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  1. I still tend not to view this as a conspiracy. To me it's more like the European Witch hysteria, where certain parties exploit the fear of the masses for gain. For example, refusing tourists who had Sputnik rules out Indians, Chinese and Turks, amongst others. We know Sputnik is better than Astra Zeneca to date but governments have the objective to sell medications. So they refuse Sputnik to protect their market - and could care less about blood clots. Likewise they can stop transit from non EU countries. Clearly, Russia and China may blacklist opposing vaccines too. So people like me who stu
  2. Lorna, this is what I suggest. Contact the admin of YouTube or Google and inform them of your intention to publicise the fact they are censoring freedom of speech, expression and the right to disagree where vital issues of health are concerned. By "publicise" I mean making friends, family, social groups aware of the censorship issue. Given these platforms already censored David Icke, I tend to stick to my old line of zero tolerance by consumers. Anti vaxers very much differ and some aren't generally anti vax in cases where said vaccine has been subjected to prolonged testing. We have a right t
  3. To add, I think the time to get serious about vaccine passports is now. Myself, as I get older, don't feel overly bothered over not being able to travel. However, in my early 30s, I travelled a lot. Spain, France, Estonia, Latvia and Russia. It is amazing to think in the future, politicians feel emboldened to tell us we can't leave our borders unless we risk vaccines that offer no legal compensation, should children wind up with something akin to thalidomide: "Many children in the 1960's, like the kindergartner pictured above, were born with phocomelia as a side effect of the drug thalid
  4. This was my main argument to support my never taking part in this vaccine program. It's a subtle point you need to look at very logically to grasp. If this vaccine program was designed to save lives, why should issues around the country of origen, or economic block matter? China, Russia, India. Much as I would refuse the Sputnik vaccine same as all the rest, it appears thus far to have yielded less side effects than AstraZeneca. The latter has left several people I know unwell for weeks, and many more clotting victims that may have been hushed. Yet, the EU is demanding "select" vacc
  5. Tetra G - welcome to the 25 per cent. Who knows maybe the figure is greater. I was told today one anti-vax friend is off work and presumably caught Covid. The hint was I would be next. Thus far, I haven't heard the other side of the story. This friend has had heart ops and suffers diabetese. She was therefore at risk but she decided by herself not to have the vaccine. I will try to find out more. Chances are she caught a basic cold bug and will be back at work soon.
  6. I believe there's a good chance the global population won't just be reduced by 20 years, but may practically go back to pre-history as the decades pass. Very much as if H.G.Wells got his science fiction right. I somehow find modern civilization and populations to lack the raw, survival instincts required to survive as a species on this planet. This may sound cruel and even judgemental but, every day, I see people around who are in pretty horrendous physical shape, as well as feeble-minded. By "feeble-minded" I mean lacking the kind of intelligence and aggression nature demands of all of us.
  7. I for one will not be having this vaccine for reasons I repeat in public, when asked. I get an awful lot of people respond that they want to go on holidays, so have no choice. I very calmly just point out appeasement is pretty much a blind alley. A person without backbone or principle becomes merely a victim. I doubt the people who fought Nazism in 1939 worried over missed holidays. The bottom line is I made my choice. I wonder though how many people will be in my camp ultimately. To make a principled decision means to take that path no matter what, and to prepare to go it alone if you have t
  8. Agreed. One of the best sites I used was called Ancient Classical History around 2005. Really nice, interesting people. Used to love Ebay before it got problematic. Later on, I found Zoho that used to let you make a totally free website. I had mine fully listed on Google but finally Zoho has started charging. My site is a dead duck finally. Plus, the small I.T. libraries are gone due to all this masks nonsense.
  9. Russia is by far not a free country these days. I tend to blame the EU and US more than Putin, however. Russia is surrounded by unsympathetic neighbours so has regressed. No political parties. Yandex tends to censor rival, political candidates or often religion. However, I tend to find a lot of information on Yandex is open to access. Especially clinical. They won't simply deny all the problems connected to failed vaccines in the past. On social media here, there was just a drive to censor all criticism and push, push the vaccine. Facebook for example. With Yandex you may possibly get speci
  10. On typing "Covid vaccine injuries", Google performed a bit better. There were at least some reports of injury, which would suggest not all information is being sidestreamed. Yandex in turn provided: "501 Deaths + 10,748 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show These numbers reflect the latest data available as of Jan. 29 from the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System website. Of the 501 reported deaths, 453 were from the U.S. The average age of those who died was 77, the youngest was 23."
  11. Yandex has been of huge help to me in bypassing censorship and getting much better information. It incorporated all Google data as well as what Google removes. it's a big network so there's a yandex.com that is fully in English. Yandex.ru will work on English lang searches. I repeat, my suspicion is Google is filtering out even expert criticism of the Covid vaccine - which, if true, makes it not credible. Despite lots of repression and lack of democracy in Russia, certain constitutional rights to access information so far appear intact. Many Russians declined the vaccine and attempts to
  12. I found some sort of a block on links to Ickes videos but you can do this. Copy and paste this into yandex.com дэвид айк о коронавирусе The page will display David's videos. P.S. Typing it into Google was not as good. Дэвид Айк is Icke's name in Russian. I recall the days of sanity when he was openly chatting live with Wogan in two shows.
  13. I had a theory the other day and decided to test it. Of course, we all know what happened to David Icke. Youtube account blocked. Totally absurd, of course, because David has the same fundamental right to an opinion as anyone. As do we all. So, the test: I was getting the impression Google is removing opinions of those who disagree with the Covid and vaccine agenda. To test it, I ran the same searches back to back, Yandex and Google. I always use Yandex to access information Google doesn't supply. Yandex has been going for decades and I used it for years. It absorbed Googles search
  14. "The next scene shows Joline and David in Mejico. They have both taken on some work as field pickers to earn a little cash. Something the writers did get right was Collins sharing with David, and a campesino, that she had been astounded by her newfound experience of “work” as a duality of mind and body. For anyone with Asperger Syndrome, practical application of thought-processes would not be second nature. Motor impairement may be very subtle or quite severe. Moreover, Joline suffers some injury to her hands. The campesino suggests she should pay a visit to la bruja – a local healer in the Me
  15. Copied from my blog. This blog post takes us back in time and shows how psychological disorders may be presented in the media. BRAINCHILD: The Incredible Hulk season 2 Part one "I decided to do a lighter feature on the topic of autism, as it was approached in the media by Kenneth Johnson, more specifically in the 1970s television series The Incredible Hulk. The episode in particular we will look at was called “Brain Child”. Kenneth Johnson had always been involved in the action-adventure-fantasy aspect of television production and was connected to other hugely popular sho
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