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  1. The Rothschilds actually kill their own if they refuse to follow any part of the family programme.
  2. You clearly lack the intelligence to understand the point. And the simple observation about your basic lack of intelligence explains everything else about you and your belief system. But I'll spell it out for you. Church is a concept which has been created after the fact. Jesus could not have used the word Church because there was no concept of it nor word for it in Aramaic. It is a question of a word which Jesus used, being translated from the Aramaic into the Greek Eklessia. As for what that Aramaic word was......
  3. No. He spoke Aramaic. Neither church nor Ekklesia is an Aramaic word.
  4. Lol.....the strawman of 'The Church'. I don't care about your 'Church' strawman Marpat: I'm a Christian. I follow Jesus..... not some man-made 'Church'.
  5. Piecezenik used to be a class act. He openly named and blamed the J's for 9-11. After this someone must have had a word with him because he dropped the J talk and started a long and steady stream of pure disinformation. They must have threatened him and his family, that's all.
  6. The Dutch government did the only thing that is considered an indefensible crime nowadays. This did a raycism. You can cover up child abuse, allow your country to be flooded with violent migrants until your cities resemble third world tribal war-zones.......... but God help you if you do a raycism. Then and only then, you're finished.
  7. North Cyprus is a pretty good option, as long as Turkey remains relatively friendly. I might go back there myself. Good weather, relatively low prices (everything subsidised by Turkey) and plenty of English teaching jobs, it would help to have some qualifications though. Lots of Brits out there too..... some villages around Lefke are almost exclusively full of Brits.
  8. Professor Edward Dutton's video on the dominance of soft-female power and how it has created 'cancel-culture' is a valid one. But these woman have only managed to achieve this level of cultural censorship because there are enough thirsty cucks out there who need female validation and are afraid to criticise them.
  9. Your powers are weak old man. I remember you. I wonder if anyone else around here remembers your OTO and Crowley proselytising on the old Forum. Pro-tip....if you're trying to create a new forum role-play troll character choose a brand new name.
  10. Lol.......Marpat..... the real fascism has already revealed itself. And it came from the liberals. I get the feeling you're just an out of touch old man who doesn't even know where he is anymore.... Are you receiving this on the wireless? So you're the not same Marpat as the OTO member who used to post on the old Icke forum? Or you're just a liar.
  11. Marpat is putting on his pussy hat as we speak and marching for more abortions.
  12. Lol....typical response we would expect from the liberal establishment of which you as a member of the secret societies are certainly a part. Thanks for confirming where there is all coming from. We knew anyway. I bet you love refugees, BLM riots, feminists and transgenderism don't you? Of course you do. Do what thou wilt right? The madness of the modern world is the reality you OTO people have externalised through your evil blackmail machinations and infiltration into all levels of society..... Hope you feel proud
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