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  1. I saw this video which seem to me to be Patrick King(Guy asking in court for evidences that covid-19 have been Isolated a few months ago). It seem to be genuine and i want people to watch it. I don't know anyone who could corroborate. Here the Link to the video https://odysee.com/@Plazma:9/CanadaFirstNations:6
  2. Thank you Mate. I will look at it. At the very moment i have some other priorities...like finding a way to make money to be able to keep my body alive(no jokes, it start to get hard for real). I am to blame for my situation, i have been everywhere without focusing on a thing in particular. Searching how i could go through the times to come. Thank again Grumpy Owl.
  3. Hahahaha. i was seriously not expecting someone to recognize a sacre(swear word). French(France) have not many swear words that i find emotionally charged. It is a cultural thing, we are"not suppose to swear; criss, calice, tabarnak, ciboire, ostie, calvere. If i am surprised, angry, dismay. They had something in our day to day lives that i would compare to the German superlative form...but just with the higher meaning. And yes they are all related to church. we were all raised, to some degree, to forbid ourselves from using these words. But everyone is proud of this particularity in Quebec...even those who almost never swear. Tabarnak is the way it sound, in fact it is Tabernacle. Which, in catholic and protestant, is a cabinet containing the dishes for the Eucharist(Lord supper). You can conjugate a sacre and use it as an adjective. Seriously i just realize that explaining it in text is harder than i would expected. At least giving examples in text is quite hard. If you want a video chat i would be happy to practice my English.
  4. Seriously Guys, i was not even aware that there was an old forum. 5.8 milions pots...Tabarnak!!!...euh i mean Fuck!!! I have a lack of knowledge about many things, including how web hosting and servers work in term of the actual owner of the hardware(HDD computers etc). After Grumpy Owll and you comments, and the dates you mentioned. Just one question came in to my mind...When exactly Ickonic.com was on? More precisely when they would had needed a place in prevision to make it visible on the web. Maybe it could save a lot of money, specially at the start. It is still under the Icke's direction i suppose. Therefore they ultimately have the last word. I agree with the Forum Formula, i like it. If i had better knowledge in coding i would definitely consider trying to build a network where it is possible to have both the classic forum and the social media model accessible via the same domain name. And i would really consider making it here, i mean consulting the Icke's to eventually be partner with them.....the last part is some day dreaming, i find it very inspiring here. About all this story on the forum, i am hesitant to vote. I do want to see what is look like, but i was not there. I was not even following David Icke. Seem to have more to it than i can see. we all like to do things in our way to some degree. Someone who put the money and his name on something have a legitimate right to say something about what he own. Yes people use the platform but ultimately we should not rely too much on others to keep our intellectual property. Does it cost anything for me to be here. Not a fucking penny, except my internet connection. Sorry for being the newbie talking about something i never knew...i am not sorry to be fair, i am again surprise how much i have to say about something i was not even aware 30 minutes ago...now i think i know why i was able to have something to say about it. I stop.
  5. KissmeHardy, you were describing almost the types of social life i have...absence of social life would be more accurate. I was angry two months ago because a comment i wrote on a video was "offensive language" something like that. I talking precisely about what i could see in the thumbnail. I was not even criticizing the act itself. I was talking about a tool(tools) that the Men was using for hammering the lady. I was genuinely trill to see that the video was featuring a type of hammer i was using as a machinist....they seem to used it as a hammer should be use..here we call this type of hammer a"dead blow" hammer. I think the word dead triggered a algorithm. I have a very hard life sometimes.
  6. Don't know you but you seem to be a hard working guy...I agree with what someone said previously that it is very nice to keep documents/archives/footage. But we are at a overwhelming time in human history(history i think i know) in term of amount of information available, in any media form. In regard of the site design, i personally never been stopped by a minimalist design of a web page. I like those beautiful designs of banners and all of that. But i think i do not appreciate those as much as i did in the past. The templates of some website are soooo over complex with a almost infinite amount of layers and calls to server that host this and that just to locate the template and uploading it....shit same thing for android apps, when i discovered what it is really required in term of coding for example, to turn on the camera LED as flashlight, all the infrastructure is already in....anyways i digress.......I like minimalist designs. those good things that do what they are supposed and design to do with limited chances of crashing, if they do crash much easier to figure out what the fuck is. I never tough when i started tipping that i could have that much to say about it.
  7. for more or less 3 months I have the impression that to some extent the dice have been rolled. However, I am not already able to put my finger on one thing in particular, or things in particular. I think that on an individual level for vast majority of people, whether they demonstrate it or not, the choice on how they interpret their experiences here is made. Or maybe the dice are rolled for me and i tend to project it on the majority. Net result for me, I am now more and more serene despite the fact that everything is getting worse and worse.
  8. if i notice something it is like that...exactly like you said. I constantly asking myself if i am noticing those tiny things because i heard about similar perceptions from others. But for me a gap was installed with the jab. Still watching to see what really the cause of this gap more precisely. For me, i felt that they are now a pale version of what i was seeing in them as being.
  9. Yes, that a good way of seeing it. i was talking with a friend about it after posting it. And i quickly come to the conclusion that in the end does not really matter if it was staged or not. Both ways, a real "genuine" assault or a staged one, are manifestations of the same twisted mind. Tank you for your feedback.
  10. I just saw it on telegram and would like more opinions, or if anybody have heard the same thing. about the lady in orange jacket who got paper sprayed...Some said it was staged to triggered anger in the protesters and for those who watch it. There is some real police abuse everywhere, no denying is possible about it. But this specific case....those who say that it is a staged point a few ...really questionable things in the footages. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1qhh0lVtk2hx/
  11. The Title should be more like
  12. Why today's computers don't have pretty sexy girls to make the promotion of it.
  13. Someone should tell her that the water in her bathtub should not be at boiling temperature.
  14. some people have funny reaction with anesthesia. Poor girl, she can't do all the fun things.
  15. I suppose this is maybe less funny funny if someone speak German but the text make me laugh. Link to video-->https://odysee.com/@AussieFighter:8/Secret-Victoria-Police-Briefing-To-Stop-Melbourne-Freedom-Protestors:1
  16. Not to promote violence...but i watched this 26 second video over and over again since yesterday(i assume the video is at like 50% speed from the original). This guy was more than ready. Just take a look at how he were dressed. He make a good trail for his fellow. He was everywhere. https://www.bitchute.com/video/h6ncT4XHr3Gw/
  17. Saving Private Ryan - Omaha Beach Scene Saving Private Ryan: Final Battle Sequence
  18. Christmas would be perfect for them...majority accepted it last year, at least in acquiescence land here where i live. I would not be surprised if dogs start to run their owners before 2022. But i don't watch tv. I know that, from a sure source, that some of the military bases have something like 90+% that took the jab. Apparently something similar in the schools staff. They gone tell something and they will probably do it. Other place in the world seem to show some hope sings. But here so far...in the daily life it is almost disgusting. Quebec, Canada. But the police officer have been kind with me...there is no threat for them. Last spring i saw a police officer on a Chris Sky video saying something like "we should end those measures"...but most people watch their brain washing box. It is very quiet here...on both side. I would say lock down for Christmas.
  19. Seriously Grumpy. does not really matter to me if you want to keep Baal Goath(copyrights to oddsnods) in high regards to maybe keep telling yourself that we were lied to, but by a clever guy who do evil things with what he was born with. I think it is more accurate to say that they kind of dumb and immatures. And when David Icke it, it tend to bring back down the icons statue that Gill Bate(Copyright Brian Young) "acquires" trough out his death... i mean his life(c'est une petite blague). He(Baal Goath) is a public figure and we tend put those people on a pedestal just because we have been told that they are like that or like this, and like that and so brilliant. When we put them where they really are we quickly fear less about their statue and start questioning that maybe they are not that clever, and that maybe it was not wise on our part either to blindly believe that they are so brilliant...Measuring intelligence whit only stiff parameter written by a typical bureaucrate is for me........breath in...breath out. anyways our opinions are different and it is not bad in itself. Go David Go!!! PS: a manipulative child is also consider more often than not as being clever.
  20. The way i see the "intelligence" of those "elites" is that it is twisted and incomplete. Their intelligence seem to be stuck at a cognition level. No emotions are involves. The only thing that seem to left for this type of "people" in term of self awareness is mostly, if not only, by the pale images of themselves mirrored by others. That about the only way they exist in their own eyes. Someone who have the desperate need to impose what he want to have in term of power, is obviously in a total lack of it. In our times it easy to see them as omnipotent and all powerful. That what they desperately want us to believe and reflect it back to them. Of course they can be clever....but how much clever? Is doing harms to another being is clever? The means used to do harms can be elaborate, and they are. But is this true intelligence? I really believe it is not. But they need us to believe they are intelligent. Like David Icke said many times, they have some knowledge that most of us don't. They are like a old rechargeable battery that does not hold a charge. It need a constant supply of energy to be call a battery...is this really a battery at that point? No!! Many people researched about the true past of Bill Gates(beyond the facade)... For what i have seen, there is no solid proof that he is clever, but he have money, he always had money. Everyone can tell himself lies. Don't even need a true imagination to do it. Like David Icke said many time, just to inverted of twisted the imagination of real people. (think i paraphrase it a little).
  21. Is this the interview you was referring to?! here the link--> https://www.bitchute.com/video/6E22WNSjXvON/ Even if it is not the one you were referring to...this one is creepy as fuck..it literally give me chills. For me Nano bot=no chills, parasites= no chills. But this one stroked me right between my shoulders blades.
  22. I experienced it when i was young...maybe around 10 years old with the female cat that we had the time. It happen on two occasions. maybe experiencing it from time to time with my cat recently, but i don't put too much attention to it. He(the cat) do not seem to be threatened by what he see. ->First one; I was following her(the cat) in the basement short corridor on our way to my bedroom...we were leaning more on our right side of the corridor when she suddenly stopped, i stopped too, she then continue her way to my bedroom but she make a left loop toward our left obviously avoiding a obstacle that i was not seeing....i resumed my walk following her path to avoid the thing i was not seeing..just in case. ->Second one; I was laying on my back starting to fall asleep with the cat on my chest facing me. She(the cat) had her eyes closed purring while we were both start to fall asleep. She suddenly open her eyes and stopped purring fixing something over my left shoulder. From my point of view, what the fuck she looking at, there is only a wall just about a feet over my head when laying down in my bed. She then start to move her head slowly toward my right as she was obviously following something, until she stopped moving her head, closed her eyes, and slowly start purring again....i did not closed the light this day...and for many days.
  23. Hahaha. I was not even aware that i was sitting on a gold mine. ...there is a countless number of jokes that we can make out of this one..like; don't take the black goo, sell your white one instead. Nasdaq +1.46%..SNCLavalin-3.41%...JizzSpikeFree+150%
  24. I will not have any of those clot shot...the line in the sand need to be respect. If not, it is in no way a true conviction. Talking about which one i would get is still entertaining the possibility of taking it...this question is for me irrelevant because i will not have it.[would be cool if i had the option to put the end of sentence period it capitals...punctuation!?!]
  25. I felt the same about the corona comity for a while. After a quick look and making some connections whit what i followed since the beginning, i realized that it is just what i was expecting before coolvoid-19...the legal system is corrupted at a bone marrow level. I know that there were many attempts to use the public court houses in some countries to challenge those psychos under the common laws, but those are closed. Law enforcement dogs apparently blocked access to the building in Ontario here in Canada. Many people do not even know there such thing as the common law, i was almost illiterate on that matter before spring 2020. For the Q-Annonsense things i never really looked into it...for two reasons; 1- why should i listen to someone wearing a mask and who tuned his voice to tell me the same things(even less things) that others openly says whit more accurate explanations without covering their faces to do it. 2- when Trump was linked to this Q thing, why a guy that was allowed to be on the cult stage would sudently be our savior. Was not making sense to me. When David Icke said something like "the Q movement say the same thing that the Mainstream Medias say in the end. Which is do nothing we take care of everything". It is in the end a good example of controlled opposition. It is a war on knowledge, on the human minds. I heard in a documentary(the arrivals) 10 years ago; "it is a war in which we are the soldiers and the battle field". It stay sticked to my mind.
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