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  1. Quebec,Ca. Hi, i am new here....but not a newbie about the truth behind what i experience in my daily life. Since the beginning of this covid crap i began to follow more closely what Mr. Icke say about all this. His channel on bitchute became almost instantly my main source of information. what bring me here today.....well....the good strike for me today is a family member calling me to tell me in some covert/non-covert way that the announcement of the Quebec prime puppet/minister of enforcing a lockdown in the hollydays time, and the threats of a 1.600$ca had been just enough to make them lose their will to have a christmas meeting, even if they have said that no matter what we will meet up for hollydays. Seem to me a first sight that people who are seeking truth are scatter all over the place quite evenly. Hope to chat with some good folks here.

    1. Reptile hunter

      Reptile hunter

      Hey man, Im sorry to inform you that I think you need to move.


      Quebec is under the "civil law" Jurisdiction meaning that you cannot use "common law" which puts man and woman above Government.


      : (


      but if you can manage to move you can learn about "common law" and protect yourself and loved ones.

      This website will help you understand the way the laws and legal system is set up in Canada.


      Good luck


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