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  1. You should watch Interstellar. Yes, we went to the moon. The science was solid enough and, as someone stated, mostly German. The technology existed as did the drive for discovery and acceptance of risk. Gagarin also tested Einstein's Relativity with an atomic clock as he orbited the planet. Think he landed in Siberia. I once got pretty much banned from a science forum as they got mega upset by my discussion of maths related to the lunar transmission. You had to use specialised systems because normal transmissions wouldn't make it into space. If Apollo had been faked the Soviets would have known. However, they knew the science was doable. In fact, Russia had a working shuttle by the 1980s but this was grounded after the collapse of Perestroika and resulting collapse. Internet has given many opportunities but mostly it seems to have substituted "brain power". It's become a crutch. Great for storing data but science needs risk, inventiveness and drive. So, it's a paradox. In 1969 they still used CW (morse) and SSB transmitters (actually built by amateurs). However, we had industry in this country, a strong economy and some appreciation of process of law. Plus free grants to study. Would young people in the 1960s have put up with being dictated to and wearing masks? It would have sparked unrest similar to Vietnam - which eventually became too widespread to prevent. Of course I'm not ruling out Covid protests may attain that level of opposition. Especially when the economy destabilises.
  2. Apparently Boris did his degree in Latin. Not knocking that as such. I knew one or two very smart people who studied Latin. The snag is though it doesn't cover what you'd expect for leading a country. Except maybe comparing 280 A D. to western civilization in 2020.
  3. What I referred to is a paradox. Most people have a real hard time dealing with the suggestion late 1960s was culturally and scientifically more advanced than today 2020. In 1969, they may have used pretty basic calculators to land men on the moon - but they did it! Could it be done today? In my view, no. Here is the bottom line: Today I.T. advanced a whole lot in the sense of stored data and mass communication. However, hard science has regressed, in my view. We couldn't land a man on the moon nowadays because we lack the equivalent of the elite scientists who pioneered Apollo and Soyuz. This isn't my view alone. What we see today is State funded research that follows an agenda - conforming to certain expectations. Boxed in a framework. What I encountered (all in all) taught me to be highly skeptical of modern research - hence the Covid phenomenon. Take the tests: People testing positive as we know, but actually quite healthy.Scientific? Just seems bizarre to me. I may be deviating a bit but for ages now I've noticed a major decline in hard science. If science was being taught in classrooms (as in the late 1960s) I think probably society would be better prepared to question dodgy Covid "science". You also wonder how many politicians ever studied biology or physics. Industrially, educationally and socially we are regressing. That's part of the problem. At least that's how I see it.
  4. What I have no answer for is how to reverse the overall decline of education that finally provided fertile ground for pseudo-science. Personally, I believe the erosion of free education sent us backwards. So, 20 years ago, people would have challenged what's accepted today as gospel. It could prove very difficult to reverse the processes now taking place because younger people became conditioned to the way society now is. That is, they suffer high unemployment, no welfare system and pretty poor labour rights. Uni education isn't what it used to be and lagging in science. We have a very fertile ground for extremist ideology and third world dictatorship. Possibly to reverse the situation would require turning back the clock. Sadly history appears to show social and technological progress isn't a straight upward line, but a variable curve. We live in a new Dark Age where labour and money are the primary social pillars. Also worth considering how social media added to the decline in personal initiative and industry.
  5. What the latest news now proclaims is what I told friends weeks ago. The idea that microorganisms can be somehow "beaten off" by walking around with masks appears to ignore basic science. It would lead to mutations of bacteria in general. I also warned (as did others) that natural immunity would be weakened. The most basic biology I studied as far back as 1990 taught us bacteria is integral to life itself, as are flu viruses. Any biological system needs challenge in order to "adapt" at evolve (Darwin). Also, in reality, the idea microscopic bacteria can't adapt and bypass surgical masks is fantasy. The bottom line too is the authorities simply can't enforce the policy. Due to human nature, many of us will still contact other human beings, and animals. And bacteria. Clearly what this will lead to in the longer term is more virulent bacteria and societies with reduced immunity. As well as psychological deviations which time will unveil. Therefore, I maintain what we are witnessing is a global cult, masquerading behind a facade of State funded eco-science, pushed upon societies. It may sound harsh (much as I admired M.J) but wearing a face mask didn't do much good for Michael Jackson. After some years doing this he degraded physically and died prematurely.
  6. My whole gripe about masks is based on the approach. Democracies where freedom is valued "explain" and try to encourage measures where a crisis is assumed. Personally I respect the obvious fear some people have so I avoid causing upset to them. Many are terrified. However, what's wrong is the actual contempt shown by governments for personal choice and freedom. Trying to force untested vaccinations as well as fining people for meeting with others. Dictating our life and even censoring views of those who disagree with obligatory vaccination. Apparently this goes as far as removal of arguments that oppose orthodox ideology - it targets many highly qualified researchers as well as worried parents. As I say, democracies recommend and seek public co-operation. Democracies don't fine, intimidate or force people into submission by fear. My grandad before he died fought in WW2 to save future generations from what people now appear to accept as "normal". I think it's saddening to see so many people losing what former generations fought to secure them.
  7. More provocative would be two juxtaposed images: One of a Polish citizen in the ghetto with a star of David armband. Below a bunch of masked citizens. Although vehemently denied, the basic disregard for freedom and democracy are reflected by both social realities. As David Icke stated, it's fascism.
  8. On a mask, something sarcastic. For T shirt maybe a boy pointing at the naked king and below a rhyme, "The people are in this altogether, they're altogether, we're altogether, the people are just as hoodwinked as the day Covid was born!" Maybe a cartoon of the global leaders naked in their "invisible suits."
  9. As a psychologist and neurologist, I can share cult mentality and indoctrination is damned hard to combat. After all, in the 1980s I was in a cult myself and unreachable. Couldn't be argued with rationally. Went into a home last week to help a lady who asked us to change her flourescent tube. As we walked in, she sprang back and yelled: " Get back!! Back I say! She grabbed a towel and draped it over her head. This woman is now close to a breakdown. I tried quoting some stats on covid mortality rates compared to heart disease. She just chanted, "We must wear facemasks to keep the virus off". As a psychologist I recognise cult behaviour as well as social hysteria. The wide open eyes, and stepping back from others - conditioned fear induced behaviour. I am not quite sure how many advocates of the Covid religion actually believe it. Probably people like Angela Merkel genuinely believe in the flawed, shaky science of it all. Sure, viruses do evolve and become more problematic but sane people ought to know we can't defeat 25 million years of evolution by withdrawing in terror. As I said before, when will some small boy outsmart the fawning courtiers by shouting out, "Hey, the King is in the altogether!" Actually that would make a great Covid T shirt slogan.
  10. I'm wired up to just go in the opposite direction. I even thought about marketing T-shirts with slogans. Or how about designing masks that create more unease than the fear behind them? Imagine a Freddy Kruger mask. You know, the best unease I got was never deliberate but just happened. My face mask got dirtier and dirtier by the day and people were feeling unsettled. I'm a huge believer in being exposed to germs and, therefore, I don't catch colds hardly ever. Only hayfever is my weak spot. My mask caused gasps in a local bank too as it was back to front and upside down. To be honest I'll never accept governments telling me how to live, where to go and who I can meet. Given the shops are insisting on the masks due to pressure, I have to follow the demand. However, there are ways to really turn the tables. Anyone ever recall Archer in that Borstal film Scum of the 1970s. He went about barefoot and refused to go to chapel.
  11. As I'm last minute shopping, I guess something dawned on me. What we're dealing with here is a new global religion. It may be as dramatic a change as when Christianity took off in the first century A.D. And I'm not joking. As I shopped there were loud speaker messages "assuring" shoppers they were "safe" due to the nearby fire exits. Presumably, should an XMas shopper suddenly convulse by a deadly covid attack, well, he (or she) has the security of a handy fire exit. I notice many of the shoppers exhibit a kind of token facade to not be at odds with the true believers. A bit like going to church on Sunday so as to please the vicar and his congregation. To be frank, this dogged belief in a terrible virus may be impossible by now to reverse. The snag with any religion is in its "surely not all these people can be wrong" logic. Most people have been educated over decades to accept majority, populist views. This was likewise exploited by many 1970s cults that attained huge followings. However, as I stated, what we see here is a "huge" religion that impacts all over Europe. Really, the raw science is dodgy and relies upon the belief by the public that we really do have mega qualified scientists. Less people realise we fell significantly behind in science today because science is no longer a cornerstone of society. The main science is in my view I.T. funded research. I could discuss that in length but will simply comment that a great deal of covid science would have been scoffed at by Darwin. The question of fundamental importance is how do you successfully challenge dogma? One thing I noticed is scientists who support Covid ideology tend to make statements of fact but without detailed, supported data. How do you successfully poke holes of logic in the Covid dogma? Example: If the "facesmask weapon" actually keep us safe, how come after several months the virus is now claimed to be worse? Where I ask is the evidence that masks proved their merit? What we need is a dogged, clear and very highly organised response. We need data, facts, and a very aggressive push back against the propaganda. Any ideas are welcome. Otherwise we run the risk of very large threads that express some great thoughts but no actual impact in cases where main social media sites are removing opposition information.
  12. I think with vaccines what has me concerned is banks. I'm already expecting employment and social welfare "levering". In employment the employers will be possibly encouraged to insist upon a vaccine. The Government can then still claim vaccine is voluntary but the rest is up to employers. As to welfare this might be affected too - I tend to assume the worst case scenario to be better prepared. Banks again is a possibility in months to come. Sure it's a depressing outlook and may well not reach such extremes. However, if it does all I can say is I was in Russia back in 1992 where there was no food in the shops and very high crime. I survived. Many people also coped with 1930s New York and the great depression. We have been programmed to think we need to follow a system to survive but the question is does that system have anything to offer? Funnily enough a bank employee questioned me about my medical past and Covid. I told her I haven't been ill for 3 years - and that was gastro-enteritis.
  13. Just to point out the communists got a lot wrong but they had a certain edge over the current Covid outlook. The communists offered free housing and education and a Party career. Covid ideology offers nothing. You recall the old saying: You can fool all of the people some of the time and some of the people all of the time. However, you can't fool all of the people all of the time. So far Covid ideology has remained negative and destructive. Stalinism did use similar tactics but managed to operate in a functional society. From what I see and hear on the street most people oppose vaccination and also come across as very concerned (to put it mildly).
  14. Strangely, I noticed changes amongst birds locally. Tweeting in mass at 11.00 pm. Very odd. And then tweeting as normal at 4.00 am. On a practical level, I'm concerned over banks. Been finding it hard to access accounts with endless demands for more and more I.D. I guess what bothers me is the possibility of access to banks being tied into vaccine certificates. I already prepared for possible employment or social welfare restrictions. Guess I'd rather over-react than end up in limbo.
  15. My guess is there is an actual virus but we know symptoms can have biological or neurological cause. Or both! After some years now buried in neurology research, I tend to recognise anxiety when I see it. That is, the way people draw away from you, or fidget. Mostly I worry what damage it's doing to childrens' mental health. They are being taught to fear social contact. Likewise I see children in large groups chatting after school with no masks which shows you will never stop human beings interacting. I believe bacteria will always be part of life and impossible to eliminate. Governments can't police so many millions of people. We so need to develop our own immunity to bacteria which is why I oppose quick fix vaccines. After months of extremist, repressive measures governments so far can't boast of any actual success. They appear not to understand the most basic laws of science. Attempts to capitalise on mass fear amongst the public may well backfire.
  16. " Menu When Do We Start Coming out of the Covid-19 Mass Hysteria? Michael Fumento – December 13, 2020Reading Time: 4 minutes AIER >> Daily Economy >> Government >> Crisis >> Authoritarianism Print FacebookTwitterLinkedInPinterestEmailShare “Men . . . go mad in herds, while they only recover their senses slowly, and one by one.” So wrote Scottish journalist Charles Mackay in his 1841 book Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds, which for good reason to this day remains in print. The Covid-19 hysteria, scientifically called mass psychogenic illness, that began in March has yet to peak. And if some have it their way it will continue indefinitely, merely going, in medical terminology, from epidemic to endemic. That is, it will never fully go away no matter what. We apparently finally have some medicines that work with countless more being tested, doctors have gotten better at applying treatments, vaccines are being administered in what is by far record time, and yet the media and public health community onslaught shows absolutely no sign of abating. "
  17. "A more recent example of mass hysteria also involved schools. In mid-November of 2012, strange flu-like symptoms struck a school in the country of Sri Lanka. In addition to intestinal problems and fits of coughing, some children (and a handful of teachers) experienced rashes and headaches. In the small town of Gampola alone, more than 1,000 people were admitted to local hospitals. The area experienced widespread panic as the mysterious illness seemed to spread to other schools and centers of population. No medical cause could be found and the "illness" vanished as quickly as it had appeared. Not finding any other explanation, medical professionals concluded that those afflicted had been the victims of some type of mass hysteria strong enough to produce observable physical symptoms. "
  18. New strain? It sounds like a mega medical term but "somatovegetative" nervous system means nervous reaction produces physical symptoms. Simple example, phobic stress = upset stomach. Headaches, palpitations, fever, acidic reactions can definitely be caused by anxiety. Here's where I disagree with modern medicine: Usually the approach used is based on biology but ignores neurology. Simple example: You have an upset stomach due to anxiety. You can choose to take a tablet and focus on the physical, biological symptoms. You can also choose to address the specific cause - a neurological condition. In the case of the covid vaccine, all research has been based on pure biology. Abnormal somatic processes visible in a lab. What little research is available on mass psychogenic hysteria has indeed been accepted as very valid by official medical organisations. Yet it was acknowledged with a shrug. My point: Treating just physical symptoms can cause the symptoms to morph and surface more aggressively. Behind the covid crisis I think lies a deeper, underlying cause because there is indeed mass hysteria. Of course I don't deny the reality of basic bacterial infection which exists but many neurologists in the USSR recorded an overlap. That is, many current diagnoses of covid may be psychosomatic and often just a strain of flu. In all cases panic is the worst possible approach.
  19. Part of it is real, I think. However, very real symptoms can be caused by psychogenic mass hysteria. That includes more familiar occurrences such as panic attacks. As well as nerve rashes, headaches, internal pains and swelling. All covered by the term somatovegetative symotomology. Why do I suspect psychogenic hysteria? Simply, you notice copy cat behaviour such as mass buying of toilet roles - all triggered by suggestion. People were reproducing patterns of reaction in mass. Neurologists know actual somatic symptoms can likewise "resonate". This happened in Sri Lanka in 2012 and in various plagues of the Middle Ages.
  20. I study psychology and neurology very seriously and that includes access I have to Soviet research. Few people realise how "real" psychosomatic illness is. Even the familiar panic attacks are often mistaken for actual heart attacks by medics. In 2012 in Sri Lanka, there was also a huge wave of symptoms pretty identical to Covid. At least 2000 hospitalised. It was finally put down to psychogenic mass hysteria. That is, physical symptoms of flu caused by hysteria. In the same way, symptoms such as rashes, temperature and internal pain can be caused by neurotic hysteria. I believe part of the Covid symptom phenomenon is real but a huge part of it is psychosomatic, hysterical reaction.
  21. I recall the moral of War Of The Worlds which was we "earned" the right to live on the earth through the process of billions of deaths. That is, through fighting bacteria. Something we have to do over the centuries to strengthen immunity. Now, what worried me from the outset was the prevalance of so-called modern scientists who seek to "get one up" on biological evolution. Their message is to fear contact, withdraw, hide behind a mask. I predicted weeks ago such an approach would make matters worse. And sure enough it has. These people so far can point to zero success. Listening to these middle ages scientists people must inevitably end up with reduced immunity. I speak as a hard sciences researcher over some years. The idea you can fight epidemics this way I find demonstrably wrong.
  22. Doesn't say much for the quack "scientists" who promoted face masks as a solution. Reminds me of the Hans Anderson story of the King and his invisible suit of clothes.
  23. Just to add: The 15th century witch mania, to my mind, offers a very clear historical warning. The witch obsession and mass hysteria appears to have been started by the sudden appearance of physical illness amongst populations. Probable poor levels of social education provided fertile ground for paranoia. Witchcraft was cited as the cause. As time passed, those of us who appeared socially remote were accused of witchcraft. All over Europe. Now, leap to 2020. I believe there's a likely probability, anti vaxxers will provide a fresh target. Many of these are merely caring parents who strongly oppose the State dictating their children should be vaccinated (where they fear a risk). Moreover, so far, my current research suggests we can't rule out social restrictions imposed upon those who oppose vaccination. As to wearing insignia, I'm sorry but this makes me think of Roman Polanski's "Pianist" film where Jewish people were told to wear star of David armbands. Frankly, I'm amazed that the European Social Charter seems to have no weight behind it? So far there is no overt obligatory vaccination in the UK but I guess I prefer to prepare for changes.
  24. Just joined the site. Just a few words. I suspect this Covid crisis already appeared as far back as 2012 in Sri Lanka but has hardly been noticed in the press. Hundreds were taken to hospital with flu symptoms and doctors were baffled. It was finally put down to psychogenic hysteria. This latter term is poorly understood today but the astonishing fact is hysteria can be transmitted throughout communities with corresponding somatic or physical symptoms. Looking back in history, viruses have happened before, against a background of hysteria. Very many people I spoke to who had a Covid diagnosis, also showed clear symptoms of hyperchondria.
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