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  1. Interesting new novel I just came across that I suspect is actually an autobiography about a secret cabal that controls all developments (microwave, internet, mobile phone etc). The Cabal control what we get depending on what suits them - so with the internet we're using email which is a lot easier to track and monitor than a letter written on paper and posted from anywhere to anywhere. Mobile phones are easier to monitor than say a call from a public phone box to another public phone box and so on. The secret cabal is far superior in technology but is only drip feeding what it suits them to pass on. Have a look at https://bobmanley-ward.wixsite.com/website So, the answer to the question about predictions for the future? More selective ways of culling the population to keep it manageable (Covid maybe?), more medical advances but not the ones that extend life forever as they're just available for the elite.
  2. Hi All. Up until a few days ago I never ever imagined myself signing up to something like this forum. I didn't have much truck with things like conspiracy theories etc and saw the world as it's presented to the masses. So why am I here? A few days ago I was browsing new titles on that large online retailer that shares a name with a big river. I came across a new book that I thought was like a Dan Brown type novel and I enjoyed a few of his novels as escapism. But this book blew me away. The author (Robert Manley-Ward) clearly isn't as polished as Brown but ultimately that helped persuade me that this was either a biography or autobiography disguised as a novel. It took me from being a sceptic to seeing a massive conspiracy bigger than I had ever imagined and steadily exposed the secrets of the Cabal. Through the story, it took me step by step from being a sceptic to seeing the world completely in a different way. It made me think again about everything, Covid, religion, history and even the origins of man. I then looked around to see what else I'd previously dismissed before as nonsense and one thing that struck me was that if this book was an (auto)biography, David Icke could have been exposed to the Cabal in the same way as the main character, which led him to talking about being the messiah (the book suggests the "gods" are walking amongst us - could David have had some connection to that secret society?). I'm still to be convinced about other stuff such as the Royal family being lizards but am thinking maybe he's using metaphors that tie in with the incredible stuff revealed in the book, rather than being literal. Anyway, that's why I'm here. To explore some things I never thought I would take seriously until a few days ago!
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