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  1. Interesting new novel I just came across that I suspect is actually an autobiography about a secret cabal that controls all developments (microwave, internet, mobile phone etc). The Cabal control what we get depending on what suits them - so with the internet we're using email which is a lot easier to track and monitor than a letter written on paper and posted from anywhere to anywhere. Mobile phones are easier to monitor than say a call from a public phone box to another public phone box and so on. The secret cabal is far superior in technology but is only drip feeding what it suits them to p
  2. Hi All. Up until a few days ago I never ever imagined myself signing up to something like this forum. I didn't have much truck with things like conspiracy theories etc and saw the world as it's presented to the masses. So why am I here? A few days ago I was browsing new titles on that large online retailer that shares a name with a big river. I came across a new book that I thought was like a Dan Brown type novel and I enjoyed a few of his novels as escapism. But this book blew me away. The author (Robert Manley-Ward) clearly isn't as polished as Brown but ultimately that helped persuade me th
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