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  1. Believe me it won't be good...... For me personally when I see that movie I am Legend Will Smith's character's life looks like paradise........ I love being on my own..... would love it if there was nobody else around for miles..... Sorry but there it is. That said I hold down a busy teaching job and can easily socialise and entertain people....but my instincts are for the joys of solitude. But we won't get that even if 90 percent die. We'll probably all get a personal health monitor/policeman to watch our consumption, internet usage, keep us busy in the apocalpyse. Otherwise we don't get any yummy Soylent Green credits. The less of us there are the more there will always be of them...... And if there has been so much death....imagine how cheap human life will be. All our rights and even the idea of rights will be gone. The New World Order will start offering us their horrible Communist paradise. Smile and clap or die.
  2. They accused us of hate but they are the ones who allow foreigners to rape and murder children......... Then call us racist when we dare to complain............ There is not a pit in hell deep enough to welcome these people.
  3. It's obvious that is made no difference if you voted Labour or Conservative. You get the same anti-English white-hating agenda.
  4. Well.... smoking you should definitely quit.... unless you've got a nice bit of hash to go with it...... Best thing to give up is sugar........ right across the board. When there's a bug going round I don't catch it until I have some sugar, then I can literally feel my immune system taxed...... and I get ill....
  5. I hardly think that's relevant but it is explainable if you consider that basically the Corbyns are borderline toffs but are also Socialists. They probably got into shabby chic to hide their comfortable backgrounds and appear to be 'man of the people'. Doesn't bother me.... but it is explainable. It's common for Labour people from wealthy backgrounds to adopt that just-slept-on-a-park-bench 'look'.
  6. I had that March before last. It might have been the coof. It was like a flu without the snot nor the chestiness. I was mostly tired and run down for a couple of days. I think I drank my way through it. It is worse for certain blood groups. O blood group seems relatively unaffected by the coof.
  7. Lol....Strummer is the only one here who doesn't realise he's with the bad guys...... Fascism wasn't the threat...The real threat was Communism and always has been and it's getting closer every day. Waking up is gonna come mighty late for some folks and it's gonna hurt like hell.
  8. Please tell me you're fully vaccinated. It will make my day. Tick tock, tick tock.....
  9. Serves him right. Lackeys. Problem is the state treats Police like holy priests of violence. They can do what the fuck they like to you but touch one of them and you're going inside. Well, only if you're white that is.
  10. Wow, they had Icke at the Quaker meeting house........ That would have been a hell of a gig.... Thanks for posting that memorabilia.... really takes me back to better, simpler and more hopeful times..... Now I sound like an old git.
  11. Well you don't have to really be a vegan. Just pretend. Just make sure no-one catches you with a pork pie. Though vegans tend to be quite pale....so a little white foundation make-up might be in order to make the transformation convincing.
  12. If you want an easy opt-out for the poison jab it might be a good idea to suddenly become vegan. ." Currently Covid-19 vaccinations are not mandatory but we are aware that workplace vaccination polices are being implemented. Current guidance from ACAS recognises that employment vaccination policies are subject to equality legislation which requires that employers must be able to show that the policy serves a legitimate aim and any discrimination caused is proportional to meeting that aim. Vegans who do not wish to be vaccinated must be given due regard and may seek protection under the Equality Act 2010. The Vegan Society can offer information and guidance to vegans but ultimately only a court can decide if discrimination has occurred based on the specific facts. https://www.vegansociety.com/news/news/vegan-society-response-covid-19-vaccine
  13. Just find a way to get an exemption for the jab. I think vegans aren't required to take it..... also of course there is the medical exemption option..... Talking about fighting and killing people is dumb and bullshit anyway. It won't come to that, but it might come to losing your job...... that's something you might have to be ready for if you can't get a vaccine exemption..... I can't see it lasting much longer though.... even the mainstream press is starting to report on how the vaccine is at best useless and at worse actually harmful.... I wouldn't say laying low is the answer...... the French have the answer.... they don't take any shit and are not content with polite marches and long talks by wiry old duffers..... But we can't pull that off....... it's not in our national DNA to genuine know how to rebel about anything. Even the marches and talks everyone politely and nicely ensures they catch the train home so they're not out too late. It's not our fault I guess.... we've had too many years of peace and false security in our country to make us genuinely feel we have nothing left to lose.
  14. Lol...LARP on......tough words are easy on the internet aren't they?
  15. Lol. The Russian Revolution wasn't hundreds of years ago. What were you saying about stupidity and ignorance? Hahahaha. Anyway, you have a thing called genetic disposition, epigenetics, national characteristics...law, culture....civil rights... Those are the things which make a nation and a people behave in a certain way under specific circumstances. But yeah, someone stupid and ignorant like you is unlikely to be able to bring any of that higher level analysis to the world around them. I know I'd rather be smart than dumb.... even though it gets your knickers in a twist.
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