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  1. Passing this on. Came across it in the course of my research. Seems to suggest clinicians in the USSR accepted some cases of autism could be linked to vaccination. It is not specific but referred to casually. I do not know whether there were recorded cases or if it was a general estimation. Bottom line is Google appears to be censoring most information that questions the safety of vaccinations. By doing this in my view it denies peop!e access to information they need to access. Have children suffered brain damage through vaccines? Can we trust the partial information we are spoon fed?
  2. How to beat the virus hysteria decline: (1)Walk to the shop and not drive. (physical exercise = stronger body) (2) Don't look it up on Google - work it out and use your own intelligence (using your own mental resources = increased memory and problem solving (3) Get off State dependency (they can stop your money and control your life) (4) Create your own income (gives you some control of your life,) (5) Develop alternatives to Social Media (it endorses censorship and is now a State tool). (6) Develop your immunity and avoid sanitary lifestyle. (7)Take f
  3. What I find is the internet hasn't only changed the way human beings process information but it has altered science. It's already agreed the internet reduces potential for deep thought and memory. However, more worryingly, todays scientists lack a basic foundation. Everything is contrived on the internet using convenient reference pages and chopped data. The great scientists of known ability such as Darwin or Einstein are hardly read. This means we lost touch with real science and the focus on reality. Now, those of us who question this vaccine often have a science background. Can you believe
  4. Only one option in my book. Forget playing by the system. Lots of people in the 1960s took that course although at that time there were plenty of jobs and less cause to drop out. Essentially governments can now offer us very little. We have no welfare state or labour rights. Everything we do is monitered. Banks are robbing our savings and enable government control. We have no freedom of expression or association. So, disengage. You really can you know. Don't play in a one sided rat-race. Learn to be as dependent as possible. You can even self educate. If you make a list of what is actually off
  5. I noticed just Google shows virtually no search results for negative searches on Covid vaccine. Seems to me very suspicious. All searches mostly yield positive results. Much as I expected. Democracy has pretty much fallen along with education and industry. In some ways it reminds me of how Russia was at the time of the Tsar. That is millions of exploited workers and peasants. When did the erosion of democracy and its abandonment start? I would say from the second Iraq War onwards. End of educational funding and the welfare state was significant too. Of course the elite lost more than it gained
  6. Anything is possible. However, to be analytical, a hidden plot or agenda to wipe us out would require 100 per cent co-operation. Putin would have to be in on the plan, despite his wish to increase the Russian population. If just one major politician blew the whistle that would be it. My own feeling is this is all a severe case of mass hysteria and paranoia. I see the panic symptoms in people. They are nervy, alarmist and suffer hyperchondria. They act irrationally. I very much suspect the internet and months ago we were warned by experts about electromagnetic radiation. Did you know many peopl
  7. Funny incident today. An old fellow did his utmost to get across to me that anti-vaxers are misguided and putting others in danger. I politely explained my position. I said he was quite free to choose, but stated the fact other countries were rushing to grab their vaccine market back from Russia was a giveaway. Commercial interest and gain must never ever be allowed to put lives at risk. At this point another guy approached somewhat younger. I told him we were discussing the vaccine. He then blurted out he would not have the vaccine, then added he thought it was all a conspiracy. That caused
  8. Not wanting to give the wrong impression here but we evolved to fight. Here I don't mean a resort to violence to solve problems. I mean, life is such that you naturally fight to survive. In a school playground the first experience is someone comes up and steals your dinner money. If it happens the once, it will happen again. You are viewed as weak. In 1939 Poland, Polanski recalls how Jews were beaten in the street, made to walk on the road and wear a star of David. In Russia today it's Jehovas Witnesses. In Chechnya it was gay men. In ancient Rome it was Christians. Worldwide today it is star
  9. Lot could be said about cults. The Moonies used a Korean system of group inclusion and indoctrination. Teenagers were leaving families and joining cults. Covid is likewise a cult. The facemasks and distancing is part of the "we're all in this together". The science is computer based hype not based on reality. It has elements of "the enemy" which cults use to describe non believers. These enemies have blood on their hands for not believing. Cult methodology divides families and friends and it may require hours of psychology therapy to undo the indoctrination. Some of it now borders on child abu
  10. Frank, yes, this holiday line used. Of course, I won't interfere with their decision. My friends are mostly female and hyperchondriacs but it hasn't damaged our friendship. I was once a religious cult victim many years ago and know by experience you need time for things to sink in. Your family may change their view but remember years of social conditioning cause most people to believe the media. Look at Iraq and the so-called WMD. What a farce that was. Weird thing is my friends know I'm anti vax and still treat me well and no real issue. As I recall Muhammad Ali was one of the few to refuse V
  11. Local people I know are caving in as I predicted. Initial boasts of refusing a vaccine have mellowed. I expected the government would censor various anti vax forums and encourage employers to demand staff have the vaccine. As numbers increase they can move on to job centres. Much depends upon the stats. I am prepared to be a very small minority. I would never have this vaccine - period. No government will ever dictate to me over my health. Meantime I notice people are now walking around spraying their hands with disinfectants. In the street. Generation of jelly fish I guess.
  12. Something not clear to me. Why are schoolchildren to be vaccinated? It was initially stated this virus was a threat to very unhealthy people with comorbid symptoms. And that children are hardly affected. Therefore, if the vaccine doesn't stop a child spreading the virus, why vaccinate children? I'm lucky I don't face these issues as parents do. Likewise I don't have a well-paid job that can be used as blackmail. If I did have such a job I believe it would have to go if it came to push, although I'd try and take it to legal channels. At the moment, however, I'm very skeptical of the
  13. To add, there's no substitute for a strong, personal immune system. For that, you need to accept colds and flu bugs as part of nature. Incredibly it is believed you can opt out of such a reality by social avoidance. It's the proverbial king in his invisible suit of clothes.
  14. By my experience, Russia is now ahead of western countries in science although Chernobyl serves as a warning. Russia's vaccine was rejected on political and not humanitarian grounds. Governments couldn't give a stuff about presumably saving people. What mattered was to beat Russia. So a possibly workable vaccine for those who choose that option (I do not) was rejected. Motive here is the key. Motive of profit and point scoring has no place in medicine.
  15. News is that more countries are opting for the Sputnik vaccine. Germany perhaps. One of my arguments against the vaccine is peoples' lives should never come second to an egalitarian, political race. A rush to compete for pharmaceutical sales is a disqualification for authentic science. It takes short cuts and risks catastrophic consequences. Market competition has no place in medical science - unless its cosmetic surgery.
  16. Closing for today (it's late) I am inclined to think it will get tougher as more people vaccinate. It will be easier to penalise anti vaxers. Possibly leading to virtual loss of citizen rights. Not that that overly worries me. I was always pretty unemployable so adapted to alternatives of self sufficiency. It's a myth you will starve without State support. Or have to sit under a doorway. One idea is to create a vast support agency for anti vaxers. Legal info and possible funding. Many wealthy people support this cause and one tycoon is sueing Facebook. At this stage organization is needed. We
  17. For me it's easier. I've always been a degenerate. Non-conformist and unsuccessful. You could take away everything and I'd work out ways to survive. As people did in New York during the Great Depression. Worst case scenario: People like me could be prevented from entering certain buildings or facilities (even though the vaccine doesn't presumably protect others). If such becomes the case I then gain the moral high ground. That is there is ethical morality and discrimination, be it racial, class, or as human rights violation.
  18. Also to add: Best not to allow this to divide friendships or families. Part of my family now think I'm some sort of anarchic revolutionary. Yet, my brother is coming round to my views and I rarely lecture. Friends may need a little time to make up their minds their own way, in their own time. You can win people over by being calm, principled and clear.
  19. Thing is, my friends are still my friends. I know how they think is a short-term mentality. I would't let it get between friendship. Many of my friends are hard workers or at one time were living in poor areas. Their job is their world. They have kids too. I'm still very much their friend regardless and we carry on as normal. I recall very well when Muhammad Ali refused induction to Vietnam, all his friends were urging him to step forward when the time came. He didn't. Ali dedicated his later book to all who make a stand.
  20. I'm beginning to feel a solitary dissident. All the people I see daily who boasted, "I won't have the vaccine" are toppling like skittles in a row. An old friend told me today, well, maybe she will have the vaccine (she works in a shop). She then asked me what I thought and I replied it's none of my business and a personal decision. I was disappointed though but naturally wouldn't interfere. At that point a young woman approached as she'd heard the exchange of conversation. She blurted out her friend had had the vaccine a and developed a growth (on her arm I think). The conversation then carri
  21. Surprised nobody has figured out yet how to capitalise on masks. Great for protests don't you think? Nobody knows who you are. Years ago burkhas were causing alarm just for that reason. I had to laugh. My local store had a sign requesting younger shoppers to remove masks when buying alcohol. What then is the use of that? If I were that age I'd be tempted to reply I daren't remove the mask and risk death over a bottle of wine. Lay the exact cash down and adios.
  22. How weird is that! I Looked up San Pedro and it's a cactus. A hallucegenic one at that. I recently started to grow cactus but just ones sold at local stores. More people agreeing with me lately on the street. Those who 2 months ago still felt the virus was a major threat are now taking a 180 degree turn. The saying is true: You can fool all of the people "some" of the time. I was also informed today of a punch-up at the local chippy over someone not wearing a mask. More people are not wearing them and arguments arise.
  23. I admit for me it's easier. Most of my life I was at odds with the system and not subject to control. More of a social drop-out but I always found ways to survive. I even camped in the peaks around Spain and gave English classes to get a bit of money. Most people will find it very hard to choose between work and a forced vaccine. I will say this though: To give in to a bully just emboldens the bully. It postpones more attacks on your liberty and freedom of choice. The vaccine doesn't protect others which is admitted officially. So why should we take the risk if we feel we aren't personally at
  24. Worth while perhaps to look at the Poundland court case. Can't recall the name of the girl and her lawyer. They took the UK Government to the European Court Of Human rights over the issue of unpaid forcef labour (for benefits) Don't want to get long-winded but Duncan Smith tried to win this case by retroactively changing the law. This after two defeats in the EU Court. My point? I tend to be very cynical over the idea the law is a reliable mechanism to protect us. Politicians aren't to be trusted. Sure, they are not going to openly state you must in most cases have the vaccine. They will inste
  25. Time to think about practicalities. Straight facts. The vaccination is said to be voluntary. This is a straight lie and untrue. Reality is those of us who don't vaccinate will be held to ransom by difficulties in employment or access to public facilities and restrictions on travel. To be honest that has the opposite effect as now I'm even more geared up to reject the idea of vaccine. The real issue for me is to be self sufficient and of course abandonment of trust in banks. I just have a strong feeling of not being allowed into any bank without my star of David insignia. As in 1939 Poland.
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