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  1. I found this article and thought of you. "When we master our emotions we become complete, and the mirror-image of the hexagon becomes one. The True Self returns to the source of our origin." https://mastermindcontent.co.uk/esoteric-meaning-of-the-hexagon/
  2. I do like that Vikings series though
  3. My family is so split in their beliefs, we are falling apart. My mom thankfully was released from the hospital but then what does she seriously do? She gets a second dose of the vaccine...unreal.
  4. I have already signed up to join the waiting list. No putting this gal off! We need this type of platform and thank you so much to all working so hard to bring this to life!
  5. I'll stick with the rest of my body as my canvas. Yeah I had a "love" tattoo once...it is now covered over with a tat of a heart with a key hole... My next one for my birthday in April will be a snake going up my left arm with its head on my shoulder.
  6. Out of likes. Super intriguing...what was the pain level on the skull like? I have kind of an addiction to that shit lol so getting my chest piece was so satisfying.
  7. Thanks for sharing...
  8. https://www.adasoutheast.org/ada/publications/legal/ada-and-face-mask-policies.php
  9. Whose got some ink they want to share? Here are a few of mine-
  10. If I were over there you know I would be right there by your sides!!
  11. @Basket Casemaybe I should have made a general tattoo thread? Think anyone else wants to show off?
  12. Some songs that creep me out because they reference or remind me of the simulation theory...
  13. And people wonder why I opt out of social media....been trying to tell my family and close friends for years how none of those things are private no matter what 'they' tell you, 'they' are always watching, listening and invading..
  14. Seems like we might be seeing something similar for sure.
  15. "Experts say they are left scratching their heads over how the counterfeit N95 masks were distributed nationwide" over here in 'Merica .... https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/fake-face-masks-sent-to-us-hospitals-b1801066.html https://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/millions-counterfeit-n95-masks-distributed-health-care-workers-u-s-n1257357
  16. Took me a while to watch as I'm doing some work as well but wow! So what does this mean that I am seeing these hexagons constantly everywhere? And the triangles too, I've always been weirdly obsessed with triangles. The snakes the guy in the video kept talking of reminded me of some snake dreams I have had over the last couple of years now, basically the dreams are- I'm in a desert or something there is sand and dirt everywhere and also there are snakes everywhere on the ground, they are striking at me with big fangs and some even bite into my ankles and I can't get away.....maybe I will add those detailed stories to the dream thread.
  17. I guess you could say they have a sort of pinky reddish orange hue
  18. A right side up large triangle chest piece with an eye in the middle with the words "Do not allow the eye to fool the mind", a small upside down triangle on my left arm with the water symbol inside, a medium sized upside triangle on my right arm with a full color Monarch butterfly inside it. Then I have some other misc tats. edit-I have been called a "Satanist" many times...
  19. My mom (bless her heart) has total opposite beliefs as me so we never talk about Covid, but she got one of those vaccines last week and now she has been in the hospital for 2 days. The doctors keep telling her all sorts of different diagnoses then they change it. I am so afraid she will pass in there and those POS will seriously try and say she succumbed to that fake ass virus shit and I am so upset.
  20. If ya'll saw all the tattoos I have.....you'd think I was one of them.....
  21. @DougASmallThanks for the video, sparked a few more thoughts in me. I keep seeing hexagons like I'm in a honeycomb or something for a few months now. I feel like I'm beginning to see the actual coding of this existence and it is honestly tripping me out.
  22. I do honestly feel pretty safe here. Lots of land out here, plenty of space for building, and you can for sure live off the environment-hunting, fishing and edible plant life. I have been studying herbology and hoping it comes in handy some day.
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