies with governments and not populations. For example, the Iraq oil fields going up in smoke some years ago. It's possible governments could have swallowed a euthanasia program although I seriously doubt you could get unanimous cooperation. Especially given the fact Russia suffers a population crisis since the fall of the USSR. Many people do believe the whole vaccine program is a plot to wipe out populations. In such a case you have to ask the question does Boris Johnson "know" the vaccine is a control agent or does he "think" it's just a vaccine? Is it a manipulation of governments or a collective crime amongst themselves? My own take on this is for whatever reason people are losing their basic survival instinct. I would even go so far as to say a mass psychological illness of irrational, self destructive behaviour.
  8. Spoke to my friend Carol today. She had this supposed Covid virus a month ago, diagnosed apparently. She shook it off in a week. She's had no vaccine. Neither is she very healthy. She told me today she's prepared to leave her job if given any ultimatum but would take legal action. One of the younger workers is effectively terrified of me for not having the vaccine. I asked why she was worried if she's had her own. I always notice in these cases hypochondria. Hypochondria seems to be the basis of the physical and psychological symptoms.
  9. I should add I lived a very tough life indeed due to unstable family environment. I came out of a pretty serious mental health crisis that lasted some 10 years. I concluded the standard of support and overall knowledge was pretty lacking. In later life, I ended up studying psychology and neurology and relying upon myself. And, in a sense, you could say it paid off. After all of that, recently I discover the NHS has written several times to inform me the support I really need is a somewhat risky vaccine that's supposed to save me from a killer virus. Where were they when I needed real assistance and specialised feedback? I guess former, severe challenges toughened me up in the long run and taught me one valuable lesson: Don't trust so-called experts. Those who dished out antibiotics and other drugs like candy, to the point natural immunity declined. Under no circumstances would I mess with these vaccines, unless it was something like leprosy. You would be amazed too how much our brain and glands react differently to foreign substances and how the nervous system can be poisoned by such toxins. Thereby causing conditions such as encephalitis in children. Is it worth that kind of risk?
  10. My creed is never reason with hysteria. It doesn't work. So far I have taken zero steps to indulge this current nonsense and spoke my views plainly from the outset. There is indeed only one logical way to deal with irrational fear and that is to "drop out", as was realised in the late 1960s. And in 1968 it wasn't as bad as we see today. By the way, I continue to research social, mass hysteria as a project and conclude Freud had this all neatly explained. Social hysteria is caused by repressed emotional outlet which goes hand in hand with withdrawel and isolation. Social media in my view reduced real social interaction on a huge scale, which created a psychological crisis over time. Very definitely net use, in my view, causes changes in the brain, (which actually has been admitted already). I read today in my own area reports of a major mental health crisis are widespread. This is the after-effect of lockdown and affected hospital and police employees. My good guess is vaccine hysteria will be back soon, along with reports of new viruses. However, so far I'm vaccine free, healthy, in training and no regrets.
  11. I'm going with the prediction the overall health situation could well unleash. This mad experiment of wearing masks must by now have mutated bacteria and knackered immunity. Regular flu viruses should ravage populations over Winter. Hard to say how bad it will be but fooling with biology and bacterial systems is a slippery path.
  12. Amongst whom BBC Linda Shaw now factors in. Died of clotting. Family now calling for choice in the vaccine seeing as they lost a loved one. Odd to think there exists the idea all people react the same way to substances. Did they even consider racial differences in biology? I tend to notice the party is over as more people are becoming skeptical. Those who urged me initially to have a vaccine have changed their thinking. Some are refusing point blank even when employers make demands.
  13. This reminds me of the days when they read "blunders" on That's Life in the 1970s. This is taken from a main news channel. I showed it to a friend who had had the vaccine, and she was mortified. For her at least, the penny has dropped. So, if you drop dead due to the vaccine, no need to worry. That's how it works! "More vaccinated people are dying of COVID than unvaccinated people, according to a recent report from Public Health England (PHE). The report shows that 163 of the 257 people (63.4%) who died within 28 days of a positive COVID test between February 1 and June 21, had received at least one dose of the vaccine. At first glance, this may seem alarming, but it is exactly as would be expected."
  14. Noticed today how many germ signs are stuck on doors and face mask notices. Everywhere you go. I am so surprised people in psychology haven't reacted. Are these people just doing sociology? I've been studying psychology and neurology now for maybe three years. Lately, it involves reading texts many hours per week. That includes Freud and Jung. I have no doubt at all that thousands of people are suffering classical hysteria, yet have no idea they are affected by anxiety. I suppose the big factor here is that so many people are affected. In Freud's day, cases were limited to very small communities but today we have global social media. That means fear and delusional thinking can spread like wildfire. Consider what happened with The Beatles in 1964. The more groups of women screamed hysterically, the more the hysteria spread. To the point the four musicians didn't dare leave their hotel. That latter case wasn't delusional hysteria but more a case of just social hysteria. What we see today is basic delusional hysteria, rooted in deep, social insecurity. People fear for their jobs and future or even the prospect of war. So, a new variant of flu causes a manic reaction, based on safety measures, OCD and feeble mindedness. The very fact people were stripping shelves of toilet rolls should have prompted a reaction from psychologists and doctors. The likes of Freud, Jung, Bleuler, Schneider and Kretschmer would have picked it up immediatey. My guess is so much in psychology today simply bases itself on chains of molecular structures on a computer but little basic, tried and tested research.
  15. We're dealing with delusion on a global scale but, yes, I agree the protests are having an effect. I read a lot of nonsense today in the tabloids about Russians dropping like skittles from the "new strain of virus". And then, the Russian press, boasting that the Sputnik had a 99 per cent efficiency and will be sold to North Korea. We have people in power who are living in a false reality of their own. At the same time, daring to use us as lab rats to fight their propaganda war on vaccine sales. All I can say is the numbers of people who tell me how angry they are is growing enormously. And the protests are no longer a minority. The overall social, political effect looms closer and some people in power fear the end of their careers. Or even their political future.
  16. And the main symptom I see today is hypochondria. All day people spraying their hands and jumping back. In older psychology terminology it was called "feeble mindedness". My prediction is it won't end till it's recognised and taken on board. Give it a few weeks and my bet is people will be as anxious as ever over the unseen threat.
  17. The very old proof of this is a so-called "grid dip meter." First we have a powered resonant network. Simply a wound coil and a tuner coupled together. And an aerial. The radio waves hit the aerial and are fed to the network, to be selected via tuning. This circuit has voltage. Now, if you have another coil and tuner, unpowered, hold it close to the main circuit and tune to the same frequency, guess what? Energy is drawn away from the powered circuit and some of it jumps to the other. Enough to light a small torch bulb. They used this in the 1950s as a tester. When the bulb lights, you know what frequency it is. Now, the internet is a huge, powered network that operates at many frequencies. Much faster than the old MW stations. It's in parallel with our collective intellect, which also generates impulses. So, I draw one possible conclusion. We may be affected psychologically. This has already been tested by a professor a few years ago who exposed people to frequencies while they slept in a research room. These people hallucinated or had weird dreams. So, the professor warned electromagnetic pollution is a real concern.
  18. Speaking of Freud.... I continue with my theory that it's mass hysteria. I would bet my bottom dollar the internet has had a global effect on mental health, creating indolence, apathy, passivity and lowered intellect. Scientifically it can be proven in theory, where two networks in resonance (the brain and electromagnetic waveforms), will draw energy from another. In simple terms, we never evolved to be so passive and sedate. We need challenge, fear, adrenaline, real contact with nature. We now have a massive wave of global paranoia, delusion and feeble-mindedness. Delusion wrapped up in absurd safety measures that, thus far, have had zero impact, except to lower immunity levels even more. And make population vulnerable to common viruses. Where is the evidence these measures had any major effect? Or that Mother Nature got it all so wrong by exposing us to bacteria? The overall ideology of Covid fascism is all illogical as any paranoid delusion where some enemy is "after us". It is indeed staggering to think our society appears to be as culturally vulnerable to hysteria as those of mediaeval times.
  19. Today I saw propaganda on a bus stop. It stated super heroes wear capes and heroes wear masks. Very easy to erase 'heroes" and insert "submissive conformists". It also struck me how easy it would be to produce counter propaganda. Smallish stickers or even "We're all against covid fascism together!" signs. The early superheroes indeed didn't advocate fascism at all since Captain America was a defender of democracy. What a money earner it would be to produce costumed Covid fascism busting superheroes. And put Boris Johnson as a villain together with Merkel and the other germ-dreading goose-steppers. For old times sake I was watching the old Spiderman cartoons with villains like Dr Octopus.
  20. To add that unless psychiatrists and doctors show some signs they read material that was passed down to us, we will be going around in circles a few more months till the penny drops. The rituals that are supposed to "keep this a safe place". The absurd masks and sprays. The fear of contact. The sight of pale, unhealthy people sat on buses with those absurd masks. The untested vaccines and abuse of antibiotics and excessive medication. The ludicrous "pep talk" speeches that assure us "we're all in it together". To which I reply, "No, I am not in anything together, thank you very much! I happen to be supported by something we refer to as a backbone."
  21. Covid fascism appears to be rooted in fear of death and also extreme egotistical factors. I'm not sure why so many people are affected but it's important to grasp hypochondria had been deeply seated, prior to the full blown outbreak of social paranoia and delusion. It annoys me other psychologists and psychiatrists have proven to be totally inadequate. I see very basic signs of clinical hysteria on a daily basis - yet no recognition by the health service. So much was explained by Freud and Bleuler during the last century on the issue of hysteria and psychosomatic symptoms. Putting it in laymans terms, hysteria is motivated by base instincts and not the higher functions of the brain. These instincts react to fear of death, embody insecurity, paranoia and create delusions. Not based on any logic whatsoever, these fears motivate measures that lead to nowhere, as the root clinical state of anxiety remains unrecognised and undiagnosed. Hysterical anxiety can lead to panic attacks (that resemble heart attacks), fever, disorientation, rashes, loss of mobility and physical illness in general. And we know that people who suffer the same delusion, suffer the same psychosomatic symptoms. That may well include not just loss of taste, but loss of speech.
  22. Met an old Russian man once when travelling. He asked how I dried myself not having a towel. I never saw a problem so replied I shake myself and just put my clothes back on. He thought I was strange.
  23. My kryptonite is pollen. Yesterday all hell broke loose. 20 sneezes per fit. At night, my eyes got dry and hyper sensitive to light. Nose blocked. Really, really chronic reaction. However, colds I shake off fast. Something about my body is dirty. Possibly oxidisation issues but my clothes turn the water dark. After 4 days of use. Neither am I civilised but shake myself dry after a shower like a dog. Wipe hands on hair or trousers.
  24. Revulsion to slugs is a perspective reaction. For example, our own actual bodies are really pretty ugly. Pulsating organs, arteries, brain tissue. The surface layer of skin really just cons us we are attractive. In fact, we resemble marine organisms. Inside our bodies, we are loaded with bacteria and lots of chemicals. Conclusion. The Covid fascists share the same delusional emphasis on an ideal of cleanliness as racists and homophobes do. The racially motivated fascists see "impurity" in racial differences. The homophobes find sex disgusting where gender becomes a factor. Even others are disgusted simply by the idea women themselves should freely enjoy sex. In extreme cases, we encounter violent reaction towards those who "taint" the delusional sanctity of purity. A person at ease with the natural world will pay little attention to how others are, or what they may do (so long as sensible laws are adhered to). Thus, the Covid flag bearers fear and dread viruses, almost as much as they fear death. These are deeply insecure, passive people, armed with their sprays and masks, intent upon preventing contact between groups of people. Not motivated by logic, or reason, they are nihilistic, destroying jobs and lives with their crusade of fear and avoidance. As stated, therein lies the Achilles heel. Those who assumed you can reason with hysteria by allowing it to control your health options, are now finding the truth unfold. Fact is, these Covid doom-merchants will never be satisfied till we all wind up in econimic chaos, as well as a health crisis. They ultimately have nothing to offer, other than their pathological insecurity and fear.
  25. Today was one of manic sneezing fits. Pollen very high. Worst for a long time. I keep cactus too. One sneezing fit included 20 or so repetitions. It was like Columbo but worse.
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