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  1. Just to add: The 15th century witch mania, to my mind, offers a very clear historical warning. The witch obsession and mass hysteria appears to have been started by the sudden appearance of physical illness amongst populations. Probable poor levels of social education provided fertile ground for paranoia. Witchcraft was cited as the cause. As time passed, those of us who appeared socially remote were accused of witchcraft. All over Europe. Now, leap to 2020. I believe there's a likely probability, anti vaxxers will provide a fresh target. Many of these are merely caring parents who strongly oppose the State dictating their children should be vaccinated (where they fear a risk). Moreover, so far, my current research suggests we can't rule out social restrictions imposed upon those who oppose vaccination. As to wearing insignia, I'm sorry but this makes me think of Roman Polanski's "Pianist" film where Jewish people were told to wear star of David armbands. Frankly, I'm amazed that the European Social Charter seems to have no weight behind it? So far there is no overt obligatory vaccination in the UK but I guess I prefer to prepare for changes.
  2. Just joined the site. Just a few words. I suspect this Covid crisis already appeared as far back as 2012 in Sri Lanka but has hardly been noticed in the press. Hundreds were taken to hospital with flu symptoms and doctors were baffled. It was finally put down to psychogenic hysteria. This latter term is poorly understood today but the astonishing fact is hysteria can be transmitted throughout communities with corresponding somatic or physical symptoms. Looking back in history, viruses have happened before, against a background of hysteria. Very many people I spoke to who had a Covid diagnosis, also showed clear symptoms of hyperchondria.
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