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  1. Generally people should learn effective self defence. Unarmed can be effective enough. People have unfortunately allowed themselves to decline physically and mentally. This has created a victim potential. How many times have I seen it! I once worked in an agency where those in charge would have suffered a proverbial fat lip had they treated 1970s workers the same way. n First step of self defence is run. Worked great for Chris Eubank when running from police in New York. They winded up gasping for breath chasing Eubank up a flight of steps. Where there's no place to run, take your pick: Karate Boxing Kung Fu Unarmed combat
  2. Today I found a new ally. A young mother who's a Jehovas Witness. Her reason for not having the vaccine is due she says to allergy. She mentioned no religious reason. There are in fact several people I met who so far chose to decline. Meantime, I myself am still very close to the point of converting most of my savings to gold. This is due to the rise in scare-mongering and hysteria that now threatens us with vaccines linked to passports. Banks could very suddenly start using regular travel passports as I.D. As I would need a new passport issued I'd then be asked to submit a vaccine document to get that. Sure, this may not get to such an extreme but who can be sure? What I see around me isn't reason or even common sense but plain hysteria and sheer stupidity. These idiots in power will bankrupt the economy.
  3. Not all banks demand passports. Some do, however. Those that have older customers slacken the rules. They may accept long-standing customers. Bottom line is I take the voluntary claim over vaccines as patronising. It's a lie. Most of our movements are connecting to digital I.D. and we know vaccine programs are being tied in with that. I can't afford to wait and see much longer. I'm feeling already events are going faster than I'd like. Of course, buying up gold could backfire if normality came back after a few months but that seems doubtful. Banks are closing down at an alarming rate. If I.D. gets tied in with vaccine papers we could by default be aliens and frozen out. I'm going to look into investing money out of banks very very soon. Even property seems better than trusting savings.
  4. For me this is serious enough to start a dedicated thread. Already here are people who are more clued up than I am. We soon need to discuss how to do stuff like buy gold, silver or safe investments. That for some may include property. My brother just bought a mobile home which he feels is useful. I won't tolerate even the suggestion passports could spread for bank account access. Not many people are aware no vaccine could possibly mean no passport. It may extend beyond just travel obstacles.
  5. Just noticed some news about vaccine passports for travel. I should repeat this: Some banks are insisting upon a passport for I.D. Not all but some do. Logic suggests some of us might be locked out of access to bank accounts. Not known what could happen if a visa card gets lost or invalidated. This happened to me years ago and I was told I'd need a passport to access my account. I suspect the reality is there's no inbetween. Best bet so far is to draw out all savings and buy gold sovereigns. I no longer trust banks. Just not sure yet how to draw out all my savings in safety. Guess we're looking at 8 months till people start to experience such restrictions.
  6. I must admit, I dislike hearing Jewish people being scapegoated. On Russian forums it is much worse which strikes me as ironic given Russophobia is an issue too. Three Jewish people changed my life for the better: Stan Lee. Joe Weider. Brian Epstein. Stan Lee gave the world super heroes and comics. A terrific, creative man and very missed. Weider was pretty hard-headed as a businessman but he did a great deal to promote phys culture. Epstein gave us The Beatles. Jews are essentially very smart. They tend to score very high intellect even compared to orientals. They may rise higher in social hierarchies so tend to be blamed when things go wrong. A very big factor too is the Christian divide. Religion plays a big role in it.
  7. I think there have always been periods of decline. Look at the Roman Empire. It eventually fell apart because the numerous communities had little left to identify with. Religious intolerance was also a factor around the later Empire. So, you now have this country. Very fragmented and little surviving industry. If I had a time machine I'd love go back to 1967 and just walk around. People somewhat healthier and happier and plenty of jobs. Even students did OK. Of course there were problems like the Cold War. Homosexuality was only legalised in 67 and women tended not to be as equal. Today, however, high street businesses have been gutted by internet sales and education appears to be pretty dismal. The list could go on. Societies tend to peak and wane. Probably in a few decades people will look back on I.T. and social.restrictions like we do today over nicotine. Future generations may learn to restrict the internet so people will go out and live a real life.
  8. It does seem to exist and presumably can cause some risk to older people. It's been blown up, however, by mass hysteria and panic.
  9. I see people are gradually picking up momentum as in the case of Vietnam. More people protesting in greater numbers and causing a stir. Reminds me of that scene where Forest Gump was invited to address the crowd by the man wearing the big flag who kept using the F word. Will Gump (Tom Hanks) get to address a huge crowd of anti vaxers? Watch the numbers swell! Now that we know passports will depend upon untested vaccines, people are flocking to join other protesters. This will get huge soon. It may well change the political landscape. For now, the golden rule is if you don't want a vaccine, say no. If friends and family do, we should respect their decision. It's just an issue of choice. I never opposed any vaccine. I only oppose forced vaccines. Especially on children who aren't at risk in most cases.
  10. I have a little known medical document in which a Russian doctor casually lists vaccines as a cause for autism. It's listed along with other causes such as infection, fever and birth complications. I don't know if the doctor was just supposing vaccine was a cause or whether he knew this to be fact. My mother stopped me having one vaccine so I did get measles and chicken pox. I actually recall the spots all over my body and I felt really off. Of course, I recovered. As you do. I have had serious issues since childhood and suspect my mother had suspected vaccine as a factor. Hence her unwillingness to agree to more vaccines. Who can say? What I can say is if I were to get this much feared Covid I would shake it off as I successfully did with measles. I will use medication only when essential. Antibiotics are great but only in case of need. Not as a crutch.
  11. Speaking of gold and silver I happen to own a silver denarius of Commodus. He was symbolic of the decline of the Roman civilization. There was also a massive plague and riots over grain supplies. Commodus took to the arena to fight as a gladiator and part of Rome was destroyed by fire. Civilizations have always peaked then declined. Look at this country. Divided geographically and importing most industrial technology. Even Cadbury's got bought up. Now we are a nation of hyperchondriacs - terrified of getting ill.
  12. I have an old dvd documentary where electromagnetic radiation was studied. However, I think the real harm of the internet is that many people use it as a substitute for their own intellect. It led to apathy and indolence. It reminds me of an old episode of Lost In Space called "Wish Upon A Star". The Robinson family acquire a thought machine that can materialise any wish they make. It leads to friction, apathy and loss of ambition. I always say we all need "quiet time" to think deep and hard. We need to use our own brains and not just use Google (which censors information). Definitely the internet resonates with the collective brain and draws energy, the way an opened door lets cold air flow into a warm room. OK if it's used as a tool but not a substitute for real life, risk and adventure.
  13. "Third, a collective delusion is more likely to take hold if the group is undergoing some kind of distress. This could be rising unemployment, political destabilization or an enemy’s threats of warfare. On a smaller scale, a town may lose a crucial employer, or a fire-and-brimstone minister can instigate a satanic panic with rumors of baby-killing cults. And fourth, the stressors are potent enough to trigger, in at least some individuals, either a psychosomatic response or scapegoating behavior. Psychosomatic reactions – physical symptoms with psychological causes – may be as mild as itching or as severe as blindness. Scapegoating involves blaming a group of innocent (or possibly nonexistent) others for causing problems – psychosomatic or otherwise. When conditions are ripe, this catalyzing subset of group members sets off a chain reaction. They begin to seek and identify external causes for their distress, or sources for its relief. Psychosomatic responses spread; contempt for the scapegoats grows. People become hypervigilant and toss critical thinking out the window, looking for and finding imagined threats. Conspiracy theories are spawned, angels and demons invoked, fears stoked, panic induced. The supernatural may start to seem natural. As more and more group members become ensnared in a positive feedback loop, the perceived threat is legitimized, only broadening and deepening social distress further. Because they are inherently newsworthy, mass delusions are picked up by mass media, which fan the flames even more. "
  14. "Possibly the intention is complete societal breakdown while the elite retreat to their bunkers possibly in a far off country..only emerging when the leftover population is much smaller and easy to control. " Personally I don't think these people have any control. I view it as hysterical association as happened during the witch trials. Sure, there are those who manipulate the fear to gain some advantage. The majority are merely suffering mass delusional hysteria. We have seen this before in history. I may well take the plunge and buy gold. I am getting very uneasy over being locked out of citizenship due to increased digitalisation. I already had to get legal assistance to access one bank account as my existing I.D. was rejected by the bank. Nothing was accepted. Hundreds reported the same issue and indeed violent arguments have erupted in the same bank. My money. End of story. I want it safe because not sure how the future may develop. Of course, maybe the hysteria will die out. In that latter case our gold will fall somewhat in value.
  15. I guess many of us here aren't dead set against vaccines or antibiotics. I just think they were over-used. Antibiotics given out like candy. And now, what I see is mass delusional thinking and collective loss of reality. This being one symptom of Schizophrenia called "ambivalence". Desire and longing for safety and security inspires massive, gargantuan efforts to combat a perceived threat. Logic and rational thought is abandoned. Ritual and dogma substitute reason. Affected people fear the world and choose to hide away. The mechanism is, of course, the internet. Conceived by Bill Gates but already turning into a threat to a healthy, free society. We are urged not to engage with the world or with each other, to meet in clubs, dance, have sex, date or even protest. The fact the internet can substitute real life leads others to seek isolation from reality. Very unhealthy. A risk to survival of the species because evolution and natural selection demands mental and physical endurance. H.G. Wells was right I think. Survival came about at the cost of millions of deaths through bacteria. "Strength is the outcome of need; security sets a premium on feebleness. The work of ameliorating the conditions of life—the true civilizing process that makes life more and more secure—had gone steadily on to a climax. One triumph of a united humanity over Nature had followed another. Things that are now mere dreams had become projects deliberately put in hand and carried forward. And the harvest was what I saw!" H. G. Wells
  16. By the way I was collecting ancient coins but for this there is much to learn. They do come in gold, however. Easier are Victorian gold sovereigns. Another alternative is to just invest money in something that won't depreciate. I think gold prices are rising now as a lot of people are turning to it. The Russians are buying lots of it and always have at times of crisis.
  17. I am very jumpy over banks at present. What I see is a constant shift to demand more and more documents to prove who you are. This will probably soon include vaccine documents you would need to get a passport. That is possible. Plus the sheer level of fraud is forcing banks to become restrictive. Just do a search on your main banks customer service feedback and prepare for a shock. Gold for now is a great way to avoid disaster. Sadly buying prices have risen but at least it's a relatively steady investment. Better than being frozen out of bank accounts because there's nobody there to answer the phone and possible restrictions entering public buildings. It may well not get that bad but frankly I just don't feel able to trust the system at all.
  18. Gold sovereigns seem a good idea. Banks - a terrible idea. I keep hearing cases of people who can't get access to cash deposits. You are asked for a passport in some cases and passports are being linked to vaccine certificates. I think you can insure gold too. You can even put gold in a special bank and I would insure mine to cover political extremism (non access).At present you can own gold quite legally and deposit it in a reliable place.
  19. Fascinating video above. Not that I claim the current virus hysteria is being engineered by ancient astronauts. More a case of that anything is possible. I choose this as my most far-fetched possibility. Besides, even the very advanced ancient Athenians believed in gods who controlled events in the world.
  20. "God or Gods? In the first three verses, the English term ‘God’ is taken from the Hebrew term = elohim; while, in the fourth, this term is expanded to= ha elohim , in which ha is the Hebrew equivalent of ‘the’. The problem, here, lies in the fact that elohim is the plural form of el. And, if el originally meant ‘god’, then elohim should mean ‘gods’; and ha elohim should mean ‘the gods’. This plurality is emphasized in our second quotation in which the English singular and plural are strangely mixed. ‘God said, “Let us make man in our image, in the likeness of ourselves . . .” O Brien's translation reads: "In the Beginning, the gods looked (down) with pleasure upon the Highland pastures and the Lowlands."
  21. Not wanting to get myself laughed at as a fantasist but...... I do take seriously how the book of Genesis was clearly derived from the Sumerian creation accounts. Christien O Brien, in fact, made a fresh translation of Genesis. This suggests gods existed in pre Biblical times and that there was some kind of sexual relations between the angels and female homo sapiens. Did civilization develop after some sort of contact from a nearby planet? Can homo sapiens be controlled as if like a colony of ants? Was it just an experiment? I recently re-read the account of Moses and his encounter with God on Mount Sinai. It struck me how all the tribes of his people were terrified by fire and smoke on the Mount. They were asked to repeatedly wash. All their clothes at the foot of the mountain. Why? Radiation of course. Likewise, this event must have taken place at the time of Rameses The Great, of Egypt. Mostly what homo sapiens does by nature is to work. From cradle to grave we are urged to accept that the entire purpose of life is to work. Sumerian accounts state the gods came down from the heavens to engineer a source of manual, slave labour. Maybe the same gods are still very much involved. After all, modern religion was derived from accounts of fantastic encounters that, at the time, could only be narrated in supernatural terms. Mount Sinai may have been giving off thunder and smoke but not on account of God.
  22. I've seen people with glazed eyes. When it first set off, I recall a young guy run into the shop with a scared-rabbit in a floodlight look. He just blurted out, "Where are the toilet rolls?". He'd seen others on the news stocking up and just assumed that was the best way to survive. It struck me as absurd. Classic social hysteria and suggestion. As to the other, people roll their eyes and exchange concerned glances if I mention Sumerian creation accounts. Yet, these ancients recorded humans had been created by the gods to do work. And most ancient societies believed the gods controlled from the heavens what happens on earth.
  23. I tend to lean to position 2. I think a different virus did appear but that mass hysteria created a social delusion. A bit like what happened in the 16th century with witchcraft psychosis. I am strangely enough open to 3. I'm quite well read on the Zecharia Sitchin astronaut theory. I find it very credible that we have been controlled by certain forces since Genesis. However, a lot of people would dismiss me as a far out conspiracy crank on no 3.
  24. I noticed we are all made up of a large group of people who have one major issue in common, but maybe other things not totally in common. We are all deeply troubled and angered by the way this virus issue has changed society for far the worse. That is agreed. However, which of these groups do you belong to? (1) The virus is a complete fabrication, used as a pretext to sneak in social control, destroy freedoms and brainwash the masses. (2) The virus genuinely exists but has been blown out of all proportion. Social hysteria has created a convenient opportunity for some to attack our freedoms. (3)The virus is an occult phenomenon. There may be an unknown force controlling those in power, such as of extraterrestrial origen. (4) The virus is a bio-weapons attack launched by a hostile country. Or a bio-weapons project that escaped laboratory conditions and confinement. Just thought it might be interesting to explore this.
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