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  1. This thing is a disgrace! It makes me laugh though!
  2. Thanks, though I feel a bit dirty now after looking at The Sun!
  3. So anymore on this story? All seems very mysterious...
  4. This has been rumoured every day for a few days now. Fingers crossed but I'll believe it when I see.
  5. In my circle of people, other than me and my wife, and one other couple, literally everybody else is absolutely petrified about the virus. They see the BBC as the bastion of true news and their trusted go to source for all information. These people, that seemingly hated and distrusted politicians until 2020 now hold these same people up on such high pedestals that they hang on their every word. There is no reasoning or talking to them. If you dare to even ask a question or doubt their truth, then you're entirely shot down and classed as a conspiracy theorist nut job with no care
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