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  1. Binance finally ask users from Canada to close their account by September 30 2023. It is one of the last centralized crypto exchange platform that is still offer services to Canadians. I tried to create account on other platforms but they are not accepting users living in Canada. I already had to withdraw from another platform in the last year. Getting increasingly hard. As expected.
  2. How could i buy the audio book of the Trap without giving money to Amazon? The trap is out of stock...I already read it in the last two weeks...listen to it in the last two week but i want to pay for it..that book is amazing. Thank You M. Icke.
  3. the kind of sleep disruption i experienced...some long gone negative feelings had come back...but after following Jerry Marzinsky work for a while now and just tell those witicoco to fuck off. My urge to speak about current events seem to be more ....strong to say the least. I binge listen the audio book at work in something like...4 or 5 days..it give a buzz. I wanted to buy it in the first place but while texting with a friends he told me he already have it...i still gone go buy it...it is more than worth it.
  4. Yes i could answered that. From my point of view i would see it almost as a lie...i am naturally immune to something that never been showed to exist. Anyways they are a bit "sneaky" when asking about it...they usually ask "do you have runny nose, problem breathing, flu like symptoms?".
  5. I just typed ‘died suddenly’ in google search engine here in Canada...i think it is the query that gave the most ammount of results in the last 2 years About 391,000,000 results (0.44 seconds)...i only have that quantity of results if i use Yandex..most of the thing i searched using google recently gave me a few hundreds results. Regardless of the search engine thing it is insane...thank for the insight.
  6. I had a appointment whit my GP last week. Nothing serious just a renewal of my prescription. I taught i would finally see the face of my "new" GP since my old one transferred my folder back in 2020 and the only interaction i had where by phone. First my prescription was renewed by phone for the usual 6 months, the other time it was renewed without requiring any interactions a guy at the drug store call my brand new GP and it was renewed for one year....even if the drug i take are considered control substances here in Canada, QC. Back to my last week appointment...I got up earlier than usual(working in the evening) and showed up on time for my appointment...the first real one in more than 2 years. I made the 30 km of road to get there. First the receptionist ask me to show here my insurance card, i tried to give her trough the bullet proof screen but she was looking in a weird way at my card and at me...it took her a few seconds to finally tell me that i just need to show her my card. Which i did with a confuse look on my face. I was looking at putting my card back in my wallet, and when i looked back at her, She handed me a blue mask using a pair of salad tongs and said"i give you a mask". I felt the reflex of taking it, i even started my motion to take it without thinking and then i stopped. Me-i have to wear a mask!?!?!?! Receptionist- Yes you have to wear a mask sir, we are a medical establishment, to see the Doctor you need to wear it Me- No i am not wearing a mask, can i have a phone appointment whit my GP?, I would appreciate being notified before coming here" Receptionist- Let me call the doctor in her office to see if it is possible. She exchange a few word with the doctor hang off and got back to me. Receptionist - Yes the doctor gone call you for your appointment. And the doctor also want me to tell you that it is not us but the Government that make the rules. Me- You are making the choice to demand that people wear a mask to see the doctor. (My tone at that point had change...i was obviously annoyed) Me- When did she gone call me? Receptionist- She gone call you in a few minutes..maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Me- Ok,...thank You I am living at minimum 20 minutes of road from the GP office..I taught"great i am gone have my appointment in the GP office parking lots whit her just a few feet away on the other side of the wall....And it is what happened. During the conversation with my GP, one if not the first question she asked me was if i was not wearing a mask for ideological reasons. I said, yes i had the time to educate myself at the begining of 2020...the shopped where i was working sent us home, in my case it was for 6 weeks. I told her about the facts that there is no evidences proving that the mask prevent any contamination whatsoever even i the context of an open wound. She even confirmed than she knew it and we talked about what happened to me about my job and getting kicked out of a grocery store by a police officer for not wearing a mask. She then told me that she did not have the choice that it was the government blablabla. I then gave up for her. Apart for mentioning Andrew Kaufman and a few other things. She renewed my prescription tough...for 2 years. What a joke.
  7. This is not a new topic for what i see, but the video and the action of the people in the Miramichi Lake/river is amazing. I put the link of the video made by Wayne Narvey who personally stopped one poisoning session. The substance used is call rotenone https://www.chemeurope.com/en/encyclopedia/Rotenone.html#Parkinson.27s_disease . Wayne Narvey was recently interviewed by Selena Paley from Freedom Central Canada. The link to the interview is in the video description of this video-->
  8. is being against racism could be perceived/invert as being racist?!
  9. I kept a eye on the obituary post in my local news paper and for me it is the first time(first that i am aware) that there is two death that i would attribute to a most probable vaccine induce death. There's a screen shot of the post in french. I'm gone translate what i look for as an indicators that are for me suspicious. Suddenly ,the 22nd of August 2022, at the age of 64 years and 4 months died.... At the Thetford Mines regional hospital, the 21 of August 2022, suddenly died Mme Isabelle Routhier,..... .....your sympathy can be express to the family by a message ....or a donation to the heart diseases foundation. And while i was writing this post there's another one At his residence, the 30th of August 2022, died suddenly at the age of 68 years old,.... .....Your sympathy can be express to the family by a message....or/and by a donation...to the heart diseases foundation... https://www.courrierfrontenac.qc.ca/avis-de-deces/
  10. It pop up in my mind very strongly when i was at work this evening..something i experienced around 5 times when i was about 7 to 10 +- years old. Those "events" for lack of better term happen always in the same way...i mean the same freaking way. I can only vividly remember one in particular but they are so similar in my mind that they are basically the same. - I was waking up maybe 2 or 3 hours after i went to bed feeling kind of weird and did not knew how to deal with it, and even less how to explain it. I was a bit afraid but not that much because i was somewhat in a daze without really being in it. I was feeling heavy and light at the same time, big and small, far but close, the sounds were far but clear. Everything felt round and square, heavy ant light, close and far at the same time. A sensation of getting away without getting away, a movement without moving...but when i say square it was fucking square and freaking round, but it was a strong feeling more than seeing it...but kind of seeing it. I could see that everything was still the same without being the same. I was not feeling dizzy. I was not just only see my surrounding but felt it just by looking at it..it is very hard to describe. I never really tell my father what was happening...i think. I say my father because he was the only one still up at that time in the evening. I talked about it to two of my friends about 10 years ago. One of them was kind of surprised and also relief because it happened to him also at around the same age. He never talk about it before.. Those events slowly stopped after 15 to 30 minutes and i had no trouble going back to sleep after. It was very disconcerting for me, especially at such a young age. I talk about it to a psychologist i was seeing about 10 years ago and she suggest that i should talk about it to my GP...which i never did. I had just enough experience in the medical system at that time to know that i would not get anything out of it. I was just looking for some cues on what it could possibly be or what could possibly be the cause of it. I would really like to see if anybody here have ever experience something like that. We could had a pride month or a day off, maybe people laughing at us instead of just at me, i dont know..hahaha.
  11. I almost not using google at all for about 2 years now...here in Canada i usually have "we omitted certain result for blablashit" message at the first page and i am happy to have more than 10 to 15 pages of results...duckduckgo became pathetic over the last months. Duckduckgo gave me search results of yandex and i found yandex more like the good old times of search engines...some results in language that i don't speak and some link with pop up tabs and widows that even that ad blocker can't pick...the good old internet. kind of...
  12. Here a brief video of Brian pointing his research on the current manufactured food crisis. https://odysee.com/@HighImpactFlix:c/nothing-to-see-here-6-15-2022:0 Current list of food processing plant fires: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/another-food-plant-erupts-flames
  13. I just received a email from Bittrex basically saying that Canadians making exchanges on the platform are now restricted in what their are able to do...another one. It is already kind of a pain in the ass just to put money into this market and they seem to ask many exchange platform to stop allowing Canadians to be able to fully use their platform or to use it at all for some other.
  14. If this was a tracheotomy that is a butchered one...too high and too much on the side..the tube was big too...it look like a troatheotomy on the side.
  15. I kind of agree...but the economy is ruined and many people are unconsciously traumatized...No matter what they are going to do next...our system is definitely beyond repair...i was not even surprise when i saw the number of days.
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