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  1. If this was a tracheotomy that is a butchered one...too high and too much on the side..the tube was big too...it look like a troatheotomy on the side.
  2. I kind of agree...but the economy is ruined and many people are unconsciously traumatized...No matter what they are going to do next...our system is definitely beyond repair...i was not even surprise when i saw the number of days.
  3. Just came back from my local corner store...no plexiglass no face nappies...some people were enjoying the sun last Friday outside with their face nappies on...i text one of my friend saying that it probably not that people have stop obey all of the sudden...nope they just lift those psychological mandates...he also point out to me that those mandates were enforce for a total of 666 days in a row..i tipped it on Google. Here the screenshot.
  4. The lyrics are very cool...and the car we follow look very much like a DMC DeLorean[Back To The Future car].
  5. I really do like this one. Not a fan of Billy Joel in general but this one i very much like it. I First eared this one in the movie The Hangover part II.
  6. @Golden RetrieverCrap i now have hard time keeping up with the uploads.
  7. Yes they are very good..hallelujah is a good classic. And i have to admit they are also good looking Man.
  8. I don't know. There is a few post of this tune on the Garreth Emery channel...I have not yet look at the original music video.
  9. Is it just me or this trance song is freaking uplifting. One of the most uplifting one i have eared in a long time...for me if not the most uplifting ever...did i mentioned i find this song uplifting?! Yes four times.
  10. Pierre-Luc


    Need one like this with Klaus anal Schwab and his Justin good boy Trudeau.
  11. New link in case the one in the post don't work. Mentally-ill Cult gofers aghast and ‘disappointed’ that judge throws out transport mask mandate and go on lying about ‘the science’ that doesn’t exist – Candace Owens brilliantly reacts
  12. Pierre-Luc


    Party Hard Washing Machine (Sandstorm Remix)
  13. Tabarnak...My boss left me a message in my voicemail to call him back..i just hand off with him as i write those line...he just went nut about covid once again...we just caught covid we test positive(rapid test over the counter, even the elaborate one we know is BS). He his so incoherent in his narrative that i would struggle to repeat what he said. -[Him] "you are not vaccinate and you dont wear a mask, if you want to continue to work you would have to wear a mask"[i work alone...all time]. -[Me] "if i have to wear a mask or any of those thing i prefer not to go to work". -[Him] "but we need you to work, we already have some employees who are at home because of covid. Do you want us to test You?" -[Me] "hahahahaha,.... sorry, hehe, no thank you. But i need gloves to work with your disinfecting stuff it make my hands crack in record time. -[him] "yes we have another employee that made an eyes infection because she using it in spray. -[me] "i am not surprise at all, just to read the label and looking at my hands to see that it is toxic as fuck. -[him]"ok we bring you some gloves and stay away from people just to be sure" -[me]"..................................................................." -[him] "alright thank you, see you later" -[me] "thank, see ya" The thing i am really curious about is what make people sick in the last week and a half. personnaly i am a bit sick since last friday, 36-+ hours of fever saturday with a general feeling of discomfort close to painful, no sniffle or runny nose until Tuesday, no sore throat either. i cranked my vitamine C intake by 3x and i am already feeling better. Just a spring clean up maybe, it happen to me in the past. We will see.
  14. The theory of evolution start to make less and less sense as soon as i started looking at it...interesting that it been easy for me to dismiss the possibility that we were once fish and trough out the millions of years we became like we are now...it is only on this huge time scale this thing can make some kind of sense. Looking at mainstream knowledge of genetic their are some mainstream idea about genetic that do not add up. I heard that the difference in the genetic make up of human versus the genetic make up of chimpanzee is greater than that..apparently the difference in the genes between Asian and Caucasian for example, would be of something like 3%..sorry for not linking any source...i just go with what i remember.
  15. Thank for posting it here. I never heard of it before. I agree it look fishy. While i was watching the video(green text with AI voice over) i kept thinking that it look like the Qanon-sense. After a search on duckduckgo it look like it have some correlations between the two...that are maybe not two but just one. And also that one of the first to talk about it was project camelot...which i tried to not rely on very much as a clear source of true whistle blowers. Anyways, some supposed true whistle blowers have already prove they are no more than somewhat good actors. I am glad that i took the time to look at it.
  16. I watched a documentary few years ago called [pyramides la revelation]. The following link was apparently upload in 2016 but i am pretty sure i watched the french version a few more years prior to that. I really like the way the narrator described her journey in the discoveries and research. She point many obvious point about those structures that would imply a way of building that use a much more advance knowledge in engineering and the tools required to achieve such a level of precision.
  17. how does it benefit the cult...Putin or any other puppet.
  18. The Cabal kicked the first bee hive with Trudeau saying "this is just a fringe minority". They have now awaken a calm entire field of hives across the globe i think. Thank to the UK for their constant push back trough those two years. I heard Richard Willet saying may be a months ago that we were getting close to the tipping point of this non sense...their is no doubt now that he was right. https://odysee.com/@Robert-Self:a0/Quebec-Still-out-in-full-force:b Pissed-Off Veterans Across Canada Are Ready To Start Treating Cops Like They're a Criminal Gang https://odysee.com/@Robert-Self:a0/Pissed-Off-Veterans-Across-Canada-Are-Ready-To-Start-Treating-Cops-Like-Theyre-a-Criminal-Gang:1
  19. Yep the psychological damage is done...i am working now as a concierge in different places...apparently Quebec is one of the provinces that lift mandates(bs rules), if i had not read it i would have never been able to tell that the mandates were lift just by looking at people behaviors.
  20. That so beautiful to see...magnificent sight from drone view in Finland.
  21. There We go ...the cabal send the marionettes. Many videos actually showing police at the base camp of the freedom convoy.
  22. It is possible for the helicopters thing. I like what Christopher do and have done. I learned a lot listening to his webinar live stream. But I stopped watching them about two weeks ago. I really did not like him to start bashing on Reiner Fullmich and the Corona comity. He was basically saying that nothing seem to happen with the corona investigative comity and that he never heard back from Mr. Fullmich. It really pissed me off at that moment, Mr. Fullmich is in some way in the same position, trying to show people what is really happening without a coverage from the MSM. Mr. Fullmich also said that common law would probably in the end be the answer...but most people will have hard time to grasp the concept of common law...even if it is clearly state that the current judiciary system is base in part from the common law. Christopher do a great job as far as I know, but ranting at other people who are in the same boat as you his promoting division...in his case it is not an isolate even, he had done it with others in the last 2 Years. I still want to think that he is genuine about his intentions in exposing the corruption, but he made me back off with that...I am probably not the better at managing my ego and my fears...and i also think that Christopher is not the better at it either. It is not a big deal in itself, but many people will not only listen to what he have to say, but most important how he behave while doing it. I will go take look to see if their is other footage of this chopper thing.
  23. That's interesting..all this GoFundMe thing. In the early days of the convoy, when they were still on route to Ottawa, rumors were already out stating that the truckers account had been frozen. Joan from inspired talked about it in one of his first podcast on the freedom convoy, saying that he heard that it was just a rumor and that the truckers still had access to their donations. And now it is officially froze..When i heard about the truckers gofundme account i was a bit confused, and i also heard some people bashing the organizers about their choice of funding account. I came almost in an instant to the conclusion that it would be a "good thing" if they froze it. I tough that the organizers had most probably come to the same conclusion when making their choice. I was rejoice to see that David Icke came to the same conclusion. I also tough that the cabal will not froze it, cause it would had to the visibility about the absolute corruption of the global infrastructures...I had underestimate their addiction to power and control. If what i heard is true, many of the donations come from outside Canada. That's a great thing..make me ask myself many more questions.
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