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  1. There are quite a few such companies on the market now. And they will compete with each other. I am not saying that this is bad. On the contrary, it is wonderful. And it is correctly written above that this will reduce the cost of launching small satellites. Each such company will also have its own chip. Some will emphasize the cost per kg. Others are on a combination of launch mobility and ways to improve plastic waste and emissions. For example like https://www.skyrora.com/post/british-rocket-company-skyrora-receives-icelandic-leif-erikson-award-for-its-environmental-efforts
  2. The Electric Universe Theory was first proposed by Hannes Alfvén in the 1930s. Alfvén argued that if a plasma penetrates the universe, it can carry electric currents that can generate a galactic magnetic field. He later received the Nobel Prize for his work in magnetohydrodynamics. There is absolutely no evidence for the theory of the Electric Universe, and it does not even fit the definition of the theory, since it cannot be used to predict natural phenomena or phenomena that have not yet been observed. This has recently been popularized by many non-professionals in search of an easier w
  3. Yes, I was really wrong with the units. Sorry. No, this is not copy-paste, I am not on Facebook. The astronaut's suit for movement inside the station weighed about 64 pounds. And the EVA suit weighs about 80 pounds. A bit confused with what I've read about designing the Lunar Suit with an approximate weight of 150-180 pounds.
  4. Hey guys! Let's not turn funny facts into meaningless insults to each other. If you have real proof of your point of view with documentary evidence - then welcome. If not, then we will take as a starting point the existence of the Universe, proved by many countries and companies, described in a textbook on physics and astronomy) NASA had only 11 usable space suits in 2019. They were developed in the late seventies, and their service life expired in the last century. Due to malfunctions in the outdated cooling system of spacesuits, astronauts' helmets accumulate moisture. According to N
  5. Even the most modern spacecraft cannot make out the license plate, as is often shown in Hollywood films. The best image resolution will be 14 inches per pixel and will only be reached in 2021 (soon :)). And the crew of the International Space Station will cross the line 16 times between December 31 and January 1 and will be able to celebrate the New Year the same number of times. What interesting facts about space do you know?
  6. TommyJ


    Jupiter and Saturn approached each other in the summer of 2020. The most impressive period falls on December 16-25, when the giants are separated by a distance of one-fifth of the diameter of the full moon (about 694 kilometers). Of course, watching the giants is better at night. However, since these planets are bright enough, they are visible even at dusk - if, of course, the sky is cloudless. Jupiter is especially bright. It is now the brightest object in the night sky after the Moon. It shines with a calm, even yellowish light, but, unlike real stars, it hardly flickers. Saturn is somewha
  7. A young company based in Edinburgh, Skyrora has conducted a successful 100th rocket motor test for future missions. I want to share this because the engine has a new function for restarting in space. I recently argued with someone on the forum just about clogging the LEO. As far as I can see from the plans and tests of this company, they seriously intend to solve this problem. In addition to the fact that their main goal is to reduce the cost of delivery of cargo to the ISS and satellites into orbit, as well as to inspire people. Here is the article. I hope you enjoy such
  8. Why don't we all ask how to do things more friendly to our planet? Are you drinking water only from porcelain cups? Most of the items we use were made from toxic materials or non-ethical. The laptops we write with are assembled from plastic by Chinese workers for a small salary. Phones, TVs, etc. Even the production of concrete for houses is completely not environmentally friendly (at the factory, workers smell acetone for 12 hours a day). Yes, not all progress will benefit humanity. But the fact that our orbit in any case will be completely filled with satellites for various pu
  9. Mmm ... If you think globally, then I saw studies with something like this: a person produces the same amount of CO2 when he goes to work and on foot, as if he was driving a car. And in some cases even more. It's about indirect emissions. The more you walk, the more you eat. Eat more - buy more. To buy something in the store, you have to bring it there. Goods are usually brought in by completely non-environmentally friendly trucks. Etc. It's just that humanity is still on the path of search. Regarding the trail of space companies, many new types of companies are minimizing
  10. Right now, rockets are generating less than 1 percent of the emissions from the aviation industry. And even despite this, new manufacturers are trying to do at least something to reduce the impact on nature. Unlike aircraft manufacturers. For example, there is a British project that has already successfully tested a 3D printed rocket engine powered by recycled plastic. Not that it directly affects, but shows development in the right direction, as for me.
  11. I see a pretty interesting opinion here. That with the arrival of Neurolink we will get exploding heads and technocracy) Perhaps this opinion is more correct than mine, I will not argue. But I rather see the prospect of the development of the space sphere in the coming decades. You talk about the Neurolink as if it would be available. Most people cannot afford Tesla. Hey Tesla, even the iPhones cannot afford. And you are talking about the massive use of high-tech chips. In large areas, even the Internet is not normal yet. I think now it is still very far from even that possibi
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