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  1. What does it mean apart from freemasonry? Is it just a sign of deception?
  2. They’re out in force in the comments section. Trying to play it down.
  3. Austria SUSPENDS jabs with batch of Astra-Zeneca vaccine after one person died and another fell ill after taking the shots https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9335317/Austria-suspends-AstraZeneca-COVID-19-vaccine-batch-death.html
  4. And 1% of 33 is 0.33. Might be something in this.
  5. Died just last month so another one who most probably had the vax and put down to covid Linda Obiageli Udeagbala, 60, from Croydon, south London, died last month https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9335045/Son-nurse-60-died-coronavirus-blasts-one-cent-pay-rise-NHS-staff.html#article-9335045
  6. They’re in the group of best ones to tell. Along with taxi drivers, hairdressers and local shop. They all like to talk The equivalent of pigeons in the war!!
  7. Here is the argument for mandatory vaccination https://jme.bmj.com/content/early/2020/08/19/medethics-2020-106435 They will argue that the restrictions of freedoms is more detrimental than a little jab. The mere fact we accepted lockdown is a cue to them that it can be compared to vaccination.
  8. That’s not invasive like a test. They need their peers but not at the expense of testing or injury. I would go with that but make it known I think it’s silly.
  9. Because we’re listening to what’s said. He doesn’t have to. It’s not about him but the content
  10. Not Hugo! I like his videos. I go on the content not the person. He could put a video out I equally disagree with one day.
  11. The last one I have showing on my search is from 4 days ago. Ireland firework man. So I don’t know.
  12. He’s on brandnewtube Why not purple? Worldwide Lockdown Protest / MSM Desperation / Hugo Talks #lockdown by hugotalking Hugo Talks is currently Banned from Youtube So Please Watch This VIDEO on either…….. Worldwide Protest – BRANDNEWTUBE Worldwide Protest –MINDS Worldwide Protest – ODYSEE You can support me on Patreon
  13. And there was only 60 odd that opposed anything. Never enough to change the narrative.
  14. Everything they said at the time was right about loss of freedoms and face masks. None of it was intellectual stuff, just common sense that could be backed by facts and laws. Anyone who then thinks that because they were right about that they need to go and get a new experimental vax needs their head looking at. They all spoke so much sense they should have had high numbers agreeing with them. But they didn’t!
  15. I don’t want to look. I know what’s happening.
  16. Some people are getting autism and psychopaths mixed up. An autistic person cannot comprehend the emotions of another. A psychopath feeds on it. The end.
  17. I wouldn’t let it upset you. Have we come to expect any better of the BBC? We know what is. A propaganda machine.
  18. Food for thought! how to create cancer cells. Otherwise known as immortalised cells. And the dure shawah comment beneath: For lentiviral, which viruses are used? Reply from abm: Hi Dure, can you clarify your question? Lentiviral vectors are typically used with recombinant lentiviruses for gene delivery! Lentivirus is a genus of retroviruses that cause chronic and deadly diseases characterized by long incubation periods, in the human and other mammalian species. The best known lentivirus is the human immunodeficiency virus, which causes AIDS. Len
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