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  1. I am not so struck on Putin. I always considered Gorbachev sincere and prepared to create a just, socialist democracy. However, he was unable to reform the system at the time. The USA was delighted to have the chance to expand NATO and ally with Europe when the USSR fell. This gave rise to Putinism. Putin did a great job rebuilding the country but he's not developed the economy anything like China has done. Also democracy and liberty declined in Russia and America and the E.U. If they backed off Russia's borders there would be at least a chance of Russia integrating in western markets. I see n
  2. The basic background. Nikita Kruschev gave away Crimea to Ukraine in the 1960s. He had no way of knowing the USSR would break up. Crimea became crucial to Moscow's defence but the tendency for Ukraine to join NATO was coming to a head. Putin decided to take control of Crimea - he was actually supported by Gorbachev in word. Given Crimea is occupied by ethnic Russians the Crimeans didn't object. The two motives in Crimea were to protect ethnic Russians and also the military implications. I have studied in Russia. I dislike the way it is turning away from democracy but for that I blam
  3. Most of my friends had the vaccine. They are aware of my views on the matter. The other day one woman asked me a favour. Frankly, I'm not going to tell her to take a hike and that the friendship is over. Going back to a terrific old film with Tom Hanks - Forest Gump, there was a scene where Jenny (his hippy first love) was protesting against Vietnam with lots of students and flower people. Forest (as an ex combat veteran) ends up caught up in the protest too. I guess that happened a lot. Those who supported the war later changed course. I'm no saint. It also bothered me that my friends do
  4. To add, I don't think this vaccine is instant death. I opt out of it for very rational reasons. Simple logic suggests no resort to vaccine or social isolation can replace natural immunity and Darwin's evolution. No other species on the planet ever evolved and adapted by running and hiding. And vaccines can never replace our natural defences. My guess is the vaccine masses will just get weaker and weaker immunity as time goes on. It will be curious to see how many get hammered by common colds next Winter. It's hard to believe supposedly educated people could have resorted to such ludicrous
  5. After many years of struggle, I embraced a phisosophy you might call the Mr Spock philosphy, if you like. Here is the point: The most effective means to solve any problem is that of logical deduction. Rational, reasoned thought that must over-ride instinct. Our society is now in deep crisis because we have decision makers who are motivated by fears and instincts. Their thought processes revolve around fear, paranoia, insecurity, animosity and distrust. If it's not Russian hackers or killer viruses, it's scroungers or the work-shy. And anyone recall the Beatle song, "Have you seen the little
  6. I may be quite wrong but it could well be Boris really did become pretty poorly. A few weeks before all this uproar started, one of my friends was furious with me for supposedly nearly killing him with a cold. For me the cold didn't stop me physically. However, he was in bed for two weeks. Being a lot older, he was totally flattened and pretty furious with me. I imagine Boris was unwell and is persuaded to fall in with other politicians and jobsworths. I'm probably a minority that thinks a different virus exists but has converted into the focus of paranoid, mass hysteria. Mass hyperchondri
  7. As to the O.P. I guess I agree, in the sense you have to focus on yourself and not rely on others. Most of my friends had their vaccine and they now have to live with any side effects. I view that as none of my business. Reasons behind their decision will be: (1) They work long hours and have no time to think, as I do. (2) They tend to follow friends. Fashion. Trend. Do what others do. (3) Conditioning. School, society. Sadly we can't rely on the majority. You have to take care of your own situation.
  8. Once more to interject: One gripe I have with the conspiracy outlook is it tends to spread doom and gloom. You see, if you take the view of the inevitable New World Order and inadvertently heap praise upon the bungling incompetents we have for politicians, we then wind up as toothless tigers. Boris Johnson (who's supposed to have helped stage an invincible plot to create a world order) was recently ridiculed in a staged prank, by a Russian comic. Such people are "educated idiots" who it was hoped would learn something through a public school education. Well, at least Boris gleaned some Lati
  9. It doesn't really matter. We are a very diverse group. We can't afford to be choosey. This is a conspiracy theory site and I'm not really a conspiracy theorist. However, I'm anti vax so use the site. I don't worry too much about our differences in interpretation. Given I study Psychology and Neurology, it just seems pretty clear to me there are two causes: (1) The internet. (2) Mass, social hysteria. Does Angela Merkel really believe in the virus as deadly? I think so, yes. Recently, I looked up Mikhael Gorbachev's views on the virus. A retured President. The originat
  10. Just to add there is no chance to win a war against Russia. Without mutually assured destruction. Hypersonic missiles can elude Poland's missile shield and carry multiple warheads. Putin was pretty astute to develop less costly defences and compensate for geographical and conventional weaknesses. His mistake though may be to have jailed Navalniy. This will anger thousands of Russians. As to conspiracy, I recommend reading on the witch hysteria that swept Europe. This too could have been interpreted as a plot to reduce the population too - but was never suggested at the time. We now know it w
  11. One failing in a conspiracy theory is perhaps "the unexpected". An actual war is looming in the Ukraine. This war has been going on for quite some time. It was assumed Russia would fragment as a country but gradually it rebuilt its military infrastructure. Crimea is of the utmost importance to Russia militarily. Ukraine is being pushed into creating a conflict. Of course, as Gorbachev repeatedly warned the world is in real danger of a full blown war. The communication lines are neither all that good. Nobody can predict if such a war could happen by mistake or miscalculation. Such circumsta
  12. I will say this: If you don't want the vaccine, say no. If you do, it's OK by me but only if it's your free choice. As Mr Miyagee stated in the Karate Kid. "Daniel San, walk middle of road, no squashed grape. Walk to the left of road Plop! Veer to the right, plop, grape squashed. Either Karate do, yes, or Karate do no. Karate do maybe, plop! Therefore: Not having the vaccine means, no. And yes, is simple yes. I see so many people I know and they had no idea what saying no means. Possibly it could mean no benefits or employment. Having been in a similar situation, it's fair to say the t
  13. Many ways to test this theory. Such as checking the political backgrounds of global heads of State, from Argentina to Holland. Would they all agree to a conspiracy? Above all, data taken from young mothers. We would need very high percentages of failed births. This would not take long to put together. To be honest I find it stretches things a bit to accept not a single politician wouldn't say, "Sorry, but I can't agree to culling the population in my country." And not a single whistle blower? I mean, over Iraq one scientist we presume was assasinated. And back then there was major fricti
  14. To add, it seems like a planned conspiracy because heads of State blindly follow the "advice of the experts". What does Boris Johnson know about biology, for heaven's sake? His degree was Classics and Latin. Such people may easily be fooled into blindly following the most unscientific advice. Such as the absurd idea we can hide from bacteria altogether and come out healthier in the long term. I really think the tale of the king in his invisible suit of clothes applies here more than at any time in history. It looks like a conspiracy because heads of state seek to show how clever they are f
  15. Fortunately, I specialise in psychology and neurology. Specifically in the area of schizophrenic, schizoid and hysteria-based neurological disorders. I read the best German sources on this subject over some years. I can pretty much recognise hysteria in people and see it staring me in the face every day. I'm amazed hardly any other psychologists seem unaware of this. Hysterical thought processes discard logic and rely upon basic instincts. They filter out contrasting, factual information and make use of random associations. The fear is transmitted in waves from person to person, community to
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