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  1. Yes Mikheil, it's true. We ARE incapable of working together. People will argue to the death over small points and turn on you, when we're on the same side. It's hopeless mate. The Jews are united, that's why they're winning and will ultimately defeat us completely. If even we as the awakened are so quick and eager to find enemies amongst our ranks, and I have seen that so many times, then there is no hope. Just make good investments and find somewhere nice and safe to live. The rest is fucked. There's not future for o
  2. I can't really tell who the brain-washed zombies are anymore...... Both sides seem to behave in the same way.... Certain of their own self-righteousness and quick to swoop down and attack anyone who disagrees with their orthodoxy. The stuff of the mindless mob.
  3. Stop playing grand inquisitor rooting out heretics Odds. It makes you look like a fool. But then perhaps that is the truth. Though I gave you more credit. More fool me. We have seen a lot of people's masks slipping around here lately. No pun intended.
  4. Well that's up to them, but technically that is not called 'hand washing'. That is 'hand sanitizing' and I agree, is probably very bad for you if done excessively.
  5. God not this again. Who washes their hands with hand sanitizer? That's not called washing your hands is it? Have you heard of soap? Seriously what has happened to your brains? Feel like the whole world has literally gone mad.
  6. Another one joins in the primary school taunting circle. Just look at yourselves. Just because someone has a different opinion to you. What kind of alternative do any of you think you can offer when you can only insult and attack someone with a different point of view? I don't really fancy humanity's chances if you lot are supposed to be 'the awakened' set. That someone on your own side who has posted with you for years can so suddenly become your enemy, you're as bad as the Marxists with your purity tests and strict adherence to cult
  7. Interesting to see that the Nottingham Police force believe that male anal rape is a weapon of good policing. There are laws against rape as a weapon of war but it seems to be ok for the UK police. Brings a whole new meaning to the expression 'The Long Arm of the Law'. If things can already be this bad imagine how much worse they could get. It'll soon be extra-judicial killings.....
  8. I'm not that bothered by the masks. It's not a hill I would die on and not something which I consider worth fighting for, because as I keep trying to point out, there is actually a good case for the wearing of these face masks. Not saying I care much either way, just saying the case exists. If you being made to wearing a mask is tantamount to slavery then enjoy your fantasy, but I would be worried about how you might react when things get really oppressive. You have nowhere to go, you've already worked yourself up into a fully persecuted mind-set. When things get reall
  9. Perhaps there was a reason the Plague Doctor wore such a face mask?
  10. Look dude, I know it was fun to set up a taunting circle back in primary school when you get to form a ring and pick on the odd kid who didn't fit in, but presumably you're a grown up now. I don't feel better about anything, you're doing what people with a weak argument always do, creating a new one, a strawman over which you can dictate the terms. But I said none of the things you are saying, I am just pointing out that hygiene IS A THING and that historically hand washing and the use of surgical masks was shown to reduce the transmission of germs and diseases.
  11. Ahh, but you are still keeping clean. That's the only point I'm trying to make. I'm not advocating using toxic chemicals or anything, essential oils as the like have an excellent natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral effect. As someone who travels a lot you can't tell me that people who don't wash their hands and then involve themselves in the preparation of food and such do not risk making people ill when they eat that food. Any contact between someone who has an abundance of bacteria which is passed on to someone else, risks making that person sick.
  12. Have you heard of soap? That's what I use. You don't need to jump onto an extreme example just because you disagree. It's called Strawmanning. Nobody washes their hands with hand-sanitizer. People generally wash their hands with soap. Sanitizing your hands, so called, is not the same as washing them.
  13. Sure, but what about the people you met, frequented and were intimate with? I doubt their immune systems found your bacterial ecology much fun to deal with.
  14. It's incredible how people will resort to unreason and intellectual barbarism in order to defend their point of view. If you are having to resort to advocating a life-style like that enjoyed by those living in the middle-ages in the midst of an attack of the bubonic plague then perhaps your viewpoint needs to be reassessed. I see a cult mentality forming and all the mainstays of cult-like behaviours, such as abandoning reason, logic and even truth in order to service and maintain the supremacy cult beliefs. I have no love for masks and am not their advocate
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