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  1. That's where I am and where I am staying. It's 4 degrees here right now, fire is crackling and warm, absolute peace outside buried deep in this snow cabin...but honestly how long will the peace last...I am at the heart of an Oath Keeper central and everyone around here is kind of scary militia...
  2. @rideforever Bro what are you even talking about? Go smoke a blunt man....
  3. Not easy at all, that area can be deadly in the winter especially way back then. Amazing snowboarding and skiing though, absolutely beautiful place. Something a bit disappointing for people not from there is that the maze they include in the movie isn't even at the real lodge, lol it's fake. Seriously please start a Kubrick thread! I'm all over that.
  4. @Basket CaseI have actually seen that before (I am a HUGE Stanley Kubrick fan!! I could go on and on about that guy for days! Maybe we should start a thread lol) but it has been a while. I should watch it again and see if it sparks up anything I may have forgotten. Also a little fun fact- My great grandfather helped build Timberline Lodge where The Shining was filmed <3
  5. The doc was pretty good but also sad and eye-opening over the impact that this idea can have on certain people, especially those who may have depression, anxiety or some underlying mental health issues....very sad. We are all just searching for the truth.
  6. @rideforever If you have any experiences or ideas that might support the simulation theory then please include those because at this point I really don't understand what you are even talking about....I have quite a few personal life experiences that pre-date y2k so not sure what you mean with the 2000 reference. The 90's must have been a major simulation error decade lol. When the Matrix came out, I had already previously thought the world was weird and nonsensical.
  7. I watched a new doc last night called 'A Glitch in the Matrix' and it was pretty good and gave me a few more ideas. I know Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk have touched base on it...seems like there might be something there? Lots of docs and videos about the theory that we are living in some sort of a simulation; anyone have any thoughts or experiences that coincide with this idea? https://diamon21.com/en/movie/696109/a-glitch-in-the-matrix https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/do-we-live-in-a-simulation-chances-are-about-50-50/ https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/apr/22/what-if-were-living-in-a-computer-simulation-the-matrix-elon-musk
  8. Yep! I just downloaded the entire 250 pages (The Odyssey of Homer). Also this is a little off subject but when I was trying to log into this site this morning it said "Internal Error" across the screen and I had to reload a few times before the site actually worked and I was honestly having a semi-panic attack.
  9. I tried DMT once- The walls melted away, some lady appeared in a blue outfit and told me that the world I came from (our world) is an illusion and that the real one was in the realm I was in with her. She said I would always be unhappy and that my life would not be a good one and that I would be with her again one day. She then melted away and I was back. Pretty shitty if you ask me (can I say that profanity? sorry if not!)....cannot believe it would be given for depression that is awful. I was really messed up for like a week after having that trip. I guess the hallucinations have been really amazing for some but I will not be returning to the psychedelic side any time soon. -Jayne
  10. I downloaded a snipping tool and now can just screenshot all of my posts. I have admittedly screenshot a few other person's posts that either I want to further research or I just think are deeply important topics and don't want any of it disappearing in the near future (I read on some posts that this site had some hacking attacks) I don't know if everyone is copying their posts so I have literal full threads snipped....I have way too much time on my hands and a stack of usb storage drives so this is my life now.
  11. Is that what has been stalking my daughter? A tall grey alien?? This picture of my daughter was taken about 9 years ago on the front porch of our old house. It was just her and I home at the time. Sorry it's an old pic and the quality is terrible so the outline of something like feet at the bottom of the light figure aren't really showing well. My daughter has also said multiple times that she has heard a man's voice say things when she was alone in her room and it has scared her tremendously. She says it's in another language though and cannot understand what is actually being said. Any thoughts??
  12. Allymisfit, (sorry I'm not really sure how to do the quote thing) in regards to your Truman Show comment-I wonder that too! Way too many weird things happening here...I am starting to fall so far down so many rabbit holes lol.
  13. Since I was quite young I have had very vivid dreams that sometimes are very nightmarish. One I have had every few months for about 10 years now is of there just being water everywhere, like something happened some type of flood or sudden event that causes the sea levels to suddenly rise. It's also a significant amount of water, like 3-5 feet depending on the area. The water dreams are never really the same but generally I'll be with a group of people who are all very dirty looking with torn clothing and there's a sense that none of us really know each other and we are all very scared. Sometimes I drowned in horrific ways and when I wake up these are really not dreams that I can just forget as they are almost traumatizing. On a more positive note though I recently had a dream of a monarch butterfly landing on my face and I read that dreams of butterflies landing on your face can signify that the dreamer might be experiencing a sort of spiritual awakening of the mind. I can still feel it's little legs on my cheek and hear the delicate sound of it's wings as it fluttered suddenly off and away. So beautiful. Thanks, Jayne
  14. Steph, just watched that movie, "The Lives of Others". It was an emotional journey for me as well as an eye opener and I thank you for the recommendation. On the TOR matter; Really the main issues I have are #1- secure data storage and #2-I like my privacy when searching certain sites. Both of which I thought maybe would be within TOR. A USB Flash Drive is what I will be using from now on for the secure storage (a friend recommended) and I will try and utilize TOR for certain aspects of research. As for the truth just magically being inside me, peace throughout the land, flat earth and crypto currency, Kninjahman; please no. Any other opinions or whatever on the 'TOR how-to' subject though, yes! Thanks so much, Jayne
  15. Diesel, it is a bit discouraging to see who some of those sponsors are ngl.
  16. Steph, thank you so much for all of this info! I will watch 'the lives of others' later this evening as I believe it's on Netflix, otherwise I will rent it as soon as possible.
  17. Hello lovely people, I am sorry I wasn't sure where to post this question but basically how the heck do I use Tor? I have downloaded it before, then when I opened it, I was like . Do you have to use those onion links or something like that to search through or get where you want to be? Can I use this site with Tor or is there only certain sites I can visit? I just really need to be able to use a browser that cannot be traced or is just more private to research and save files and also get an encrypted email. On multiple occasions I have had my computer filled with viruses and completely destroyed somehow and have lost invaluable pictures and work, including a picture taken here in the city where I live that an associate had sent to me which clearly showed an extraterrestrial being attempting to disguise behind an orb of light. And of course my friend's mobile phone which she took the photo on was dropped while she was partying....I also was curious about VPN's like Nord, I read in a couple posts that those are actually not good to use? Any help on this subject would be so very appreciated! Thanks so much, Jayne
  18. I've been researching numerous conspiracy theories ever since reading an article about Sandy Hook many many years ago. Then about a year ago I watched a youtube video about David Icke where he is voicing his concern over censorship, freedom of speech and mentioned things that sparked my fire. There is now this "Covid-19" and I just really have no trust for the people supposedly running the world so here I am, in this forum, with you lovely people! Hope to soak in as much info as I can. Thanks, Jayne
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