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  1. It was Wembley Arena and I actually watched that live.... it was great... and the forum was popping back then and we were all comparing notes..
  2. That's what I thought..... but a prop gun can still be a real gun...... just they use of words is misleading.....if they'd said 'replica gun' then I guess it couldn't fire. This reminds me of this weird story: https://www.foxnews.com/story/man-killed-during-initiation-at-masonic-lodge PATCHOGUE, N.Y. – A man was killed during a Masonic initiation ceremony when another member fired a gun loaded with real bullets instead of the expected blanks and shot him in the face, police said Tuesday. A 76-year-old man alleged to have fired the shot was charged with manslaughter. William James, 47, was shot while participating in an induction Monday night at the Southside Masonic Lodge (search), Suffolk County police said. He was pronounced dead at the scene. Detective Lt. Jack Fitzpatrick said the ritual that went "tragically wrong" involves making a loud noise to frighten the new member. "The ceremony was designed to create a state of anxiety," he said. The lieutenant said the Masons sat James in a chair and placed cans on a small platform around his head. The alleged shooter, Albert Eid, was standing approximately 20 feet away holding a gun, Fitzpatrick said at a news conference. When the gun was fired, a man who had been holding a stick out of sight was supposed to knock the cans off the platform to make the inductee think they had been struck by bullets, he said. Eid had two guns — one with blanks and one with real bullets — and apparently pulled the wrong one out of his pocket and fired, shooting James in the face, the lieutenant said. "We believe it was completely accidental," Fitzpatrick said. Eid was quite "stunned and distraught" at James' death, he said. Eid, of Patchogue, had had a permit since 1951 for the .32-caliber handgun used in the shooting but it was not clear why he took it to the ceremony, police said. He pleaded innocent to a manslaughter charge and bail was set at $2,500. His next court date was scheduled for April 27. Eid's lawyer did not immediately return a call seeking comment. Carl Fitje, grand master of the New York State Freemasons (search), issued a statement Tuesday denying that guns play a role in any officially sanctioned lodge ceremonies. "We don't use pistols," Steve Mayo, who described himself as a senior deacon of the lodge, told reporters Tuesday. "This is not a Masonic ceremony where we bring pistols." However, Fitzpatrick said members told police the rite involving a gun goes back at least 70 years. Mayo said the Monday night ceremony was an initiation into the Fellow Craft (search), which is the second degree within the multilevel Masonic system. Mayo said James, of Medford, had been a member of the lodge for a few months while Eid had been a member for many years. "This is very upsetting, very upsetting that one of our brothers was accidentally killed," he said. James worked for the planning department of the Long Island town of Brookhaven, spokesman Dave Kennedy said.
  3. Most people here have taken the Sinopharm vaccine. I prsonally would consider the lesser of all the evils but I have no intention of taking it. I myself, as I have previously explained on the forum, obtained a medical exemption letter by going to the doctor and telling him I had an anaphylactic reaction to a flu jab a couple of years ago, and am allergic to eggs and beans.. As did my circle of close friends, since none of us are mugs. They have talked here about firing people who have not been vaccinated but at the same time they are so short of teachers that they literally cannot afford to do this. I have been half expecting to lose my job any minute and have just been living week to week.... but everything here seems to be at the discretion of the head of the school. Some principals will not allow unvaccinated teachers even into the school. My school I guess is pretty cool and no-one is bothering me about my status. They have seen my exemption letter and they are happy enough with it. I take the PCR test every week which is a minimum requirement, but even then that no longer seems to be quite as important as it was and nobody seems to be checking up on that anymore. Perhaps because here the daily cases have dropped to the hundreds. They kind of think it is all over and the Sheikh has announced that within a couple of weeks the mask wearing will stop. We didn't really get lock-downs here..... just an occasional curfew from 10pm to 6am during which they apparently sterilised the streets and for 18 months I taught my classes from home on a reduced timetable of maybe 4 hours a day. Which I won't lie..... was the biggest dodge of my life.
  4. That's interesting.... But a lot of the GI's who were tasked with guarding crashed UFO's back in the 60's tended to believe the craft were man-made. From my coming book: David tells the story of how, very early in the morning of 10th December 1964, he saw a UFO when he was on duty, guarding the motor pool, at Camp Forsythe military base in Kansas. While on guard he was relieved by a soldier in a truck, but instead of going back to the barracks where the guards slept they drove away from the camp. Coming to a stop he saw two other enlisted men, from a specialist force class and a number of officers. The first thing that struck him as strange was that men were usually given only three rounds of ammunition, but now each was given a full clip from the back of truck. He was told that a secret aircraft from Offutt Airford base Nebraska had become disabled and come down somewhere near the camp. They hiked three or four hills, taking about thirty five to forty five minutes, it was quite dark, when all of a sudden he heard a thrashing sound, it was a Huey helicopter with a bright beam scanning the ground when then scanned then and all of a sudden it moved over the ground ahead and dramatically lit up a large round disc shaped object, some hundred and fifty feet away. “My god it looks like a flying saucer” he remembers saying jokingly. It looked like hamburger bun, and he noticed something like fan or a large round port opening like a large exhaust port. He moved close to the object, and at about a foot from the object he noticed warm air coming from the saucer. Then they were told to leave as they were no longer needed. They were told never to reveal or repeat wat they saw because it was a secret object from Offutt airforce base, and is wondered to himself later, why if that thing was paid in 1964 with taxpayer dollars why hasn’t it been revealed now. It was only by sheer good fortune that another caller, Louie, called in after an interminable delay during which Stringfield played for time and seemed determined to try to block David and show no interest or even refer to his story. Louis was serving with the National Guard at Wichita Kansas and recounts how they were taken to Camp Ripley in Minnesota during June 1964. They were part of some kind of night-time war-games simulation and had been trained on how to use special night vision scopes, and were told that a special assault group was going to attack them and they were not to move from their positions under any circumstances. However, after midnight he got tired of sitting in the same foxhole and went for a walk to stretch his legs, he heard something so he hid himself so he wouldn’t get in any trouble for disobeying instructions. He saw a soldier with a different kind of uniform and a different kind of helmet, and he had some kind of special night sighting device which looked more advanced than his and also his weapon looked different, like a submachine gun but smaller. He followed him for a while and he seemed to suspect he was being followed but every time he turned around the man managed to hide himself. Then suddenly Louis could no longer see the man and following his footprints he saw that they ended suddenly. He wondered where he had gone, and saw a tree and cursed himself because it must be that he had climbed the tree and had got the best of him. Then the air was strangely warm and there was a down draft and he noticed that strangely there were no stars in the sky, he looked and saw that above him was a large black circular object blocking out the night sky. He heard a metal door slide away and heard electronic sounds and something like the sound of hydraulic equipment. There was a kind of gentle warm air current beneath the saucer, and he thought that this was connected to the form of propulsion. There was no motor noise, just a whine of electronic equipment, he was so startled he fell backwards on the ground. There were red black out light inside the open square door. Could hear voices talking inside 40 feet above him. He had called in because it seemed to be the same kind of UFO which David had been guarding, complete with the feeling of warm air and the black colour. Years later he saw a copy of Mechanix Illustrated story about super soldiers and experimental military gear which had not been adopted and he recognised the same radio-helmet with an antenna in the top, he had seen the soldier wearing along with the new night vision scope, this is what the guy had been carrying. He now felt that he was in way over his head and that he had violated orders. The next day the officers were so furious that someone had left their position that they had the whole unit standing out in the sun for three hours and they were screaming at them to find out who had disobeyed orders and left their post to follow the guy, he was so frightened that he didn’t mention it to his best buddies for four years. He added that on different occasions he also saw vertical take-off planes, they usually took off on a moonless night, from the Lockheed buildings took off almost without noise, but with a kind of hydraulic whine similar to the sound of the UFO. He suspected that they were something in the inventory of the US army.
  5. Seriously? This Geoff is being as polite as possible and look at how you are behaving... You are not coming across well. Why don't you read this and try to be a better man? https://www.truthspoon.com/search/label/ego The little voice tells us to be offended; tells us that our feelings are hurt and that we must punish, exact revenge or persecute the person who offended us. The chances are, the person who offended us was ALSO operating under the compulsions, instructions and suggestions of 'the little voice'. The little voice tells us to get angry and shout at people when we consider they have made an error, and at the same time, if we find out that it was our error after all then the SAME voice is the one which persecutes us with feelings of guilt. We cannot win against the voice. It plays all sides against the other and takes no final responsibility for the things it whispers to us. The little voice leads us to misunderstand each other. To react with instinct which then develops into thoughts which then become acts or words. All on the basis of a misunderstanding. This is also the voice, and this is its greatest trick: he also tells us that we are already perfect, that we don't need to change ourselves and improve, and seek to consciously evolve. That there is 'nothing wrong with me'. He makes us blind to our faults or at least, makes us turn a blind indulgent eye to them, because after all, it's 'us' and we understand ourselves and know what we really meant, and that we had the best motives at heart. He makes us careless and complacent; satisfied and insensitive to the 'reality' of other people's feelings and the possibility that deep within themselves, they really are trying to be the best they can be.
  6. You're raving. And I don't mean you're listening to early 90's Prodigy in a nightclub after popping a cheeky little pill.
  7. Pretty strange that they were all of Arab descent. Don't know what to make of the story to be honest..... Strange that ethnic Arabs would willingly work with Mossad (perhaps they weren't willing and were blackmailed) also Turks have a low opinion of Arabs and blame them for the loss of the Ottoman Empire and consider them traitors because of the T.E. Lawrence Arab Revolt. The fact they were 'all of Arab descent' makes me suspicious one way or another. Fits a little to well with Turkish propaganda and their own innate attitudes and doesn't quite make sense when we consider the history between Arabs and Jews. Weird story..... if they really wanted to stop the Jews spying on them they'd close the Masonic lodges and ban Freemasonry.
  8. I had a Canadian friend who told me about Canadian swear words and I couldn't make sense of them, they seem to be related to the church or something right? I can't understand why Tabernak is a swear word..... the French word 'niquer', as in nique ta mere I can understand.... Would you kindly explain French Canadian swearing for me? My soul will not rest until I understand how it works.
  9. From my new book....coming soon: The Freemason Andrew Michael Ramsey states that Freemasonry was created by the Crusader knights, stating that medieval crusaders, likely the Knights Templar, founded Freemasonry. But there is a myth of an even earlier foundation according to Freemason Henrik Bogdan in his paper entitled An Introduction to the High Degrees of Freemasonry: “The name Heredon, more commonly spelled as Heredom (and sometimes as Harodim), is the name given to a mythical mountain supposed to exist north of Kilwinning, Scotland. According to a Masonic myth, associated particularly with Ecossais Masonry, the Masons were driven away from Jerusalem after the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem and subsequently found their way to this mountain in Scotland. They remained on this mountain until the time of the Crusades.” Lodge Mother Kilwinning is generally held to be the oldest Masonic lodge in the world and has its origins in the 12th Century, almost 500 years prior to Freemasonry’s supposed creation in London at the Apple Tree Tavern in 1716. Freemasonry in Scotland supposedly developed under the reign of King David I and the Heredom degree with a Rosy Cross degree originating in 1314 following the Battle of Bannockburn which has long been rumoured to have been decisively won in Scotland’s favour due to the intercession of a band of mysterious knights. One of the earliest known reference to the Rosicrucians was in a poem The Muses Threnodie from 1638 by Scotsman Henry Adamson: “For we be brethren of the Rosie Crosse, We have the Mason word, and second sight, Things for to come we can foretell aright..” Robert Fludd wrote several works on the Rosy Cross in the early 17th century; Fludd has also been called ‘the Father of Freemasonry’. Robert Fludd spent time studying with the Jesuits in Pyrenees. His theory of the ‘tripartite’ nature of creation where he believes that ‘the divine light’ was the active agent responsible for creation and that the sun literally contains the ‘Spirit of the Lord’ and that this same ‘spirit’ circulates through man is interesting and predates my own and other theories of the true nature of light as the transcendent God element of reality and my own writing where I indicate that the sun is a portal connecting this higher subatomic realm of infinite God energy and sending it out into our material realm to populate the universe with life. A very early Rosicrucian illustration from 1604 shows the ‘Tree of Sophia’ and bears a strong concordance with the Kabbalistic Tree of Life and also has Hebrew writing on it. Robert Fludd was also said to have been a Kabbalist. The famous satirist writer of Gulliver’s Travels and Freemason Jonathan Swift writes of the history of Masonry in Scotland: “The famous old Scottish lodge of Kilwinnin of which all the Kings of Scotland have been from Time to Time Grand Masters without interruption, down from the days of Fergus, who reigned more than 2000 years ago, long before the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem or the Knights of Malta, to which lodges I nevertheless allow the Honour of having adorned the Antient Jewish and Pagan Masonry with Religious and Christian Rules.” He also makes an allusion to Rosicrucians and expressly associates it with Kabbalah: “Fergus…was carefully instructed in all the Arts and Sciences, especially in the Natural Magick, and the Caballistical Philosophy (afterwards called the Rosecrution) by the Pagan Druids of Ireland and Mona, the only true Caballists then Extant in the Western World… I am told by Men of Learning that the Occult as well as Moral Philosophy of all the Pagans was well besprinkled and enrich’d from the Caballistical School of the Patriarchs…and Rabbins.” Laurence Dermott Irish Grand Secretary of the ‘antient’ movement of Freemasonry of the middle of the 18th century also refers to a Kabbalistic tradition endemic and perhaps fundamental to Freemasonry. “…that at Solomon’s Temple (and not before) it received the Name of Free-Masonry, because the Masons at Jerusalem and Tyre were the greatest Cabalists* then in the World; that the Mystery has been, for the most Part, practiced amongst Builders since Solomon’s Time.” From the excellent researcher Marsha Schuchard in her article about Scottish Kabbalistic Freemasonry: “….his reference to Ramon Lull provides a good starting point for my narrative, which will chronologically trace some “ancient” sources of the ‘Antients.’ Why did Swift assert that the teachings of Lull, the 13th-century Spanish mystic and polymath, could provide a key to the very essence of Masonry? Lull had drawn on Cabalistic and Sufi mystical teachings to develop mnemonic and meditation techniques that made possible encyclopedic learning and architectural visualization, which he believed were useful accomplishments for stonemasons and other craftsmen, and for his friends among the crusading Knights Templar, who could thus become ‘illuminated’ knights. To develop the Art of Memory, Lull drew upon the meditation techniques of Jewish Merkabah mysticism and the Sepher Yetzirah, in which the adept rebuilds the Temple of Jerusalem in his imagination. As the Art developed, it involved the visualization of a building, palace, or temple in which images of intellectual concepts, historical facts, and/or geometrical relations were placed in special rooms, which facilitated their permanent placement in the initiate’s memory and mind. In a condensed and simplified form, it was useful to the operative mason’s ability to visualize complex geometrical and structural relations through architectural imaging. The intense mental concentration sometimes produced a trance state, in which some practitioners believed that they achieved prophetic vision or ‘second sight.’” We find something like an ‘agenda’ of the Rosicrucians made explicit in the Confessio Fraternitatis printed in 1615: "What think you, loving people, and how seem you affected, seeing that you now understand and know, that we acknowledge ourselves truly and sincerely to profess Christ, condemn the Pope, addict ourselves to the true Philosophy, lead a Christian life, and daily call, entreat and invite many more unto our Fraternity, unto whom the same Light of God likewise appeareth?" The anti-Catholic tenor ought to intrigue us and perhaps could be part of the demonstrated movement to destroy Christianity piecemeal by first dividing it with schism and then opposing the arms of Catholics and Protestants against each other, at least this is what we can ascertain if we plot the activities of the international merchant class from the period of Henry VIII and Thomas Cromwell through the various revolutionary movements culminating, at least for now in the Russian Revolution. .............................The Mandaeans claim to be from a monotheistic tradition which predates Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The Mandaeans believe the world is created by a synergy of the holy spirit ‘Ruha’ which is similar to the concept of Shekinah, the Mandaeans view as a negative force as the lower distinctly feminine, emotional nature of the human mind. They believe that Adam was created by an evil demiurge Ptahil, which used a spirit from the underworld: Ruha to animate Adam but that his soul is from the light world. The lightworld soul apparently then reveals Nasiruta to him and his wife Hawwa (Eve) the Mandaean gnosis which involved him freeing his soul and spirit to return to the Lightworld. Ruha as a spirit, uses the planetary spirits to infect Adam’s mind to prevent him hearing the voice of his soul. The Mandaeans have a ritual handshake: the Kushta, or handshake of truth, and it resembles a Masonic handshake in that the thumb is pressed to the knuckle of the other person’s hand. The thing which makes me consider whether somehow, part of the Mandaean cult cross-pollinated with the Kabbalah to become what we know of as the Freemasons is the fact that the Knights of Saint John, who along with the Knights Templars, brought the Eastern esoteric tradition to the West, are named after John the Baptist, whom the Mandaeans hold in special reverence and it is even said that both orders placed Saint John higher even than Jesus. The Templars were even said to have been in the possession of the head of John the Baptist to which they offered prayers. Furthermore the feast day of John the Baptist is 24th June a day which is also celebrated by the Freemasons and Freemasonry actively acknowledges John the Baptist as one of its patron saints. But it is also possible that the Freemasons have adopted elements of Sabaeanism if we look at the clue of the Masonic tracing board which shows seven ‘stars’ which are the seven planets which were worshipped by the Sabaeans, and the sun and moon have prominent place on the Masonic tracing board and it was these two principal bodies which the Sabaeans worshipped. Much of the ritual behaviour of the Sabaeans became later subsumed into Islam but their worship of heavenly bodies ended under the monotheism of Islam.
  10. He's only four...why is he at school? The Scandinavians found it was better for a child to start school at 7 or even 8. Just get your act together and home-school him. There's nothing he can learn at school that he wouldn't learn better at home... School only becomes serious and technical and somewhat more specialised in term of knowledge after 14 years old.... before that it's just filling time. You lose nothing by taking him out of the system... as long as you have a few books around the house, can play stimulating games like checkers or chess and teach him to be curious about the world. A child could have a so much more productive day spent at home with an interesting varied curriculum devised by available family members.
  11. I'm sorry but he didn't insult you. You however insulted him.... accused him of being a troll and working for the government. In fact everyone here is insulting Geoff and all he's doing is expressing his opinion. Does he not have the right to that? I don't know what your problem is. If you are genuine then perhaps try to be a bit mentally stronger and be able to accept conflicting views. This is a discussion forum after all, not a cult-compound. But I daresay that makes me a troll and agent of Brigade 77 etc etc etc..... Maybe that's why interest in the forum in general is dropping off and few people come here these days.... It's just not a healthy atmosphere when it comes to Coronavirus discussions.
  12. They care about not being racist. They will get hot and bothered if you mention these things and think you are the worst most evil person in the world, a literal Hitler and they will never speak to you again. That's how normies tend to react if you bring up these issues. That's why I'm grateful to you guys....at least I don't feel so alone and can speak freely with like-minded people who are one-step ahead of the abatoir. We are ready for what's coming... prepared for the worst....while I wouldn't say war, or race-war, we are fully prepared for a world which will try to trip us up and destroy us based on our skin colour and indigenous heritage which is hateful for a certain tribal group. Hopefully we can avoid the traps they have planned for us.
  13. There's probably more homosexuality in the Gulf than London...... not my thing.... but if you think the Arab world really oppresses homosexuals you're way out of the loop.... it just doesn't celebrate and promote them, and force their abnormality down everyone's throat.
  14. https://www.truthspoon.com/p/bendy-roads-to-gentile-apocalypse-story.html Bendy Roads to the Apocalypse: The Story of Punk. 70AD: The Year Punk Rock and the Pop Apocalypse was born! It was the year 3830 by Eleazar Ben Simon's reckoning. The cooling bodies, filling every street, sometimes piled as many as four of five high, were so numerous that the dying did not even have their own place to fall. There had been a million people crammed into the city, from every nation and empire of the known world. All come to Holy Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover. But none had been spared, even now the killing continued and there was nothing to celebrate except their own looming extinction. The Romans had entered the city three days ago, their arms surely wearied from chopping down defenceless pilgrims: old men, the women and children. All around was the sound of sudden screams which reached his ears and now the Romans hacked with a lack of discrimination so as to almost appear disinterested. To Eleazar Ben Simon it was like the Romans were massacring his people with the gusto of an office clerk. Lazily but with implacable determination. This has been going on for three days now and peace would come only for lack of more victims. There were sobs of the fallen and those whimpering and forlorn whom the Romans could not even be bothered to kill, these sounds were accompanied by the gasps of pain of the dying and their final passing gave rise to peace. The amount of blood could not be believed. As Eleazar, former leader of the Zealots hid himself inside his attic hide-out, surveying with a supreme sense of affront, the carnage the Romans were now wreaking on his city and his people. At that point, he started to plan. He saw now that it was impossible to ever beat the Westerners in open war. There would have to be another way but it would be a long term project. They had nearly killed his people and possibly they intended to wipe them out altogether, but as long as a remnant could be found, they would work his plan. A plan which would probably bear no fruit even in his lifetime or that of his children, but one day the Westerners would be brought low and his people would reign supreme on the ashes of their civilisation. But they would not hack the bodies, nor rape the women and burn the holy places. These were not fit tasks for God’s chosen people. They would find others to do these things for them. They would recruit from the Westerners themselves the agents of their own downfall. It all became very clear in Eleazar’s mind, even in the midst of their utmost destruction and greatest loss, he knew that destiny had singled him out to conceive this plan which would stretch far far into the future, far beyond even the Roman’s sight, and would leave his people conquerors of the whole world. He laughed and slowly muttered to himself over and over, ‘give ‘em enough rope,’ until it became a low chant which seemed to take flight on a sudden breeze above the smoldering, burnt out city. Their revenge would be terrible, more terrible if it were possible than the sight of the butchered men and women blood-staining the streets of the holiest city on Earth. 'Give 'em enough rope!' He shuddered at the thought of their total subjugation which though remote in time, was already an absolute certainty for him because he knew God would not stand this affront. As he reasoned he concluded that this had all transpired for this very reason, in order to make them the eventual masters over the Earth. The fall of Jerusalem was the first necessary sacrifice. There would no doubt be many more before they achieved their goal. Joe Stummer loves red-terror so much he got the T Shirt. The BR were credited with 14,000 acts of violence in the first ten years of the group's existence.[28] According to statistics by the Ministry of Interior. A total of 75 people are thought to have been murdered by the BR. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Brigades Nearly two thousand years later the plan formulated by Eleazer Ben Simon while hiding from the Roman holocaust of Jerusalem, had ravished Europe and utterly subjugated the Westerners on all fronts. It had been passed along in time and space with a dedication and devotion which saw the rise and fall of Empires, and remained unchanged and unwavering. First in the ruins of Judea in hiding from the Roman legions, then to Athens or Marseilles, to Moscow, to Portugal then finally to England. The final battle ground in the culture wars where only one side was fighting and the other didn’t even know it was being defeated. To an impressionable young child, the strange solemn men and a grandmother who appeared suddenly unfamiliar and frightening, was a deeply transformative experience. A knife at the young boy’s throat, an oath sworn to the Sicarii to fight the Westerners with every ounce of blood in their body or have their throat cut like an animal: better dead if you can’t serve the Sicarii like a man. Then the sudden passage from terror to joy as a new Sicarii fighter is born. Then the surprise of a great banquet with sufganiyot usually reserved for Hanukah and even his own glass of wine which was even topped up. He went to bed that night full of jelly doughnuts and thick kosher wine, and what was more he was now a man and he had been entrusted a solemn mission, one which he could not fail in, his people depended on him. He would not fail them and they would support him as one man, a nation spread out throughout the world, millions of men all devoted, like him to this one mission and all wiling at a moment’s notice, to give any help he required. How could they lose? They didn’t, they wouldn’t, they don’t. They went from victory to victory and the dazzling beauty of it all was that no one suspected a thing. In a clothes shop in London’s King's Road a man who resembled a straggly ginger tom cat only lacking the fastidious grooming habits of that species, was singing a snarling and tuneless song to the accompaniment of a duke-box. Another man of Scottish extraction was shouting instructions and encouraging him with gestures. He had been brought into the shop by Bendie Rhodes, who had immediately spotted a man who he could use as an unsuspecting tool in his people's undeclared war. He had spotted an angle he could work, he could use the family clothing business as a way to push forward new and degenerate fashions and use music so the two prongs act in symbiosis to create a new and horribly degraded counter culture. It had been observed that despite the attempts of their agents in the 60’s to destabilise British society using pop-music, they had found that instead it had led to a flowering of British culture and an intellectual growth in young people who were being introduced suddenly to various metaphysical, psychological and social concepts contained within the lyrics to 60’s pop music and had managed to assimilate these very well. Things were even worse now in the 70’s with bands like Pink Floyd who were making cogent and highly articulate protests about the ruling elite and were likewise encouraging young people to have the same intelligent and cogent approach. It was a disaster! Pink Floyd had to be stopped and he had found the very man to help undermine their intellectual and articulate approach. Johnny Rotten: the human antidote to Pink Floyd. Bendie Rhodes was pleased with his creation. The snarling spitting vomiting Sex Pistols, but felt that pop music was rather like politics. If you wanted complete control you had to have your hand up all the backsides otherwise you were just a weird bloke with a puppet on his arm. He had been tipped off that the band the 101'ers had a lead singer who was also a secret member of the Sicarii and what was more, his father was an eminence-gris of the British secret service and it was custom to reward the offspring of those who served their country with some kind of cushy number in the arts. Malcolm McLaren and Dame Vivienne Westwood DBE RDI. Pro-rape and paedo T shirt apparently created by Bernie Rhodes. The invention of pop music allowed the British government to branch out and provide more career opportunities to both reward and keep a person holding a sensitive position’s offspring in the public eye, since if all an agent had to do to monitor a former agent's family member's activity was to turn on the television then so much the better. The Americans had been doing something very similar with senior military staff and most of the most famous music stars of the 1960’s were promoted solely on the basis of their father’s military service record. Dee Dee Ramone, Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, Kris Kristofersen, Michael Stipe, all benefited from the US military’s generous cultural investment programme. John Mellors was exactly the puppet Bendie needed to complete his pop pantomime and cultural assault on the Westerners. Already the man was in disguise, a member of the British elite but behind enemy lines with the common punk rabble affecting a mock cockney accent and pretending to be hard up and calling himself Joe Stummer. Above all he was instructed by Bendie to always pretend to be working class and affect a working class accent. Additionally, despite being able to sing quite well he was told above all, to sing badly. To affect an out of tune raspy voice which above all, was to sound bad. If Bendie could convince young people to enjoy bad music with a very feeble and barely constructed intellectual message then he would be able to make them emulate this and therefore weaken the intellectual development of an entire nation, thus protecting the elite of which he was a part, from any well orchestrated and unmatchable intellectual attack. Much better to have any citizens who oppose you dressed in rags, drunk and shouting curses because they are so much easier to arrest and so much easier for the general public to disdain. A Total Waste of Everybody's Time. Joe Strummer had the misfortune to inaugurate the annual Christmas-time cull of pop stars, the first of what would soon become an annual tradition as pop stars who had outlived their usefulness or had been ignoring the memos from the Sicarii pop-star management team. He became a victim of the great dead rock star Christmas lottery which has seen such legends as James Brown, David Bowie, George Michael, all fail to have their contracts renewed for the following infernal year. Punk Pop One Eyed Illuminati Dajjal Apocalypse Time! Reality dawned on Johnny Rotten in 1979 in San Francisco, as he looked out at the audience and saw for the first time what he had helped create and he took the mike, vowing to end this artificial pantomime and hanging up his puppet strings for good when he said the words, ‘ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated?’ Johnny Rotten: Plastic punk pop product. The previous article was particularly difficult for me to write and research because I love the Sex Pistols and The Clash.....Fucking hate Malcolm Mclaren though. Not you as well.....
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