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  1. It needs a change in mentality...... MEN need to be ready to FIGHT. Go to the gym, Go running and burn off the fat.....punch a bag of sand.... Whatever....this is the only way we will save our country....... I'm trim and am ready to go, I'm not a lard arse lecturing you. Sad as it is......but wake up to the fact.... get in shape and learn to defend the people around you from the violence of the state. Because this is the only language they understand....FORCE. WE NEED FORCE. And we already have that by the THOUSANDS. USE IT.
  2. You've nailed it..... All the hard cases think filming it will make a difference when they need to drop their phones and get fucking stuck in..... WAKE UP. New paradigm time. DEFEND YOURSELF AND YOUR PEOPLE. The pigs bashing old gentlemen and women around....how can you let that stand? We need to think again and be ready to rumble.......... I could help with tactics.....just say give a signal and all the women and kids get behind the main force of men and the men are ready to go..... It won't take much to take the dirty pigs on the run. You won't see big blokes and the handy men getting knocked down. These people only go for easy targets. Old men and women....noticed that yet? Pigs are weak and pick on the perceived weak.
  3. Forgive me........ so are you a Dutch expat? Don't meet many Dutchies out there...more's the pity......
  4. Me too..... though I have health insurance as part of my local work package and the medical treatment is vastly superior to anything the over-subscribed NHS (granny killers) can provide, I praise God I am not paying taxes to give houses to knife wielding Congolese savages..... As far as I'm concerned the UK has nothing to offer me.......
  5. Look at the Yellow Vests in Paris. They achieved their goals in only a few days... What do we achieve except getting arrested and sheepishly standing by and let it happen. Anyway as far as I'm concerned OZ, as a Crowleyite, YOU are part of the system.
  6. I don't understand why people just stood by and allowed the police to arrest people, break their faces and steal all the sound equipment. There were tens of thousands of people there and only a handful of coppers. People have to change their perception of the situation and realise the pigs are the ones who should be in fear. It might be an idea to get the woman and children out of the way once the cops kick off and send all the lads to the front line to push back and get the police out of there and stop standing by while the police reinforce their positions and start sealing areas off. The people just look like sheep in a pen.... it's pathetic. There is only one language the state understands.... Do you know Beagles are the dogs most commonly used for medical experimentation, because they are gentle and good natured. As a result thousands of Beagles suffer appalling tortures and agonies because of medical experimentation and the exploitation of their docility. Rottweilers however do not suffer these agonies. Could you imagine trying medical experiments on a Rottweiler? People have got to learn to become Rottweilers and stop being Beagles.
  7. One day, perhaps before too long, they will arrest people and they will never be seen again. Mr Anderson just posted this over at the truth-zone:
  8. Someone in chat commented that if it was Paris the coppers would be the ones running..... I find it hard to believe that such a small number of police can apparently bully and dictate terms to a crowd of 30,000 people and even steal all of the sound equipment.... We really need a different attitude......... I just thought of sheep being controlled by a few sheep dogs....what if the sheep turn on the dogs....or pigs in this case..... Remember that within a couple of days the Yellow Vests got what they wanted......... I think if they do this again they need clear tactics on how to deal with the cops........ it's ridiculous that so few men can apparently wade into a crowd violently and do exactly what they want.... one day these same people will be wading in to take people to camps and will people still not resist?
  9. They wouldn't stop a black lives matter protest though... But ready to smash heads if they see too many white people.
  10. Did he get arrested? Someone on the live stream said he punched a copper. Lol....Anyone got news?
  11. If things get really bad in the UK you won't be able to get out, that's the point..... Point is to get out BEFORE things get bad. Obvious. But admittedly that requires a certain amount of personal agency and situational awareness. You've got to be able to see trouble coming....... I'm kinda pissed off because I am hoping to come home for Christmas to see my folks. Have bought a load of fine English sparkling wines and some nice Loire reds....... They should have just let the thing run its course..... Now this thing will never go away and I'll never be able to get back home to see my parents.
  12. If the boats stop coming with supplies those people would die pretty quickly though wouldn't they? Where do they get the power to heat their homes from? Unless they're still cutting peat to keep warm.....
  13. Why would the FBI release anything? We are slaves now....the government agencies don't even pretend to follow the rules any more. I don't buy it.
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