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  1. It's a joke really and an experiment. Whether a made in China wig is as good as the 1970s movie actor toupee. They are out of fashion too as the new method is a hair system.
  2. I think the clashes in Barcelona and Madrid were the most dramatic. Major unrest. Parts of Europe could soon approach the level of unrest seen in The Baltics and in Moscow itself back in the early 1990s. That is, prior to the fall of the USSR and emergence of Yeltsin as a new populist leader. The American unrest should have come as a reality check to countries that assume the USA is immune and a predictable harbour to moor up to. As I recall in Moscow there were tanks in the streets with Yeltsin leading the popular revolt. Same issue: remote and corrupt leaders who were swept aside by populist opposition.
  3. Larry Hagman and William Shatner wore "pieces" and possibly Wogan "IDreamofLarry.com is my site. Thanks for the credit. I knew those photos looked familiar :) That's Hagman's real hair in those 1959 screen shots. His hair started receding when he was in his 20s. He resorted to a combover on I Dream of Jeannie, but often showed his bald head in the 1970s. Larry wore some HORRIBLE toupees on Dallas before getting decent ones towards the end of the series. He abandoned the fake hair in the 1990s, but still wears that cowboy hat!"
  4. For a joke, I decided to buy a hair piece, made in China. Cost? Ten pounds. Why? I was watching a lot of Dallas and Columbo episodes and kept noticing very many men wore "a rug". You can tell the 1970s pieces by the flat fringe and sort of "too good to be true" aspect. In those days, hair pieces were "in". The amazing part was the reaction I got. In the street, nobody seems to notice. 75 per cent feedback from those who know me was negative. One girl from Europe seemed to get the huff and said, "Well, if it makes you happy". Another European female winked and declared, " Who cares what they think". These days you can get pieces called "hair systems". Mine is just a net toupee that takes a minute to push on. Others are made of real hair and fitted by a hairdresser.
  5. The scenes remind me of the essence of The Incredible Hulk. Stan Lee once noted we all have a Hulk alter-ego where intellect and reason succumb to blind rage and regression to fight, or flight. Many of those shown appear to be frustrated people who plain lose control of all civilized constraint. Basic psychology affirms that we all react extremely when pushed into a corner. Either you run. Or your shirt splits, your pants rip and you become a raging hulk.
  6. I take a very dim view of democracy in Russia but, to be fair, the country was in meltdown after the fall of the USSR. They lacked allies around their borders and support for democracy. Gorbachev had been democratizing Russia successfully but was sold out. Few countries can claim to be anything like a democracy. People helped create the problem by lack of involvement and sitting back. That gave rise to career politicians and erosion of civil liberties. I do know those scenes have shocked a lot of people. Bear in mind the US is a global military power and lost control for a certain time. Same thing happened to Gorbachev, even with tanks in the street. That loss was permanent. Social pressure now is like a corked bottle, all over the western world. And the media is gradually beginning to ask questions.
  7. I think the riot was just what it appears to be - political unrest. The Russians are commenting upon the flaws in America's democracy and how stirring unrest in Ukraine has now come home to roost. Back in the USA itself. Russia and China also criticized the whole system of democracy in the US as outdated. Here, I differ somewhat. I suppose a two party democracy can work but you must ensyre education and prosperity in the population. In 1970s America black people had a certain sense of pride being African Americans. They had role models such as Muhammad Ali and many black athletes and celebrities. These days it seems equality has slipped away with a rise in gap between rich and poor. Lack of respect in politics too. Raegan and Gorbachev were at least polite and respectful or observed boundaries. Reform is needed and in Europe too. Opinion is starting to shift as it's made clear how democracy is slipping.
  8. This type of unrest I think is a familiar symptom of collapse of Empire. It's not just a rabble here but deep division. The Roman Empire was finally sacked by plundering barbarian invaders because it was so divided internally. In the case of the USA it's a shame to see how it's declined over the last few decades. More recently I noticed a loss in freedom of speech and expression. I used to be on an American forum and left in disgust due to the the way monitors removed posts they disagreed with. And here, I don't refer to anything controversial - just having a different opinion. I mean, take Facebook removing anti vaxer posts. Disgusting don't you think? As if such people don't have a right to disagree. What's so wrong with voicing disagreement and being listened to? Sometimes I think one main cause of the downfall of the West is there was a shift to choke off education and idealise labour as the only value. In the 1960s America had a terrific education system and investment in science. Maybe because they realised the USSR was leaving them behind in technology. After the Cold War also the USA lost control of foreign policy and tried to create a unilateral world order. I think they lost the moral high-ground. Of course, there has been social unrest before such as race riots in the 1960s and Vietnam. Just that now, on two occasions it became deeply political.
  9. The virus. A conspiracy? My take? I don't think heads of governments met secretly to pull off a plan to decrease the population. Can't see that working really. Imagine Boris trying to persuade Putin to sign up to the con? Someone, somewhere would spill the beans. Or just say, no. After all, Putin lost family in the hollocaust. So, what is it? Personally I believe it's mass, social hysteria. I speak as someone who's very involved in neurology and psychology. I will make the explanation very simple: A person who is highly nervous or anxious usually gets upset stomach, migraine or sweaty hands. Even hyperventilation. They call this the somatovegetative nervous system whereby physical symptoms are caused by neurological stress factors. Now, to treat the symptoms, current practice is to ignore the cause and use medications. Yet, we know in the case above that the trigger is psychosomatic. I stated before I assume Covid does exist as an evolved type of flu but I also think social hysteria is reproducing identical symptoms. As well as creating stress and weakening social immunity. Not many people are aware that not only can fear and anxiety be transmitted to others but so can the psychosomatic symptoms. Fact. In fact, we already know of cases of mass delusion or mass sharing of symptoms. It happens because neuro impulses can be transmitted and processed physically as well as mentally. I am now pretty sure Covid is a large part mass hysteria. It's very similar to the 15th century witchcraft mania that tragically resulted in the deaths of innocent victims. Again, this started out as physical illness symptoms and led to mass paranoia and manic hysteria. Today, I was crossing a pavement and coughed as a woman passed by. She immediately covered her face and recoiled. It's very clear to see.
  10. I learned to be a bit wary of random diagnosis of people such as Bill Gates as on the autism spectrum. This seemed to have started after Gates was demonstrating "stereotypical movements" during an interview. I had suspicions over over-diagnosis for some years and finally hit upon some very dated psychology essays of German origen. What I learned was fascinating. People such as Bill Gates were thought to be non clinical cases of "reactive psychopathy". Fully functional but possibly at risk of clinical disorders in the face of severe stress. However, the clinical cases were not functional in society and unlikely to ever reach Gate's social status. The clinical condition that corresponds to modern Asperger Syndrome was called Verschroben. I should add also that Asperger Syndrome was a distorted interpretation of Asperger's research. Verschroben involved autistic withdrawel, poor social interaction, motor and emotional impairment and even slowness. Often with aspects of high intellect in abstract subjects. In my view, Gates shows no signs of clinical disorder but he would qualify for the milder personality aspect they called "shizotimia". As said, such people tend to be socially functional with ectomorph body somatotype (thin, nervous and long limbed).
  11. The best anti communism books I read were by Russians. The best was Dmitry Volkagonov. He pointed out that communism in the USSR came out distorted due to autocratic history in the Russian Empire. The first communist and workers groups all stood for Marxist values and freedom of thought, meeting and expression. However, Volkagonov shows how Lenin despised liberalism and liberals. Once Lenin gained power, hopes for a political system based on democratic values was gone. By the Stalin era, society was polarised into the working classes and class enemies. That included kulaks, trotskyists, capitalists, spies and wreckers. All other socialist parties banned. Lenin was to blame. For me, as a minority view, the greatest leader of the USSR was Gorbachev. Russians blame him for destroying the USSR but tend to forget the mess it was in under Chernenko. I always say if Gorbachev could have reformed communism into a democratic, socialist society, the world would have emerged more stable. However, the world chose capitalism as the only system. That led to gradual erosion of labour rights and social decline. As well as a return to endless squabbles over resources and oil.
  12. The psychology term is "mimicry". I delved into it a lot. Normal people use facial muscle movement and eye expression during communication. I notice women are a bit more reactive than men. Most basic is the smile. People smile a lot when they're supposed to smile. They move their eyes or knit their brows. Voice modulation rises and falls. You would notice none of this if you're normal. Mimicry is taken for granted. However, in psychology we know some people have "low mimicry". This is due to emotional deficit. The emotions don't interact or respond as normal so the face of the individual is almost a mask. Eyes may appear vacant and voice is monotone. Such is typical with schizphrenia or psychopathy, however I should stress neither disorder is "bad" or destined to bring about criminal behaviour. It's a personality deviation from normality. To read a person through mimicry needs great care. Recently some American psychologists claimed to have diagnosed President Putin through is supposed lack of mimicry and expression. I had to totally disagree. I noticed Putin shows a lively, engaged expression and pretty much normal. In fact, I rarely observe emotional deficit at a clinical level.
  13. To add, I do believe some UFO sightings or experiences are real. I even have a video I shot on an old mobile phone. Just an orange light. However, the field has been rife with cult leaders and eccentrics. Problem to avoid is cultural bias. Centuries ago a flying saucer would have been a sign of the Devil or sorcery. Rendelsham Forest does seem one of the most credible accounts.
  14. Many years ago, I got very interested in Bud Hopkins. Got hooked on his books. Bud was the first person to get into the alien abduction phenomenon. What he did was hypnotise his clients and "recover" memories they had of being abducted. However, sleep paralysis or old hag syndrome has affected people for millenia. In itself, it's an eery subject but Hopkins may well have encouraged what he wanted to hear. There's a danger of reaching your conclusion first and then gathering evidence. Rather than staying objective. The first UFO hypnostist was a guy called Dr Benjamin Simon who did stay very objective. He hypnotised Betty and Barney Hill after they were suffering from missing time and memory loss. Also the Alan Godfrey hypnosis seemed to me pretty professional and objective. These days though, I'd be more skeptical of the Bud Hopkins books than I was at a young age. It rates as conspiracy though. Hopkins felt human beings were being removed and examined or modified. After came Whitley Streiber with Communion. That book really made a few waves at the time. One good question though is why were most abductees Americans? Why not Ukranians or Mongolians. Was it culturally inspired - B movies meet real sleep paralysis.
  15. My old girlfriend from North Carolina would chat to you about this. I guess now I wonder if the illuminat concept comes from Christien O Briens Shining Ones. This was his translation of Elohim in Genesis. These were beings who came to the earth from above. The noun Elohim is derived from Sumerian El which means he who shines. Hence we get Elf in English. Many believe the shining ones came from a 9th planet, more so Zech Sitchin. Illuminati may then have come from the same origen. Do I believe it? I stay open to possibilities.
  16. Here's a tip: Get rid of TV. I did so years ago and never regretted it. It's full of negativity and doom. Instead, choose a good film and enjoy. I just watched Straw Dogs the other night with the very sexy Susan George. When using the net, make sure you also read real books. Make sure you get quiet time to "think" and go a bit deeper, as John Lennon did. Develop creativity. Learn guitar or piano. Write articles or a novel. Paint or draw. Those who fret about viruses and doom often require straight replies. I tend to mention how former generations died in concentration camps or fought wars in trenches. "Man up!" is the term.
  17. It's tricky to solve. I still think the internet plays a very big role in the global mental health crisis. If you notice, it's not just fear of illness but fear of political situations - such as Putin and his supposed election controllers and data hackers. I've noticed significant changes in people based on the rise of the internet. Many in employment, say at banks, have no intuition. They hide behind automated, non- functional phone lines. Worse, I've seen people just laughing at a screen. My view is for many people the internet can interfere with brain function. A few scientists in fact tested effects of electromagnetic signals in such cases. I hate to be a killjoy but I long suspected the net can cause apathy, quench initiative, create a crutch of dependency. It's killing society because it wasn't let loose with any safegaurding. A bit like nicotine in the 1960s. Every time I discuss this virus with people around they appear to me to be suffering hyperchondria. Fear. Foreboding. I know one woman who steps back and sprays her surroundings. One woman became hysterical and threw a towel over her head. Very many people are suffering irrational fear. Internet isn't helping. And what's more - if they continue to withdraw and hide they'll lose immunity. People will become so physically and mentally weak, they will die out. Like the dinosaurs but for different reasons. The solution? I have none. I find no way to stop masses of people following a path to self-destruction.
  18. Stalinism was pretty bad but provoked by a bloody world war and social instability. Under Stalin existed imaginary spies, capitalist sympathisers and Trotskyists. Enemies of the people.
  19. Don't think everyone is following the restrictions. It's impossible to enforce. Sure in bigger cities there are more fines in large urban areas but that's just the surface gloss. One of my arguments against such absurd policy is you can't stop people socialising. It's fantasy land. Therefore, bacteria will slow where it exists and then rise again even more rapidly. Also to be fair French police have been pretty bad and European protests quite violent. Denmark was planning arrest of anti vaxers. The mess appears to be everywhere.
  20. Watching a film on dvd based on a true story. A group of USSR gulag prisoners escape from a Siberian camp. They go during a full blizzard so the guards can't see them. Straight through the woods and onwards by foot to Mongolia. Point? There were some tough people back then. Real endurance. Also the film Alive is an eye opener. That's when the Uruguayan airplane crashes in the Andes. Survivors had to battle extreme cold and hunger.
  21. It seems to me the situation we have is the majority of people believe what I would call a global religion. That includes politicians. I suspect that, yes, there are new strains of flu but my actual position is people are acting through the influence of mass, group hysteria. I imagine the number of people exploiting the hysteria is much smaller. That is, I think we have a kind of mass, social breakdown. Very similar to the 15th century witch mania. What really worries me I think is the how and why. For the last decade I've suspected something was going very wrong in society. Definite slides in democratic values. Lies over Iraq. Lack of accountability in politics. A slump in education. Dependence upon social media and a seeming alienation from science. Put simple, regression. Point is, if society loses respect for law and social rights, slides in education - we wind up like Russia in 1905. I mean, how many journalists are out there challenging the accepted narrative? Course of action? Well, for sure current policy can't deliver in the long term. I imagine reality will eventually bite. In fact, there's a lesson from history. When Lenin came to power in 1917, he tried to choke capitalism by preventing commerce and trade. It was textbook Marx but it didn't work. The country started to collapse. Lenin had to backtrack. I suppose in our latter day case, these extremist policies will fail to sustain a functional system. And possibly some countries will abandon the currrent course.
  22. On a personal note, I was amazed by how much dated (and classic) German psychology was misinterpreted. The classic age was from the 1920s when psychology was a major, world science. I despaired over how many modern-day psychologists didn't realise differences in linguistic meaning. It's a huge mistake to read an old text with modern linguistics applied. You wind up with a very distorted interpretation. And that's just a few decades. What about millenia? Another reverse case mistake we can make is to jump the gun and beat out a theory in the way religion does. We see an ancient drawing and assume the figure is wearing a space helmet. That would also be an error. That's why we need neutrality and open-mindedness. Trying to analyse without any bias. Of course, we see this with the Covid phenomenon. It's now the socially done thing to say, "Stay safe!" To believe 25 years of bacteria evolution can be bypassed by staying apart from others and hiding in a world of fear. This is the danger of "cultural bias". What's required is hard, open minded processing of available information. My position is the ancient astronaut theory is very possible but, for me, it's not a religion. That is, it may be mistaken. It seems though Christien O Brien kept perspective and did a huge amount of research. To prove it all, however, requires a lot of expertise. To date, the majority is willing to accept the Bible at face value without realisation of sources and cultural factors.
  23. We're talking very ancient history. It's also important to bear in mind how much linguistics change. I once found a dated love letter written by an educated 1940s student to his sweetheart. He called her "the most docile woman" he'd ever met. You see, that word "docile" used to mean "sweet". Much later, its meaning changed to "stupid". Now, both Sitchin and Christien O Brien studied Sumerian. Both men were highly qualified in their field. Fact appears that the Bible was sourced from Sumerian creation accounts. Words had to be interpreted from Sumerian to Hebrew. And here is where it probably got mixed up. Sumerian creation makes no real reference to one God. It states homo sapiens was created to serve practical purposes. That is, labour. From the very murky, fables and accounts, it seems the gods had major disagreements over the decision to create homo sapiens. The reported interbreeding of the renegade gods with females was said to have produced freaks and giants. This is mentioned in Genesis and the Sumerian accounts. Ancient astronaut theorists believe the whole thing was genetic experimentation. My own guess is possibly a race of astronauts arrived on earth thousands of years ago. Could have been very close neighbours. Maybe they were facing threat of extinction and attempted to make an interbred species. Very hard to prove, of course, and very bold estimations. However, it would explain why most ancient cultures (even the Canaanites) worshipped gods. The Greeks for that matter saw gods as manipulating and controlling all from the heavens. On the net you can find some very well researched material by Christien and Barbara O Brien. I read O Brien delved very deeply into ancient maths.
  24. Can't quite recall the linguistic details but Christien O Brien suggested that "heavens and earth" could be translated "high and low terrain". The Hebrew "Elohim" was used by Hebrews as both singular and plural. So, the gods cultivated the high and low lands. What happened was Genesis originated from Sumerian creation mythology. The giveaway in Genesis itself is "let us make man in our likeness" which was impossible to translate into singular in that particular case. Getting in deeper, the account of angels interbreeding with females comes straight from Sumerian accounts. I don't quite see this as conspiracy theory but more lost ancient history. Our modern religion draws upon what Moses related to his people. The Bible states how these people watched smoke and fire at the summit of mount Sinai and many fainted in fear. It makes sense to assume Moses would have simplified his communications to his people. So, there is one god. Just follow these basic rules. Possible alternative to religion? Homo Sapiens was an experiment made possibly by those who came from a nearby planet. Possibly quite similar biologically. Legends of gods and polytheism was a legacy of lost ancient history. To really get into it you need to look at Genesis alongside Sumerian creation mythology. There are definite parallels. Although it may sound outlandish, even more so is the idea of a six day creation. And it is for me just a theory based on very distant and murky creation myths. Sumerian still is only partly understood.
  25. As to ancient astronauts, I suppose most people I meet would give me strange looks. To them, I'd be a conspiracy theorist along with Zecharia Sitchin and Erich Von Daniken.
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