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  1. I rarely argue with people I know about vaccines but openly state I'm declining. In fact, my position is very liberal. Those who want to vaccinate for regular flu or otherwise are free to choose. However, I despise deceit and being patronised. These vaccinations are not voluntary at all as is claimed. Many will have to choose unemployment as the only alternative. Most will throw in the towel to stay employed. Governments are counting on that. They always have done. Capitalism always depended upon forced labour under threat of poverty and isolation. Stalinism relied upon fear, paranoia and targets. Factories had targets to meet under threat of disloyalty and accusation of sabotage. Hence, the Show Trials. Having said that, the capitalist system offered a kind of set deal which protected the labour force from exploitation and allowed for personal gain and wealth. So, communists ditched communism and reformed their society. Now it seems capitalist societies are pushing the limits. Many thousands of people are "wage slaves" not careerists. They have no employment rights and are blackmailed economically. Amazingly, this is now being pushed to loss of free movement, loss of the right to protest, censorship and an assumed right of the State to force vaccination on citizens. Personally I think appeasement is no longer an option. I recall when Muhammad Ali made his stand he was threatened with jail and lost his title as heavyweight champ. He had no money to feed his family but never gave in an inch. Of course, few of us are that strong in spirit but now is the time to confront reality. That reality is the appearance of fascism on a global scale. That is, people in power who despise the working classes, freedom of speech, the right to differ in opinion and seek to control by State induced fear. I suppose it was pretty much the same in the 1940s.
  2. Seems to be a global movement underway. In short, governnents are being recognised as corrupt and anti-democratic. The balance of trust and compromise has faded. Worldwide people are seeking genuine representation. In Russia and Belarus this has come to a very serious head. People there want more from government and the younger Russians are now very alike Europeans. It's the same desire everywhere. People need a proper constitution and legally protected civil rights - crisis or no crisis. They need fair elections and multiple parties. Not the same old faces at the top year in year out. A lot more should have been done to keep employment mobile and functional. I.T. was allowed to destroy real jobs. I mean, in my day young people got secure jobs in factories and then socialised. So much went wrong. The snag is politicians are neither trained or capable to reform the system. Sorry this is a it jerky but the idea is there.
  3. Sensible and hard exercise plus a diet on the Spartan side. To be honest though, the sudden change in our stability of living and exposure to threat, makes me better understand why monks in China did martial arts. The philosophy was purely defensive but I guess it was effective.
  4. "In February 1692, Reverend Parris’ daughter Elizabeth, age 9, and niece, Abigail Williams, age 11, started having “fits” (Hale 1697). They would shriek, make weird sounds, crawl under furniture, and convulse into strange positions. These “fits” were considered to be supernatural in origin, and members of the community were accused of consorting with the devil and afflicting the young children through witchcraft (Lawson 1692). With the seeds of paranoia planted, more accusations arose, and more people were arrested. By the end of the month of May, a total of 62 individuals were in custody (Roach 2002)."
  5. I received a letter today to suggest an opportunity to get vaccinated at my doctor's. Snag is I haven't seen a doctor in years. Never have flu jabs and my only weak spot is chronic hayfever. My decision is already made that I have no plan to vaccinate, whether for flu or this latest virus. Rather than preach my opinion, the only argument I can make dead simple is that "officially" it's now stated the vaccine doesn't stop those who opted for it speading the virus. So, I ask, what is the point. I don't perceive any threat to myself (assuming that's the aim of the letter). As I said before I am not in the same tight spot as those people who are employed. I was already a bit of a social misfit before all of the hysteria kicked in so am used to battling my own corner. I sometimes wonder when push comes to shove, how many of those who often tell me they won't have the vaccine will give in. Not that I would judge them in any way. As a psychologist, I know how social conditioning makes it very hard for most people to defy authority. Conditioning, of course, starts at school and it was only effectively challenged by the masses in the mid sixties - turn on, tune in, drop out. Now, my guess is social restrictions will follow those of us "witches" who refuse to follow the crusade. Not sure how many there will be - mabe many like me, who knows?
  7. The video I posted made me laugh - the bit where a babushka (Russian old lady) caused a batch of police to retreat. What you notice a lot lately with protests is all the "slips of girls" in the thick of the protest. Barcelona, Germany and in many capitals, what you see is not so much hardened mobs but lots of young, skinny girls battling it out for their rights. Great people, the Russians! Very friendly. Shame they were frozen out of warner relations with western countries. After all, we're all in the same boat now.
  8. This is one big protest. Huge numbers.
  9. Pygmies in the world of science. Grant-maintained ideology-pleasers who fall well short of people like Darwin or Einstein. Somehow they feel they can "get one up on Nature" by creating a sterile environment. It's a ridiculous theory now suppirted by mass hysteria and social delusion: "Also, what is the main theme of the emperor's new clothes? The central theme of Hans Christian Andersen's story of the Emperor's new clothes is that illusion depends at least in part on self-deception on the part of those being deceived. The Emperor and his courtiers pretend he is wearing clothes because they do not wish to appear foolish; in the end they look more so."
  10. I figure it wouldn't be fair for me to judge those who decide to have the vaccine to stay employed. Myself, I don't have anything to lose so can't be held to ransom, so to speak. No kids to support. Quite a few parents, though, tell me they're too wary of vaccines to risk it. I would never impose my own view on people who worry about losing their employment as their situation is different. However, speaking generally, I don't think turning the other cheek ever works because it invites more repression. No employer or government has the right to dictate to people over untested pharmaceuticals. That amounts to a blatant, unequivocal attack on democracy and human rights. Added to that it's an insult to the former generations who died fighting fascism. I will not, therefore, under any circumstances compromise that particular principle. The only advice I'd give is there's no need to make a drama out of the decision to opt out. You can be diplomatic and point to allergy factors and so forth. Meantime, current news informs of major unrest in Russia. I had a Russian friend who once assured me when the Russian people "pop" they really "pop". This is more about Navalniy vs Putin but you wonder now if people worldwide are getting fed up with lack of democracy and corruption by an arrogant elite. Navalny for sure has guts to lead the revolt.
  11. That's the major issue. I would like to think if forced to choose between employment and vaccine, I would still refuse the vaccine. I'm not in that same position, however and can't be blackmailed. Despite that, any concept of forced vaccine by the State is a red line for me. My grandparents fought in WW2 against fascism so to pacify it (in any shape or form), to me seems not an option. Use of loss of citizen rights is something people should prepare for as a worst case scenario. Such as travel or even social welfare Too early yet to judge how far it will go down that path. As I write, Alexy Navalniy now has tens of thousands of protesters out in Russia and is still under arrest. These people are seemingly unafraid. I always thought there's only one way to handle a bully. You have to stand up to them because if not they become emboldened.
  12. People are indeed less aggressive today. I imagine it will be the lack of struggle and challenge or need to survive. A highly recommended film is "Alive". Planecrash in the Andes mountains. Survivors have to endure freezing temps. Two of them walked across the mountains to Chile. Survival is part of evolution. Now, we have become physically and mentally under-challenged. Like the Eloi in H. G. Wells Time Machine. People now hide from bacteria and imagine this is a valid means to bypass natural processes such as illness and recovery. The masses have always been vulnerable to quasi religious ideology and are increasingly out of touch with the laws of evolution. People lately hate to hear me mention the dinosaurs - my girlfriend put the phone down at that point. However, survival dictates struggle, adaptation to threats, endurance, challenge, fight or flight and will to live. The path to extinction is inertia, indolence, flight from danger and dependency. All other species are doing fine in the food chain, except people - wandering around with cloths on their faces.
  13. Plenty of historical material to show the connection between Covid hysteria and witchcraft persecution. You will notice plagues often factor in. So, the anti vaxers are predictably likely to take the place of witches in the modern development of an old story. No-one can say whether targeting of anti-vaxers by authorities will be a purely social inconvenience or develop into a more serious direction. As it is "people" are being blamed for the virus as fear and stupidity cause the more gullible to blame those who resist authoritarianism. Paranoia, hysteria, psychogenic symptoms repeat the same pattern. The wise man will be prepared. "Bad weather also during this time added to harsh crop failure, famine and the outbreak of plague once again. This could be an indirect déjà vu epidemic from the Black Death since the exact same factors are repeating themselves over three centuries later. Only now in the early 17th century, the Jews are replaced in the blame game by witches. Instead of blaming natural disasters or mistakes of politicians for the cause of this epidemic, the Germanic people blamed witches and the Devil for the pain and suffering of this period."
  14. Sometimes this all seems a bit pessimistic. These are early days. The people in charge of policy are speedily heading to a dead end. At least with communism something positive could be offered in compensation for post war destruction. Here, that's not the case. I imagine in months to come, wider echelons of society are going to want to know what is the plan? It was the same with Vietnam. Muhammad Ali was the most unpopular man in America but later that changed. Thousands dead or wounded, mass protests and loss of appetite to continue. Give it a year and the penny will drop.
  15. Another headline is the lady on a flight who exploded when asked to wear a mask. She just lost her restraint and yelled about dictatorship. Other passengers supported the security staff and not the lady. This is the problem when you stick up for people who can't see what's obvious.
  16. Yes, this is headlines on Yandex. The deaths in Norway.
  17. My strategy for now is to wait. Current measures at some point will lead to a major social, economic meltdown. More people will then start to ask questions. Whichever way you look at it, the present approach has no permanent back-up system to substitute the erosion of society and the economy. As it is now, a large number if people still feel they're being protected and assisted. Most of these people exhibit symptoms of psychological fear, obvious to a more qualified psychologist. The way they recoil and step back or pull their covers on their mouth. Putting it very bluntly, thousands of people are suffering paranoia, hyperchondria and instability. It's similar to cult victims who we heard of in the 1970s - Moonies, for example. It doesn't affect me at all. I suffered a major breakdown decades ago and am now far less vulnerable to socially transmitted stress disorders. Yet, I recognise stress reaction when I see it. To treat it is very difficult indeed.
  18. “It was sunset and I was driving to Kansas from California when I first saw Saltair. It’s an amusement park located at the end of a half-mile causeway out into the Great Salt Lake. The lake had receded and the pavilion with its Moorish towers stood silhouetted against the red sky. I felt I had been transported into a different time and dimension. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I stopped the car and walked out to the pavilion. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. The stark white of the salt beach and the strange dark quiet of the deserted buildings made it the spookiest location I had ever seen.” Herk Harvey
  19. Carnival Of Souls is a 1962 movie created by Herk Harvey and stars Candice Hiligoss. When I first saw the film it made a huge impact on me. A huge impression. When I was maybe 11 or 10 years old I had a drowning accident and was as close to death as it gets. The experience was very peaceful and I had no desire to return to my "present". Even so, I suddenly felt a huge kick when someone pulled me out of the water. My mouth was gushing out water with terrible coughs in between and choking. That's how Carnival Of Souls starts, but the "accident" involves a car race over a bridge in Salt Lake City where the car dives into the water. The only survivor is Candice Hiligoss. Incidentally, Hiligoss appears to me to be a typical Hitchcock girl. Very attractive, classy and polite What's fascinating is the way the movie develops. Hiligoss's character works as a professional organist but her problem is she can't emotionally contact other people or connect to the world around her. She moves into "a rooming house" where a male lodger tries his best to score a date . The other two imposing roles are filled by the Church Pastor and the psychiatrist Dr Samuels. Everybody tries to help Candice but she is fated to be disconnected from the world around her. At times she simply cannot be seen by others and all connection is momentarily lost. This is a very deep film which gained a small cult following. On release at drive-ins around 1962 it performed very badly and was too psychologically deep for early sixties movie goers. However I found it to be a superb movie in the Alfred Hitchcock pattern. In some ways it reminded me of The Birds Carnival Of Souls is easy to watch on YouTube and dated 1962. davidbanner99@ Full Member Posts: 132 Joined: Thu Aug 27, 2020 7:00 pm Likes Received: 5
  20. I would prefer to opt out of visiting any American school or course or whatever. I agree with you money and lack of ethics would sum it up quite well. I had bad experiences with 90 per cent of Americans, especially in the area of psychology. They seem to censor views they don't agree with. There is one very highly rated researcher I met who deletes comments that contradict his essays. In the USA they have an issue with the concept of "debate". This is why I'm so skeptical of these vaccines. These people use the internet for all their research but no basic science.
  21. There's a reclusive Russian Jewish mathematician called Grigory Perelman. He has long finger nails and lived on 100 dollars a month for years. He was shunned by the maths community. On cracking a complex mathematical problem some years ago, he was offered a million dollars. He turned it down and didn't attend the ceremony. He makes no contact with the outside world but does give lectures. He's closer to the original psychopathy diagnostic than Putin who's a social personality and rich.
  22. I don't want to come over as a know-all but..... the term was invented by J. Koch in his book «Die psychopathischen Minderwertigkeiten. That was in the 19th century. The term comes from "psyche" and "pathology". The modern definition of psychopath is unscientific and remote from real psychology. Psychopaths are not necessarily power-driven at all. Many have low levels of emotion and high intellect, often with a high ethical code. Very many are shunned from positions of power as may struggle to relate to others. It is true some become criminals but so do socially motivated people.
  23. Passed Witherspoons today. Defiant notice on bar window. Full article challenging the virus propaganda. Lots of passers by can read it. Nice to know some big businesses are on side.
  24. Not wanting to stray off topic but these days I view America as a lousy model for democracy, in all areas. Repeatedly I've been censored on American academic forums. Not for rudeness or extremism but for simply not agreeing with the accepted trend of thought. On science. These academics argue with emotion and not intellect. They don't write clinically and logically but fire off emotonal value judgements. Simply, they refuse to engage. i So, now Navalny and Merkel have noticed Twitter has banned Trump and are shocked. Welcome to the club. David Icke was banned from his Youtube channel for expressing a different opinion. Answer - they bury their head in the sand and remove our comments.
  25. I think there's a risk of over-analysis. In Russia it's known how the USA stirred up colour revolutions, or at least tried to encourage dissent. However, I think the Washington uprest was an internal problem. They (America) have never played strategic poker as well as Putin. The idea they're now luring us into a brilliantly planned trap strikes me as a far cry from what's come before. That is, Russia now quite strong (hypersonic missiles) and China set to be the new global powerhouse. Crimea not controlled by Nato, for that matter. Also, Putin gaining in the Middle East. The truth is the West's in possibly terminal decline. Cause is down to failure to preserve democracy and industry and invest in home-grown technology. Corruption in politics and remoteness from the masses has led to a shift in the global order.
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