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  1. That's fair enough mate so what about in the meantime, all I see/hear is people talking, the public are fatigued and no longer capable of processing all the conflicting information. They need a specific idea to anchor their minds too, we're just not giving it to them.
  2. The majority of the sceptics are singing off a different song sheet, whilst the conformists are in unity. The conformists - There's a virus, must wear a mask, when the vaccine comes everything will go back to normal. Sceptics - It's Bill Gates, It's the ChinaVirus, it's 5g, it's the CIA, it's gonna alter your DNA, it's gonna have a micro chip, it's Depop, it's agenda 21, Agenda 2030, it the Jews/Bilderberg/Roundtable and so on.... I'm obviously a Sceptic, that's why I'm here, but I can see why they call us conspiracy theorists, we haven't got a consistent & concise message. Thoughts?
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