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  1. Sometimes I think these people deserve what's coming but at the same time they are under complete mind-control and don't realize it.
  2. Hello Everyone, I have done my own research throughout my life and during this time I heard about David Icke but I never really gave ear to his research but every time he would pop up he was revealing the same conspiracies that I was onto. Every conspiracy I know about or have knowledge on he has the same exact points and he is one of the few people actually speaking the truth even unlike Alex Jones who is completely compromised and refuses to speak against Israel. What brought me here? I was banned earlier on twitter for speaking the truth and I realized this is the beginning of the NWO that we all have been waiting for. My story is similar to Neo from the Matrix in a way, I didn't completely understand what the matrix fully was until last year when some crazy stuff started happening in my life. I was targeted for being a threat to the actual Matrix system and survived assassination. The Lady in the red dress = the devil/your desires and if you are a threat to the matrix system they will use this method to kill you. I should be dead, there's a chance I might die I have been fighting for my life for over a year. There's a trait I have that David Icke also has which he talked about in his awakening video, it like this knowledge is sent to my brain and I know exactly what's happening behind the curtains and what's coming, for example the moment this entire COVID-19 stuff started happening I instantly knew it was a hoax. 99 percent of the population thinks the virus exist but it doesn't. Another example I know exactly what the New World Order looks like and can describe it. This post is all over the place, I'm just trying to get some brief stuff in there. All the conspiracies David Icke is exposing are true and real even the reptilians one. There's so much I want to say but the COVID-19 vaccines are going to be used to depopulate the planet and it will be blamed on the non-existent virus. The only difference I have with David Icke is that he says they created all major religions however Judaism was the first true religion but since they altered Moses teachings God brought down Christianity which was then destroyed by the same people, so God responded by bringing Islam which remains completely unaltered to this day. Since the elites couldn't alter Islam and its message they decided to destroy the image of Muslims and have infiltrated every Muslim country such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia which are ran by Zionist bloodlines the Saud family are Zionist that's why they're riding on Israel so hard. In fact all the chaos that's going on in this earth is a war between 2 bloodlines the Pharaoh bloodline which is backed by Satan VS The prophets of God's bloodline.
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