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  1. We're talking very ancient history. It's also important to bear in mind how much linguistics change. I once found a dated love letter written by an educated 1940s student to his sweetheart. He called her "the most docile woman" he'd ever met. You see, that word "docile" used to mean "sweet". Much later, its meaning changed to "stupid". Now, both Sitchin and Christien O Brien studied Sumerian. Both men were highly qualified in their field. Fact appears that the Bible was sourced from Sumerian creation accounts. Words had to be interpreted from Sumerian to Hebrew. And here is where it probably got mixed up. Sumerian creation makes no real reference to one God. It states homo sapiens was created to serve practical purposes. That is, labour. From the very murky, fables and accounts, it seems the gods had major disagreements over the decision to create homo sapiens. The reported interbreeding of the renegade gods with females was said to have produced freaks and giants. This is mentioned in Genesis and the Sumerian accounts. Ancient astronaut theorists believe the whole thing was genetic experimentation. My own guess is possibly a race of astronauts arrived on earth thousands of years ago. Could have been very close neighbours. Maybe they were facing threat of extinction and attempted to make an interbred species. Very hard to prove, of course, and very bold estimations. However, it would explain why most ancient cultures (even the Canaanites) worshipped gods. The Greeks for that matter saw gods as manipulating and controlling all from the heavens. On the net you can find some very well researched material by Christien and Barbara O Brien. I read O Brien delved very deeply into ancient maths.
  2. Can't quite recall the linguistic details but Christien O Brien suggested that "heavens and earth" could be translated "high and low terrain". The Hebrew "Elohim" was used by Hebrews as both singular and plural. So, the gods cultivated the high and low lands. What happened was Genesis originated from Sumerian creation mythology. The giveaway in Genesis itself is "let us make man in our likeness" which was impossible to translate into singular in that particular case. Getting in deeper, the account of angels interbreeding with females comes straight from Sumerian accounts. I don't quite see this as conspiracy theory but more lost ancient history. Our modern religion draws upon what Moses related to his people. The Bible states how these people watched smoke and fire at the summit of mount Sinai and many fainted in fear. It makes sense to assume Moses would have simplified his communications to his people. So, there is one god. Just follow these basic rules. Possible alternative to religion? Homo Sapiens was an experiment made possibly by those who came from a nearby planet. Possibly quite similar biologically. Legends of gods and polytheism was a legacy of lost ancient history. To really get into it you need to look at Genesis alongside Sumerian creation mythology. There are definite parallels. Although it may sound outlandish, even more so is the idea of a six day creation. And it is for me just a theory based on very distant and murky creation myths. Sumerian still is only partly understood.
  3. As to ancient astronauts, I suppose most people I meet would give me strange looks. To them, I'd be a conspiracy theorist along with Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken.
  4. I suppose classic conspiracy theory would be Apollo never happened. It strikes me as a bit overly skeptical. The theme was raised in the movie Interstellar where future schools were teaching Apollo never happened. And yet, the USSR were very close. Even closer in the 1980s. I guess what I'm saying is the classic conspiracy is when a group of manipulators get together and plot a staged event. A very early example would be the King and his invisible suit. The swindlers fooled the King and an entire population. P.S plz don't take offence by any of this. It was intended to be a break from Covid which was getting a bit depressing. Thought I'd just talk about conspiracy.
  5. Funnily enough, Nikola Tesla was likewise a "conspiracy theorist". His main conflict started after he claimed to have heard an extraterrestrial language on his invented radio. He was widely mocked - the father of AC supply. And the Tesla Coil. Marconi, however, didn't mock Tesla. It's been said a good scientist needs to be a bit cranky. Like a science fiction writer. When I discovered Tesla I was quite encouraged because he suffered chronic OCD, sensory anomalies and was quite off-resonance with normality. I liked H.G. Wells as well. O Brien is worth reading. He started out as an oil rep in Iran and there saw weird archeology sites. Learned Sumerian out there.
  6. I guess also my theory is not simply extraterrestrial. I was thinking life on earth may just have come from a closer planet. Thus, the Genius Of The Few and Garden Of Eden with the associated gods. All explained by religion. In fact, to my mind, a suggestion life may have started from a neighbouring planet isn't such a huge jump. Despite that I was totally ridiculed at the time. O Brien by the way studied Sumerian. His translation of Genesis has lots of linguistic footnotes. Many words had varied possible translations and you need a bit of Akkadian to assist, as well as Hebrew.
  7. Best book to read is now a bit of a collector's item so not cheap. "The Genius Of The Few" by Christien O Brien. He also published his translation of Genesis (the first part) where "Elohim" was restored to its grammatical plural form, meaning "gods". The Sumerian term for a god is apparently "El" from which we get "elf". At any rate, the Sumerian creation account as we know was based on "gods" and not a single God. My own theory is that Moses witnessed an event that he interpreted in tribal terms to his people. The reported fact the Hebrews were washing their bodies at the foot of mount Sinai, to me suggested radiation. Maybe it was simpler to inform the people "there is only one God". You should be able to see the Christien and Barbara O Brien interview on YouTube. By the way, I have never claimed these ideas to be total fact. I originally suggested it as more credible than standard religion. Something that could be closer to truth.
  8. I recall seeing possibly the second Wogan vs David Icke interview where David remarked how awful it is people will laugh at those of us who think apart from convention. Last year, I was mocked and jeered on a forum when I explained I believe the Bible originated from Sumerian texts. I added I believe God to have been a group of astronauts. This was Zecharia Sitchin's view and, later on, Christien and Barbara O Brien. Anyway, the onset of mockery took me by surprise. Members (and it was a science forum), competed to see who could get the most laughs. The moderators apparently encouraged the whole circus and never remarked it seemed a bit unfair to gang up behind numbers. Knowledge-wise, I defended my position logically. However, I left the forum and was surprised by the hostility. Despite all that, I'm not sure if I'm a conspiracy theorist. I suppose the ancient astronaut theory is similar to Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code, however. Apart from that, I don't tend to follow views where secret groups get together and arrange an elaborate con. I always figured you'd only need one whistle-blower. However, many others with an interest in UFOs will speak at length of area 52 or hidden spacecraft. My old girlfriend used to talk a lot about Coast To Coast on TV which was about cover-ups. Question. Are you a conspiracy theorist? Do others view you as a conspiracy theorist!
  9. Sometimes watch re-runs of Rising Damp. Reflected England in the 1970s. Miss Jones was a single, older woman. Phil and Allen students. Spooner was a cockney professional wrestler. Rigsby a landlord. There was one episode about the elections that was hilarious. Rigsby voting Tory and everyone else Labour. I'm of the view this was a much better country back then although there were social justice issues too. I mean, at my school I saw teachers slap or punch the kids. However, we did have really simple social security and student grants. Hence, Allen and Phil in Rising Damp. The bit that made me laugh was when Allen told Rigsby he'd been to see Dr Zhivago and Rigsby replies, "What did he say?" Also recall Man About The House. On The Buses. The Likely Lads. Bless This House. Steptoe. New Faces. Do you recall back then impressionists did quite well? Impressions of Rigsby or Frank Spencer or even Wicker got a laugh. And then you had the TV ads. I liked the Hi Karate commercial - be careful how you use it!
  10. Bottom line is a modus operandi is needed. History shows decline of society and civilization gives rise to hysteria and victimization, attacks on liberty and abandonment of law. I confess I don't know how much of the Covid crisis is biological. I suspect some of it is real. However, a far higher percentage strikes me as mass hysteria with psychosomatic symptoms thrown in. Also, a lot of the "bad guys" in this James Bond doomsday saga are more misguided and fearful than calculating. Mass delusion often occurs. Example under Stalin, fear of spies, Trotskyists and wreckers. This is classic Salem witch mania. It arises due to a current social crisis, decline in education, near abandonment of core science, total lack of accountability in politics and a damaging reliance on the internet. In most cases this kind of social dead end leads to war or revolution. This country is now similar to Cuba in 1961 when Castro came to power. However, I believe there are ways to reverse socially destructive tendencies. Using information and keeping the moral high ground. Challenging hysteria with fact. Getting ourselves weened off internet reliance. I recall when Muhammad Ali refused to fight in Vietnam he was the most hated man in America. Banned from boxing and title removed. Had to borrow money to feed his family. A few short years later, Vietnam proved to be a disaster. Ali suddenly got very popular. He was joined by thousands of protesters. Openly I tell people I view the Covid phenomenon as exaggerated and hysterical and violating basic liberty. Many have turned around, sneered and walked off. Of course, there is a temptation to lose your temper but better to stay controlled and steadfast. Ali would have said: Covid hysteria came out of its corner, The people went into retreat, If they move back any further, They'll be in a ringside seat!
  11. Zarkov's point about real men. Agreed. Again though, isn't it very science. All evolved species must remain physically enabled to survive. The current generation seems mostly alienated from concepts such as struggle, survival, danger and the fighting instinct. Culprit? Fast food, years of antibiotics and sanitation and definitely lack of exercise and adrenaline. Funny thing is H.G. Wells got this right in his Time Machine. Still, maybe people will rediscover their ability to survive. Or sections of people will become more assertive.
  12. Here's the thing with science. Sometimes I read papers with a lot of jargon. Mostly I find it useful for terminology but the best papers I read are mostly of German origen, dated and overlooked by others. I don't think jargon can ever replace balance of knowledge and the ability to deeply analyse and observe. Einstein, as I gather, repeatedly stated his secret was curiosity and observation. It seems to me very many of these Covid authorities can churn out desired, grant funded essays but they lack basic principles. I wonder if they ever considered bacteria is here for a reason. Supposing strains of flu have evolved to different forms, well, that's just the way evolution works. You take precautions, assist the more vulnerable and hopefully live to fight another day. I guess what concerns me is that the current crop of scientific pygmies and government departments will finish up destroying natural immunity in populations. Basic common sense tells us no species ever evolved in a bubble. Make no mistake. Nature is not sentimental. Nature eliminates weaknesses by frequently challenging normality. You have to adapt, not hide. Who knows how childrens' immunity could suffer by being shielded. I think maybe it was the Incas who suffered terribly due to isolation from bacteria. Of course, some qualified researchers have warned how idiotic these isolation policies are. The policies appear to have been accepted by many people who often are insecure and suffer hyperchondria. I often see solitary dog walkers miles from anyone wearing a mask There does in fact seem to be a large element of mass hysteria and psychosomatic factors.
  13. With regard to the poster who is worried by school vaccinations and what to write. I'm not in this position as I never had a family. Many females I'm friendly with do have kids at school. They tend to respond differently. Anyway, here is my take: Parents ultimately must have the right to decide upon a vaccine. To my mind, by no means should any government be able to force vaccines. That would clearly be a breach of democratic, civil and human rights. More so, if a vaccine has been rushed forward. I have no issue over parents deciding they feel a vaccine is OK to take. For me it's a matter of making an informed decision. I admit I don't envy parents who have to deal with these issues. As I said though, parents must be free to choose. Should you decide not to consent, I would write a polite and official letter to the school. Reasons for not consenting are reasonable As far as I know child mortalities are rare. The vaccine can't be guaranteed and parents would understandably be concerned. I have a feeling a lot of parents will say no, but should anyone feel they are OK with it, that's fine by me. My own opposition to the vaccine isn't based on fear I might drop dead. I just feel over medication and excessive meddling with natural immunity will weaken our immune system in the long term. Law of evolution dictates we get sick. Some of us die (I very nearly died of pneumonia 20 years ago). I also recall having measles and I recovered. Maybe my mother had declined the vaccine.
  14. "Santa's on his sleigh and now he's three metres away" So sings Robbie Williams. One of increasing celebs to join the anti covid fascism ranks.
  15. Copy and paste - not so sure. When I used online science forums I traced many responses to my posts as direct copy and paste from Wilkepedia. The snag was the jargon wasn't being understood. I have very strong suspicions Covid scientists fall fair way short of standards 40 years ago and that's why I mistrust these wonder vaccines. I mean, even the tests are wobbly!
  16. Let's also bear in mind, reality struck recently and disappointed David Icke. His right to freedom of expression removed by Facebook and others. As I speak, I'm told posts are being removed by censors where vaccine is criticized. We do not have a free internet at present. It may even be wise to reboot e-mailing lists in case the censorship increases. Of course there are other angles where people can combat censorship on the internet. I'm not saying don't use the net but it would be wise to explore alternatives. Leaflets are being used more in Germany for example. Russia of course just defected from Google controlled internet so will have autonomy of content - for better or worse. Yandex dot com by the way is as good as Google.
  17. All this talk of Spain. There is some humour to share here. Not long ago there were some serious riots in Logrono Spain. I mean, masked youths throwing missiles and causing damage. I did some detective work to try and trace my Spanish girlfriend of 15 years ago. She often weekended in Logrono. The unrest made me recall her. Now we are in touch again. Swapping news. Today she sent me a pic of herself as she is today. She had one of those stupid masks but I obviously won't bring that up. All my female friends tend to have OCD anyway. Well, it seems neither of us is as we were. She used to be blond and sort of butch with cropped hair. Now she's 15 years older. Likewise, I have lost a lot of hair (bought a hair-piece recently, partly as a joke). I always repeat this fascinating analogy David Icke would love. If you met someone 25 years ago and then 25 years from then looked up at Vega in the night sky, the light emitted at the time of your encounter would finally reach your eyes. It only seems the light is instantaneous but in fact perception is illusion. Between past and present may be a 20 year separation but your senses are taken in by an illusion of reality.
  18. My Lennon quote was from a related discussion. The comments about the disciples being "thick" fanned the flames somewhat. Epstein was very supportive and tried to smooth things over. I think the mayhem happened some time after the newspaper interview.
  19. Another thing that really struck me was footage showing smiling American girls burning Beatle records. This shows how ideas can very rapidly lead to social hysteria. All Lennon said was Jesus was OK but "the disciples got it all wrong". It then all just blew up. Watching the crowds burning records, you can see how mass hysteria works. Also the actual gigs were something to see. Women screaming and sobbing in hysteria. What makes people just go crazy? In Hamburg fans just booed The Quarrymen but by 1963 women were fainting. Point: Covid is a new global "thing" and a product of insecurity. To oppose Covid is to risk having your albums burnt and public anger. There has always been hysteria. Masses of people together are very easily influenced or brainwashed. Actual Eastern cults used isolation, indoctrination and fear perhaps. Fear of hell. In our case fear of some awesome virus that is after us and we need salvation. And so on.
  20. Oddsnsods - agreed. I rubbed shoulders with modern scientists and finally withdrew. They seemed to me to be dependent upon the internet but lack deep understanding of science as a whole. I even had copy and pasted text thrown at me. I think science needs a foundation. One reason I'm anti vax is I've seen a lot of very flawed internet science. Putting it bluntly, these people should switch off their monitors and look at the real ecosystem as Darwin and Einstein advocated.
  21. I once read a fantastic book on the Russian revolution, by a former USSR general. Initially, the revolutionaries had liberal and student groups. Plus intelligentsia. There were many progressive marxists. When Lenin made his grab for power, his support came from organized revolutionaries. When Stalin took over, the intelligentsia and liberal marxists were squeezed out. Many were sent to gulags in Siberia. All society then catered to peasants and workers - the soviets. So, the marxists who supported freedom and liberal views were viewed as a threat. The class ideal was the working man. Funny thing is the whole revolution in the first place was pulled off and planned by the intelligentsia. Lenin was educated and spoke French and Swiss. Trotsky was an intellectual. A decade later, most communist part elite were semi literate like Krushchev. I must say in this country there was a real purge of the student classes when grants were cut. 20 years ago students would have been protesting in force against the current attacks on freedom. Our main opposition today will be some percentage of working classes and also many liberals and human rights groups, solliciters and advocacy groups There is quite a lot in opposition but not sure of overall percentage. Against us are a terrified population, the government and drug manufacturers and so forth.
  22. Intelligentsia are the creative, artistic and academic section of the community. Part of society. Under Stalinism, the intelligentsia were reduced and ostracized. Workers were prioritised. In this country the intelligentsia are hugely reduced so we no longer see many protesting, anti-authoritarian students. Covid relies upon a busy, money burdened working class with no time to think. Looking at Vietnam there were lots of united social opposition groups. Ex armed forces, students and even celebrities like Muhammad Ali. Today opposition must come from liberals and working classes. Intelligentsia still abound but grow less.
  23. Just been watching a documentary on the fall of the Roman Empire. Much of it was put down to society division. Interesting too that in the later Roman world the gap between rich and poor was huge. People turned to cults and life expectancy was low. For ages, I couldn't help but notice how life in Britain has deteriorated. O.K I accept a lot of bad things happened from the 1960s to 1980s but, all in all, the working classes had free higher education and welfare protection. I think too the idea of preventing protests was taboo. Today I feel sorry for younger people. Jobs are scarce. Many jobs are wage slave set-ups. No labour rights. Work is idealised over all else and money the main virtue. I actually moved towards being a dissident 10 years ago. What swayed me was the sudden acceptance by society we can be ordered to take "any" job. I was stunned by that. I mean, your job is about choice and not to be "allocated" by some bureacrat. There was more though. Lies and propaganda over Iraq for example. By the time the Covid agenda came, my respect for the social status quo was already near zero. And now it's well below minus. Also to add I guess my respect for Europe has evaporated. I suppose I was taken in by their rosy aspirations of a constitution and social charter. You know, supposedly defending social values and freedom. And yet there are sporadic riots in Prague, Germany and Madrid. Dissidency, by the way, took off during the Brezhnev era in the USSR. The dissident is someone who rejects repressive societies and promotes liberty. They are feared and scorned by the State but tend to be from the intelligentsia. Scientists, artists and writers.
  24. There is a political risk for the Covid extremists too. With increasing numbers of skeptics, other parties could latch onto the dissident issue. Maybe this begins in Germany. Back in 1905 in Russia Marxism was the big new movement to oppose WW1. The equivalent today could be a freedom movement against Covid extremism. Marxism created many socialist parties as a jerk reaction to oppression. Hard to say what will happen but Germany may see a big political divide.
  25. Illmatic speaks truth. The old saying goes: You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time. You can't fool all of the people all of the time. Today, as often, I went into a place unamed and nobody was wearing a mask. If I enter somewhere I will ask, "Do you prefer I put a mask on?" Often I get the reply, "It's OK mate." Bottom line is they cannot police everyone. Not even with an army. Even assuming there is a genuine bacterial risk, germs are way too smart to be stopped by these crude measures. You see kids chatting in groups after school and no masks. Then they go home. Point is, for said policies to stand a chance we would all have to live in total isolation and we do not. There is no way to enforce such a policy. And more people are starting to get skeptical. As I said before this Covid phenomenon is now a huge, new global religion. It is currently still growing in force but also has nothing to offer except a highly negative agenda. Based on extreme hyperchondria and insecurity.
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