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  1. I am Robert McKenzie. I am sovereign citizen of this country who is going through this with everyone else that what I have to do with this. I am a health professional who has been researching C19 since it's inception. I asked an open and honest question based on my information and now you seem to be interested in debasing me. Well done Grumpy Owl. Shame on you. Especially on Davids site which I always thought had forward thinking viewers. For your information why don't you investigate Dr Francis Boyle and others who reported having isolated the virus.
  2. Hi I've been following David for years now and I like many others hold him in high regard. However right now I feel confused on who to take on board as far as this virus is concerned and if David can clear this up for me I'd be eternally grateful. My query is this. David states that no C19 has not been isolated so therefore doesn't exist. I have read the CDC papers which state they have no isolate so I take Davids word here as verified. However, there is a Dr Francis Boyle, an expert in biological warfare who states that the virus has been examined under an electron microscope and it's shown to have the HIV delivery system which has now led to Australia halting their vaccine program due to some people showing signs of HIV due to how the vaccine is manufactured. Could someone clarify, DOES THIS VIRUS EXIST OR NOT as this is adding to all the confusion out there
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